January window understatement


The January transfer window pretty much passed Celtic by this year, a tacit indication that the league is over and we have little to play for.  Jonjoe Kenny (23) arrived on loan from Everton yesterday, by all accounts a good prospect who should up our game, but there will be no transformational change.

Kenny will permit Kristopher Ajer to return to central defence, however, with Christopher Jullien long-term injured, do not expect an end to bizarre defensive performances anytime soon.

Jeremie Frimpong took his potential off to Leverkusen for a sum few of us could believe.  Whatever happens to the player, it was a good move for Celtic.  The full back positions have been one of several underperforming areas this season.  Jeremie, for all his speed and skill, could not match Ajer’s ability to get a cross into the box.  He is only 20 and will improve, but we do not have the luxury of waiting for that to happen.  The reported £11m (minus Man City cut) will be a welcome contribution towards a gaping deficit.

Just as I did with Jeremie, early in the season I lavished praise on the abilities of Olivier Ntcham.  Like Frimpong, he has abundant talent, but successive managers have failed to get a consistent performance from him.  Olivier will look at others who have retained their positions with performance well below his lowest level with good reason. He was not given the chances afforded to others, but that does not make him good enough.  Pittodrie did it for me.  I hope he flourishes in France.

I don’t know if Ben Davies is Preston class, Celtic class or Liverpool class.  He was an unlikely target for a team aiming to win the English Premier League and the Champions League.  Signing quality players on a free contract is the fastest way to improve your lot in football.  It has been years since we have profited from this strategy.  We didn’t get Davies over the line, so clearly this strategy needs to be reinforced.

Tonight’s opponents, Kilmarnock, have won only one of their previous five, a 2-0 victory over Hamilton.  Of course, our 2-0 win over Hamilton was our only triumph in six outings last month.  It has all the makings of a drunken 2am street brawl.  How’s about it, Celtic, give us a performance?

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  1. Team for this evening.




    John Joe





















  2. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 2:40 PM


    Leaked team for tonight



    I thought the mole had been caught? Or maybe moles hibernate?



    Come to think of it , a lot of them inside CP have been hibernating .

  3. No point in playing Christie tonight!



    He will be so down after his “fresh challenge” in the English Premier League failed to materialise.



    He’ll be gutted.



    So he will.

  4. With his pedigree, I accept that Laxalt must be a player but, for the life of me, I just don`t see it. Taylor is no Tierney, (who is?) but I think youmg Greg does reasonably well.

  5. So whose heads will be down lowest tonight?



    Kilmarnock because they don’t have a manger?



    Or Celtic because they have?



    Tough one.

  6. Ah, if all else fails, we’re back to the unscientific punt that Scott Brown’s mythical powers will spark the players out of their psychological slump.



    They haven’t before.



    And they won’t this time.



    Where’s Soro?




  7. AVB had six months left on a contract that he already said he wasn’t renewing, and Marseille had been terrible recently. He never stays anywhere for long, so it’s a bit rich for him to be complaining that the club isn’t signing players that he wants when he’s not going to be around.



    He might have made his reasons for the not wanting ntcham clearer, he did say he didn’t want him because he wasn’t a similar player to Sanson who they just sold and who AVB wanted replacing, but that’s got lost.



    Ntcham’s the innocent party here, he’ll be known for this for the rest of his career.

  8. O G- I’m watching Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David right now, he couldn’t write the shitshow of the last 6 months…

  9. squire danaher on

    HOT SMOKED on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 3:04 PM



    Obviously I picked you up wrongly, apology offered 👍




    And some don’t need them




  11. Scanial from 11.09



    Good news re the donkeys and of course i meant D&G and not Ayrshire.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Christie playing any game would be a good reason not to purchase a ticket behind the goal😱



    Wonder where Lenny will play the new bhoy, not in his natural position Shirley😂😂

  13. In my opinion, which is what football supporting is all about, Laxalt is a far superior player to Taylor.


    Likewise, I agree with P67, Ntcham did not get the amount of time to prove himself that others did.


    In particular, Rogic and Christie , both of whom live off the rarely spotted spectacular goal.


    Indeed, Lennon’s persistence with the sub-standard form of his special players, has left us in our present predicament.


    Amazing to think that simple fitness, physical strength and commitment is an issue with some of our players.


    Celtic this season has been a lesson in lethargy, arrogance and incompetence. I never thought I would see such crap from a Club that is held in such high esteem.


    Even in the days when we didn’t have money and we knew we couldn’t sign top class players, our players gave their all for the jersey.


    Like everyone here on this blog, I will be supporting Celtic when Lennon and some of these ungrateful “professionals” are long gone. But I pray I will never again see my club/team floundering about like a headless chicken.

  14. !!Bada Bing!!


    My favourite show – the spoon stealing episode a thing of joy.


    At least there’s pleasure to be had in the pain on show there.


    Every game it gets worse when you don’t think it can.

  15. squire danaher on

    CELTIC40ME on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 3:26 PM



    Agree as far as AVB has probably used Ntcham as both a stick to beat his current employers and a squirrel to deflect from their desperate recent form.



    However what I take out of the episode is a manager/head coach saying that he runs the dressing room and will not accept players he has expressly stated he doesn’t want being dumped on him.



    I think there’s a fairly obvious parallel with our club.

  16. MADRA RUA on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 3:42 PM



    It’s true that Ntcham may not have been afforded the same chances but we don’t know what goes on or is said behind the scenes.



    I’m guessing Ntcham is one of those ones who Lennon was referring to after Ferencvaros when he said it’d be better if some left.