Jaroslaw Fojut on Celtic, Lennon and possibly moving this month


Jaroslaw Fojut spoke to a Polish newspaper yesterday on his decision to join Celtic. Our man in Poland kindly transcribed:

When asked if he would like to move to Celtic this month, Jaroslaw said, “If I move to Celtic this winter a convenient outcome for all sides would need to happen.  If I need to stay in Wroclaw until the end of the season it will not be a tragedy.  My decision to sign for Celtic is not going to change my dedication to Slask.

“Whatever the outcome, I will not be aggrieved.

“The people at Slask offered me a good contract.  Before I signed for Celtic I met Slask chairman, Piotr Wasniewski and explained my situation.  I wanted to play fair with the club who were always fair with me.

“Money was not the main reason I decided to go to Scotland.  I do not have to justify myself by telling you what kind of club Celtic is and the real reasons behind my decision.

“My agent told me about signals from other club but there were no concrete offers.  Celtic were determined to sign me and when their offer came in I did not look for other options.

“I expect competition for a place in the Celtic team to be high but when I get a chance to play I will make good use of that privilege.  I have not spoken to Neil Lennon yet but I am aware of what he has said about me and look forward to meeting him.

“I remember playing against him when he was with Nottingham.  I think we played twice in the cup and once in the league but could not be sure.

“I planned to call Lukasz Zaluska and ask what it was like at Celtic but what if he told me things were bad there?”  Which Jaroslaw laughed at.

“Lukasz and I will have lots to talk about, we are both Legia supporters.

“I’m not going to argue about whether the Scottish or Polish league is better, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this.  I’m pretty sure we have no club in Poland who can compare to Celtic, whatever aspect you analyse, economic issues, organisation, supporters, stadium or anything.

“Let’s not forget Celtic play in Europe every year and battle for the biggest prizes.

“In a way going to Celtic is a dream come true but my dreams will have to change.  I will not going the Bhoys and feel happy, my ambitions will have to move on.  I am sure Lionel Messi still has something to win and achieve.  He has never been the champion of the world and that is why he must improve.  I’m pretty sure I will not be short of incentives.

“Celtic is a very big deal for me but you do not climb the mountain and say, OK, I’m done.

“My acclimatisation is going to me easier in many aspects.  I know the British game, I know what the coaches expectations are.  During my years in England I learned the language so I’ll not have problems with communication.”

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  1. I now believe Neil and the players have asked for a meeting with ” lennybhoy”” hh :))) great night for me on so many levels…bhoys and girls exciting times ahead on and off the park hh

  2. Will pass on your best wishes – he is good. Will try and get him along soon – he may even bring his wallet. Hail Hail

  3. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy says:


    19 January, 2012 at 21:59



    But who was he being interviewed by, was it perchance one of the LL or a journo with an agenda ?



    Maybe Banguras english isn’t or wasn’t the best and if he was asked a question along the lines of



    “You’re obviously happy to have signed for Celtic but do you harbour ambitions to play at the highest level?”



    The SPL and Scotland isn’t the highest level ergo an answer about the EPL from Bangura, maybe what the journo



    wanted to hear. Then again maybe that’s a crock o’ kak but in the meantime we should wait and see how Mo does



    between now and the end of the season. if he really does want to go to the EPL he better start getting his act together :)




  4. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Good Evening,



    my posts are normally of the long and wordy variety, and have been known to pay tribute to the achievments and skill of varying sports personalities.



    However David Gates talked about pictures painting a thousand words– and so here is a picture that will save me the words.



    Bear with it now, it will be worth it in the end.




  5. blantyretim


    I thought ma LAMP’S had gone completely, thank God its the Blog, sort of thing ah could see when I was on the SWALLY, where’s ma tablets


    Awerabest PJ

  6. benjybhoy mul says:


    19 January, 2012 at 20:26


    More on tonight’s Meet The Manager meeting:


    Ki is a maniac driver.



    Ha! Not in the least surprised by that – I’m in Ki’s home country & his compatriots are pure nut-jobs on the roads. Scary.

  7. Night Ghuys



    Sweet dreams…………..that reminds me,just before I woke up Tues morn,quick dream,ball


    come across big Sammi catches it on line ,flicks it across the goal for Victor to power it


    into huns net……………funny thing was..no noise..no cheers ..no jumpin aboot like maddies.


    Woke up …whit was that aboot? then I got it .. the huns do not exist no more ,therefore


    the goal did not happen.



    Is that no deep? starting my book on Monday:O)


    Hail hail

  8. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy,



    don’t believe everything you read in the old testament press eg Yesterday the record “reported” that Southampton


    had offered to treble Hoops wages – reality as confirmed by Neil tonight, can’t speak to him, we won’t sell


    him and my Chief Exec has told me to tell you not to call back.



    How on earth can Southampton “offer” to treble Hoops wages when they were told to gtf and can’t speak to him?



    Or were the record trying to unsettle our star striker .. again?



    Bangura is desparate to succeed at Celtic and needs to be given a run of games and be injury free.



