Jaroslaw Fojut on Celtic, Lennon and possibly moving this month


Jaroslaw Fojut spoke to a Polish newspaper yesterday on his decision to join Celtic. Our man in Poland kindly transcribed:

When asked if he would like to move to Celtic this month, Jaroslaw said, “If I move to Celtic this winter a convenient outcome for all sides would need to happen.  If I need to stay in Wroclaw until the end of the season it will not be a tragedy.  My decision to sign for Celtic is not going to change my dedication to Slask.

“Whatever the outcome, I will not be aggrieved.

“The people at Slask offered me a good contract.  Before I signed for Celtic I met Slask chairman, Piotr Wasniewski and explained my situation.  I wanted to play fair with the club who were always fair with me.

“Money was not the main reason I decided to go to Scotland.  I do not have to justify myself by telling you what kind of club Celtic is and the real reasons behind my decision.

“My agent told me about signals from other club but there were no concrete offers.  Celtic were determined to sign me and when their offer came in I did not look for other options.

“I expect competition for a place in the Celtic team to be high but when I get a chance to play I will make good use of that privilege.  I have not spoken to Neil Lennon yet but I am aware of what he has said about me and look forward to meeting him.

“I remember playing against him when he was with Nottingham.  I think we played twice in the cup and once in the league but could not be sure.

“I planned to call Lukasz Zaluska and ask what it was like at Celtic but what if he told me things were bad there?”  Which Jaroslaw laughed at.

“Lukasz and I will have lots to talk about, we are both Legia supporters.

“I’m not going to argue about whether the Scottish or Polish league is better, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this.  I’m pretty sure we have no club in Poland who can compare to Celtic, whatever aspect you analyse, economic issues, organisation, supporters, stadium or anything.

“Let’s not forget Celtic play in Europe every year and battle for the biggest prizes.

“In a way going to Celtic is a dream come true but my dreams will have to change.  I will not going the Bhoys and feel happy, my ambitions will have to move on.  I am sure Lionel Messi still has something to win and achieve.  He has never been the champion of the world and that is why he must improve.  I’m pretty sure I will not be short of incentives.

“Celtic is a very big deal for me but you do not climb the mountain and say, OK, I’m done.

“My acclimatisation is going to me easier in many aspects.  I know the British game, I know what the coaches expectations are.  During my years in England I learned the language so I’ll not have problems with communication.”

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  1. It’s also possible that the huns have agreed deals for some of their big players which will be formalised only at the last minute so Whyte can claim there was no time left to buy anyone in.



    He really wouldn’t want to be selling Jellylegs or Shagger with two weeks left of the window.



    The huns would be expecting him to spend the money.

  2. TET,


    cheers for your thoughts on the weekends games,will have a look at them and try to pick


    one for a single bet,will also put a few on as an accy just for an interest

  3. gordybhoy64



    I know feck all about the horses, I get a tip or two on ocassion from friends back in Ireland, but that would be it.


    They eat at one end and sh1t at the other, that would be my knowledge of horses.



    As for other sports, golf would be my other indulgance, I do ok with it, other sports I wouldn’t have a clue, if you want to send me a tip or two I would be receptive to that.






    is where you will find me.




  4. Summa of Sammi…. says:


    20 January, 2012 at 00:08





    Did they get over that ‘ole’ stumbling block of paying compo to his ex club. Or did he do an aluko?




  5. Anyways, time for bed, I still haven’t de scaled the boiler and she is not too happy, the oil was changed in the car, the wood was cut up, and Granada beckons in the morning, free oranges, about 100 pounds await, so mucho juice for a week or two.



    Take care and god bless



  6. TET,


    no bother,am no expert myself but find that a few quid can be made on match bets at the golf,


    where players are paired mainly on rankings and current or course form is not taken into account

  7. St stivs



    If you are about Bish tomorrow lunch time have a look out for my Green and White Freelander outside the new Scotmid, got to get the juice on for the sparkies, give me the old sinfien whistle haha



    Nite All and take care



    Hail Hail

  8. Palacio67 says:


    20 January, 2012 at 00:22


    St stivs



    If you are about Bish tomorrow lunch time have a look out for my Green and White Freelander outside the new Scotmid, got to get the juice on for the sparkies, give me the old sinfien whistle haha



    Nite All and take care



    Hail Hail






    at work tomorrow, but stop giving our covert whis-tles away.



    its a secret







  9. gordybhoy64



    My thoughts as well on the golf, the compilers spend most of their time on the prem league and the like, most of them also just accept what other agencies tell them re other sports, that is from the horses mouth btw.



    Football is my thing, I swithered last night about the Clasico and decided not to punt on it as it was a cup game, a foolish decision on my part, Barca would beat them every time, at least I had a good night in the bar, got blootered, cost me nada, and looking forward to next weeks game.



    Any tips, send them on.




  10. Glenmorangie toady?



    Nay, nay, thrice nay.



    A wee splash of water, room temp.



    Any time I pass through Edinburgh Airport, I pick up a bottle of GlenM Quinta Ruban and Nectar D’Or.






    Now, where’s my Horlicks?

  11. before i descend into a midweek drunkeness,



    can I ask the worldwide Celtic Family, particularly them southern breakfast bhoys coming to the table on the next few hours to



    keep it lit,



    this family, want you to have a look.



    god bless Kano and the on their way to Paradise Thai Tims, Rheamonn, and Knoxys kid.




    please give whatever you can, and offcourse pass it on.




  12. viewfaethewindae



    sorry for late reply



    thanks for that wee slice of info previously



    nice one !

  13. I stopped drinking for eight weeks before Christmas.



    So I bought in a nice whisky to look forward to.



    A twelve year old Glenmoramgie.



    For the perfect water to mix with it, I did look around online.



    Most folk said water to match the whisky water used in production.



    I think they are just righting words for the sake of it.



    Our tap water is from Loch Katrine, a beautiful enough place for both dreamers and drunks.

  14. Mr bjmac



    i tweeted link to the show to Homebhoys



    Harper of Homebhoys happily re-tweeted to over 2000 followers



    so here’s hopin






    having encountered your good self at yon golfing bash



    am sure your input will be the finest



    Richard and the lads doin



    a grand old job !




  15. TopCorner says:


    20 January, 2012 at 01:04



    Thanks Top Corner, much appreciated!!!



    We’ve got some other stuff planned, as well as continuing the show. They normalyy record a Monday deliberately


    so I can’t make it!!! :-)



    Good laugh and fun taking part, even though I do talk mince!




  16. Just in after a couple of games of poker and a wee swally .


    Has Kojo been transferred to FF yet?


    I heard they were looking a right winger.

  17. So why does liberalism identify with the Celtic support?



    And why more right wing stuff with them.






    Or does it?



    Is it just our perfect image of ourselves, and we like to believe it?



    Or is there a clear definition of bullies and victims, and it is a real problem.



    I don’t know the answer, but there is something.



    And I know what it feels like.

  18. bjmac





    dont worry


    you’ll no remember me


    am jist one o those guys in the background



    you on the other hand, were doin a fine job up front and centre



    great effort

  19. Margaret McGill on

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    to the scum that the bored wants a TV share off of.


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    The Digger’s enthusiasm for Salmond should be no surprise. Last summer, when all the major


    party leaders disclosed their meetings with media companies in the wake of the phone-hacking


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  20. Saint Stivs



    thankyou boss



    will check it out



    thanks for letting me know



    yer a star !

  21. Margaret McGill on

    It Becomes Black And White


    Is It True What They Say?


    They Turn The Day Into Night


    Black And White Becomes




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    ….now what were the earlier posters saying about the huns tax case? refresh my memory….please