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  1. Kyogo is looking IMO a lot like Scepovic was, but I think he is gonna do the biz, making the runs and the mid too slow to see them, I said the other day, we need to get in a play maker, someone who can make the killer pass, it’s imperative IMO, sort that then sort the defence is what I would do had I the cheque book.

  2. SAINT STIVS on 5TH AUGUST 2021 5:25 PM


    does charlie mulgrew ever shut up?




    —- you should meet his mother!!

  3. Some very good play, usual defensive slip, hope that is for this match.



    Turnbull disappointing- maybe Christie?



    Taylor – shown up as being sloooow



    If we can seal up the back I’m hoping for a two goal margin for next week

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Furuhashi and Abada are great additions to the team . We should be out of sight in this game but the sieve is always a worry , another atrocious goal shipped .


    I think we could put this tie to bed in the second half though . Jamesie still getting up to speed and Turnbull seems to be off his game but we are still clearly the better team .

  5. Drambowiecelt on

    Any victory at this place in time for the Leathers should bring joy to the soul…


    So if the 90 plus mins show the Tic have won this 1st tie…..


    Be Happy……


    Theres a player in young Turnbull…Ijust don.t think we’ve seen it yet…






  6. glendalystonsils on

    QF on 5TH AUGUST 2021 5:39 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 5TH AUGUST 2021 5:25 PM



    does charlie mulgrew ever shut up?



    —- you should meet his mother!!




    Can she play full back?

  7. DT’s form has collapsed in three months.


    Running the show for the NT against Holland.


    To couldn’t run a bath against anybody.


    Something not quite right.



    JF — I am now beyond shocked.


    Just low energy dross.

  8. All players in masks should be DNA tested.



    The one in the Jablonec team could bea secret infiltrator from down Edmiston drive ….My suspicions were roused when I heard that he was affectionately known as the Lone Ranger.




  9. Christie on for Turnbull and we’ll finish the tie tonight.



    Playing some lovely football under Ange. Look a bit lightweight though…as if we might get bullied against more physical teams.

  10. Rogic is done has been for three years.


    Contributes nothing these days, even slower than he used to be, should have been sold 18mth ago.

  11. I could put up with Forrest if he had a bit of fight in him………………but he’s a pussy.

  12. I love John Hartson; such a clear thinker and expresses with ease what pents up in me over months.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Mitch – he flattered to deceive last season.



    I would have looked like a player in that team.

  14. Dear god bitton and starfelt don’t Instill confidence in you , couple that with our fullbacks not much improvement really . We would be streets ahead if our players would aim for a corner of the goal that doesn’t have the goalie in it . HH

  15. Starfelt looks very uncomfortable on the left hand side and Bitton, is well , indescribable

  16. GM @ 5.45



    I thought DT showed real class last season.


    Possibly not enough but he was our stand out player.



    This season is low energy / low tempo nothingness.


    I think he is a player but he has been poor since at least the 30 min training games.


    No speed.



    Would give TR 45 mins to state his case.



    Any speed we have is coming from the new recruits.

  17. glendalystonsils on 5th August 2021 5:48 pm



    Eddy wuld not have scored that goal Furuhashi scored .







    He would have 2 Seasons ago.


    BHEAVER on 5TH AUGUST 2021 5:37 PM


    Turnbull has not played a good game since the end of last year. Doesn’t look interested.



    Correct. I was going to post” NEVER MIND BITTON” what does TURNBULL do apart from passing back to the goallie.