January window understatement


The January transfer window pretty much passed Celtic by this year, a tacit indication that the league is over and we have little to play for.  Jonjoe Kenny (23) arrived on loan from Everton yesterday, by all accounts a good prospect who should up our game, but there will be no transformational change.

Kenny will permit Kristopher Ajer to return to central defence, however, with Christopher Jullien long-term injured, do not expect an end to bizarre defensive performances anytime soon.

Jeremie Frimpong took his potential off to Leverkusen for a sum few of us could believe.  Whatever happens to the player, it was a good move for Celtic.  The full back positions have been one of several underperforming areas this season.  Jeremie, for all his speed and skill, could not match Ajer’s ability to get a cross into the box.  He is only 20 and will improve, but we do not have the luxury of waiting for that to happen.  The reported £11m (minus Man City cut) will be a welcome contribution towards a gaping deficit.

Just as I did with Jeremie, early in the season I lavished praise on the abilities of Olivier Ntcham.  Like Frimpong, he has abundant talent, but successive managers have failed to get a consistent performance from him.  Olivier will look at others who have retained their positions with performance well below his lowest level with good reason. He was not given the chances afforded to others, but that does not make him good enough.  Pittodrie did it for me.  I hope he flourishes in France.

I don’t know if Ben Davies is Preston class, Celtic class or Liverpool class.  He was an unlikely target for a team aiming to win the English Premier League and the Champions League.  Signing quality players on a free contract is the fastest way to improve your lot in football.  It has been years since we have profited from this strategy.  We didn’t get Davies over the line, so clearly this strategy needs to be reinforced.

Tonight’s opponents, Kilmarnock, have won only one of their previous five, a 2-0 victory over Hamilton.  Of course, our 2-0 win over Hamilton was our only triumph in six outings last month.  It has all the makings of a drunken 2am street brawl.  How’s about it, Celtic, give us a performance?

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  1. Kouassi was unlucky


    with the timing of his injury as he was just beginning to find his feet however his bad luck was Christie’s good luck

  2. !!Bada Bing!!


    My boy – a big fan of Curb – introduced me to Nathan For You. If you haven’t seen it, a whole new level of pain (like Celtic this season, in fact) but at least you’ll be wetting yourself for a good reason

  3. Stepbhoy…………….Interesting point you raise re Rangers signing three players in the window and as we’ve said before where is the money coming from for a club supposedly in such dire financial straits. They are obviously banking on direct entry into the Champions Lge. and the CL millions. They aim to keep the foot on Celtic’s throat not that they looked anything but great the last time we played them.



    Pity Celtic failed to get the lad from Preston and I would hope we can keep Diego and Moi at the club.

  4. CELTIC40ME on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:46 PM



    He was hired when they were in the Championship…

  5. The following comment about Dermott Desmond was sent to me by a young cousin living in Ireland. “He likes to be portrayed over here as the Irishman with Celtic at his core, however, I think he is one of those business men who sees/ values money before anything else.”

  6. Weebobbycollins on

    Will Neil get a job after Celtic? Yes, I think he will if he wants one. He would probably drop a level or two if he went to England but he could do a job for someone, especially with his own preferred coaching team, something he hasn’t had this time around at Celtic. I may be wrong, I am often wrong, but I don’t believe John Kennedy has much influence in team affairs, unlike Garry Parker and Johan Mjallby, Neil’s previous sidekicks. Kennedy’s high point was in the aftermath of Rodgers’ departure where he seemed to be key to maintaining Brendan’s good practices. However, as time went by……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


    ….and we have arrived at where we are today.


    Sad innit?




    Yes, I knew what you were getting at first time round.

  8. Lenny’s credentials will read 3 out of 4 titles the first time he was here and 2 out of 3 titles the second time.

  9. Hot Smoked 15.12



    Absolutely agree with you re Laxalt. He doesnt look like he can run properly and almost seems like he is going to fall backwards. A better tackler than Taylor but can be a liability near his own goal.



    We really need a new player in the LB position as neither Laxalt nor Taylor is the answer.

  10. Genuinely flabbergasted that anyone who has watched our recent performances would have Duffy in the team. In most cases with football opinions differ and thats fair enough but how anyone can think there is a footballer in there is beyond me. He has directly cost us a goal or been partly culpable pretty much every game he has played, IMO he has been the worst CH I have ever watched in a Celtic Jersey, there may have been a few that could challenge him but in general they only get 4 or 5 games before being found out. Apparently so far he has not been found out.



    Seems to be an Emperors new clothes scenario.

