January window understatement


The January transfer window pretty much passed Celtic by this year, a tacit indication that the league is over and we have little to play for.  Jonjoe Kenny (23) arrived on loan from Everton yesterday, by all accounts a good prospect who should up our game, but there will be no transformational change.

Kenny will permit Kristopher Ajer to return to central defence, however, with Christopher Jullien long-term injured, do not expect an end to bizarre defensive performances anytime soon.

Jeremie Frimpong took his potential off to Leverkusen for a sum few of us could believe.  Whatever happens to the player, it was a good move for Celtic.  The full back positions have been one of several underperforming areas this season.  Jeremie, for all his speed and skill, could not match Ajer’s ability to get a cross into the box.  He is only 20 and will improve, but we do not have the luxury of waiting for that to happen.  The reported £11m (minus Man City cut) will be a welcome contribution towards a gaping deficit.

Just as I did with Jeremie, early in the season I lavished praise on the abilities of Olivier Ntcham.  Like Frimpong, he has abundant talent, but successive managers have failed to get a consistent performance from him.  Olivier will look at others who have retained their positions with performance well below his lowest level with good reason. He was not given the chances afforded to others, but that does not make him good enough.  Pittodrie did it for me.  I hope he flourishes in France.

I don’t know if Ben Davies is Preston class, Celtic class or Liverpool class.  He was an unlikely target for a team aiming to win the English Premier League and the Champions League.  Signing quality players on a free contract is the fastest way to improve your lot in football.  It has been years since we have profited from this strategy.  We didn’t get Davies over the line, so clearly this strategy needs to be reinforced.

Tonight’s opponents, Kilmarnock, have won only one of their previous five, a 2-0 victory over Hamilton.  Of course, our 2-0 win over Hamilton was our only triumph in six outings last month.  It has all the makings of a drunken 2am street brawl.  How’s about it, Celtic, give us a performance?

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  1. Slippy on Fat Freddy’s latest indiscretion –


    “It is something we will continue to try to be a support to in terms of the authorities, to try and make things better and more consistent.”


    What could be more consistant than the same player commiting red card offences in seperate games – not being sent off, then helping his team to win the game?




    However what I take out of the episode is a manager/head coach saying that he runs the dressing room and will not accept players he has expressly stated he doesn’t want being dumped on him.




    How would we have reacted if our “dead duck” manager had tried to block signings and then resigned when the club were trying to sign players for theft ram after he’d gone?



    AVB was always going in the Summer, probably sooner if his record is anything to go by?

  3. AVB is not leaving Marseille because Ntcham was signed. He won’t be the first player the club has signed without consulting the manager. AVB had already announced that he would be leaving in the summer. The signing of Ntcham gives him a good pretext to leave now, with the supporters rioting and things likely to get worse. He can now leave with “integrity” and get another job with a fairly prestigious club. He is thinking of himself. So is Neil Lennon, who knows he won’t get a job with any self-respecting club.

  4. balornock bhoy on

    You know that things are pretty bad when you are lookiing for St Mirren and Livingston to do you a favour tonight :-(

  5. Taylor any day of the week before Laxalt for me.


    If Christie plays tonight, I’m sure the effort will increase.


    He’s got the Euros to think of

  6. Rangers are 23 point ahead in a championship race they are certain to won. YET they sign 2-3 players comfortably in the transfer window.



    Thats what you call forward planning, ambition and speculating to accumulate.



    Despite MANY warning signs for Lawell – Incl rangers improvement, building strength in depth and Celtics awful showing early season – HE and HAMMOMND FAILED TO RESPOND.



    We had no plan and Lennon , rather than raising the roof with the board , was weak and sympathetic!



    Pathetic waste of a season and sorry end of a legacy

  7. Go tell the spartim


    No – but, “I don’t understand the context of the question at all.”

  8. Neil will. Never manage again no, you could argue that he’s never managed since he was ushered out the door at Hibs.



    Punch and Judy with the other mercenaries on sly sports, all about him, just like ally.



    Sad times. Csc






    Does anyone think NL will get another managerial job, IF, he leaves us?



    Of course he will.

  10. As well as the £11m AVB made in China and the £6m he was getting at Marseille, he has also worked at Chelsea, Spurs and Gazprom-funded Zenit.



    When you add to the fact that he will probably get a half-decent job next while Lennon will be looking at SPFL or English League One clubs, AVB is in a far more secure position to be able to just walk away.

  11. You read quite a lot of crap and fake news doing the rounds of late and one item came to my attention today of Dermot Desmond’s doubtful sporting credentials. The hack? was ignorant of the fact that the bould Desmond is a single handicap golfer, played hurling and football, a successful racehorse owner with his horse Commanche Court and of course his success with Celtic FC………. which we only hope is going through a small blip at present.



    Will tune into Sky Masterson tonight for the match and of course you always hope for the win and hope the team can rediscover a bit of form.

  12. Garngad to Croy on

    Poor old Tom , feckin family prostituting the old Chap , he should have been kept indoors well away from everybody.

  13. @ CELTIC40ME on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:02 PM



    What level do you think Neil will be managing at after Celtic?

  14. ROLLING_STONE on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:21 PM



    His last two jobs were the Scottish Championship and English Championship. Granted he took Hibs up but I don’t see him going any higher than that again.



    I’d say SPFL or English League 1.

  15. lets all do the huddle on

    celtic are 2-7 to win tonight



    i think the odds compilers on bet365 havent watched much of us lately

  16. ROLLING_STONE on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:21 PM



    I’d imagine Hibs, or maybe the next level down in the spl. Hopefully until he rehabilitates himself and gets a better job, maybe that will be his level from now on.



    I would guess he enjoys management and will look to do it again



    Whatever he does I hope he’s successful and happy. He deserves it

  17. CELTIC40ME on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:29 PM



    I don’t think anyone said he was. I’d say mid-SPFL or League one in England.

  18. However, right now it’s a moot point. He’s talking as if he’s planning to stay in the summer.



    That might sound fanciful but the board have said nothing to the contrary.

  19. imo Kouassi is a better player than soro , if he was still here he would have got a better run in the team as Lenny gave in to criticism of his favourites midfielders christie ,CmcG and brown and ended up playing soro , too late for kouassi as he had given up on us by that time.

  20. “CELTIC40ME on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:29 PM



    Lenny’s never a Scottish championship manager. That’s ridiculous”



    But yet his last job was that of a Scottish championship manager.



    It shows you how badly mismanaged we have been. Hire someone whose last two jobs were Hibs and Bolton and whose next jobs will be in the same ball park, if not lower. I think it will be SPFL level (lower end) or League 1 in England.



    To entrust someone of that quality with 10IAR while having one of the best paid CEOs (in relative terms) in world football, shows you how badly run we are.



    I know know most of us are apathetic now to the situation and accept TIAR is blown, but looking at it in the cold light of day exposes does get you angry and highlights out CEO’s incompetence and greed.

  21. GENE on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 3:58 PM



    its that a follow up from the carry on at half time the last game we lost.

  22. ROLLING_STONE on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:36 PM



    But yet his last job was that of a Scottish championship manager.



    Not by any sane measure it wasn’t

  23. RC



    Allegedly – but if there was a set-to then it showed they care.


    Time to put that on the pitch