January 2020 a window of the margins


The January 2020 transfer window closed with Celtic signing Patryk Klimala and Ismaila Soro, while Lewis Morgan and Scott Sinclair left the club.  In addition, Eboue Kouassi and Jack Hendry, as well as several youth players, left on loan.

With two left wingers out (or on their way out), Mikey Johnston’s injury on Wednesday set the club off looking for cover for that position.  If we continue to play three at the back, this will be less of a concern, but Neil Lennon’s other regular formation, with four at the back, requires two wingers.  It will be a couple of weeks before Mohamed Elyounoussi is back to full fitness, so James Forrest will carry much of the burden until then.

My big concern is in central defence.  We have the headcount in this area, but the two covering players, Jozo Simunovic and Nir Bitton have endured another season of injury, we are vulnerable.  Hatem Elhamed plays both right and centre back, so should be able to provide cover.  Like Moi, he is working towards full fitness. You can chart your own expectations on when he is Hatem is back and Jozo is next injured.

Ismaila Soro is likely to be used sparingly over the next few weeks as he adjusts to living in northern Europe, but I have hopes for him.  We need a player we can rely on when Callum McGregor or Scott Brown need a rest.  Patryk Klimala looks to have pace and a directness in front of goal.  He will give the manager options.

Despite the hero-status I attach to Scott Sinclair, those who have left contributed next to nothing this season, so should not be a miss between now and May.  The transfer window litmus test: Stronger or Weaker, will hopefully be passed.  What we know for certain is that we will not be significantly stronger or weaker.  This was a window of the margins.  Given the importance of this season, that fact is frustrating.

We now have our squad for what will either be our second nine-in-a-row season and possible fourth consecutive treble (!), or something considerably less glorious.  They are the strongest squad in the country, with the best manager in the country, do not bet against them.

The job starts with three consecutive games in Lanarkshire, the first time in our 132-year history this is the case (if I momentarily stop claiming Glasgow as part of the County).  History is ours for the making, let’s get it done.

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  1. Public Enquiry Needed



    Why were hunman not given a penalty in the dying seconds. WaS the ref a fenian. naw, ‘fraid not



    Ours to lose now




  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Oh, and further to my earlier post about late payment of wages ….



    Watch out for Afraido MoreLoss going into a serious huff as the move to a better league he was promised failed to materialise.

  3. All about 3 points tomorrow but I’ve a feeling there will be more days like today. They look lost when the onus is on them to break down teams and win games.

  4. Back to


    I’m sure the attempt to abduct his catalytic converter has had a traumatic effect on his form.

  5. Back to Basics 8.01pm



    Am a great believer in enjoying the moment … I probably only realised this 20yrs too late … Celtic are in a terrific position during this era .. WGS is a bit of a hero of mine … I actually loved Ronny Delia and didn’t think he done much wrong, totally destroyed by the media and hung out to dry by our board (IMO) and then Brendan … am gutted the way he flit during the midnight hour but will never ignore how important he was and how good he was as our manager …. but give me Neil Lennon / Tommy Burns type managers every day of the week …



    Neil is a far better manager than his first stint …. and remember Brendan left Celtic for Leicester for more money, Neil left Leicester for Celtic for less money :-)



    Neil leading us to a possible 9 is a total joy to behold :-) 🍀

  6. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    From Celtic Wiki Twitter:



    Rangers fans expecting a guy to be a match winner for them just because of his father’s achievements.



    That’s a lot of pressure on Andrew Dallas.

  7. Greenpinata



    ‘re fountain of youth stadium



    Never noticed that myself as I c&p over ref details.i could think of many things to call it.:-)




  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    It’s fascinating watching Steven Gerrard in his interviews. He uses the third person as well as singling out individual s for criticism for specific events. Lennie uses the third person whilst singling out individual s for general praise. Who’ll win?

  9. Petec 8.21pm



    The away fans loved the “Ronny Roar” and Ronny wasn’t as bad as some made out … but even I realise Brendan was top notch … but still would rather have Neil :-)



    I prefer people at Celtic who want to be at Celtic … others don’t matter :-)

  10. Rumours of Gerrard and El Dufalo having a disagreement in the dressing room after the game….

  11. prestonpans bhoys on




    Well he flung him under the bus for two misses post game, then again since buffalo can’t speak a word of English…….

