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  1. GEEBEE 1978



    Cheers for that ….refreshing from Big Ange…..we were okay , an honest assessment from him👍 .



    Everything depends on the quality of the other incoming signings , sooner rather than later🙏 .

  2. If St J get a result over there……… Scottish fitba on the rise – FFS sort the Administrators/ Referees….. I guess it takes TIME to break that Spell – I’d hate to be in that Cabal of Referees – C

  3. SAINT STIVS on 5TH AUGUST 2021 8:26 PM



    Certainly looks like he has a bright future in management.

  4. The Word is Amazing.



    Love is the Law.



    Ye huv to Fight for yer right……. Ta for that Link to a Brave Brave Lady Saints Stivs



    I Know who will be charged with an offence.

  5. Our front 3 all scored, should have had another few so that’s a positive. Hopefully see Welsh back in defence until we have better options. Can’t believe some of the moaning. HH

  6. Didn’t see the game but not happy about some of the Starfelt comments………..hope we haven’t bought a dud.



    Not saying all of the scouts are poor but must be quite a few who are.



    We will give the bhoy some time as he sure does not have people around him that can defend.

  7. Starfelt was fine – left exposed once or twice by others – where was Ralston at their second goal? At least Starfelt got there to challenge…ok he over-committee but that habit can be amended by a decent defensive coach.



    Oh, wait…




    I feel sorry for Starfelt………..but Ralston, Biton and Taylor are not good enough.



    Mibbe if he’s got good defenders round about him, he’ll flourish.



    My fear is that Ange wants the fullback far forward the whole game, in which case why spend money on big fullbacks who are going to be posted missing anyway.



    I would play Welsh before Biton and Ralston and probably Taylor.I hope Welsh asks for a transfer.



    He’s being fekked about where he is.



    If Biton is keeping you out of the team you might think about a move………….or chucking it.



    So, not completely happy with Ange.

  9. We got a win tonight . Sets us up for next week . But anyone who didn’t see the problems we have must have watched with there eyes closed . Joe hart will be good for us , right and left back are a huge problem and must be a priority for ange , along with a big no nonsense CH as what we have are average at best . Starfelt is due a break as he is just in the door , but what I’ve seen so far he to me anyway looks lacking , and I was hoping for a taller CH who can take care of our terrible record of losing goals to cross balls , doesn’t look like he is the answer but time will tell . Hoping McCarthy will be our midfield ball winner ,so pretty happy to see him although it may be 8 years too late . The Japanese bhoy looked good tonight .as did bada . Jamsie was poor but he has been out for a while , could do with him being a bit braver mind you , we could do with a big arrogant fearless Sutton type up front as we are too small up front . Sorry to say this but for me rogic , bitton , griffiths have overstayed there welcome . And the same must be said about french eddy this guy with his downing of tools and couldn,t care less attitude has cost us many millions in cash that could have benefitted a real rebuild , time he saw the door too super player as he Is . I wish ange the best of luck but the guy has a Job on his hands , it won’t be easy getting the players in we so badly need , but it will be harder getting the money to buy them off those dam suits who put us in this position . HH

  10. Watched the game, I thought that Starfelt, they way he moves, reminds me of Tony (Mogga) Mowbray.



    Smashing player, unfortunately. not so smashing as a manager. sadly.



    Early yet, for our new players and our Manager, I honestly believe that Ange is the man for the job, I hope we give him time.



    Ignore the SMSM, and our CQN trolls.







  11. Did we accept we needed needed new full backs before this game. Of course we did, we accept that a centre half has to come amongst others. Why all the repeated crap on here from some.We won the game. Taylor also set up the first goal so some credit where its due .

  12. Why is it so hard to accept that the way we play leaves the defence exposed. You could have Usain Bolt at right back and he wouldn’t have got back in time to prevent the second goal from the advanced position that Ralston was in.



    I’m happy with scoring 4 goals and conceding 2 every game. I’d be more happy if Turnbull, Kyogo and Abada had put away the very good chances that came their way.



    I don’t expect many clean sheets this season. A wee punt on Celtic to win and both teams to score will see a profit I think.

  13. Took an extended peek at the Shamrock Rovers – Teuta Durres game ( on Albanian TV no less ) to see if I could get a read on Liam Scales. It’s a poor game (0-0) after 55 minutes and he has not had much to do. He’s a big unit, playing left center back in a back 4, but appears primarily right footed. He is basically taking a ball from his partner or full back and immediately passing it to a midfield player under no challenge. So far, he has not had to tackle, be in a foot race, or challenge in the air, so I will have to defer an assessment of his abilities.

  14. SUPERSUTTON on 5TH AUGUST 2021 9:11 PM



    That’s a decent point. Of course, we need better defenders in but Ange pointed out that goals were conceded by giving away cheap possession which instantly leaves us exposed on the back foot (Turnbull very guilty of this).



    We need to be more compact as a team and Ange was right to point that out. He’s spotting the flaws and working on them. He might get it right, he might not but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  15. Viktoria Plzen who finished 5th in the Czech league being thumped 4-0 by TNS of Wales. Some strange results.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    I thought Jablonec were very average and not a patch on the Slavia team that gubbed us last season .



    Trouble is , if they can score 2 against us what would a much better team do .


    I’m sure Ange , regardless of his attacking philosophy will want to get rid of the sieve as a priority .

  17. Interesting comments……..chuffed with the result….Bitton getting a rough ride …yet looked head and shoulders above Starfelt for me…..Starfelt at the second was schoolboy stuff !!!….and a real worry……Joe Hart looked rusty ….but had a top class block to stop it going 4-3….as for BBJ….just think he wears his heart on his sleeve …and probably spoke like many of us were thinking … and he did say WE a lot …..which I’m not sure would go down great if he was desperate for work!!!!

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    I don’t think Ange hasn’t said anything we all haven’t already written on here, think we’re on the same page with our manager



    3 out the back four aren’t good enough, Bitton has never thought like a defender hence getting caught square all the time and ball watching, Starfelt looked ok, too early to judge plus the back four are likely to change over the next few weeks, I’d be pleased with Itakura, even on loan, someone mentioned Davies, we def need someone else for that position, I’d expect Buta soon too

  19. Greenpinta,


    Missing the point about Hartson.We all know the defence is poor,100% of us know it.It will get sorted.He knows that,but to slabber on,red faced with anger was just grandstanding.


    Do you think for a minute,any scum pundit would have acted that way.Staff at the BBC high fiving each other over that rant.Think about it,


    Celtic have to improve at the back.Need players in.There you go.A sentence that every Celtic fan has said,over and over.Manager knows it.All of a sudden Hartson is being applauded for saying it.Foaming at the mouth saying it.


    Numpty tonight.