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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    I would suggest the word leech is better applied to the previous manager and failed coaches who are still there…

  2. Defending wasn’t great tonight and I assume we’ll bring defenders in. However, it’s not all about personnel – we need to be solid as a team and organised at the back. I think we look far too open as a team.

  3. Ernie – Class is permanent. Hart will be terrific once he has a defence in front of him. Enjoy the win.

  4. Burnley 78,



    Condolences on your wee dug. Dogs are family and I feel your pain.



    I think your pain is maybe clouding your judgement on BBJ.




  5. C’mon St Johnstone ;;-))…always remember as a child my Grampa coming back from holday in Turkey getting me a massive Galataray top, that a

  6. This is Joe Hart’s first game for donkeys. It’s with completely new players and a new environment.



    His presence was felt and will quantify.


    The positive of a 4- 2 away victory must outweigh the negativity. However there is much work to do.



    HH. The journey has commenced.

  7. GREENPINATA on 5TH AUGUST 2021 7:18 PM


    This is Joe Hart’s first game for donkeys.






    Bit harsh. True it’s not a vintage side, but they’re not that bad.

  8. I am in no way a doom and gloom merchant.



    Tonight’s was a good result against a team who finished 3rd behind Slavia and Sparta Prague last season. A 3rd position in the Czech league got them straight into the 3rd qualifying round of Europa. They are a better team than they played tonight or were allowed to play but Celtic were better than them. A 4:2 win away IS a convincing result and we left a few goals out there on the pitch- still not clinical enough.



    But…… we lost 2 very soft goals- a lobbed ball over a pair of slow CBs and a break down a wide open right hand side with Starfelt selling himself and Hart not adjusting position. It is hard to have confidence with a team that concedes so easily- we will not be able to score 4 in every game.



    So, on balance, I enjoyed the result but I am convinced we have a long way to go to make this team have a defensive identity. We cannot avoid losing goals but we need to stop shipping 2,3 and 4 per game as became a habit last season in Europe.



    Ange has time, and further recruitment to make his mark on this squad but crticism and pleasure are both warranted tonight. I love BBJ’s welsh lilt and he is an entertaining presenter and passionate about Celtic- I will take that along with justified criticism. I learn more about the game from Chris Sutton, when he abandons his sneering OTT commentaries, but Chris has a bullying tendency and goes after individuals whether they are Ronny, Efe or whoever. He loses balance when he does so.



    I am happy tonight that we are highly likely to get through to the tie against AZ which will definitely be a test. I am happy that Ange is aware of our weaknesses and will work to remedy them. I am content that there are more recruits on the way- hopefully good ones. But I am not fooled that we are nearly there.



    We need to be less profligate in attack and less easy in concession.



    It feels good to be able to say that after a convincing win and not a heavy defeat.

  9. Ha ha, in hindsight maybe I should have added years.



    I really hope Joe thinks that too given his first look at his defense.



    Cheers guys, point taken.

  10. It is unbelievable that a newco Club is moving ahead of Celtic in European standards – Dermot Sandy Lane – Why?

  11. fairhill bhoy on

    Joe hart wasn’t to blame for their second goal.Take a look at starfelt,especially when the ball crosses the line and he looks back to blame someone else .He is obviously quicker looking back than turning back 🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Well I suppose if we were all patient and accepted that the rebuild will take time the blog would be very quiet, reading back you can see a clear split among us, those who want it all now and those who acknowledge Ange needs time to finish what he’s just started.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Much angst about the studio commentary.



    I turned down the sound at HT and switched off immediately FT.



    I’d recommend it.



    Re the ‘nervy win’ headline, do you really expect anything else.



    If most Celtic fans recognise a shambles when they see one, the SMSM is hardly going to miss an open goal.

  14. No one knows how things will pan out over time, but we can make a judgement on what we have seen so far.



    We are a long way from being event a decent side – all I can say is that we should be in the top six in the league.



    Forget Europe, Alkmaar will put us out of our misery.



    We are buying what’s available on a £3m/£4m budget, not what’s needed to fashion a squad. No doubt there will be 3/4 loans later in the month. What is so worrying is that we have no core – no seven, or, eight players that we can count on and add to in a planned manner.



    If we get success from 50% of the incomers we will be doing well…..but it will leave us in the same position as this next season.



    This is not doom & gloom, this is reality……we are coming from a long way back – how we have fallen so far, so quickly, amazes me.

  15. I will bid you all a good night, up seriously early.


    Delighted with our progress, slow but steady I would say, Ange hisny been dealt the best hand but he is doing his best IMO and I do believe he will prevail, he will get there quicker if he gets the players in he wants.


    Anyways, am no bitchin with the team tonight, the PLC of course, that’s a given.


    FC not PLC


    Sleep well Timland



  16. Biton did 50% of what Ange wants in a CH for this team. His break with the ball, nice pass, resulted in a rapid classy goal.



    Now we need to find a player who can do that AND defend with power. Unfortunately , CH defensive mistakes are calamitous for 2 reasons. One is pure ability and lack of , the other is lack of cover from the full back. Taylor and Ralston are NEVER gonna make it across to sweep up. They don’t anticipate and they don’t have the speed to get in there.



    Tonight was perfect.



    Good attacking play , good goals and the defense doing EXACTLY what Ange said it would do – if the board didnt believe his urgency , then surely they’ve seen enough of it now to act swiftly!



    get deals done Celtic!!!