January transfer window 2016


I’ve heard a lot about Patrick Roberts. He’s burdened by enormous expectations, compared to the greats since shortly after his 17th birthday. Manchester City moved 2 starts and 17 substitute appearances into his Fulham career – £12m on the basis of 399 minutes football.

He’s here to force his way into the team between now and the end of the season, and be ready for the European challenges ahead. I think we’re going to enjoy watching this lad.

We saw around 80 minutes of Erik Sviatchenko on Sunday. As I said yesterday, he’s probably our best defender, not that that is taking enormous liberties. In Virgin van Dijk we managed to recruit a dependable defender who wasn’t scared of the ball, and was first to organise those around him. If Erik’s near that standard, he’ll do well.

Ryan Christie (20) is a No. 10. We need a No. 10. He’s 12 years younger than Kris Commons, the only comparable player in the first team squad. Kris has been our MVP for more seasons than anyone else currently on the books, but we’ve been far too dependent on him, which has become acutely evident recently, when he’s out injured.

There’s an argument that we could have done with another No. 10 during our European campaign but it’s far from clear Ryan would have got his chance. We’ll see a good bit of him before the end of the season.

Many of the things I could say about Colin Kazim-Richards I alluded about Carlton Cole when he signed. He’s a physical presence, not easily intimidated, should be an effective foil for Leigh Griffiths.

Colin joins with an actual rap sheet. Online comments yesterday recalled the reaction the day Griffiths signed. At the time I wrote that it’s important for Celtic to affirm positive values in Leigh’s life. The player hasn’t looked back, he’s every inch a positive role model. It’s now important the club and Colin work to ensure a similar result.

Aidan Nesbitt (18) is also a No. 10. He’s the player you’re most likely to hear development and youth coaches talk about. The next stage of his development required him to play against men. Four months in the Premiership playing for Partick will achieve this.

Farewall Nadir Ciftci, who is off to Turkey until the end of the season. I described Nadir as less like a Ronny Deila player than any other I’ve watched and known Celtic to be interested in. He has a touch and is a better player than we’ve seen, but he was built from different material than practically all other Deila signings.

Last month’s business will hopefully mean we have a settled and secure defence for the qualifiers, something missing at the beginning of this season, something missing on Sunday afternoon.  The Kazim-Richards signing could go a number of different ways.  The player will get his chance to live up to his own expectations.

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    SHEV/MIK LUSTIG Central Defence..Scott Brown just in front of them.


    KT/EI wide.




  2. January transfer window 2016 like previous transfer windows under Ronnys tenure have left me with the impression that the first team are being run like a 16 year old spotty youth playing FIFA/Footbal Manager with his first PlayStation



    ps Spotlight is a must see film

  3. See there a plenty on here having a go at Colin Kazim Richards,before he has kicked a ball for us, what a fickle lot we have Celtic supporters they say they are. They believe what the written press write or through the media, that some players are duds.an attitude problem etc.make your own minds up, if like me you can afford a season ticket., go and see for yourself if he is a good or decent or poor player, don’t get sucked into the media here.who we must remember are not celtic men and women, at every turn they will say nothing good about our club, Don’t believe everything thing you read in the Rangers or Sevco Media.and to point out James Trainer ex hack.works for the cheats.

  4. “It is unclear when Celtic will receive the payment for developing the former St Johnstone forward” .



    im sure as soon as st johnstone receive the first payment from sevco we will get a % of our cut…



    but dont hold your breath…. :-))

  5. themaestro72 on 2nd February 2016 10:03 am



    What were the circumstances that allowed Tierney his chance? Both EI and CM were injured, weren’t they? He’s been great, there’s no argument about that but perhaps he also benefited from coming in at the start of the season when there’s not quite so much pressure.



    We are in a tight-ish championship race. If you think that is the best time to let a young player get 1st team experience that’s totally fine but putting them out on loan lets them play against exactly the same players but without the pressure of having to win, or being barracked by the home boo boys if they make a mistake.



    At the start of next season I expect him to be in the 1st team squad knowing exactly what he’s going to be up against.

