Ivorian link at work again, this time in Athens


With three deals done, the pace of transfer activity at Celtic appears to be approaching relentless.  The Ivorian link will have been at work again, as news that we are interested in Olympiakos full back, Omar Elabdellaoui, testifies.  Celtic coach, Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya, spent half a season at the Greek club before leaving last month.

Signing players is always a risk, so getting a first-hand insight into how a player performs from someone who has worked with him daily for the last six months is a huge advantage.  Bear in mind, Elabdellaoui is just one of the right backs Celtic are considering.  This one could run a while.

Reports from the US that we have agreed a deal to sign 22-year-old left back Andrew Gutman are amusing, mostly as he was being trailed as a signing elsewhere in the city.  Great to see that as well as using our Ivorian links, we have plenty of connections at Scotland’s smaller clubs.  If he arrives, hopefully Callum McGregor will not see more action in that position.


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  1. Some people see the worst while others see the best yet the Some situation is being viewed.



    At end of this season we will likely lose ddv, izzy, gamboa, allan, lustig, benvokic, boyata, brown, weir and burke. That is a shite load of wages. From That group only benvokic and boyata have done anything of note. The rest, thusfar have not or have not been here long enough to do anything.



    At the end of next season we again have 7 players going out of contract but again how many have done anything of note From That group?



    I would like to see a rightback and centreback brought in this window. A goalkeeper in the summer. All starters and youths/ prospects pushing hard for places. Same again n

  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    Happy New Year CQN.



    Saw a couple of posts re our defeat to Milan in EC QF 1968.



    I remember deep into 2nd half, Jinky hit the byline and sent in a great cross. First Italian defender raised his arm and blocked the ball, which bounced straight down then up in the air before the defender cleared.



    An absolute stonewaller which was waved away by the cheating ref.



    Heartbreaking. Will never forget the anger in the crowd that night.




  3. Stephbhoy


    Scott Brown and Mikael Lustig from this group above – are you saying they have not contributed this season ????


    Tierney is injured, who is his cover ?


    Izzy and Gamboa, out of contract end of May


    17 months left on deals with Scott Sinclair, Craig Gordon – first team regulars, would suggest Hayes & Bitton, first team squad players ?



    Now we need to reduce numbers and rurnover is good,




    What market are we shopping in for replacements ? Poundstretcher, home Bargains ?


    Surely we can afford Tesco or Sainsbury. ?

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    As far as the Yes or No on the Aberdeen boy goes, Call him Mc. Kennavic and everybody will be happy.

  5. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    My thanks to the many many posters who wished me a happy birthday yesterday.


    Lots of pressies but the star one is a five day trip to Valencia on 18th February with the excommunicated BMCUPW.What an 80th Birthday present


    Now who has got tickets???

  6. My friends in Celtic,



    In top football terms the money we have to spend is a pittance.


    At the top table is Harry Kane, available for £310 m.



    At the bottom table there are “bargain ” buys like Cenk Tusum. A snip at £20 m . Big Sam Allardyce initally signed him for circa £27 m. Only problem is that he cannot get a game and when he does he is a non scoring striker.



    We like to consider ourselves a big club, similar or ahead in stature to Tottenham or Everton. But this is the reality.



    In summary our management team, our scouts and indeed our CEO have to work so much harder than teams in England.



    Our success in such circumstances is remarkable and it is surely self explanatory what we have to negotiate to land a decent player.



    Incidentally I wonder what John Mcginn’s thoughts are as they get comprehensively beaten by Wigan. One win in eight now.


    Nevertheless by playing in the madness of the English Championship his price tag will probably now be around £10m .


    No criticism of the lad, but It would seem that his only hope of playing for his boyhood heroes now will be in around a decade’s time.



    HH to all.

  7. My first instinct would be to laugh at the tin foil hat brigade — the most recent highlighted on KDS seemed to point to a 4 Club coven aiming to make sure L/pool and TFOD2.1 win their respective leagues this year to bring succour and financial joy to a variety of East Asian and Med betting syndicates.



    Interesting story but on first reading slightly fanciful bordering on totally mental.



    However …


    Some stuff just doesn’t make sense …


    And if it doesn’t make sense then why doesn’t it make sense?



    P67 pushing the Ivorian angle to our recruitment strategy and how it benefits us.


    Then I had a grey moment and suggested an earlier Ivorian recruit cost us £1.8mill.


    However I was somewhat off the pace regarding EK and his true — £2.8mill plus signing on fee cost for a somewhat less than stellar impact on the club.



