Jar to the senses


It was such a jar to the senses.  Twice a striker was clean through on the keeper inside the box.  For 12 months, this only led to one outcome.  Last night we saw Joe Hart make two saves we have not seen since his former England squad team mate was in goal.

Playing out from the back, as we do, takes nerves and practice.  The key players are the goalkeeper, the central defenders and the two deepest central mids.  The latter two need to be comfortable controlling a pass facing their own goal with an opponent on their shoulder.  Callum McGregor and David Tunbull have this.

You can expect a few bumps on the road; McGregor’s nightmare back pass being an example, but we will improve as the season progresses.  Developing this attribute will inevitably cost goals, but you see the speed and effectiveness of the transition into attack.  Gone are the days of circulating the ball endlessly in a horseshoe pattern, or worse, the long ball.

I also liked our new player, Tom Rogic – another who has the ability to bring the ball under instant control with an opponent (or two, as it often was last night) breathing down on him.  Kenny Dalglish would use his body to keep an opponent from getting a toe on the ball, Tom brought it all back last night.  For me, this is an unexpected sunset performance.  Tom is a throwback, without an engine for the modern game, so these treats will remain a cameo.

How are you feeling about the direction of travel?

Last night’s starting 11 had three new signings, eight players who were here last season, seven of whom are Scottish.  Three signings and, of course, a manager we traveled the world to bring to Glasgow!  There are certainly no guarantees against AZ, but the recovery has been swift and impressive.  You are not going to hear this from too many sources, but the fundamentals at the club remain very good; watch how we grow.

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  1. @ QUADROPHENIAN on 13TH AUGUST 2021 2:55 PM



    I’d directed you to the above quote from twitter. Its not a campaign to discredit either, just a recognition that full back is the weakest area of the squad, both in quality and depth.



    We should always aspire to be the best team we can be and should strengthen this area.




    Totally agree with you. If money is tight then we should spend every available penny on strengthening the defence.




    I honestly don’t think money is particularly “tight” – it may well be strict attention to cashflow and an unwillingness to go into overall debt to fund player purchases is at the heart of things. Some may wonder why cashflow matters at this time when season ticket receipts are just in – but of course that money has to last for a full season.



    Any comparison with Ibrox is not relevant – the two models are totally different, both in operation and philosophy – although the ultimate aims are similar…..I think!

  3. Nobody remembers the names of the Brazilian defenders in their famous 1970 world cup winning side, apart from Carlos Alberto. The goalie Felix didn’t look much cop either. We need a clinical front 6 or 7 who can all score and it is encouraging to see the goals getting shared about in the last few games.

  4. There is so much special about a Parkhead European night. A feelgood factor following a win is always so evident.



    The players need it, the club needs it and the fans embrace it.



    Put bluntly, a club with the stature and infrastructure we have needs European football.


    Scottish football cannot meet all our aspirations.



    HH to all.

  5. RIMTIMTIM on 13TH AUGUST 2021 3:51 PM


    Nobody remembers the names of the Brazilian defenders in their famous 1970 world cup winning side, apart from Carlos Alberto.



    Aye he should remember them as he played alongside them …😁😁😁😁😁😜



    And quite a lot of Brazilian supporters will remember them too 😋😋



    We are weak at centre back also.


    With only Julien, who has been out injured for 8 months.


    Please don’t mention Bitton

  7. sannabhoy while you around.



    I listened into the Homebhoys podcast wee while ago when your committe men (i think) were talking about the fund raising from the supporters clubs and the situation regarding no refunds on last season.



    The Guys were a credit to the Kano foundation, I thought they spoke very well.



    And well done to you and the club for getting the free books, i thught that was a great gesture.

  8. One topic that I am interested in getting some views on is that of viability of the Champions League project to a club like Celtic – of course it is desirable and we all feel it is where we belong.



    Do we have a “law of diminishing returns’ when it comes to CL qualification? In essence, is it viewed that the type of player that is needed, plus wages and bonuses in order to make CL groups possible, does not make financial sense to Celtic? Is EL group qualification more realistic and in the end just as profitable?



    As we witnessed last night, a team on form will attract a full house, whether in CL, or, the EL.



    Of course the CL is the glamour competition, but with the top teams spending the equivalent of almost two years of oùr turnover on one player, are we kidding ourselves on about where we actually belong?



    Yes I know that clubs with less resources than Celtic can reach the CL groups – we do it sporadically ourselves, and of course there will be times, like at the end of this season, when automatic qualification will be on the cards. However we must remember that the co-efficient points that are making this possible were earned by ourselves and our ‘friends’ from Govan, predominately from Europa League participation.



    If Celtic had a definitive mission statement (maybe it has), other than “a club open to all”, it would probably be along the lines of ensuring the ongoing viability of the club and protecting it for future generations. Perhaps this drives ALL decisions and policy.



    Are we now a Europa League club who will occasionally get a ‘crack’ at the CL, and should we accept this? My view is in the affirmative.

  9. Just in case anyone is left wondering where the BBC’s bread is buttered, they ran a story today telling us that Amazon are moving the filming of their ” Lord of The Rings” tv series to the uk.