    IMO he has been overkeen when given fleeting chances – been there and know how it feels (at a much lower





    Just because it’s on the BBC website – don’t believe it – they’ll be cutting and pasting our feedback


    from the meet Lenny meeting for tomorrow morning, just as they did last season.



    Hail! Hail!




  9. Cults



    That’s two posts in a row from you contributing to the HQN you complained about



    I am blaming you if Celtic lose in Paisley. You know how much effect CQN talking about Huns has on the performance of our first 11.




    P.S. You are not alone in the Double Standards stakes- I saw KevJungle last week berating Celtic for not instituting a press boycott while telling us 2 posts earlier that he had been reading his Daily Record again.

  10. Zbyszek says:


    19 January, 2012 at 22:17,



    Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I had to go out and visit a secondary school with my boy to see if he might


    choose it next year. The children are getting big too quick.



    As an Irish language speaker I have an interest in pronouncing other languages correctly. I’m a bit of a nerd that


    way-:). I was not sure if it was foy rhyming with toy or fo as in toe.



    Go raibh maith agat



    Árd Macha

  11. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy



    Your memory serves you well and it is indeed a direct quote by the player.



    Naivety in the extreme, I agree.






    Sierra Leone’s Mohamed Bangura has revealed he is aiming at a move to one of Europe’s elite leagues at the end of this season.



    He signed a four-year deal with Scottish club Celtic just last month moving from Swedish side AIK Stockholm.



    The 22-year-old is hoping a good season in Scotland can attract the attention of clubs in England, Spain and Italy.



    “Coming to Celtic is a good move for me, but I want to reach the top,” Bangura told a number of newspapers.



    “That’s what I’m working towards and this is a step forward for me. I am still fighting to reach the highest level.”



    Bangura, who made his debut as a substitute in Saturday’s 4-0 defeat of Motherwell, is hoping he can take his international form to the Scottish Premier League.



    He made his mark last weekend for Sierra Leone scoring from the penalty spot to earn his side a 2-1 win over Egypt in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.



    “To come to Celtic gives me a good feeling because it’s another step in my career,” he said.



    “I have to work to get to the top. I’m talking about the Spanish league, the English league or maybe the Italian league.



    “If I can do my best here with Celtic then I will see what the future holds.



    “If possible, I could make the next step in one year – if everything goes well and the club is willing, why not?”

  12. .



    The Scotland of a Different Generation and The Last Game of ‘the 42′….’The 42′..Martin42..??



    The Scotland of a Different Generation and The Last Game of ‘the 42’



    Part Two



    Gerry Hassan



    Scottish Review, January 18th 2012



    The whole day out to Peterhead was enjoyable and entertaining and made me reflect. This was a warm, sociable group of Celtic fans. There were no pub bores or people who dominated the conversation of the whole bus. There was leadership, organisation and a culture of soft collective discipline.



    Some of the songs being sung on the way up wouldn’t pass the Offensive Behaviour Act 2011. But what do I make of that? Singing of the hunger strikes and Bobby Sands is not something I really want as part of modern 21st century Scotland, but I also don’t want to ban it in a bus. The song about the 1971 Ibrox disaster and making light of its tragedy is more than awful bad taste, but then the law shouldn’t be involved in the universal stupidity of football fans to sing offensive ditties about their main rivals.



    Most of the young men on the bus lived in one of the poorest parts of Glasgow, and were a mix of guys in employment, often in jobs they openly expressed their hatred for or boredom in, and some who were unemployed. They were animated, articulate and intensely knowledgeable about football. In the course of an entire day, I didn’t hear one sexist or racist comment, or outwith their singing, a sectarian or offensive comment.



    Some would call these guys chancers or scallies, but if they were they were charming, filled with camaraderie and good-natured. These were mostly men at the start of their adult lives and to be serious for a moment, they showed a different side of Scotland. These guys dodged the forces of law and order, drank a lot, took illegal drugs, sang some offensive songs and engaged in a bit of shoplifting. There are clearly lots of these young men who have various ‘issues’, whether it is finding decent employment, relations with law and order and wider authority, or who have already experienced jail.



    These were from my short impression, decent lads who have grown up in circumstances where this has been the norm. In this context, they showed thoughtfulness and consideration for other members of their group, were friendly and respectful to myself and Eddie who were strangers to them, and were never too boyish or out of control.



    Eddie and myself set out on our 42 ground grand tour to see the Scotland on the other side of the tracks football wise, and to do something as friends.



    We ended up via Peterhead and other places seeing another side of Scotland. We meet lots of warm, friendly people; we went to towns we would never normally go to, and we eat in cafes and pubs in town centres across our land. We went to towns some people didn’t know existed or even where they were (Stenhousemuir, which I nearly dragged a BBC film crew to as it was the Saturday after the SNP landslide victory), or that they had league teams. We ate and drank in some memorable places from the British Legion in Dingwall to bars by grounds such as Arbroath and in grounds such as East Fife.



