It’s you, it’s all you, CQN Magazine and Annual out now!


It’s all go here, the latest edition of CQN Magazine went live online late last night.  There is a whole section on the goings-on in Amsterdam, together with ‘Dam’-ing video evidence of police assaults on Celtic supporters.  There are a full 26 articles by some of the most talented writers from the Celtic community.

As we’re near the year end, check out ‘Doc’s Year on CQN’.  You can read the whole thing online by clicking here.  Use the buttons at the bottom right of the magazine to navigate through the pages.

I see it is alleged that Charles Green’s signature on the document, submitted to Companies House, is a forgery!  ‘Hooks’ are cited on the signature where hooks don’t always otherwise appear.

I do hope, for Mr Green’s sake, his signature is consistently without hooks.  A man who has held as many directorships as Green will have signed his name many time.  Let’s hope few resemble the forgery.  It would also help if there was no material supporting Craig Whyte’s claim to be a director of Sevco 5088 Ltd, which would be downright inconvenient, especially evidence from Green himself that he “handed the company back” to Whyte.

The tide surrounding the events in Amsterdam last week is beginning to turn.  Ajax were fined €25k for a group of their fans displaying an offensive banner.  The Dutch champions will take steps to recover the fine from those responsible for the banner, which will surely reduce the chances of a repeat offense to practically zero.

The CQN Annual is off the presses and pre-orders will be posted today!  Its 226 full colour pages of Celtic Delight, written and produced by the Celtic support.  You can order online in plenty time to discretely read yourself before passing it off as a Christmas present. Just make sure Craig Whyte is not around to tape you reading it out loud, or when you sign any documents, for that matter.

My thanks to everyone who contributed to the Annual.  It has been an epic undertaking but I’m sure you’ll love it.[calameo code=000390171e05b9b63a832 lang=en page=92 hidelinks=1 width=100% height=500]

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  1. Paul67



    Daily Record handwriting expert Margaret Webb ?



    ”He had submitted handwriting evidence to the renowned British Library, who after their own review, recommended Ms. Margaret Webb for a professional expert opinion in order to determine if the two works had been done by the same hand. This past July, Ms. Webb returned her conclusion that both were absolutely from the same hand, and that Holmes was the author of the Ripper letters. However, when her opinion was released to the world, as well as another expert’s similar opinion, Ms. Webb’s conclusion was lambasted, largely because she was also a graphologist and not solely a “handwriting expert,” despite the British Library’s respect and admiration. In researching the difference between the two occupations, Jeff Mudgett, an attorney by trade, came across the United States Supreme Court’s Daubert decision which ruled expert testimony concerning handwriting would no longer be admissible unless it rested on a reliable foundation and was generated from scientific knowledge.’






    Worth spreading that one about, no disrespect to the lady but the diploma doesnt cut the mustard with fully qualified scientific experts lol!

  2. Bhoys and Ghirls ,



    at the risk of stepping on the toes of CQ-TEN , The Kano Foundation is pure dead chuffed to announce our 4th Annual Dinner-Dance to be held in the Radisson-Blu in Glasgow on 29th March 2014 ( should be the next pay-cycle !) .



    If you are interested , please drop a line todance2014@thekanofoundation.com . 2 years ago we had 7 tables from CQN attending the dance and a great night was had – would be wonderful to repeat it.



    Alternatively , I’ll be out on both Friday and Saturday (got a partial pass for Friday and will be raising a few glasses with SJD as I arranged to do , on Saturday) , so if you don’t want press-ganged into attending , best avoid me .







  3. Re last article comments about the value of Mo Bangura.



    Mo Bangura did come to mind here as I would hesitate to sign a set of accounts with him stated at original value.



    Maybe we need a cunning wheeze here. As our one time rivals usurped us with one Mo, maybe we can build his profile and the fact that he is persona non-grata at Celtic Park so that the stRangers (do not read as anything to do with saintliness) will make a massive bid for him.



    Sorry, just analysed my cunning wheeze and found a serious flaw in it – the stRangers will not be in a position to fund any bid. Silly me!

  4. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Missing hooks you say?


    I’m sure there’s a number of Huns willing to give him a right hook or even a left hook after falling for his spiviness hook line and sinker.

  5. ACGR Supporting Resolutions 10, 11 & 12 with a YES vote on

    Hvratski Jim and TBB, thanks for responding to my query on the previous blog.



    TTTT, I’ll be asking you questions on this at the next hootenanny :-)




    Ur they deid again, yet?

  6. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    That cqn map is surprising. I thought there’d be more expats posting on the site. It looks like the majority are in the central belt.


    Hail hail

  7. La Bella Italia



    Napoli have been fined 50,000 euros re the behaviour of their fans at Juve’s stadium on 10/11/13



    Italian fitba authorities have decreed that Juve’s Curva Sud must be closed for 2 games and that the Curva Nord must be closed for one game. Reason —–” offensive /discriminatory chanting ”



    Gums are being bumped big style re the need to do something re violence and anti social behavior at football matches in Italy. There is much concern being expressed re the influence that Ultras have over Italian football .



    We’ll see [ but I have my doubts ]

  8. @RowZ



    “Imagine 2 years from now. Imagine we all laugh at the poor team fielded by sevco. Imagine it’s been augmented by a few more Daly mercenaries. ”



    Why single out Jon Daly for criticism?



    Are we still pretending to be annoyed?

  9. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on

    Sannabhoy supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote


    12:54 on


    13 November, 2013


    Doc , judging from those photos , it’s a tin bath you’ll need to fit that napper .




    Sanna..no nice….but technically correct.HH

  10. Not had much time to lurk or post on here for a while for various reasons but when I have had a small window of opporchancity to lurk there seems to be a few posts about’the map’ so i’m just wondering,what map?

  11. Sevco now the equivalent of a dog that has been knocked down. Not nice to see and its pitiful yelping turns your stomach.



    Best for everyone it just gets put to sleep…

  12. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Not one Japanese, Korean or Chinese cqner.


    What was the point in Zeng Zhi, ki or Koki mizuno

  13. Hail Hail Brothers and Sisters,



    First a confession, 1977 as a nineteen year old collecting the paper for my auld Da I was in tears reading about the King leaving as I walked back to the hoose.


    Older and wiser now the passing of Jinky was the only other time I have shed a tear re the Celts.


    A few sad memories but far outweighed by the happy glorious times of being a Celtic fan.



    I must thank the new editor(brth) of the CQN magazine for placing my advert in such a prominent position (page2) I am indeed honoured and privileged.



    If any of you Central Scotland fellow Celtic fans or family need any help with your car be it Tyres, servicing, MOTs please get in touch and I will be only too happy to look after you in, not only the service aspect but also in price.


    In other words I’ll make sure you get a good bargain!!!!!!!



    Lastly I wish to offer my best wishes to Kickintheknackas, hope the op has went well and you are back to your smiling best in the next few days.



    Hail hail my friends in Celtic PB1888

  14. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    As I thought.


    Took a wrong turn looking for Santa?


    Blame bournesouprecipe. It’s his map.

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