    I left a comment as follows – ” Clearly Amazon want to use the group of extras who recently destroyed George Square in Glasgow. No Shortege of Orcs there” – Account now suspended LOL

  10. I know some don’t like the idea of loans,but,how many are glad we did not buy Laxalt,Kenny,supposed 10 million players.To be honest,their is only so much we can spend,so if a loan helps us out this season,then so be it.We keep reading fans saying we need around 3 or 4 players,probably true,but can we afford all at once?


    I personally think we should go all in,the rewards of winning the league this year are too great,but we know the money men.As we are,defensively,I think the Hun game is coming up too quickly for us,they are still a dangerous animal.A defeat at Ibrox,will kill the feel good of the moment.


    I will say it again,in an age were they keep telling us,its hard to sign players,we have Lovric,virtually begging us to sign him,the fee is set,just go get him.Take Couto on loan,sure we can to some arrangement with City,for him and Itakura.Not a fortune,and a lot of problems seemingly solved.If it’s loan to buy,all the better.

  11. For next season, Champions go straight into CL groups.



    Are there other changes for other Scottish qualifiers ?



    Still 2 into CL ? is there less rounds for the 2nd place team ?



    What about the other competitions ? less rounds or not anyone ?

  12. Genuine question


    If signing someone currently playing in Europe, and you leave the signing until Monday 16th


    Do they then avoid the 10 day isolation???


    Sure rules change on Mon 🤔

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    So one minute we’re all revelling in a great performance and victory in the 3rd Europa League qualifier, the next there is a discussion on the merits of the UEFA Conference League and whether we should take it seriously.



    Apart from the hilarity of Celtic supporters thinking we’re too good for a European competition – have you forgotten our recent European embarrassments? – I find it astonishing that so many have apparently written off our chances of making the Europa League group stages before a ball is kicked.

  14. WHAT IS THE STARS on 13TH AUGUST 2021 12:52 PM



    Tottenham, Roma and Union Berlin are also in the Europa Conference.



    Not sure they’ll play all their first-team players but they should have enough to beat most sides in that competition. The likes of Rennes and Anderlecht won’t be pushovers either.

  15. Celtics finances, reported a 6 million pounds loss ip to jan 2021. Money in bank £19 million. Jan to june is always lower in terms of turn over, I would guess a further £12 drop off. However, since jan £32 million has been brought in via transfers fees minus cut for previous clubs. Let us not forget 54 thousand season tickets in may etc.



    Celtic should be able to strengthen the team without out the need to punt any more players.



    We need a leftback, rightback, centreback and left winger. However, I still reckon eduard, christie, boli and barkas will depart so we may also need a centre forward too.




  16. Nothing to do with thinking we’re too good for anything, it’s a two bob tournament, and at our stage of building a new squad, the league is far more important.



    Do you have Java Script disabled? It hasn’t cured it for me, but seems to reduce the frequency of getting papped oot.

  18. STEPHBHOY67 on 13TH AUGUST 2021 6:22 PM



    Plus money from sponsors, must be millions every year.



    (I’m guessing)

  19. MARKIEBHOY on 13TH AUGUST 2021 5:45 PM


    Have a look at this Saint










    I might be reading it wrong but it looks like someone goes straight into the group stages,







    really interesting ta for that. Based on CO-EFFICIENT –



    now if i read it correctly, Scotlands league winners DO NOT GET INTO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GROUPS.


    Instead they are in the playoff. So “The Rangers” or indeed us, still have a playoff, so i wonder why this was falsely reported.


    If you get knocked out in the playoff you drop into europa groups.



    2nd place goes into the Non Champions route round 2 (so still 3 round to get through to the groups.



    cup winners go into PLAYOFF round for Europa League , if fail drop into CONFERENCE LEAGUE groups.



    3rd in league goes in 3rd qualifier round of CONFERENCE LEAGUE


    4th goes into 2nd qualifier of CONFERENCE LEAGUE.



    it only changes if scotland go above 10th place in rankings (austria).

  20. 27 “partners” btw.



    Majors are ADIDAS, DAFABET and MAGNERS, plus 24 lesser partners.



    Must be a good few bob in that?




  21. If the Champions League winners also finish in the CL places in their league, the Scottish champions will go straight into the groups.



    If not, they’ll go into the Play-off round.

  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    I get where Bada Bing is coming from. The Europa Conference is the Coca Cola Cup of European football, isn’t it.



    Equally, I thought the same in 2002 when we got papped out of the Champions League by Basel – the UEFA Cup was for the likes of Dundee United, not the cream of Scottish football. Can’t mind what happened after that, but I woke up in sumdy’s garden in Seville one morning the following May.



    Not to mention winning the Coca Cola Cup in 1997/98, and what that presaged.



    Emdy mind Lenny’s run in the Europa League in 2011? I think it set him up for what followed. Gave him the experience he needed to be able to think and coach at that level.



    Now we’ve got Ange at the helm who, bless, had never seen a European tie before he pitched up at Celtic Park. The guy needs all the experience he can gather.



    If we end up in the Europa Conference, I say: Bring it on.

  23. Red card for Dunfermline and penalty to R8888ers and it’s just the pre match warm up.



    The fix is in.

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