    And then it hit me — £3mill plus for a teenager who had played 10 senior games.


    You get the feeling that the Ivorian football community owes us some value.



    Then their is the totally unexpected gossip that JK / L/pool are now seemingly interested in paying us £10mill for JF — leftfield and then some. My thoughts are that the value proposition for the EPL side would be challenging to say the least.



    We live in interesting times — great home form / poor away form with some interesting team selections not helping us in any way.



    What was our form last season — home form patchy with too many draws / away form better with more wins. Total transformation in our form over the past 18 months which should generate a few questions to understand the change.



    Do all these moons really align — I certainly hope not but you never know.

  8. Celtic. Mac



    I remember that game well but can’t remember the SP.



    We had no Jimmy and no Yogi – both of whom were outstanding that season. Before the game there was a Rangers Victory Rally in Glasgow Central.



    As far as they were concerned, it was in the bag.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jabba should get a job on the starship Enterprise.



    “We are under heavy attack” (from the courts and creditors)



    “Divert auxiliary power to main deflector”



    Sevco are skint and may have to send Ryan Kent home early from a season long loan



    Plant a squirrel with a mate in the media that Kent’s parent club are chasing a Celtic winger



    When the nonexistent chase ends Jabba can tell the mugs that Kent was recalled because Liverpool missed out on a replacement



    – Hack gets a headline


    – Headline hacks off Celtic fans


    – Sevco have an excuse


    – Yet another seed planted that a Sevco player on same ability level as a Celt



    Everyone’s a winner !!

  10. I see that Robbie Williams thing has been tormenting his neighbour Jimmy Page.



    Playing Led Zeppelin full blast.



    Mental torture subjecting the poor soul to that racket.



    If he starts with his own caterwauling it might tip Page over the edge.



    These spoilt delinquents need to have all of their money confiscated and donated to the homeless.

  11. NORRIEM on 13TH JANUARY 2019 4:24 PM



    I must have missed all the great preformamces by brown and lustig this season. They have been very good players over the years but time waits for no man and in sport that is more ovbious than most activities.



    Fringe players are good to have if They can actually do what you want Them to do. I.e step in when needed. If They cant I would prefer to give a youngster a chance. For example, ralston may or may not make the grade but compaired to the 1 million fee, plus 750k a years wages for gamboa its a better Option and will allow for better use of limited income.



    We have 15 gamboa’s collecting a wage for doing nothing. We need to move away from the crazy 1 million punts for 27 years old players. The amount of money spend on those 15 would easily translate into 4 or 5 first team starters.



    We cant be giving wages to folk because They have been good, if They have dropped off we than themselves and mive on because if They had excelled They would have demanded a move. Cuts both ways.



    Another thing the english market and to an extend the other 4 larger footballing markets can be crazy but ffs spare me the we cant get better because of money bull. There are still plenty of talented boys out there determined to make a name for themselves.

  12. I’ve always wanted a Bentley Continental.



    I’ve coveted one ever since a pal of my brothers turned up in one when we were picking up family from the states at the airport…………I’m sure they weren’t too let down when said Bentley dropped them off at our modest Clydebank maisonette!



    Anyhoo, lotto-win aside, I’ll never own a Bentley – the best I can hope for is an unfashionable clapped-out Wedding Roller…….




  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    agreed and we need to be aware that this could be our last chance at picking up decent players from the smaller EU countries before brexit as they will all become subject to Visa restrictions post brexit.



    My good lady say’s your good lady can watch as many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy as she likes !! DRMCDREAMYCSC

  15. I’ve read the latest BR quotes regarding transfers and he didn’t actually use the word ‘marquee’ more of a question put to him.



    Hard to believe that a player who attracted a £9M bid wouldn’t attract another nominal bid now that he’s leaving free in summer, and this is where the McKenna story probably grows arms and legs as somehow we are willing to pay £5M plus for him but won’t sign a ‘marquee player’



    Typical that a club of our size punts on Gamboa Compper and Hendry but when we’ve £5M to spend we can only see to Aberdeen? Maybe we’ve been burned by Jozo Simunovic who’s been unreliable since the day he landed in Scotland but somehow survived the revolving door, to be unreliable another day.



    What is the cost of filling the Celtic right back role properly, when Mikael Lustig is stepped down. If he’s fit will he play in the Mestalla? or will it be Anthony Ralston developing?



    Not expecting anything till deadline day its the way Celtic normally work see BR.






    agreed and we need to be aware that this could be our last chance at picking up decent players from the smaller EU countries before brexit as they will all become subject to Visa restrictions post brexit.





