James Forrest: Scottish football history in the making


St Mirren are bottom of the Premiership table this morning, one goal worse off than Hearts, but, on what we have seen from them and others this season, that is a false position.  They passed the ball and defended well.  If they can figure out how goals are scored, they will finish mid-table.

After an opening three minutes that promised a goal glut, Celtic struggled to find an opening until Mohamed Elyounoussi knocked Celtic’s third attempt in as many seconds into the unguarded net.  James Forrest celebrated his newly signed four-year contract by adding a second within 5 minutes.

He will be 32-years-old when this contract expires – and by then, the most decorated footballer in Scottish football history!

This morning, Scott Bain also signed a new four-year contract.  Scott was secure in his no. 1 position until injury during that fateful qualifier in August.  Fraser Forster is unquestionably now first choice, even if Scott returns to fitness, but Scott showed enough last season to prove he is worthy of his place in the squad.

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  1. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    3 points last night is the main thing, not a classic by any means but job done.



    Now Saturday. I actually think this is a massive competition for us.



    If we win it again then it’s a psychological disaster to the rangers as it means we have the potential for another treble, it bursts the SMSM bubble that Slippy G has the best team in the country and the hun fans have the fear again.



    If, God forbid, they win it, then the we need to listen to all the crap for months until the end of the season when the title and Scottish Cup come into sharp focus.



    So to me, the League Cup this year is a massive prize.

  2. Thought Greg Taylor was great last night.



    And Clancy was very poor. Nothing significant but enough to disrupt our play and maximise the chances for St Mirren.

  3. No need to wait until December 12th, the polls are already open for you to nominate your 3 top players from last night’s game against St Mirren. 3 names please by email to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM


    Thank you!

  4. Good to see that Scott Bain has joined James Forrest in signing a new contract. Since we don’t know what will happen with Fraser Forster at the end of the season we’ll need him next season and maybe before.



    Having never paid any attention to Greg Taylor when he played for Kilmarnock I thought he had an excellent debut and looks a solid full back.



    Next contracts, CalMac and Edouard please!

  5. PS Nothing new in the above but HEARING the information and how definite it was, highlights just how brainwashed since has been the Scottish public.

  6. Thankfully, I was allowed home from hospital yesterday afternoon after almost 3 weeks, following the serious infection and heart attack that I had.



    I am now waiting for the district nurse to visit this afternoon…I hope she is a Sexy Burd ……just to raise my hopes , you understand LOL ?



    Again well done to Lenny and The Bhoys last night, and Ive only seen brief highlights, but no matter what level of football you play at…When you are up against a team with two banks of FIVE to navigate through and not score early on, then it can be very difficult.


    Although, from what I read on CQN this morning, even if The Celts HAD scored early on…St Mirrens game plan would not have changed much, so again well done to The Leather Belts.



    I do hope to have a beer or two in the next couple of days, before taking on the Hibees on Saturday evening ?



    If I do, it will be my first beer for over two months…and my good friend who owns my Local Pub has obviously missed me…or my money…cos he not only visited me in hospital, but was very happy to pick me up in his car and drive me home from hospital…God Bless him…he’s a good Celtic man also.


    Massive Thank You to Frankie Bhoy…your Till will soon be rattling once again !





  7. I spotted this on another forum and thought it would be of interest to some on here.




    A little bit of clarification on what Celtic actually oppose.



    They oppose taking the investigation away from the SFA and asking UEFA or the police to investigate.



    In doing so they are binding themselves to a judicial process that after 2 years has shown itself not fit for purpose and one in which they resist questioning.



    At the 2018 AGM questions relating to CAS involvement were asked and a commitment to providing a written answer was made at that AGM but to date there has been no answers.



    No answers to them by AGM 2019, suggests Celtic are incompetent at best and complicit at worst the consequences of which are a possible fraud is being covered up with Celtic’s knowledge.



    Not a good place to be standing at AGM time.



    So whilst going to UEFA or the police is eschewed by Celtic, not providing answers to the questions posed as result of the SFA “parking” the investigation that Res12 has caused, is simply untenable.



    Opposing the current Res doesnt mean the matter is finished, it just means no more excuses can be accepted for Celtic’s inaction since in effect May 2018 when they were given hard legit evidence of fraud but did not act upon it, requiring Res12 lawyers to do so at cost of £2k to add to earlier costs of around £7k..



    So whilst Celtic might oppose going to UEFA they simply cannot stand aside and let the SFA stay silent.



    A deadline for SFA to decide what to do must be set by Celtic by or at the AGM, along with a timetable for completion, whether that be by SFA or CAS covering ALL of the submissions made by RFC under granting and monitoring of the UEFA licence in 2011.



    Otherwise Celtic are protecting the SFA and risk being seen as complicit in covering up a fraud in which they were victims.