    We even watched one game: Albion Rovers v. East Fife where we got the teams the wrong way round, leaving thinking the mighty Albion had recorded a rare 4-1 victory to find out otherwise after the game. We watched Gretna play what turned out to be their last ever league match at Raydale Park as they failed to clinch promotion against St. Johnstone (they won it the following week); we weren’t impressed with the ground (or Gretna) to put it mildly!



    And then to our last game, Saturday January 14th 2012, Berwick Rangers v. Stranraer, and a fitting swansong it turned out to be! Arriving well over half an hour before kick off, we had magnificent fish and chips from a food emporium in the ground. I then asked someone to take a photograph of myself and Eddie to capture the occasion, who turned out to be the club doctor, Alan Fortune. He then proceeded to take several photographs of us for use in the next home programme, and arranged for an announcement to be made at half-time over the tannoy that we had completed ‘the 42’ and had chosen Berwick as the site for this historic occasion!



    We witnessed a superb game of football with two skilled teams playing a passing game with loads of chances. It was a great advert for Division Three and finished at the end two a piece with Berwick perhaps a shade unlucky not to just to shave it.



    The whole experience has been incredibly positive, a deeper glimpse into a Scotland most people don’t give a second thought for, some glorious, entertaining football, and surprisingly few stinkers, and a real sense of two friends spending time with each other.



    Maybe most of all apart from what we learnt about ourselves and our friendship, for both of us it has offered the opportunity to tell friends and acquaintances a very different story about Scotland, one which isn’t about football tribes, labels or judging others, but instead showing a sense of curiosity, discovery and empathy for others.



    As for the best supporters? Without a doubt Eddie and I give our unanimous ten points each to East Stirling who don’t even have a home ground (playing at Stenhousemuir). And the best pie? Well the best food in my mind, superbly cooked and presented, was Queen of the South’s stovies!




  13. Snake Plissken



    I’m like you very, very surprised by the news that Brozek might be their player. I hear that they want to sign him but I’m not sure if he wants to go to them. I would be very surprised if this deal is going to happen. I think that Rangers don’t realise what damage they cause to their club when they complained about Boruc doing sign of cross etc. It’s not like you say that the Poles are Celtic supports. I think they read in the newspapers that Rangers are people who hate the Pope, don’t accept people whose faith is not their etc. Some Rangers supporters did damage to good Rangers people and caused damage to the club as a whole. I beleive the majority of them are good people but the picture of Rangers we know is not nice. We really can’t understand why people at the stadium sing “F@@@ the Pope” or similar songs. This has nothing with faith our faith.

  14. Tomorrows daily ranger headline after Neil’s meeting. ” izzy and ki drive Lennon crazy !!!””..cue angry Neil picture…dear oh dear

  15. The Singing Detective on

    Wayne (Bertie) Biggins admits that he is flattered by the persistent rumours linking him with a return to Celtic.



    The 52 year old evergreen target-man is enjoying a rich vein of form,scoring regularly,since he was romantically linked to pop diva,Beyonce.



    I was too raw and youthful last time at Celtic,didn’t take my chances. I think of myself as a lump of Shropshire Blue..just gets richer and better as I mature,with an added sharpness…



    I’ve not heard anything yet from Peter Lawwell,but I’m quite optimistic we can strike a deal,as I fit the ‘profile’ of the player being sought by your promising young manager.My Las Vegas-based agent will update me on developments when he gets in fae the jiggin’.



    I’m already learning to pronounce the names of my new team-mates : Dan ,


    Veek-tor 67,Bang-Bang,and Fo-Yoot .


    Beyonce is fair looking forward to the craic…



    (As told to the Cromer Bugle & Chronicle)




  16. BT



    I did post a link to a Celtic picture which was requested on here by another poster. I could not find the pic available on any other publication.



    Until last year I had a subscription to The Herald but I found I was only buying it for the Hugh McDonald articles and to do the Sudoku, so I weaned myself off that habit. Mind you the quality of their journos had become spectacularly bad and I would not let Michael Grant edit a church newsletter far less a Sports paper.

  17. Snake Plissken



    Brozek teammate at Wisla was Maciej Zurawski.



    On the other note. Fojut plays for Wroclaw and is well respected man in there.


    If I remember correctly Ireland will be Playing in Gdansk and in Wroclaw. Those who go to Wroclaw to watch Ireland will find many, many friends in the city.

  18. thanks for the input bhoys…



    grouse toady after a nice glenmorangie…0))







    aye aye…. o))

  19. Zbyszek



    I had a look from Feb to March but the comments are closed for these articles and you can’t see the posts :¬(


    perhaps someone knows another way or has saved some of Pablos posts?



    GL2 thanks mate, Derryghirls back reading again, she’s bought and read two books and a free yin this month already, apparently its the best pressie I’ve ever got her, the Kindle fire thingy is the beeze knees.



    Night all up at 5:30.






  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 says:


    19 January, 2012 at 22:24





    Watched it a few days ago. Beckham doesn’t come close. I’m glad I have witnessed his magic.




  21. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Surely we can get better than Jon Daly? 2 bad cruciate injuries in last couple of years too.

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