It’s that time again, buckle in!


The final dice on what could become our second nine-in-a-row season is set to be cast.  I expect business to be done but the usual caveats apply, it takes agent, player, selling club and buying club to be in alignment for a deal to happen and if one gets cold feet a deal will not happen.

For me, the position of greatest need is central defence.  Jozo Simunovic and Nir Bitton are enduring injury problems which have forced their absence for much of the campaign.  The loss of multiple wingers is less a concern, as I realllllly hope we play three at the back and two strikers for much of the remainder of the season.

Buckle in!!

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  1. I’m buckled up…..



    Great craic. Offsetting the tax horror payments I’ve been making to her Majesty’s and the last day of Dry January…

  2. BIG WAVY on 31ST JANUARY 2020 12:02 PM



    – “Gordon is unhappy and wants away.” – Gordon isn’t going anywhere. Once the window closes, he will have to focus on his fitba. He’s not going to refuse to play. If Forster gets injured its actually an opportunity for Craig to save his Celtic career or put himself in a shop window. It’s an issue to address in the summer.



    –”Injury crisis at RB and a loanee who looks like a Jerry Toljan ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ “- To be honest, its hard to say if it’s a crisis or not. We currently have Bauer fit who is fine. We await news on Frimpong’s tests and Elhamed’s most recent update was: “positive news, should be back soon”



    We had a fine young RB in O’Connor leave on loan. That should suggest we have confidence Elhamed will contribute. How many right backs should a team have on the books? 4? That seems excessive for one position in the 11.



    – “Boli out the picture at LB and Hayes a utility man.” – Greg Taylor is pretty good and should have the durability to see through the second half of the season. Boli isn’t completely written off. That wasn’t what Neil Lennon said. He’s lost his place but injury would give him an opportunity to grasp. Hayes isn’t ideal but we did win in Rome with him at LB.



    Same as above. I don’t think we need 4 people to cover LB.



    – “Jozo can’t do a run of games and so we have no cover for the 2 CHs.” – A CB would be nice I agree. But at the end of the day, Jullien & Ajer have proven a durable partnership. Jozo won’t be required to do a massive run of games. Elhamed & Bitton are returning shortly and can share the burden.



    – “Robertson and Henderson are younngsters and won;t be be picthed in for the fothcoming dogfight”



    We have Soro, Ntcham, Brown, McGregor & potentially Christie able to play that position. I think that’s suitable for numbers. I think Henderson is up to it against most teams. I’d prefer not to play him at Ibrox but he’s an option that can be utilised. Allows other players a chance to rest/recover



    – “Forrest is unopposed as Schved is doomed and Arzani needs nursed back\” – I can’t know Lennon’s opinion for sure. Maybe he doesn’t fancy either at all. Maybe he’s being sincere when he says Shved just needs time. We haven’t seen enough Shved or Arzani to know if they can do the job and the manager will keep his true thoughts to himself.



    – “LM is a waste for RC, Hayes average and Moi a long-term injury” – Moi is due back soon. Disagree on Christie. He’s played on the left plenty and has done so effectively. We were playing better before the Sevco game with Ryan on the left. We changed it and brought MJ in. It hampered us.



    “Systemic issues that aren’t being addressed.” – January isn’t the time for major surgery on the squad. The time is limited and the options even more so. The summer is a far more important window and I believe the last one was a success.



    Do you see any well run clubs doing a lot of business? Liverpool, Manchester City, Bayern Munich? It’s very limited.



    It’s amazing to me that the squad becomes not fit for purpose every window regardless of results. 10 domestic trophies on the bounce. 16 wins in 17 domestic games. Europa League group won with 2 games to spare.



    That was done with the same squad. We’ve had no meaningful departures.

  3. Cheers Timaloy29 – Lot of Ifs and Buts in there. As the host, said “buckle up” not just for today but until the end of the season. Should be a rollercoaster….

  4. Today is the day we find out what other things we’re going to do to ensure we win this league. Right ?

  5. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    You’d hardly say buckle in if we were expecting one low key signing…




  6. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Maybe he meant to say ‘buckie in’, highlighting his choice of tonic wine to numb the pain of a damp squib deadline day.



    I think we should be told if only to save a few F5 buttons…




  7. was talking to a Middlesborough fan at work who said Paddy Roberts


    injured and out for a couple of months



    Back just in time for us to sign him for next season

  8. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Think your article is misleading.



    First we need a CEO who want to improve the team rather than staying a fraction in front of “his” rivals. The clubs “recruitment team” not yet met the managers desires to improve the squad with First team ready, experienced players.



    Both signing so far have been alternatives to players we wanted, were first in for but low balled and lost out.



    Anyway are we only upping our efforts due to rivals finding their wallet?




  9. BIG WAVY on 31ST JANUARY 2020 1:05 PM


    Does Dry January officially end in February or the 31st itself?


    it ends when you have your first swally😜

  10. First we need a CEO who want to improve the team rather than staying a fraction in front of “his” rivals.



    I’m no mathematician but if one team has won everything for the last three years, and the other has won nothing, your surely more than a fraction ahead.



    Perhaps measuring in percentage terms might provide more clarity.



    For example my team has won everything domestically in the last three years, my rivals have won nothing. My record of success is 100%. There’s is 0%.



    Even if they win the two remaining trophies this season, the record will be …Us 83.3% them 16.7%. Or in fractions. Us 5/6, them 1/6. It will be a while before they’re close in fractions terms.



    Jeez, I’m bored. Hurry up and sign someone Celtic

  11. Logically it would end on 31 at midnight ?



    So stay up and watch/listen to the transfer window nonsense and when the window creaks to a close pour the drink of your fancy😄😜😜

  12. My team’s record of success of course. Absolutely no e of it is down to me. Or to put it another way, I’m responsible for 0% of the teams success

  13. If and it’s a big if,we got Benkovic,that would be a great window,especially for January.About Benkovic,maybe Leicester want him somewhere else.Not up to him,we don’t know.He loved his time with us.If he does not come,still a good window,with Klimala,Soro.Nobody out we wanted to keep.A lot of excess players out on loan.


    This squad is far and away,the best in the league.Soon to be proven even more so.Agree with Paul,3-5-2 looks a perfect system for us in most games.Lets Lenny utilise the squad more.

  14. Wanyama isn’t happening it seems.



    Benkovic likely to head to Bristol. Other names?



    Ki Sung Yueng? Jordan Ibe?



    I think we will see the arrival of a couple unknowns. Not necessarily a bad thing when you consider Frimpong, Ntcham, Edouard, Denayer etc.

  15. Would like to see a centreback brought in and perhaps a lm/w, but it’s an early night for this bhoy, no transfers incoming is my expectation.




  16. Deniabhoy,



    3 hours. Massive auditorium. Players paraded in front of teams and bidding takes place like a Roman slave market. The odd lion and gladiator fight too.



    Live on BT Sport.

  17. Defoe out for a minimum of 4-5 weeks. So they have beeb in the market for a striker for 2 days. Bet they get some business done.


    We were supposed to have, according to Neil, 2 experienced players in before the plane left for Dubai. Then it was switched to joining us in Dubai, then it was before the window shut, then it was “not too bothered, happy with what we’ve got”.


    If Carlsberg did transfer windows we’d be sipping diet pepsi.

  18. Not sure why a lot of fans want big Vic. We’re well catered for in central midfield and he’s not worth his massive wages.

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