Jaroslaw Fojut on Celtic, Lennon and possibly moving this month


Jaroslaw Fojut spoke to a Polish newspaper yesterday on his decision to join Celtic. Our man in Poland kindly transcribed:

When asked if he would like to move to Celtic this month, Jaroslaw said, “If I move to Celtic this winter a convenient outcome for all sides would need to happen.  If I need to stay in Wroclaw until the end of the season it will not be a tragedy.  My decision to sign for Celtic is not going to change my dedication to Slask.

“Whatever the outcome, I will not be aggrieved.

“The people at Slask offered me a good contract.  Before I signed for Celtic I met Slask chairman, Piotr Wasniewski and explained my situation.  I wanted to play fair with the club who were always fair with me.

“Money was not the main reason I decided to go to Scotland.  I do not have to justify myself by telling you what kind of club Celtic is and the real reasons behind my decision.

“My agent told me about signals from other club but there were no concrete offers.  Celtic were determined to sign me and when their offer came in I did not look for other options.

“I expect competition for a place in the Celtic team to be high but when I get a chance to play I will make good use of that privilege.  I have not spoken to Neil Lennon yet but I am aware of what he has said about me and look forward to meeting him.

“I remember playing against him when he was with Nottingham.  I think we played twice in the cup and once in the league but could not be sure.

“I planned to call Lukasz Zaluska and ask what it was like at Celtic but what if he told me things were bad there?”  Which Jaroslaw laughed at.

“Lukasz and I will have lots to talk about, we are both Legia supporters.

“I’m not going to argue about whether the Scottish or Polish league is better, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this.  I’m pretty sure we have no club in Poland who can compare to Celtic, whatever aspect you analyse, economic issues, organisation, supporters, stadium or anything.

“Let’s not forget Celtic play in Europe every year and battle for the biggest prizes.

“In a way going to Celtic is a dream come true but my dreams will have to change.  I will not going the Bhoys and feel happy, my ambitions will have to move on.  I am sure Lionel Messi still has something to win and achieve.  He has never been the champion of the world and that is why he must improve.  I’m pretty sure I will not be short of incentives.

“Celtic is a very big deal for me but you do not climb the mountain and say, OK, I’m done.

“My acclimatisation is going to me easier in many aspects.  I know the British game, I know what the coaches expectations are.  During my years in England I learned the language so I’ll not have problems with communication.”

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  1. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Rieperman






    Wan must never look a Gift Horse in the Mooth.



    The Future is always.. Uncertain.



    We could be invaded by Creatures fae Outer Maryhill..next Thursday.



    Who Knows?



    The Celtic Football and Athletic Club Need money.. and the most Viable way,in which tae


    obtain Those elusive Shekels… is tae search the Highways and


    Lucky Didges.. far and wide. fur..



    UpandComing and Potentially Abundantly Gifted Young Players,


    who do not demand a Huge Outlay,in order tae secure.



    This is the Celtic Plan.






    If looks like it May woik, in spite o’ it’s critics.



    Gary, may be one of it’s first Successes.



    Ah Am a Firm Believer in the way which Mr.Lawwell and Company


    are running oor Railroad.



    Lang May oor Choos Smoke.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.

  2. EmeraldBee\o/ at 14:27



    I share your view that despite the weight of evidence, somehow they will get away with it. Just trying to make sense of Romanov accepting payment in instalments, and either way he should get his money eventually if I’m right about what happens to player contracts and transfer money owed.

  3. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if Hearts sued Rangers for the next installment on the Wallace transfer, that the demand was a bridge too far and drove Rangers into administration which in turn meant no money for Hearts and forced their insolvency too.

  4. If we get a bid for £8 million, I’d happily sell Hooper…



    & then put in a, cash up front, bid of £3 mill for jellyfish.

  5. we’re on the right road now, all we need to do is reinvest wisely, no more buying of squad players



    of all money raised by player sales reinvest 50% on better facilities etc… for fans as a way of increasing revenue and making celtic park and surounding area the best sports venue in britian/ scotland.



    celtic socks, check


    celtic top, check


    celtic watch, check


    celtic hat, check


    celtic scarf, check



    am out of hear guys



    have a good day

  6. CELTIC are being lined up to take part in a glamour tournament in America this summer, which the organisers hope will also include Liverpool, Roma and Chelsea.


    The plan is to play the games in Boston, New York and Chicago between the end of June and the beginning of July.

  7. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Stephbhoy






    Ah agree with every wan o’ the Points which ye hiv raised.






    I believe that we are in a Fine Position to cash in oan At least


    one .. of oor Ripe Plums.



    Oor Orchard ,at the Present Moment..has a Coupla Mair Plums.


