Ivorian link at work again, this time in Athens


With three deals done, the pace of transfer activity at Celtic appears to be approaching relentless.  The Ivorian link will have been at work again, as news that we are interested in Olympiakos full back, Omar Elabdellaoui, testifies.  Celtic coach, Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya, spent half a season at the Greek club before leaving last month.

Signing players is always a risk, so getting a first-hand insight into how a player performs from someone who has worked with him daily for the last six months is a huge advantage.  Bear in mind, Elabdellaoui is just one of the right backs Celtic are considering.  This one could run a while.

Reports from the US that we have agreed a deal to sign 22-year-old left back Andrew Gutman are amusing, mostly as he was being trailed as a signing elsewhere in the city.  Great to see that as well as using our Ivorian links, we have plenty of connections at Scotland’s smaller clubs.  If he arrives, hopefully Callum McGregor will not see more action in that position.


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  1. Danny Bhoy I will always appreciate what you done for me.



    It was good to see Tom back on the Blog, seeing Danny posting again would be Great.



    I know a Belfast Bhoy has the same thoughts.

  2. No second half updates from New Orleans.


    Just woke up after a “wee nap.”


    Wife ignored my request to make sure I was awake when game restarted.


    3 hours later she was probably best not to wake me.


    Anyway Saints added 10 unanswered points to win 20-14.


    Now I won’t be able to sleep and be forced to watch old Celtic games especially some recent 5-1 wins against Rangers and their successor side.

  3. ‘GG,



    Best wishes for you and yer anti abortion stance – Fundamental IMO.



    I know that I know Nothing, I know that the American populace isnae daft – despite what anyone says or portrays.



    IMO – Trump has done more than any Presidente before – I am in Scotland. No idea about anything.



    God Bless ‘GG and yer commentary is Legendary on CQN.




  4. TT 11:40


    Your awesomeness has grown in my dimming eyes.


    I have been extremely critical of the Church on the abortion front.


    We had a silent protest in the next town lining the street on a hot sunny afternoon.


    A few local priests turned up, but a small percentage of the local parishes.


    When I asked my local parish pastor “When we could get some definitive guidance from the pulpit for his cafeteria Catholics who openly support Democrat policies on social particularly abortion issues” he said to check with the bishop and pray.


    He, the bishop along with the USCCB, pay lip service while remaining silent when it comes to criticicising supposedly Catholic politicians, who are prepared to fund big abortion while making declarations on climate change and obfuscating on the likes of McCarick and his predatory actions.


    Sorry to rant. My two biggest bugbears are the USCCB and our silence on abortion.


    Chapeau doffed as someone used to say.

  5. Peter


    I’ve missed our brief encounters. I’m sure there’s a movie in there somewhere.


    Expect to be fit and ready for Saturday.


    When do the bhoys return from Dubai?

  6. How do you surpass the thrill and expectation of dunking a McVitie’s Digestive biscuit in a cup of tea?

  7. ‘GG,



    I think Airdrie is first up after the Winter Break.



    A Home Cup game Saturday.



    Not sure when the Bhoys return but they all deserve the rest they have right noo.



    They have been put through so much more than most. Interestingly Sevco under Stevie G have played the same amount of games this Season.



    So many conundrums. Wow thats the way of the world.



    Never forget I know nout.



    You found whit the WORLD is looking for.



    These are MEGA times.

  8. ‘GG on 14th January 2019 3:08 am



    How do you surpass the thrill and expectation of dunking a McVitie’s Digestive biscuit in a cup of tea?






    Spooky, I’m the Black Sheep that disnae drink tea, MAGICAL my Son makes a brew nooo.



    I blame his sensible Mum – FFS I was trying to get her to go to the REZERECTION Rave @ Ingliston.



    1 off as well.



    She is Magical – clever too – she kinda didnae talk me oot of it.



    Karen is Awesome.

  9. TT on Tom Brady


    He is an amazing athlete for his age. 40 in a very physical sport.


    I have looked at his diet and I now see many other NFL players are adopting and adapting it to their needs.


    Players are fitter, faster and experiencing quicker recovery times with less inflammation problems.


    I’m trying my own 80-20 variation to aid my own recovery


    Good old fashioned Scots Broth but with the ham bone in it.


    Home made tomato soup and lentil soup.


    Home made 4 bean chili carries a wind warning. :-)


    Hummous, avocado, pineapples, onions, carrots, broccoli, sprouts and the jewel in the crown.


    Our local supermarket has a line of veggie burgers called Beyond Meat which look and taste like the real thing. Ideal to beat the meat cravings.


    Hopefully this will hasten a full recovery and reduce my dependence on pharma produced pills.

  10. My post earlier.


    WITHOUT ham bone.


    I really loved surreptitiously dipping a heel crust in the simmering soup pot after getting home from Sunday mass.

  11. Medication and vitals time. I have to report them to my daughter each day


    So good night, God bless and roll on Saturday.

  12. ‘GG



    Magical – Truly Magical.



    Thank You old fella.



    Magical – Mega Magical, you have no idea how happy you made me with this TUNE.

  13. ‘GG, has a Massive supporter in me when he jibber jabbers about Abortion.



    Don’t get me started.




  14. I like Mad Mitches jibber jabber, BSR thinks he is a bad wan – noone knows anythin’.



    Zanussi the best washing machine?

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