  6. twentyfirstofmay1979 on




    Given our recent record of signing forwards I can understand the scepticism of our supporters, I genuinely hope he turns out to be the business but it’s a difficult task for him unless we dramatically change our system, which I can’t see happening.




  7. WEEMINGER on 2ND FEBRUARY 2016 10:45 AM



    Tierney is in the honeymoon period right now



    It will be next season when some fans will be shrieking if when he gives the ball away

  8. The Green Man



    Well, whatever the partnership, they need some protection, and Broony seems the obvious candidate. However, you’d lose much-needed drive from the midfield if he plays deep, and, as far as Tierney is concerned, we’ve got enough players played out of position as it is. He’s working, don’t break him!

  9. Can someone help me to understand the logic behind naming young Nesbitt on the bench on Sunday and then loaning him out on the Monday.


    Surely we would have known he was going out on loan and we certainly knew we were amenable to loaning him, so where was the benefit to ANYONE of putting on the bench and thus depriving us the opportunity of naming someone else we could have used to help turn the game

  10. Winning captains


    MON’s Celtic was STRONG – not a usual Celtic characteristic. In defence, midfield or upfront, there wasn’t a player who couldn’t look after themselves.





    Spot on mate . That s the problem with celtic now . RD is buying good young talented players , but all small young talented players . Not equipped to handle the hammer throwers they will encounter while in the hoops . I once had the privilege of Jimmy johnstones company after a player of the year dance in the village , he agreed to meet with the committee to have a sort of Q and A session , I asked him if he got frightened being singled out for special treatment from the thugs . He responded that he expected it to be tough, but I also looked over my shoulder and saw auld , gemmell , Murdoch , McNeil . And I knew I was ok . These kids we have , haven’t got that luxury . And they won’t be afforded any support from the MIBS . Going back to Sunday . Having seen the central defence , I was not in the least bit confident , without decrying a player in the hoops .boyata and effe hardly installed much confidence , and I also think lustik is nowhere near the player he was , and IMHO a bit of a weak link . Tomorrow we face another big challenge . A victory tomorrow will set the tic on there way to 5 in a row , the right team will need to be picked , and the will have to b in the right fame to take on the Dons . And number one consideration for me is apart from celtic and their fans no one wants the league finished the first week in February . Celtic had a hard shift on Sunday . Aberdeen will be fresher . And a man has been hand picked to make sure things don’t go our way . The opportunity is there for the club , but RD has to get his part right . Also if the new bhoys are ready get them in , we used to sign players and played them , now it’s weeks before they are in the team . And finally , IMHO it’s time we saw more of Scott Allan .




    As central mids get older, its natural for them to drop back.


    The drive from the middle of the park, can be provided by younger players.


    I just think it would work well…Scott Brown would be a tiger played deeper.


    You could select from the available players for the cental mid berth…Id suggest Scott Allen might be the one to do it.




  12. MEDTIM on 2ND FEBRUARY 2016 10:53 AM



    Maybe he wanted to use Aiden. However, the game plan changed after 13 mins and we had to make a forced change. The gameplan also changed as we were down to 10 men.



    Also, we have signed Roberts since the game which has made it less likely for Aiden to get a game.



    Aiden will be playing for 4 months in the SPFL without having to move from home. I’m absolutely delighted for him.



    I don’t understand the constant negativity

  13. So we have signed another bad boy.



    It’d be interesting to pull the CQN article from 1/2/2011 and view the comments of my fellow bloggers when The Huns signed spit the dug. I bet there is a fair bit of hypocracy between posters views of that signing and out own newbie with regards the behavioural science.



    I certainly wouldn’t want a Spit the Dug character in my team but it looks today like we might, just might have signed an equivalent character.



    Leigh Griffiths was a bad boy when he signed but nothing on the level of this character. His misdemeanours were general off field before he signed and generally just young lad growing up slowly kind of stuff that happened in a pub or club on a Saturday night. And a wee song that was inappropriate and racist added in for good mix which in Scotland, given the “Banter” culture of football is pretty much sanctioned – at least if it is directed at the Irish diaspora!