    Interesting times indeed, dont think we will fall out of europe union. That another story




  17. celticrollercoaster on

    ****Goals Galore 4 Round 2 update****



    Good Evening fholks



    With 2 rounds down, the top of the table is still looking good!?. A low bore scoring week for nearly all showed very little movement through the table, with BRTH being the highest weekly scorer on 4 points, with thanks to a joker. See what happens when the SPFhelL has a break? ? We are now up to 88 entrants, thanks to Falkirk Bhoy joining in late, so with that in mind, who ever finishes in 2nd will get a free go in GG4 next season if we remember!



    Goals Galore 3 table-Round 2


    Position Moniker Jokers still available to play Jokers played Weekly Points Total Points


    1 Bateen Bhoy 0 1 2 8


    1 CelticRollerCoaster 0 1 2 8


    1 MalorBhoy 0 1 2 8


    4 AndyF 0 1 2 6


    4 Angel Gabriel 0 1 2 6


    4 BMCUWP 0 1 2 6


    4 BRTH 0 1 4 6


    4 Channelislandcelt 0 1 2 6


    4 CiaranF 0 1 2 6


    4 DannyMac 0 1 2 6


    4 Delaneys Dunky 0 1 2 6


    4 Fess19 0 1 2 6


    4 Gerryfaethebrig 0 1 2 6


    4 HamiltonTim 0 1 2 6


    4 The Babysitter 0 1 2 6


    4 The Exiled Tim 0 1 2 6


    4 TheCelt45 0 1 2 6


    4 Tombhoy1888 0 1 2 6


    19 Bognorbhoy 0 1 1 5


    19 Letterkenny Bhoy 0 1 1 5


    19 londonbhoy88 0 1 2 5


    19 Mrs CRC 1 0 2 5


    19 OneMalloy 0 1 1 5


    19 Paddy’s Maw 0 1 1 5


    19 Postie148 1 0 2 5


    19 Red Duncan 0 1 1 5


    19 Scaniel 1 0 2 5


    19 SetantaBhoy 0 1 1 5


    19 Sparkx 1 0 2 5


    19 StPatricksBhoy 0 1 1 5


    19 Thom’s Sellik 0 1 1 5


    19 Travebhoys Pardnur 0 1 1 5


    19 Travelbhoy 0 1 1 5


    34 20hats 0 1 2 4


    34 BGFC Plains-Toi 1 0 2 4


    34 Blantyre Tim 1 0 2 4


    34 Celtic Soul Brother 0 1 0 4


    34 CelticMac 1 0 2 4


    34 Ginger Nut 0 1 2 4


    34 GoogyBhoy 1 0 2 4


    34 GreenPinata 1 0 2 4


    34 Kelvinbhoy 1 0 1 4


    34 Mobyfugrumble 1 0 2 4


    34 Murdoch Auld and Hay 0 1 2 4


    34 Park Road 67 1 0 1 4


    34 Praecepta 0 1 0 4


    34 Shuggiebhoy67 0 1 2 4


    34 StevieH 1 0 2 4


    34 TBDI 0 1 2 4


    34 TBDR 0 1 2 4


    34 The Boss 1 0 2 4


    34 The Good Ship Celtica 0 1 2 4


    34 Thunder Road 0 0 2 4


    34 Timabhouy 0 1 2 4


    34 TimsinOhio 0 1 2 4


    34 Walk2Cure 1 0 2 4


    57 Bada Bing 0 1 1 3


    57 Big Al 1 0 1 3


    57 Big Archie 1 0 1 3


    57 Bobby Evans Superstar 0 1 1 3


    57 Celtic Rose 1 0 1 3


    57 CosyCornerBhoy 1 0 1 3


    57 Dena29 1 0 1 3


    57 DougC 1 0 2 3


    57 Frank1 1 0 1 3


    57 Frank2 1 0 2 3


    57 Grangemouth Girl 1 0 2 3


    57 GSC Bhoy 1 0 2 3


    57 Gutenberg 1 0 2 3


    57 Jamabhoy 1 0 1 3


    57 Mike H 1 0 2 3


    57 NorrieM 0 1 1 3


    57 PMTYH 1 0 1 3


    57 Smashing Milk Bottles 1 0 2 3


    57 The Source 0 1 1 3


    57 The Young Fella 1 0 1 3


    77 A Source Said 0 1 0 2


    77 DeccyRollerCoaster 1 0 1 2


    77 Ginger Nuts 1 0 1 2


    77 Jobo 1 0 1 2


    77 Lennybhoy 1 0 0 2


    77 Mursheen 1 0 0 2


    77 Nothingwithout fans 0 0 0 2


    77 SFTB 1 0 1 2


    77 Stephbhoy 1 0 0 2


    77 Toor A Loo 1 0 0 2


    87 FalkirkBhoy 1 0 1 1


    87 HunderbirdsAreGone 1 0 0 1






    CRC and Bateen Bhoy

  18. I posted earlier about Lustig being targeted and referenced the Hibs defeat at Easter Road.



    I know a few posters made particular reference to goals conceded from the left back area (accounting for fact it was a back 3 and Izzy was pushed higher up).


