JD retail deal and David Murray-JJB from 2006


We created some value from nothing yesterday with the JD Sports retail deal.  Official Celtic merchandise will only be available through club and JD shops and online stores.  This allows JD to harvest all retail margins on Celtic kit from their 700+ stores, instead of earning a small percentage, as they otherwise would.  With some of that extra revenue, they will pay Celtic a fee.  Celtic will see a direct sales pick-up as there are one of only two retailers selling the kit.

No information was given on the value of the deal or its duration.  14 years ago, Rangers sold the next 10 years of their retail rights to JJB Sports for £18m up front, plus £3m each year, a total of £48m.

Celtic had similar offers at the time but declined.  While money was short and we were perennially in debt during that period, front loading revenue like this was thought likely to lead to a feast and famine existence.  At the time, David Murray said the deal would “enable further investment to be made in the team”, ahead of the memorable Paul Le Guen era.

What do you do when you are in an arms race with a club spending absolutely everything?  We brought our debt down slowly, lost three of the next six title battles, but won the war. When he needed revenue to pay creditors, instead of buying footballers, Murray could not rely on retail revenue.   The deal turned sour for JJB six years later when Rangers were liquated.  The episode became a morality tale.

I doubt anything like £18m is making its way to Celtic’s bank today because of this JD Sports deal, it’s more likely we have taken a slice of one year’s retail margins on our kit.  An indication of where we are in the current crisis and how we are working to make up the shortfall.  It takes 10,000 acts to build a successful season, not all of them happen on the park.  This is good work by a commercial team that know what they are doing.

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  1. Very sad to read of Stevie’s passing.


    Sincere Condolences to Stevies , Family & friends.


    Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

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  3. excathedra44 on

    RIP Stevie.did not know him but through CQN felt I did.


    Condolences to family and friends.

  4. Prayers and thoughts for Hunderbirds’ family and friends. The comments on here showed how much he was appreciated and cared for by so many. It must be some consolation to his loved ones to know of the sentiments being expressed here.


    I will pray for the repose of his soul at Mass tomorrow morning. RIP.

  5. If we were going to spend 5 million on Foster,which has hit the rocks,why don’t we now buy the AEK goalkeeper,Barkas.Around 8 years younger,great pedigree,great record,and it seems our head of recruitment really likes him.Club would jump at that money.I know we have been waiting on Foster,but I would now expect a move for Barkas.Sell on opportunity,as well.Should appeal to P L.

  6. On the subject of keepers on”A downward spiral”,what does that say about our last two choices.One on the proverbial scrapheap,the other,3 rd choice at Southampton.FFS,how bad does that get.How well did they do?


    Far too quick to write people off.




    Condolences to the family.






    God is with you


    you suffer it is true,


    but he is near you.



    Trust in him as you would


    trust in your own father.


    If he has let you suffer,


    it is because he sees something


    good in it which today you


    do not yet know



    Your peace of mind is in your


    “Trust in God”


    Who can never let you down.



    Faith and love




  8. TURKEYBHOY on 1ST JULY 2020 2:51 PM



    Far too quick to write people off.






    Ab-so-bloody-lutely. Bring in the damaged goods and let our mercurial goalie coach does his thang….

  9. excathedra44 on

    Celtic should come out and explain the circumstances ( If they are final ) associated with the FF situation.



    It would appear we were willing to pay £5m for a permanent move, and as CG was allowed to go,it would also appear that this was agreed in principle with both Southampton and FF,otherwise letting CG go was a mistake.



    Now it ” appears ” FF, being in the position to say yes or no ,has folded like a long throw ii at Livingston ,and opted to stay with a Club, which effectively had trashed his career until we gave him a platform, which he took and we were suitably grateful,and would want him to return.



    If indeed its FF who has said no,then his actions contradict his previous statements associated with Celtic,plus how can he trust the current Manager who wrote him off previously.



    In any event if Celtic have tried to sign him and the refusal is his,call it out,and move on.



    I hope it can be recovered.

  10. TURKEYBHOY on 1ST JULY 2020 2:51 PM


    On the subject of keepers on”A downward spiral”,what does that say about our last two choices.One on the proverbial scrapheap,the other,3 rd choice at Southampton.FFS,how bad does that get.How well did they do?



    Far too quick to write people off.







  11. Thanks to all the well wishers. The hospital are somewhat stumped since last year, as none of my urine and bowel tests are showing evidence of losing blood, but it has led to me being dangerously I’ll since last year. I’ve now had 14/15 blood transfusions, including 5 from last Friday until Monday. I’ve also had Iron transfusions, and will get another Iron Jab this Friday…to hopefully keep me going for a wee while ? I can’t pretend…at times its been very scary…although not as scary as that make hun and his orange top…God knows how long he was wearing it before I went into that Ward last Friday ? HH

  12. EXCATHEDRA44 on 1ST JULY 2020 3:03 PM



    The whole thing reeks of a negotiation playing out in the media.