    Leigh has laced up his boots and has made a go of it at our club. I didn’t believe him capable of that given his previous but he has proved me wrong. He is at Celtic and he is proving a great signing.



    All that said I would have preferred us not to sign him at the time and I would have preferred it if we had not signed this newbie. Time will tell if this guy at 29 years old can reign in the distasteful side to his personality. I hope he can otherwise he will be easy pickings for bad PR aimed at Celtic.



    Anyway, regards the transfer window, I hope we have come out of it stronger.



    Although Christie is not transfer window signing I can’t wait to see him in the hoops as I think he is a cracking player. Our new defensive signing hopefully will solidify the central defensive position.



    Cuffti, I am happy to see leave as his style of play did not suit our current system.



    I hope to also see Scott Alan get more game time in beside, Christie, Brown, Bitton. Although I think Christie and Alan are both ready made no.10’s so doubtful we will see them play together much.



    I had hoped we would punt Johannsen. But alas…



    I’m not sure whether we have come out of this window stronger or weaker. Time will tell.




  14. The same Maclean who we have tomorrow night gave Hibs a penalty on Saturday which wasn’t, eventually putting St Johnstone out of a cup final, next day they have to sell O’Halloran, if they got to the final would they have needed to sell him at this time?

  15. weeminger on 2nd February 2016 10:45 am



    My point about young Nesbitt is that he is exactly the same age as Patrick Roberts who I assume is going to get some game time.

  16. The Green Man



    Well, plenty of those to choose from. The bhoy you mention has already shown glimpses of what he has to offer in terms of vision and weight of pass. There should be a better balance of midfielders in such a big squad.



    Hail Hail!

  17. THE GREEN MAN on 2ND FEBRUARY 2016 10:08 AM


    Our Captain, is the defensive midfielder we are looking for.






    Can’t agree TGM. I know I’m in a small minority here, but for the life of me I cannot see where SB ever makes a positive contribution in any game, unless against the weakest opposition.



    We need at least one ball-winning midfielder. Neither SB nor SJ knows how to do that. Neither can tackle. Both go in, head turned away, eyes tight shut, waggling the boot around. Result – not much ball won, and umpteen free kicks given away in our half, heart in mouth time the way we defend set pieces.



    All I can say is look closely and see what both those players do. Only my opinion.





    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/january-transfer-window-2016/comment-page-2/#comment-2767052

  18. After we were eliminated from Europe, Delay said that we needed experienced players. Why did he not sign any?

  19. traditionalist88 on

    guernica on 2nd February 2016 8:33 am



    Our fans are quickly becoming a joke.



    The default position is always negative.



    This morning my Twitter timeline is 99% moans. Likewise the forums I visit.



    Everything is bent to a negative slant.



    Kazim Richards has baggage but the reaction to his signing – in football terms – sums our fans up. This guy has been ridiculed. Some saying they would rather have O Halloren.



    Colin has near 40 caps for a very good national team and has played for massive clubs. He has won trophies and played at World Cups.



    Our fans need a collective boot up the backside.



    What Colin will find out quickly is that the atmosphere and intensity here is nowhere near what he experienced at Fene, Gala and Feyenoord.



    Our fans are too miserable to go to games or create atmosphere





    Interesting. The best fans for me are the Argentinians. Then I think – most of their games are played in searing heat, no wonder everyone is in a great mood!



    But then you watch lower league football from Bundesliga 2 or even lower, and the stadiums are full and the majority of fans are giving it laldy for 90 mins even if they’re getting gubbed.



    And then you hear some of our lot claiming to be the best in the world because we’re good on European nights!



    We have one of the best travelling supports anywhere but at home the first problem is the stadium is too big and the second problem is the miserable mindset that most seem to adopt.



    Where is the passion?



    The standing section will be the best thing to happen to CP for a long time.




  20. traditionalist88 on

    lionroars67 on 2nd February 2016 8:48 am



    Yeah why cant we be more like Feyenord fans………..






    or like Galatasaray fans…………………………….









    Yes because creating a better atmosphere at our ground and violence go hand in hand eh.