  12. Bust-ups at The Dilapidated Edwardian Lavatory………………!



    Fat Charlie and The Ned separated by Davros eventually as accusations of broken Big Bucks promises fly quicker than the chipped and stained tea cups……….




    Developing story!

  13. Gerry, Celtic oozes out yer pores. Like every wan on CQN



    Love is the Real Law.



    Btw wee Aidan annihilated me last Pool game, first to 18.



    He got into such a rhythm.




    I dinnae like getting beat… he was playing Tiny Tim level Pool.



    There is a Jam & Spoon In there.

  14. Asupporterwhogotlucky on




    No doubt Monster Munch Boyd will be along soon with his scoop of another dressing room split




  15. Had a wee WTF! moment this morn…Chris Jack’s piece (or wiz it?) in Herald aboot young Hagi, titled…….



  16. prestonpans bhoys on




    If my arithmetic is right only 38 hours before Judith back on the telly👍👏

  17. Petec 9.07pm



    Celtic is Celtic



    Theses times might never be witnessed again …. so am going to try and enjoy what we have rather than worry about what we don’t have or might never get :-)

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Gene – cheers. If only the GPS tracker story transpired to be true …. :)



    GFTB – with you on enjoying the moment.



    I’ve watched some bad Celtic teams and witnessed our club being run amateurishly. Today ain’t either.



    Jeez I thought Blinker …. Lol. Absolutely brilliant.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  19. Petec 9.36pm



    Billy Stark was a tremendous signing his goal against the original Hun into the Coatbrig / Hun end at Celtic Park was a total joy … wish we had signed him sooner



    Back to Basics 9.32pm



    Cheers… we have much to enjoy 👍

  20. Hearin’ that the “dark-haired” bus-driver had Geordies boay’s tap amended to read


    “Hadi”………after today’s performance.

  21. I’ve said for 3 years that Tav is their best player by a mile…. Going forward he is a 10/10 in Scottish football…. The only player since they were founded who could get a game for us.


    Also for 3 years I have said that nobody would pay 7 figs for Alfredo.



    Sevco LOSE over £1000 an hour, every hour, every day, week and year.



    On Celtic- a great question today was, If Henrik was playing for us today, would he be offered a new and bank-busting contract?


    The answer is NO.



    Have we at least tried to sign Odsonne or Forster for the long term?



    We’ve done well keeping Broony, Jamesy and Callum but no ambition to keep genuine match winners.



    I’m taking my son to Copenhagen this month for a game that our board CGAF if they win.



    The transfer window was terrible- James McLean would burst a gut for Celtic and was willing to play for less wages than he is on now.




  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Today is Reamonn Gormley’s anniversary. A fine young man whose future was taken away from him.




    Delaney’s Dunkey, if you are lurking I hope you and the family are well. Hopefully we get to read some posts from you soon.

  23. Doomed doomed we are doomed



    Top of the league



    League cup … ✅



    Europa group section ✅



    But that dam bored are trying to lose the nine …. blah blah blah



    Same new Celtic never happy 😊

  24. Gerry the Celtic getting so Many out of Compton/Israel isnae coincidental. Intu…



    It is Deep. Dinnae ever go there.



    Love yer Family with All ye got.



    Lenny was thwarted by bent officials when Juve rolled up.



    EMBARRASSING the way Juuve were allowed so much. CELTICs strength was set pieces. WOW we were awesome… WGS…. Legend.

  25. Dallas 9.52pm



    A sobering post .. a young man and a very good Bhoy who left a pub that a few have left on here (myself included) a young man who touched the hearts of many stabbed by a bam who should not have been breathing the same air



    Thai Tims CSC

  26. Does anyone what centre halves we have available for tomorrow?



    Just Ajer and Jullien I assume?

  27. BHOYLO83 on 1ST FEBRUARY 2020 10:00 PM


    Does anyone what centre halves we have available for tomorrow?







    Just Ajer and Jullien I assume?





    Don’t you worry about frivolous things like that…get yir erse into pub before last orders.



    You know it makes sense ……all the best to big Aid. hh

  28. I’m not sure Simunovic is injured as such, taken off at half time last day out to due to some swelling. I’ll doubt he’ll be risked tomorrow although I’d like to see him back in a 3-5-2 for Fir Park.