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  1. Cardboard,


    “Taylor set up the 1st goal”.He did indeed,very well,


    And that diddy,Biton brilliantly put the wee fella through for the second.


    Some so biased against both players,can’t say a good word.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 5TH AUGUST 2021 9:36 PM



    ‘slabber on,red faced with anger …. Foaming at the mouth….Numpty’







    No doubt the irony will escape you.

  3. Drambowie Celt,


    So far OK here,but its going in all directions.We stay right at the foot of the National Park,which is a big worry.


    Down in Bodrum they are evacuating from the beach.Very,very scary.The news on BBC/ITV,not showing anything near the horror.


    Many thanks.

  4. WITS



    I don’t have your contact details anymore (my fault) but my wife and I are spending a week in Dublin from the 19th to the 26th. I would love to catch up and buy you a few drinks if you are around that week. Almore has said he will try to meet us when he returns from his holiday. Would it be ok to ask our mutual friend PARKROAD 67 for your number again.




  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not sure what to make of that – bit chaotic at times. Should go through but big improvement needed – defending (not just defence) in particular. Soro, Forrest and Abada best for me. Abada could be a star in the making.


    Messi to leave Barcelona AGAIN! Must be about the fourth time now. You can set your calendar by it!

  6. Do the Huns, Dons, Hibs lose goals that are nobody’s fault?



    Never ever do the media single anyone out for blame/abuse.



    Celtic on the other hand…

  7. I remember in the 60’s the first £100,000 transfer between 2 British clubs- Alan Ball I think. (Law was an england to Italy & then Italy to England transfer)



    Now we have Jack Grealish, aged 26, going for £100 million on a 6 year contract (Wikipedia is saying the 6th most expesive transfer of all time at 117 million euros.



    Top 5 are:



    Neymar 220m Euro at age 25 – 5 year contract


    Mbappe- 180m E at 20- 4 year contract


    Coutinho- 145m at 26- 5 & 1/2year contract- but loaned to Bayern 18 months in. 90 Barca games played


    Joao Felix 126m at 20- 7 year contract


    Antoine Griezmann- 120m at 28- 5 year contract



    Mad Money

  8. Fred C. Even at 4-2. best scottish result of the week, the BBC single out our defending.



    We are so gullible and easily manipulated and it is not our board but those who wish to hurt us that provide the sound bites!!




  9. Positives



    The front 3 looked dangerous, good movement and quick to attack and react.



    Calmac and soro both had good games.



    Hart made debut and did better than those he took over from. Made a couple of saves and will improve with games.



    Starfelt got another game under his belt. He like hart is rusty, so hard to judge but the more he plays the sooner he will get up to speed and be assessed properly.






    Turnbul disappointed, still adjusting to new role?



    Bitton proved again he is not a centreback.



    Taylor struggled but worked hard.



    Ralston struggled but worked hard.



    My view



    The formation and style of play will always leave some space in wider areas. Pace, energy, good awareness and technique is required in those areas. Our fullbacks have some, but not all so are exposed.



    The centrebacks need to have pace and good positioning, bitton has neither so anothe pacey centreback is needed.



    mccarthy as defensive midfielder will improve the system as he will offer the full backs and backline line more protection than soro who is a good high energy support player rather than the anchor/ lynchpin at the base of the midfield.




  10. Shorties sub-editor chooses to quote Ange in a sleekit way that allows him to headline their piece


    ” Celtic lost……….”



    Horribly hurtin’ huns.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Interesting comments……..chuffed with the result….Bitton getting a rough ride …yet looked head and shoulders above Starfelt for me…..





    Yup – agree






  12. The brutal truth at this moment is that the huns would destroy us with how we’re defending. We need full backs and another CB before Ibrox or we may as well hand them the 3 points. The sooner we get them in, the more time they have to find their feet. Pull the finger out, Dom.

  13. Both those Denis Law transfers exceeded £100,000, the first time those sums were paid for a football transfer. The first all-British £100,000 transfer was apparently Alan Ball, Blackpool to Everton in 1966, £110,000.



    Different times. Wonder what Denis Law would have been worth now.

  14. Field of Drams is right- I specified between 2 British clubs – as was the Grealish transfer- therefore Alan Ball in Chivers went for 125k in Jan 68, Hately went for 100k frm Villa to Chelsea in October 66 and Ball went from Balackpool to Everton for £110k in Aug 66- so he was the earliest




  15. quadrophenian on

    Interesting to hear Paddy McCourt talk post-game to Enda Coll – solid insights from the Derry Pele.



    Reckons that big Nir – defensive limitations aside – is at CB for now, to help us play from the back like Ange wants us to, as Carl and Joe H don’t effectively do that yet.


    It’s on record that Ange will not sacrifice his playing style easy, and Nir has best aptitudes for that distrib job.



    Also, sure I remember AP quoted as saying dont matter how many golas you lose, as long as you score more you win.



    Never a dull moment for us then. Great result HH

  16. quadrophenian on

    Goals not gola’s – although I’m sure I had a pair of they boots when I was a kid.

  17. Cheating Beaton laid down a marker when he allowed Aribo to Lash out with both haunds….. nae Booking.



    Scum of the Earth these roaaters.

  18. If the reports in the last few days about Eddie stalling on a move to Brighton are accurate, he may now be thinking it’s time to go after being dropped yesterday.



    I do think there’s something to the Brighton link, a lot of reputable journos were on this last week. Brighton do need to strengthen in the next two weeks so I suspect Eddie will be away soon.



    If Carlsberg did August’s, Eddie and Christie would be signing contract extensions this month! I suspect both will be gone come the end of the month so let’s hope we’ve replacements identified.

  19. Can’t see a club signing Christie now for money, when they could get him for nothing in four month’s time. He’ll probably play a few games a month as sub till then. Eddy may also run down his contract by ‘fannying about’ in his own inimitable fashion, for the next ten months. and Jullien will string-out his Duffy-huff ‘sabbatical’ till Christmas…….so much to look forward to.

  20. Good morning CQN from a rainy Garngad



    JHB – For goodness sake let’s concentrate on the positives.



    I think you are right by the way regarding these 3.



    But what about our first competitive win that gives us something to build on.



    What about ABBA Dabba Doo scoring again.



    Kyogo showed signs of a player that will get better, Starfelt to me a steady performance and will get even better with better defenders alongside him.



    Even our diddies are trying their heart out and Ange has said that some players are only playing as a necessity just now, so more to come in.



    Chin up old chap.



    D :)

  21. Can’t see a club signing Christie now for money, when they could get him for nothing in four month’s time





    I know a former CEO who would take that attitude but four months is a long time for an EPL side hoping to avoid relegation.

  22. We now have some very quick and skillful front line options. Abada and Kyogo look good but of course they’ll get the shit kicked out of them in Scotland. I’d like to see a more physical striker added to the mix. Elsewhere on the park, we lack pace. We must surely be the weakest team in Scotland in the air and that will cost us, unless we address it. Quick and mobile centre back would help, along with two new full backs. I like Ange but hope he’s not naive enough to stick by a ‘we’ll score more than you’ philosophy.

  23. yumyumyum Boris,slurp slurp so tasty.


    gargle gargle ah Boris.


    a tory lover now.


    still no critique

  24. Good Morning all. A decent result away from home in Europe, what’s not to like. But, but, the defence… Enjoyed the forward play, and should have scored another 2 or 3 at least, however the most important aspect is to sort out the rearguard – positioning, anticipation, height and pace will help. Not so sunny on the silvery Tay this dreich morning in Dundee.