    Ripe fur the Picking.. besides.. Gary.



    Ah am supremely confident that we hiv.. as you suggest..



    A WINNING TEAM,at this Time..






    Ah am also confident the Gary would Not be Missed.



    We Have Ready made Replacements..waiting for their Chance to





    The Time is Always Right.. when One Needs the Ready Cash.






    Celtic need the Ready Cash.. like.. Yesterday.






    One must Strike when the Iron is HOT.



    Remember.. we had the chance to Cash in oan’



    Mr. Boruc.. we did not.. we missed the opportunity..and



    Sadly.. it did not come around,again.



    Ah kin see that you are a very careful and thoughtful type.



    This is not a Bad Trait.



    But, their comes a time when one has to stop Cutting Bait.. and





    Ah say. this is the Time fur Celtic tae Cash in.. oan Gary..



    Predicated …of course..



    If the Amount Money Offered Meets with the Approval of the Celtic







    yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.

  8. johann murdoch on

    BlantyreKev says:


    19 January, 2012 at 14:49



    Nice…very nice HH



    [but hearts could arrest the money we are due to pay you know who for the next game at poundland..maybe?]

  9. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Any songwriters working on an update of



    “bring on the ?????, the hibs, the ??????, bring on the spaniards by the score”





    it’s days are numbered.

  10. awe_naw,



    I’m always suspicious of anyone who inquires of a perfect stranger regarding their predelicition towards wearing nylon. My suspicion extends to you.




  11. James Forrest is Lennon on

    The notion we should be selling our top scorer – for ANY price – is ludicrous.



    The notion that Gary Hooper, who came to the club to step up – would go to Southampton is equally ludicrous.

  12. Awe Naw



    I don’t really think that Mr Whyte, desperate as he is for cash, especially as no-one else seems to be interested in buying any of his plyers, would actually sell their star/only asset to us, but the nearer we get to the transfer window, the more desperate the Hun may be to get some, up-front, money in.



    I do think the 2 players are of pretty equal ability, with Jelavic arguably, since he has more physical presence, being a better option to lead the line for us, so if we could make substantial cash on the deals, it would make sense (at least to me).

  13. Kayal



    I’d so no!



    We need to buy a Centre Forward to compliment Hooper & Stokes not replace one of them! Plus Hooper can do a lot better than southhampton whenever he leaves.

  14. Haud on haud on; if we got offered £8-10 million for Gary, even in January, we’d have to think about it. Don’t forget it frees up his wages for the remainder of his contract as well. We could buy Rhodes, or somebody else the manager fancies, for less than that. The idea that celtic, because we are chasing the league, operate in a financial vacuum where we should not entertain offers for our players from elsewhere under any circumstance is a bit head in the sand. You need to manage your assets, and sometimes that means selling, even in January.



    I personally reckon we should take the risk and keep him until the summer, in the hope that his value increases, or at least holds firm, until then. But the board should defintiely, in my opinion, consider a bid of £8-10 million.

  15. Re James Forrest’s excellent post yesterday hard on the heels of Tom McL ‘s repro from the RTC .


    Many Celtic supporters dream of the day ( myself included )when Rangers will disappear and hope that we might see the resurgence of strong Hibs,Aberdeen,Dundee United etc and that we operate in a healthy competitive league.Now wouldn’t that be wonderful? Some people hark back to an earlier era when Rangers really were weak and we had excellent contests aginst these teams.


    An underlying sense of reading the posts over the last few weeks is that whilst we seek justice to be done to Rangers our life experience tells us that somehow or other they will survive and go on being the festering sore in Scottish society that we know them to be.


    Could it just be that we desire their demise so much that we are afraid that our dearest wishes might not come to pass? Bit like,as a child,really wanting that fantastic Christmas present,but we live in a permanent state of denial until the big day arrives.


    Some on here have shared their experiences of conversations with Rangers supporting colleagues and have been bemused by their lack of real awareness of the degree of danger that their club is in.This,of course,is partly denial,partly their interaction with a subserviant Scottish media and partly through their own life experiences which tells them ( as David Murray did ) that Rangers is the most important Scottish institution after the Church of Scotland.


    I live most of my time in London so my local chemist ( QPR man ),neighbours( rugby mostly ),shopkeepers ( Arsenal mostly ) don’t afford me the opportunity to test ,in real time,the collective state of mind of the blue fan base.


    Last night,however,I attended a small private dinner party in the City,with a guest list made up of representatives of most of the leading bank lenders.I was advised in advance that one would be wearing his Rangers club tie as a bit of a wind up to me.Interesting to hear first hand from a bank that was deeply implicated in funding Rangers largesse and how this individual saw things today.


