It’s that time again, buckle in!


The final dice on what could become our second nine-in-a-row season is set to be cast.  I expect business to be done but the usual caveats apply, it takes agent, player, selling club and buying club to be in alignment for a deal to happen and if one gets cold feet a deal will not happen.

For me, the position of greatest need is central defence.  Jozo Simunovic and Nir Bitton are enduring injury problems which have forced their absence for much of the campaign.  The loss of multiple wingers is less a concern, as I realllllly hope we play three at the back and two strikers for much of the remainder of the season.

Buckle in!!

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  1. Any visitor to this site, unaware of the Football situation in Scotland,would be excused for thinking this `Celtic`of whom we speak must be going through a barren period .

  2. There’s a lot of pleasure in putting on a pair of trousers not worn for a while and finding $10.


    Deep joy. As per Stanley Unwin.

  3. `gg


    $ 10 ? Waking up in Arbroath and finding $10 in my trousers would cause me something other than ` a lot of pleasure ` !!

  4. We have a first team squad of 30 and have 6 out on loan. 17 in the reserve squad. How many players do we need? 11 in a team. 18 in a match day squad. 29 not contributing and all on good wages.



    We should be looking at improving our squad by signing only starters.



    Unless Wanyama and Benkovic are signed then I hope we don’t sign “one for the future”

  5. Any football fan not wanting to improve their football squad is delusional and no nothing about football.



    D. :)

  6. TURKEYBHOY on 31ST JANUARY 2020 3:03 PM



    The Hands, As I said earlier,Huns ecstatic because they signed someone with a famous name. Genk getting him off their books. On here,constant greetin



    *We did the same thing a year ago, the son of Ballon d’Or winner and President of Liberia.



    How did that work out , 13 appearances and 3 goals and when he chose tae play for the States missing the SC Final he was given his jotters. He’s now with Lille having played only 2 games.



    Lots of players out there with famous da’s that never really made it, Jordi Cruyff and Paul Dalglish come tae mind, both given excellent chances tae.



    As for players that previously commanded high transfer fees, what about a 28 million international winger who played 14 games and scored 4 goals for us, missed a title winning sitter tae, now with high flying Alves.



    As for those greeting about Jozo and his injury woes and blaming Lenny/PL, fraudgers gave him a 4 year contract and the following day he was in the defense that shipped 5 goals at home tae PSG. A year earlier he had failed a medical in Turin.



    We cannae sell him or gi’e him away, he’s sick note.

  7. I am not worried, after reading comments on cqn.


    The players sevco sign are all garbage.


    Here we go. 10 in a row.


    The quadruple treble.

  8. HOT SMOKED on 31ST JANUARY 2020 6:08 PM



    We seem to be determined to talk our way into a crisis three days after we played the best 45 minutes of football in a long time



    All over cover at centre back and wing

  9. The window can be judged in May when the SPL trophy is handed out. For now I’m not overly impressed as I wanted the battle hardened , ready made stuff brought in to secure 9. But , hey-ho, what do I know. Supporting the ‘tic since 1969 and maybe the Celtic circles I move in are not as philosophical as the younger generation. Me and my contemporaries will be incandescent with rage if we fail to secure 9. About Lawell, Lennon, and whoever else at exec/managerial level, all will self emerge in May.

  10. So turkeybhoy agrees with Lord Nimmo Smith..buying more and better players doesn’t give you an advantage


    Right bhoys you think you got problems with fit players.hotel in york had 2 chinese people staying and they have found out they are smitten with THE VIRUS.So they keep the hotel open and people come and go and goodness knows how many people in YORK have now got it.I drove past it last night but i am ok according to my wife as you have to be within 2 feet to become contaminated .when she became an expert is beyond me but she is the boss in the house and i have not to worry.



    Reporter on sky in THE WIRRAL says health board have told people who might have been in touch with the 2 chines people to stay home and self isolate.I have been watching tv all day and there has not been a word of warning and THEY KEPT THE WHOLE THING A SECRET.CHINA the whole city is in lock down.!!!! YORK they will all be in pubs n clubs and jumping in the OUSE .




  12. JOBO BALDIE on 31ST JANUARY 2020 6:26 PM


    Remember to get your votes in for your favourite 3 players that we haven’t signed, to me by midnight tonight at 9IAR@NOPANIC.COM




    Now that could be fun. I’ll give you 3 rats. All a baw hair away from signing:




    That nacho fella


    &,of course, Judas


    Bet Tontine can come up with some belters





    I accept and respect your point…however I did not want us to bring back Vic for his hunger.


    It was his experience and quality I was looking for.


    We have plenty of hungry players.


    Not as much experience as I would like.


    A player like big Vic in a tight run in AND the latter stages of europe would be just the ticket for me.


    Football has moved on…we are happy to bring in 25 million for our young full back….for gods sake would it be such a crime to spend less than half of that on something for the here and NOW

  14. It’s amazing the amount of drivel we can concoct on Defenestration Day.


    By we I mean myself.


    I’ll bow out and spare you all for a couple of hours.

  15. I pointed out that we have 30 players 6 on loan 17 reserves 9 loans due to an earlier post that had us with 13/14 fit players. 62 Celtic players already signed and available.



    What happened to the Dembele money? Answer- we frittered it away on wages on players who never played



    There is much too much excitement about transfer windows. The media mainly sky make a fuss about it.



    By the way, has it been noticed how easy and quickly, Hibs loaned out the player to the Huns! What a poisonous wee man Petrie is.

  16. BIGBHOY on 31ST JANUARY 2020 6:52 PM



    Or maybe Hibs glad to get rid of a troublemaker who doesn’t score goals and threatened to down tools if he didn’t get the opportunity to pump some goats instead of dugs.



    Petrie doesn’t own Hibs anymore. Him and Tom Farmer sold it to Bydand Sports PLC

  17. PETRIE, Roderick Mckenzie



    Correspondence address


    Easter Road Stadium, 12 Albion Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5QG






    Date of birth


    April 1956


    Appointed on


    18 September 1996


    Resigned on


    1 July 2019






    Country of residence






    Company Director



    Also a reason why Petrie shouldn’t be anywhere near the FtSFA.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Apologies Pablo.



    Long day at work – just got round to reading your leader of seven hours ago.



    That’s me buckled in.



    When does the excitement start?




  19. DAVID66 on 31ST JANUARY 2020 7:05 PM


    Has any other SPFL team loaned a player to another SPFL team… Ever??


    D. :)




    Probably the best one ever was loaning Liam Henderson to Hibs when they beat sevco in the Cup Final.


    We should do more of that sort of thing. 😉😂

  20. The only Vick any of us will see is Vick’s Vapo Rub.


    I wonder if it will cure the Corona Virus.

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