  11. My hoped for team tonight





    Kenny Welsh Ajer Laxalt




    Christie McGregor




    Griffiths Edouard



    My expected team




    Kenny Bitton Ajer Taylor


    Soro McGregor


    Christie Turnbull Moi






  12. Connaire………..Doubtful if he is making a lot of money in the SPFL and he sold his shares in Man Utd. I’m from the green and misty isle also so his Celtic credentials despite being a business man, like many of his ilk in football, is genuine.

  13. squire danaher on

    Timmy 7_noted



    Calamitous centre backs?



    W Garner played three games, all three were lost, his personal highlights of each;



    Two OGs


    Conceded penalty


    Missed a sitter.



    Ian McWilliams was a post-Dalglish signing by Mr Stein but was hardly seen in the hoops.



    Frank Munro was a nightmare that season also.



    However we cut our losses on all three.



    The Creggan Colossus has embarrassed the Hoops all season. Unless it’s in his contract he has to play if fit then it’s genuinely beyond me why he still gets a game.

  14. St Tams………….Moi and Diego……..it’s all a matter of opininion. Moi our leading scorer and Diego has done very well. But would not pay the probable asking price of Milan or Southampton.



    ‘The media awaits Lennon where he can speak openly about the “old firm”.’






    So what?



    At least he’s being candid.



    Not using the term old firm yet being totally committed to the reestablishment of the concept just adds hypocrisy to the charge sheet of those running Celtic.



    And to the supporters who do the same.

  16. HANKRAY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 4:55 PM



    Stepbhoy…………….Interesting point you raise re Rangers signing three players in the window and as we’ve said before where is the money coming from for a club supposedly in such dire financial straits. They are obviously banking on direct entry into the Champions Lge. and the CL millions. They aim to keep the foot on Celtic’s throat not that they looked anything but great the last time we played them.



    *I believe they sent one out on loan tae Wycombe, the other 2 are squad fillers replacing the Covid party goers who conveniently went out on loan along with barker.



    as for davies, the next we will hear about him is being punted tae the lower leagues.

  17. Weebobbycollins on

    He’s defiant. He was as a player and now as a manager. He will not walk away. It has nothing to do with payments. I really do hope he holds it together till the end of the season and doesn’t suffer too much more abuse. He knows his time has come, and his talking about next season is just defiance…

  18. Lots of debate about where Lennon will go next but there’s one important factor we’re forgetting – he has a job and as far as he’s concerned, will be in the same one next season.



    If the board really are keen to change direction in the summer, I think it’s fair to communicate with the fans and let everyone know what’s going on.

  19. I actually think Neil Lennon is bullying the Board and no one wants to challenge him and show him the door .




    Totally agree, he spoke about next season when no one had even gotten beyond what was happening tonight.






    Element of truth in that, journo’s are terrified from him.

  21. squire danaher on 2nd February 2021 5:20 pm



    Exactly my point all of those were hunted in short order, even Mr Shite was found out quickly, Duffy seems to be invisible. If we were in the stadium watching these games I’m convinced the fans reaction would have seen him back at Brighton before Christmas.

  22. Think the Hun CEO said a few weeks ago they would have to sell some of their better players to balance the books.


    I reckon they have earmarked 3 or 4 players, like Kent, Morelos etc to be sold before next Season & are getting their replacements in early.


    I reckon their strategy appears more coherent , we seem to be making it up as we go along.



    Our new CEO is bound to bring a bit of change of direction.


    I do not share the long term sense of gloom that prevails. This Season has been an unqualified disaster but our panel of players haven’t become duds overnight.



    There will be change & we will be back next year, not saying we will definitely win League next year bt we will be Competitive % will be there or thereabouts,

  23. MADRA RUA on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 3:42 PM


    Amazing to think that simple fitness, physical strength and commitment is an issue with some of our players.



    MADRA RUA, I did notice in the St Mirren game that nearly all off their players had an upper body shape like rugby players. I t couldn’t have been a coincidence that so many of them had really bulked up. This extra muscle did little to slow them down, but helped them win many, many of the individual scuffles for the ball., giving them consistent ball retention in key areas of the field. I thought we looked really lightweight by comparison.

  24. AVB resigns from Marseille in protest at his Board signing Olivier Ntcham and Stuart Baxter fired by an Indian team for inappropriate comments about refereeing. It seems like Karma is trolling the Celtic support these days. AVB not a bad shout, I believe he was considered prior to Brendan Rodgers coming onboard.

  25. ernie lynch on 2nd February 2021 5:32 pm



    HANKRAY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 5:16 PM









    What was his first Celtic game?




    Haven’t a clue.

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    Remember watching something on TV about AVB and he spoke highly about his time in Scotland when he was gaining his qualifications. Also spoke highly of a certain fat gardner….