Jaroslaw Fojut on Celtic, Lennon and possibly moving this month


Jaroslaw Fojut spoke to a Polish newspaper yesterday on his decision to join Celtic. Our man in Poland kindly transcribed:

When asked if he would like to move to Celtic this month, Jaroslaw said, “If I move to Celtic this winter a convenient outcome for all sides would need to happen.  If I need to stay in Wroclaw until the end of the season it will not be a tragedy.  My decision to sign for Celtic is not going to change my dedication to Slask.

“Whatever the outcome, I will not be aggrieved.

“The people at Slask offered me a good contract.  Before I signed for Celtic I met Slask chairman, Piotr Wasniewski and explained my situation.  I wanted to play fair with the club who were always fair with me.

“Money was not the main reason I decided to go to Scotland.  I do not have to justify myself by telling you what kind of club Celtic is and the real reasons behind my decision.

“My agent told me about signals from other club but there were no concrete offers.  Celtic were determined to sign me and when their offer came in I did not look for other options.

“I expect competition for a place in the Celtic team to be high but when I get a chance to play I will make good use of that privilege.  I have not spoken to Neil Lennon yet but I am aware of what he has said about me and look forward to meeting him.

“I remember playing against him when he was with Nottingham.  I think we played twice in the cup and once in the league but could not be sure.

“I planned to call Lukasz Zaluska and ask what it was like at Celtic but what if he told me things were bad there?”  Which Jaroslaw laughed at.

“Lukasz and I will have lots to talk about, we are both Legia supporters.

“I’m not going to argue about whether the Scottish or Polish league is better, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this.  I’m pretty sure we have no club in Poland who can compare to Celtic, whatever aspect you analyse, economic issues, organisation, supporters, stadium or anything.

“Let’s not forget Celtic play in Europe every year and battle for the biggest prizes.

“In a way going to Celtic is a dream come true but my dreams will have to change.  I will not going the Bhoys and feel happy, my ambitions will have to move on.  I am sure Lionel Messi still has something to win and achieve.  He has never been the champion of the world and that is why he must improve.  I’m pretty sure I will not be short of incentives.

“Celtic is a very big deal for me but you do not climb the mountain and say, OK, I’m done.

“My acclimatisation is going to me easier in many aspects.  I know the British game, I know what the coaches expectations are.  During my years in England I learned the language so I’ll not have problems with communication.”

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  1. DBBIA ——



    If you watch the Red White and Blues part of Martin Scorsese’s Blues thing you can see /hear Tom doing Love Letters . It isn’t that bad

  2. I wonder if he will be booed at every away ground because of his choice or does that just happen in this ‘One Nation…’






    After exploding onto the scene as a teenager, Barry Maguire was tipped as a rising star for the Dutch national team. Yet, the 22-year-old is keen to play for Ireland.



    Born in Tiel in the Netherlands, Maguire qualifies for Ireland through his father, a link he cherishes having visited Ireland as a child. “Every once in a while we went over to visit our family,” he told Goal.com. “The last time I was there was the Russian game in 2010.”



    Beginning his career at local club Theole, Maguire was quickly scouted by FC Den Bosch who snapped up the then 16-year-old. The Eerste Divisie side, starting club of Ruud van Nistelrooy, was where Maguire rose to prominence, featuring in 66 league games despite his young age. It was at this point media attention engulfed the youngster with offers from the top teams in Holland – Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord.



    Maguire began featuring for Irish schoolboy teams around that time and was called up to the under-16 squad. However, with both Holland and Ireland attempting to secure his allegiance, the next few years caused significant stress for someone so young.



    Maguire’s father, Martin, from Drumcondra, Dublin, said: “I think there were 15 players from Ireland, who were living in Ireland and who they could watch every week. They gave him 15 minutes and said ‘you’ll hear from us’, but we never heard anything else until he was called up for Holland.”



    Maguire infamously rejected a call-up to the Irish U21 team in 2009, choosing instead to play for the Dutch U20 team but re-affirmed his interest in playing for Ireland in 2010.



    “If Ireland rang me in the morning and asked me to play for them, I would say yes without a thought. I would like to play for the Irish team again but I have no contact at all from them,” Maguire said.



    “I have said all along that I have strong connections with Ireland, through my dad, and Holland, as I was born there, but the connection with Ireland was always strong for me and now I’d like to play for Ireland.”

  3. TTT



    got to keep them out and working .. there well done ..Mrs PF works for me ..well that`s the idea at any rate :¬))



    as for Ras …he is fatter than GL2 , but nowhere near as handsome



    the bhoy (Ras not GL2) looks a player but i think he`s a banger …fat,unfit and prev had a massive gambling ploblem



    the fact that all the coaches who have taken him on loan have chased him is no coincidence

  4. A few wee questions for you all regarding the recruiting of a CF.




    Do you think we would seriously be interested in a CF who plays in the second tier league, but is the top scorer at this level with over twenty goals in just shy of 30 games?



