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  1. @CelticFC v Jablonec



    Hart, Ralston, Starfelt, Bitton, Taylor, Soro, McGregor, Abada, Turnbull, Forrest, Kyogo



    Subs: Barkas, Bain, Murray, Montgomery, Urhoghide, Robertson, Rogic, Welsh, Christie, Ajeti, Edouard

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Will try again…



    French Eddie dropped about bloody time, no idea what the formation could be, as long as James is not on the left.



    Don’t get me started on the serial blunder bhoy Bitton, if you are playing him, play him in his position😱



    Paying for the European game, why is anyone surprised from these rogues

  3. Rolling_Stone on

    Lightweight front 3. Might work in Europe but would want more power for Scotland.



    Christie dropped multiple games in a row and now Eddy. Can only imagine both will be off this window.



    A couple of positive signings this week, but we are miles off it in terms of squad depth.



    Looking at the line up and bench, the only guy missing is Jullien (excluding Dembele and MJ as they are still youths and Griff wholly unreliable).



    We still need around at least 4 first team players and more bodies for squad depth. This could be a 50-60 game season again. Too lightweight in terms of numbers and quality to take that on.

  4. OE — being left out will help him to clear his head and focus on the future.


    Might be the start of a gentle push out the door as we need the money.



    Currently their is no lack of application just a lack of intensity.


    He gets into good positions but forgets the rest.



    I would love to see him sign a 12 month contract extension and rediscover his scoring form. However if he won’t commit then he needs to go and if that takes some time on the bench then fine.

  5. I am not sure where, but I read, could have been on here that PSG have a massive sell on % for OE, 50% is coming to mind, given this, I really don’t see that we would make much from his sale, I imagine that if we got our money back plus enough to pay a couple of the suits bonus for the year the PLC would be happy enough, cos they really couldn’t give a monkeys about us winning stuff any more.

  6. Thankfully we have more than enough money in the bank…


    (to any hun sleekits that’s real money btw, no’ made-up guff………)


    If eddy goes we’ll have the funds to replace him properly.




  7. Rolling_Stone on

    THE EXILED TIM on 5TH AUGUST 2021 4:02 PM



    I think that % may have been debunked. I doubt we would have paid £9m and accepted such a high % sell on

  8. Hello Paul67 – hope you are keeping well. Article heading contains a typo – Jablonec, not Jaclonec.



    Good luck tonight Celtic, especially Joe & Kyogo.

  9. TET………….


    I was hoping he was the project and another better known striker would be recruited?



    No laughing now!







  10. TET…50% sounds too high…but don’t forget it would be a percentage of profit not overall fee

  11. Not quite getting the CoViD19 numbers game — full crowds next week just as the schools go back and there have been no jabs for the general population of U18’s.



    Timing doesn’t seem right.



    Looking more and more like the 2nd stage of the Poundland Herd Immunity strategy that was all the rage when the flu gang were trying to deal with the pandemic.



    Surely it would been better to wait 4 weeks and get the jab process moved up a gear.


    Or was it a case that TFOD2.1’s finances need the money now.

  12. We’ll need a bit of luck tonight , necessary defensive changes hopefully improve our ability to keep the weans oot the close … pessimistic hat on if we can keep it down to a 2 goal deficit we’ve got a chance 2nd leg … optimistic hat wee quick front 3 run rings round the Czechs … Czechs bounced headlines



    I could be 100% wrong, but I do remember reading that, I can’t recall reading about it not being true, but the interweb is a strange place at times, Ido know that any % that goes to PSG is the profit, we will see soon enough I reckon.




    I gave up laughing some time ago mi amigo, took up the greetin instead :)

  14. Now getting an Eddie Howe profile video on the site! Jings crivens help ma boab! por cierto

  15. Sorry, it’s 40% of anything above 9mill, so if he goes for 20mil less 9 = 11mill 40% of that 4.4 mill goes to PSG por cierto

  16. Stx2 @ 4.15



    Bet is still on — who will be the better player in the coming SPL season …



    In the Green and White / WCS corner we have JMcC.


    In the Red / Sheepy / Salt’n Sauce corner we have SB.



    My money is on JMcC.


    You can confirm your own opinion.



    Selection criteria to be determined.



    Who takes the most points off the TFOD2.1?


    Who takes the most points off the other?


    Who smiles the most?



    A.N. Other — views welcomed.



    Wager — TBC.

  17. this guy makes an exce;;ent point.







    Paul Lamb








    The fact that every ST holder is entitled to 1 Euro qualifier should surely mean that those who were not at the Midtjylland game should be getting this one🤔

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