  21. THEMAESTRO72 @ 11:08 AM,



    Like you I’d love to see more home grown talent in the first team but I think you have to let boys mature at their own rate, we are all different, sure there are techniques and supplements that can add muscle and bulk, but for me you don’t want an eighteen y.o. Lad doing too much of that, especially a Footballer.



    My youngest son was 5’10” when he left school, now 6’2″, exactly the same as me, my eldest was 6’2″ now 6’6′.



    They both power lift stupid amounts of weight, they wouldn’t have been doing at 18.



    Teirney shows that Celtic will play these bhoys when they’re ready, Young Aiden will get his chance, hopefully Calvin Miller like wise.



    Hail Hail

  22. themaestro72 on 2nd February 2016 11:08 am



    Yes but Roberts has had some (limited I accept) 1st team experience with Fulham – 17 appearances in the Championship totalling 345 minutes.



    Realistically he’s coming in to challenge Forrest. Nesbitt would be trying to force out any number of central attacking midfielders. Would he deserve a place ahead of Scott Allen? We all want to see him given his chance too.



    Hopefully we’ll be seeing them both together at the start of the season.




    All about opinions.


    I think Scott Brown is a very good player.


    I think he could probably play anywhere on the park.


    I like his attitude.




  24. Paul67



    Looking at our most recent signings.


    The current finances of Celtic must be in tatters.



    Loanees,freebies.hasbeens,never will bees.




    This is an utter shambles.



    I repeat for the umpteenth time on hear.


    Sevco will play to 50,000 full houses next season ,whilst we will struggle between 20 k to 35k gates.




    This board have mismanaged us to a state of financial loss, from a position we could only ever have dreamt about.




  25. Beamishismypint on

    Would love to who who approved spend of £1 million plus on NC when everybody could see he doesn’t fit the way RD wants us to plays

  26. Punch and Judy does Irony so well.



    TONYDONNELLY67 on 2ND FEBRUARY 2016 10:12 AM


    I think I can say without any fear of contradiction that I could not sit beside at a game, on a bus going to a game, in a pub after the game, or befriend at least 75 % of the Celtic fans (?) who come in here, Why? Scroll back.# petulant CSC



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/january-transfer-window-2016/comment-page-2/#comments



    MWD laughing like ….

  27. What is the Stars on

    Too early to make any judgments about the transfer window


    The Centre Half looked ok,but haven’t seen the others play so don’t know what they will be like.


    I spoke with someone who was involved with Fulham and they said Roberts was highly thought of and is a good addition for Celtic.


    Lets hope that’s correct.However he is only 18 and still learning his trade so I wouldn’t be investing too much hope in him


    Then again young Tierney has been very good so you never can tell.


    Richards ? again I know nothing about him,just hope he plays well and scores a few goals,.


    But its a new manager we need,we all know it just some are to stubborn to admit it.Our maybe they have a misguided sense of loyalty that just because someone is the Celtic manager he must be supported.


    Anyway that doesn’t matter he is here for the rest of the season but I seriously hope the board are looking at replacement for the European challenge ahead.


    We will get a result tomorrow,draw will do and we will win the league that we were 1/40 favourites to win.


    Wow what an achievement

  28. traditionalist88 on




    Hopefully so but a recurring theme is that the best ones never appear to get loaned out…



    High hopes for Nesbitt but he plays in a position we have too many players already…hopefully thats the main factor in the decision to let him go for a few months to Thistle




  29. What is the Stars on



    100% correct


    but down with that type of thing


    You must be a hun or an msm dupe or a johnny come lately with a sense of entitlement ( actually a hunnish sense of entitlement)



    CQN articles these days are becoming more and more like Pravda ( not the Celtic View but the real one)


    We are standing in line queuing for bread ( the bakery shelves are empty and there is no bread but we are still queuing out of a sense of loyalty to the party)


    However Pravda is telling is that there is plenty of bread and more importantly there are no queues comrade

  30. TinyTim



    Very difficult to disagree with that.



    However. I still think Hibs will be the sting in the Huns tail which will see us further mismanaged appropriately for another season at least.




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