    Do you think we would seriously be interested in a CF who has in the past six months played the first tier champions in a cup competition and scored two goals knocking the first tier champions out of cup?



    Do you think we would seriously be interested in a CF who is in his mid-twenties and only has six months left on his current contract?



    Do you think we would seriously be interested in a CF who could cost in the region of £200K?



    If so then why haven’t we?



    His name is Farid El Allagui and he plays for Falkirk for Big Elvis!



    We’ve been linked with Vardy of non-league Fleetwood and I’ve openly heard people discusing the idea of spend £1M on such a player.


    I know we have even been linked with the lad Donnelly of division 2 Airdrie with a figure of £200K to £300K being quoted.



    I just can’t understand why Farid has been overlooked.


    It doesn’t make sense to ignore a player with such a record and we can’t forget the fact that he is already proven Hunskelper!



    Come on Celtic, you know it makes sense!






    /Bishop B

  5. Going Irish today as a homage to WITS with his 16/1 Enigma tip last night.


    Thanks again WITS.



    Nap today is OUR GIRL SULLEY 2.05 at Ascot.



    Also reckon Mad Max and Royal Charm will come good today.



    Best of luck everyone and 3-0 in Paisley.




  6. Can’t believe I missed WITS 16/1 shot last night – permaraging!!



    Great tipping WITS (could you not have saved it for today???)



    I’ll go for Showboating 2.25 Lingfield please. (hopefully in commemoration of Celtic’s 4 or 5 goal romp in Paisley…)



    Good luck all.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Morning chaps



    Can I have enigma code as my nap ? Ok so I will pick one that hasnt run yet



    Greensward in the lingfield 3.35


    Best of luck to all today from a cold and hungover Dublin where this invalid has to play football this afternoon with my veterans team while I should be tucked up on the couch watching Celtic,Ascot,Haydock etc

  8. voguepunter says:


    21 January, 2012 at 10:34


    Up against Che and Twists this week,Ciceron 2.35 ascot.



    Well with our 3 out the way that leaves someone to go ahead and pick the winner!

  9. CQN Saturday Naps Competition – Week 23 Standings



    Superb napping from Cathal (Hey Big Spender @ 14/1) fires him to the top of the CQN naps table… and Raymac was the only other winner (Swincombe Flame @ 9/2)



    +£12.50 Cathal (6)


    +£10.00 voguepunter (3)


    +£ 9.08 bobbymurdoch’s winklepickers (6)


    +£ 8.83 fleagle1888 (5)


    +£ 0.63 Rockon (5)


    -£ 0.50 twists n turns (3)


    -£ 2.75 Eurochamps67 (5)


    -£ 4.50 wolfetonebhoy (3)


    -£ 5.75 What is the Stars (3)


    -£ 6.70 Som mes que un club (2)


    -£ 10.00 Che (2)


    -£10.50 Raymac (2)


    -£13.50 hunza rugli (2)


    -£14.50 PFayr (2)


    -£23.00 BULL67


    -£23.00 oldtim


    -£23.00 The Token Tim


    -£23.00 tommytwisttommyturns



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  10. Just heading to the game, den of iniquity gets another chance in the 405 at haydock please. Cmon the hoops! I hope zaynar wins as well

  11. Wee horse mentioned a couple of weeks ago on here – due another chance today.


    All For Free 3.45 Ascot carries my hopes.



    Good luck all.

  12. All for Free for me as well-low weight and an excellent jockey in A P Crawley. 3.45 at Ascot. Should be a fair price, although it looks to be quietly fancied.

  13. Well as I am miles behind now I have to go for outsiders to try to get me up that table so in that style I shall go for the name and hope it is indeed a winner like its namesake:



    Sutton Storm 4:25 Wincanton.








    PS – more chance of T4 running the half marathon in sept than mine winning :-)


    GAUVAIN in the 310 at Ascot for me.



    Fingers toes and eyes crossed.



    Great result today,despite PAUL67 providing the teamtalk if it was edted!

  15. CQN Saturday Naps Competition – Week 24 Results and Standings



    A dreadful week for all concerned, with one solitary winner – Rockon (Real Milan @4/5)



    +£11.50 Cathal (6)


    +£ 9.00 voguepunter (3)


    +£ 8.08 bobbymurdoch’s winklepickers (6)


    +£ 7.83 fleagle1888 (5)


    +£ 1.43 Rockon (6)


    -£ 1.50 twists n turns (3)


    -£ 3.75 Eurochamps67 (5)


    -£ 5.50 wolfetonebhoy (3)


    -£ 6.75 What is the Stars (3)


    -£ 7.70 Som mes que un club (2)


    -£11.00 Che (2)


    -£11.50 Raymac (2)


    -£14.50 hunza rugli (2)


    -£15.50 PFayr (2)


    -£24.00 BULL67


    -£24.00 oldtim


    -£24.00 The Token Tim


    -£24.00 tommytwisttommyturns



    *No selections from – Som mes que un club, wolfetonebhoy



    Cheers, fleagle1888