    All that aside, John McGinn was invited as a guest in the studio that day, and I was quoting him directly. He publicly said that under Neil Lennon, they were instructed to target Lustig. Hibs as a team believed there was always joy to be had from playing through Lustig’s channel. They were his words.


    That in itself is a concern. And I’ll repeat, Right back is season defining and our biggest priority in this current transfer window. In my humble opinion

  19. SIPSINI on 13TH JANUARY 2019 7:15 PM









    Good to see your name again.??




    I agree Sips hh

  20. celticrollercoaster on

    Cozy Corner Bhoy



    Happy Birthday and what a pressie! You have a lovely family except for BMCUWP obviously :-)







  21. IndyRef2 — the nightmare recedes.



    Discussed at length on here has been the total shambles that is Scottish football, the NT and its responsible “adults” plus the issues with on and off field governance.



    Not a great example of how our wee country deals with responsibility.



    Now we have the situation where a workplace harassment case could destroy a civil service, a few political careers and a political party.



    St Nic is toast for her one on one counselling with Wee



    She will need more than a LNS style inquiry, an Auld Reekie jury and a Stirling JP to save her now. She isn’t fit to run a bowling club never mind an administration — all about the cover up never about the allegations.



    Never mind MeToo we have SaveMe.


    Never mind Tobes and Bible John it is Malky and Wee Eck we should be worrying about.


    Allegedly !?!

  22. ****Announcement****



    Brace yourselves… strong rumours growing momentum, of some big news tomorrow.

  23. RGM @ 8.05



    Glass half full type of guy — should be positive news then?



    Given the amount of issues we have — could be anything.


    It’s the hope that gets you …

  24. Not posted in ages(sorry about that).


    My brother just texted me ,he say’s there is a rumour


    going round about a signing tomorrow


    rumour is it’s a big well known black player


    couple of names are Sturridge or Ya ya


    Has anybody heard anything?




    Good Evening Goalers, and apologies for late delivery of next weeks fixtures. Sometimes life takes precedence and when No1 Son offers to cook dinner, well, everything else moves down the priority ladder ?


    So. First off, let me quash rumours which may or may not appear in tomorrow’s gutter press about Marc trying to change his team name to A CelticRollerCoaster. Simply not true. A complete falsehood.


    On to the fixtures for next week.


    All games next week are fixtures from the Scottish Cup. Not quite the Highland League, but, nearly. Since this is the SFA competition, any honest mistakes, incompetence or blatant favouritism is down to the Beaks at Hampden. Or Peter Lawwell, if all else fails.


    The pick for next week for Bateen Bhoy is ABERDEEN and a joker is to be played


    The pick for next week for CelticRollerCoaster is HIBERNIAN and a joker is to be played


    Fixtures below, and take note that two of the smaller teams pitted against each other in this round kick-off on FRIDAY EVENING, so get your picks in early to cqnpredictor@gmail.com or via the Whatsapp thingy.


    Good Luck !






    Cowdenbeath v The Rangers (19:45)





    Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United (12.15)


    Aberdeen v Stenhousemuir (15:00)


    Dundee v Queen of the South 15:00)


    Hibernian v Elgin City (15:00)


    Kilmarnock v Forfar Athletic (15:00)


    Motherwell v Ross County (15:00)


    Partick Thistle v Stranraer (15:00)


    St Johnstone v Hamilton Academical (15:00)


    St Mirren v Alloa Athletic (15:00)


    Celtic v Airdrieonians (17:15)





    Heart of Midlothian v Livingston (14:30)

  26. What is the Stars on

    Lawwell resigning tomorrow.


    Press conference called for 12 noon.


    Dermot Desmond handing over his shares to representatives of the Green Brigade.


    From now on Celtic will be a profit sharing anarcho syndicalist commune..

  27. Supposed to be a room getting ready for the


    announcement tomorrow.


    Don’t shoot the messenger.


    If it’s wrong then I will offer my humble apologies.

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