    He will be back training with Southampton for now. Providing cover/competition for the rest of this EPL season.



    I don’t think Southampton have any interest in doing a deal until the season is over on the 26th of July.

  13. My joy at being home has been tempered by the very sad news about Thunderbirdsaregone. I must have met him at least once, at the Hoot that I met Tony Rome ? Stevie R.I.P.

  14. Big Jimmy



    Maybe the Hummel Orange top has world class sweat wicking technology which stops him smelling too much.



    Doesn’t help with the reverse-handsome syndrome



    Hail Hail

  15. i’ve seen the snippets of the new Adidas top, i like it



    like the pics of the new black trackie even more

  16. TEUCHTER AR LA and Melbourne Mick.


    Yes I was brought up in Easterhouse but I dont think I knew the McLeod family ? There was a man called Gus McLeod in my small street, however when I knew him in the 1960’s he must have been aged around mid 50’s…..and I also think he was a Hun…..I may be wrong ?



  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just speculating but …



    … I don’t think Celtic would pay £5m for a 33 year old.



    One of two things needs to happen.



    a) Soton significantly reduce fee OR



    b) FF gets younger?



    Personally don’t see the point in holding on to a guy who doesn’t contribute to your first team but costs you £250,000 per month?



    Amortization and all that notwithstanding … shouldn’t the new post Covid-19 financial reality prompt Soton to stop being silly?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  18. Southampton lost 40m+ last season and are likely to lose much more this season.



    They have 3 keepers on their books, 2 of them have 2 years of their deal left, one 3 and all are paid more than 50k a week.



    You’d think they’d want to move on the highest paid, and the oldest with a guarantee of a decent transfer fee.



    They really might not fancy the two keepers they have of course



    Gus and Frank McLeod were both welders in Scotstoun Marine shipyard in Scotstoun, both played junior football. Played against both of them in works tournament, Reckon Gus would be around 69 or 70 years of age now. The father of Billy Davies of Sevco fame also played in same team.Martin Ferguson, brother of Sir Alex was manager of the welders team. Pretty sure Gus played for Pollok Juniors.

  20. “Well. I’ll tell you what,” said Mr. Barkis. “P’raps you might be writin’ to her?”


    “I shall certainly write to her,” I rejoined.


    “Ah!” he said, slowly turning his eyes toward me. “Well! If


    you was writin’ to her, p’raps you’d recollect to say that Barkis


    was willin’; would you?”


    “That Barkis was willing,” I replied. “Is that all the message?”


    “Ye–es,” he said, considering. “Ye–es; Barkis is willin’.”




    Dickens was a wonderful writer with a droll sense of humour.

  21. Good afternoon cqn from a rainy Garngad



    Big Jimmy glad to see you posting and welcome back to the madhouse, I just need to wait a week or 2 for a swally as I want to see how the pubs operate first but trust me we will meet up and have a good natter about all things Celtic and life in general.



    Such sad news about Stevie (hunderbirdsaregone) may he Rest In Peace🙏🙏🙏 You will Never Walk Alone Stevie Bhoy 🍀🍀🍀



    Hail Hail



    D :(

  22. BELMONTBRIAN on 1ST JULY 2020 2:53 PM


    Hi mate, don’t know if you saw my post to you last week. Do you know Jack L, Woodsy that used to members of the Townhead Connelly?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  23. I’d like to think that Celtic apparell will also be available in Adidas stores in addition to JD sports.


    There’s a certain kudos attached to having our kit supplied by one of the biggest and best brands in the world, and it would be nice to walk into an Adidas store in Foreign and see the Hoops on display.



    Big Jimmy,


    Any chance you’ve always had ‘low blood count’ and prior to your recent troubles, it just kept getting topped up with beer ? 😉


    Take care of yourself big man. Look forward to meeting you again at the next Hoot 👍



    Great to see you back home again and by the sound of things, feeling a wee bit better. Great stuff.



    Been meaning to ask you for a while now, are you a hun !!!!!



    Thought that would raise a smile.


    All the best my friend.




  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’m saddened to hear the news of Stevie’s passing. The world has one less good guy.



    I’ll keep his family in my thoughts today.

  26. Jimmynotpaul on

    A sad day, indeed.


    I always enjoyed Stevie’s posts.


    I never met him personally but he always came across as one of life’s good ghuys.

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    …and here was me thinking big Fraser was one of us, looks like he was at the kid on, if we can believe a) that he is not coming back, and b) he has decided to stay and fight for his place at…..Southampton.



    Money, the root of all evil, in this case big Fraser has decided Southampton have made him an offer he cant refuse. MONEY His agent would have been ‘advising’ him, they have reputations that needs to be maintained.

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