    In short their continuing policy of inaction , silence and non interference, particularly from May 2018 is untenable and has to change to restore faith in Celtic and give the SFA an opportunity to regain the judicial authority they surrendered under the 5 Way and restore the rule of football law that otherwise lies in tatters.

  8. Bit disappointed to see Bauer getting the Boli treatment from many of our fans. He wasn’t brilliant last night but St Mirren were undoubtedly a harder nut to crack than the Sheep.



    On top of that, it was his first start in a while. You’d think he’d have scored an OG and gave away a penalty last night.


    He looked short of ideas on the ball but I think that was systematic of the team. He had a lot less space to work with compared to Frimpong.



    We need Elhamed to cover CB and Frimpong is only 19. Bauer will be useful for the rest of the season. People need to get off his case.

  9. We needed a striker during the summer. LG should not have been counted as a player as there is no indication he will ever be a player again. This is not being disrespectful just the truth. I hope He does. Bayo was already injury prone and untested. We needed an experienced CF and a young hungry striker in. In meantime the only cover I can see is SS. and he is being treated very poorly. PL wheeze of taking up option and in June and hoping to sell in August has not worked and manger will not use him. as for Shved.. anyone know? he looked a good player.. an inside forward playing off striker. ps where is Kouassi?

  10. Hail Hail CQNers



    Good result and decent performance last night. I was pleased to see Greg Taylor make a solid debut and although hes not as fearsome going forward he is definitely a lot tidier on the ball and more clued up at the back.



    Anyway I’m looking for some help. I’m visiting Bourton on the water on Saturday and would appreciate any info on where I might be able to watch the match on Saturday.



    Thank you all and Hail Hail




    Good to see you posting!



    MEDTIM – You still on that Mediterranean island living the good life?






    I hope you are keeping well!




    Great to hear you are out of hospital and on the mend!



    Now……………easy does it big fella!



    Take care!




    I sure am.


    Professional beach bum at your service.


    Hope you are well.




  14. Great to see wee Jamesy sign an extended contract. However, unless he get a EC medal, then his ‘most decorated Scot’ title will be up for debate.

  15. Excellent new initiative from the Green Brigade –












    On 24th October, Celtic hosted SS Lazio in the UEFA Europa League. Playing in Glasgow but with roots in Ireland, Celtic is an immigrant club. Fleeing famine and colonial oppression, a group of immigrants founded Celtic Football Club to feed the starving children of a community which had found a new home in Glasgow.



    The Celtic story is a unique and beautiful one. However it is one entrenched in adversity and its ultimate success is all the more powerful given the sectarianism and racism that the club – and the people it represents – had to overcome. Sadly, in 2019, intolerance towards immigrants is still a familiar tale across Europe. All too often this manifests itself in football stadiums and for too long it has gone unchallenged.



    Hailing from the Italian capital, our Laziale guests are no strangers to the modern day refugee crisis with Italy currently holding over 170,000 refugees. Far from being tolerant, Lazio fans are instead renowned for their extreme-right views which were witnessed both on the streets and in the stands last Thursday.



    The Celtic response to this was modest but unequivocal: fuck off Lazio.



    Celtic proudly proclaims to be a club like no other and with such claims comes responsibility. We must have the confidence to stand by the ethos which we were born from. Equally, we must stand against morals that are the antithesis to our existence. In short, fascism has no place in Celtic Park or beyond.



    Perhaps not surprisingly, UEFA – an organisation whose inaction against racism has only served to encourage it – have since charged Celtic for the response of its fans. In 2016, we found ourselves in a similar position and harnessed UEFA’s pettiness into a vehicle for good.



    In 2019, our aim is the same. We ask all Celtic fans, fans of all clubs and none, to continue to oppose racism and fascism. We invite you to support our appeal to once again undermine the impending and unjust UEFA fine. In doing so, we will not only promote tolerance and inclusion but provide much needed practical support to the below two charities with projects in Rome and Glasgow.



    Since 2015, Baobab Experience have supported more than 85,000 asylum seekers in Rome. They offer food, clothing and accommodation services to ensure that people’s most basic needs are fulffiled. They also provide legal assistance and physical and mental healthcare.



    Closer to home, Scottish Action for Refugees is a charity that supports refugees in Scotland as well as coordinates international efforts. Specifically in Glasgow, they have created a SAFR Space which is a community hub offering help and support for refugees and asylum seekers with the practical aspects of setting up a new life in a strange country.









    Until The Last Rebel




    Thank you for asking. I’m sort of ok. Not had my troubles to seek these last few years but surviving with a lot of help from friends and family and not least the Celtic family. I’ve had lots of enjoyment since retiring in March. I even got to go to Scottish Cup Final with my son.



    Once again Philboy thanks for asking.



    Hail Hail




    Hope you get to many more cup finals!



    I retired at the end of May.



    Don’t know how I managed the time to work!



    Take care and keep posting!

  18. Robinbhoy


    Probably can’t afford to pay up his contract in a oner ,- keep him on in some development capacity till summer

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