    The position-as you would expect-could not be further from the views expressed on CQN if you tried to construct such a scenario.The tax issue was dismissed as simply poor accountancy advice and any assertions that cheating for sporting advantage is just downright envy on the part of Celtic supporters fuelled by a hatred of all things Rangers ( he was right on that score at least )and Celtic’s failure,despite all it’s claimed financial muscle,to usurp Rangers as Champions of Scotland.As to paying the price for the poor legal/financial advice then there was an absolute assumption that we really were dealing with a ” too big to fail ” issue here.Any notion that Rangers could be considered alongside many famous Scottish companies,particularly in the financial sector,who have faded from the scene,as unthinkable.


    Scottish football will always have Rangers,they may have to accept a bit of a penalty in the short term but they will be back to top place in short order.That was the drift of the aegument.


    I enjoyed my glasses of good quality Rioja and thought of the many posters on here and would have given a lot for them to have heard these articulate arguments in real time and in that setting.I thought of my late father and the struggles of the Celtic support over the generations to be treated with dignity and fairness and I saw clearly in this mouthpiece all that Rangers stood/stand for.


    “We are the people”…and you better believe it.


    Today,I feel like that wee boy wishing for his big Christmas present.


    Last word.To those who attack the Celtic board for inaction over the early noises about the potential emergence of a Rangers Newco then please wise up.Far too early to show our hand.We will undoubtedly have debated this matter from a strategic and tactical ( as well as ethical and moral ) position,taken soundings,opinion and developed a range of options.Now is not the time to show our hand.


    Support the Celts.Hail.Hail.

  16. Kayal33 says:



    19 January, 2012 at 14:56



    CELTIC are being lined up to take part in a glamour tournament in America this summer, which the organisers hope will also include Liverpool, Roma and Chelsea.


    The plan is to play the games in Boston, New York and Chicago between the end of June and the beginning of July.



    That’s a tight schedule – even for the Yanks! How long will the games actually last?

  17. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    We need a striker in now, to sell Hooper would mean 2 strikers are needed. We would be nuts to sell Hooper in this window. If he wants to go (and his quotes suggest he doesn’t) we could sell him in summer for same quoted price AFTER the league has been won. We need #88




  18. Awe Naw



    the £3mill would only provide some operating cash so that Mr Whyte could keep them going until they lose the tax case, & cease to be, thus allowing him to use the “it wsnae me, it was a big boy who did it, & ran away” defence to those who won’t take kindly to the demisie of Scotland’s second largest institution.



    Of course, as it was Sir Minty who got them into their current mess, that defence would be accurate.

  19. Gary Hooper doesn’t want to go – and I think we should keep him unless someone comes in with a £20M offer, or some equally unlikely sum.



    But we do need another striker. Injury to one or both of Stokes and Hooper would leave us in real trouble up front.

  20. My dear,dear,dear,friend..GerryGuk






    Ah see that ye hiv a Guid Idea . aboot wit


    maks the world go roon …and roon…besides.. imbibin’


    in the “Cratur”!



    Money.. Money.. Money…



    Lucre.. Beautiful.. Wonderful.. Cash!!!



    If the Money is Right..



    Then..it follows .. that..






    “If You Goat the Money, Honey.. then Ah goat the Time..”



    Maks sense tae me.





    yer pal…who likes ye aloater.

  21. Houl yer wheest at 14:59



    Yep, not sure what county to bring the wee fella up when he’s born. probably Antrim as he’ll be a St Enda’s man.




  22. garcia lorca



    Great article, very interesting to hear how the other half live



    Hail Hail

  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    19 January, 2012 at 13:17


    The Honest Mistake loves being first says:


    19 January, 2012 at 13:12



    you need to be careful here.



    Budweiser was the official Beer Sponsor of the 2006 WC here in Germany. That mean the only beer available was Budweiser … caused a right royal rumpus here in the fatherland. Made to drink gnats urine rather than real beer … worse to come the budweiser was only 2.5%



    Hail Hail






    yes i remember it well imagine anyone having to drink that p@sh..



    The German fans did kick up a huge fuss and would not have it …so much so, that the sponsors relented and good oul’ German bier was available in the stadiums …



    I know coz I was there ..Japan 1 V Australia 3 in the Fitz Walter Stadium Kaiserslautern in 2006



    Naka scored from a free kick in 26 mins



    boomin drums and thousands of gourgeous Japanese ladies in the blue shirts with Nakamura on the back ..our lads in hoops got all the attention ..which was nice ;-)



    Nippon Nippon Nippon…boom, boom, boom, Nippon, Nippon,



    pure magic so it wiz







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