JD retail deal and David Murray-JJB from 2006


We created some value from nothing yesterday with the JD Sports retail deal.  Official Celtic merchandise will only be available through club and JD shops and online stores.  This allows JD to harvest all retail margins on Celtic kit from their 700+ stores, instead of earning a small percentage, as they otherwise would.  With some of that extra revenue, they will pay Celtic a fee.  Celtic will see a direct sales pick-up as there are one of only two retailers selling the kit.

No information was given on the value of the deal or its duration.  14 years ago, Rangers sold the next 10 years of their retail rights to JJB Sports for £18m up front, plus £3m each year, a total of £48m.

Celtic had similar offers at the time but declined.  While money was short and we were perennially in debt during that period, front loading revenue like this was thought likely to lead to a feast and famine existence.  At the time, David Murray said the deal would “enable further investment to be made in the team”, ahead of the memorable Paul Le Guen era.

What do you do when you are in an arms race with a club spending absolutely everything?  We brought our debt down slowly, lost three of the next six title battles, but won the war. When he needed revenue to pay creditors, instead of buying footballers, Murray could not rely on retail revenue.   The deal turned sour for JJB six years later when Rangers were liquated.  The episode became a morality tale.

I doubt anything like £18m is making its way to Celtic’s bank today because of this JD Sports deal, it’s more likely we have taken a slice of one year’s retail margins on our kit.  An indication of where we are in the current crisis and how we are working to make up the shortfall.  It takes 10,000 acts to build a successful season, not all of them happen on the park.  This is good work by a commercial team that know what they are doing.

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  1. So the Huns, the big daft gullible fools that they are, have been shafted again.



    ‘Exclusively’ by Sports Direct. They are furious.



    ha ha ha…the neverending banter years.

  2. ha ha…brillant BSR…..



    Statement O’Clock coming soon…or maybe not :)

  3. leftclicktic on

    Huns can only get thier new kit from SPORTS DIRECT :))))))))



    Gullibillies doesn’t begin to cover that shower




    Apologies my friend for not replying to your earlier posts, I’m currently having issues with my e-mail.



    Regarding the Townhead Connoly CSC, I would normally travel with guys such as, brothers, Chic, Gerry and young MartinB also big George, Austins step dad, John B, (postman), wee Jim McM, Gerry T from Blairhill, Andy L (taxi driver), John Mitch and Austin ( ex pro football) and myself from Belmont St



    Hope you are well and keeping safe.







  5. G-D on 1ST JULY 2020 3:26 PM


    Teuchter would you mind giving me the link please?




    It was Bournesoup’s link at 12.50 that carried an article from 2012. By scrolling down to the ” more on this story” links after the article, I found more links followed by ” more on this story” – seems endless. 👍


    Hope this helps.



  6. Lennybhoy,



    Big Mike has dropped a big social media bomb on the huns with the following:



    “New Rangers Kit lands exclusively at Sports Direct 1st August.”



    They haven’t gone away it appears……:)

  7. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Condlences to Stevie,s family and friends.



    Very sad. Rest in peace Stevie.

  8. BELMONTBRIAN on 1ST JULY 2020 6:36 PM


    No apology necessary.


    I don’t recognise any of those guys, must be from a different time but I know James B that ran the club.


    All good with me, if you are ever in the Big Tree give me a shout. If you do get your email sorted I’ll send you my number lennybhoycfc@gmail.com


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  9. leftclicktic on




    Good to see your name sir.


    Hope you and yours are well.HH

  10. Saddened to hear the news on Hunderbirdsaregone


    Huge condolences to all the family



    May Perpetual Light Shine Upon You Stevie




    May you Rest In Peace

  11. Sad news indeed re Hunderbirds


    Condolences to family, friends, and all who knew him.


    RIP Steve




    Sounds good to me.



    I’m currently shielding at the moment, a wee bit of health scare at the turn of the year, but thankfully things are a good bit better.



    If you like your music my son Martin plays drums in various bands. Check out Pronto Mama ( all big Celtic supporters ), Vukovi , Carnivores and Emma Pollock ( The Delgados).



    The guys on ’90 minute cynic’ are big fans also







  13. My condolences to Hunderbirdsaregone family.



    When what has been a light in our life goes out we might think the world is a very dark place, but his light will have been passed on and one day his family will realise they are now the light for others.

  14. Sad reading about HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE met at a hoot or two.


    God bless you Stevie, thoughts and prayers with the family.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Huns in meltdown about Sports Direct having exclusive selling rights. They are truly gullible and as I said the other day, that club has a disproportionate amount of stupid fans😱 in comparison to any other club😂😂😂

  16. why would an agent have to fly in?



    wouldn’t they just speak on the phone?

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I read he also represents David Marshall


    Both are with Stellar

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Thoughts, prayer and sincere condolences with family and loved ones of Stevie Hubnderbirdsaregone. RIP

  19. Is this true about the Huns having to buy from Ashley?.Somebody please tell me it is.

  20. sincere condolences to Stevie on his departure into a better place.a special prayer tonight for his family and friend and those who cared for Stevie.


    God bless you all


    hail hail hunderbirds are gone







  21. Pissing myself laughing at the gullibles.


    So I’m thinking the deal went a little like this.


    Sevco put out advertisement for kit sponsors and get nada, zilch response.


    Well nobody is going to touch them and go to the none too inconsiderable expense when Big Mike can match the offer.


    So they call one of those dignified conclave thingies and argue over who is going to beg to big Mike.


    You call him, I’m no calling him you call him, i called him the last time it’s your turn.


    Can you help us please Mr Ashley, nobody is touching us and we’re a worldwide brand, Dodgy Dave is away, it was all his fault Mike, honestly, we always thought you were a great guy.


    Stop the begging says big Mike, you can use my 2 Bob company Castore the gullibles will buy in their droves.


    It’ll cost you though, all strips will be sold by Sports Direct exclusively, that will teach the idiots that harrassed my staff by bringing stock to the counter and offering a pound .


    Brilliant Mike, thanks we owe you again just like the time you loaned us 10M to keep the Sevco lights on.


    One more thing Mike, any chance of waiting until we’ve sold the season tickets before you announce it, we’re going to have to lie to our fans again.




    So now the truth has prevailed, surely the media will be on the case of the deal.


    Are they really getting 5M a year when Ashley is supplier and distributor?


    Hmmm don’t think so.

  22. yawn yawn



    Dave king did lie


    Dave king squinted


    Did Dave lie? can we clarify lol




  23. Hi Bhoys



    Dunno why some are laughing at sevco fans being lied to by their board.



    Has our board not been doing the same. 🤔




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