Jenz, Kobayashi, Porteous


You and I lived through those torturous months when Neil Lennon’s second stint as manager was clearly about to end.  The murky details were largely kept behind the scenes as the manager, players and club did their best to get on with business until a new strategy was in place.

Contrast to yesterday’s statement by Aberdeen chairman, Dave Cormack.  He prefaced his plan by co-opting other board members by name, a clear attempt at defence is numbers, before going on say Jim Goodwin “will be in the dug-out on Saturday.  However…. the Board and the fans are seeking an immediate response”.

If only demanding change was an effective way to achieving change, Aberdeen would race up the table.  Parts of the football business are horrible; Dave Cormack is in one such place at the moment.  He is not handling it well.

Moritz Jenz didn’t do much wrong in his 19 games for the club.  He is a year older than Yuki Kobayashi, the central defender who replaces him in the squad, but the German has more relevant experience of European football.  Celtic initially hoped to convert his loan spell into a permanent deal, the player was even considered as an alternative to Carl Starfelt when the Swede arrived in 2021.

Moritz now needs to make a success at Schalke, his next expected destination, after dropping out of the picture after early successes at both Lorient and Celtic.  Ryan Porteous is the same age as Moritz and is also likely to leave Scottish football within the next week, as Hibs have accepted a $500k bid from Watford.

It’s harsh on Hibs, who are in terrible form and almost certainly about to lose their best defender and best striker.  They and Aberdeen have to wonder how Hearts manage to outperform them with similar resources.

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  1. You and I lived through those torturous months when Neil Lennon’s second stint as manager was clearly about to end. The murky details were largely kept behind the scenes as the manager, players and club did their best to get on with business until a new strategy was in place.



    what are the murky details ?



    are there plans for book deals ?



    did NFL sign an NDA ?

  2. Yuki in and Jenz out almost immediately after shows how highly we rate our new Left sided centre half. It also shows Ange has the courage of his convictions. We won’t go down wondering



    Jenz was our no 1 target in 2021, he’d obviously been scouted so it wasn’t a random punt. That he’s failed to make the grade shows how little value there is in the European market compared to other less well-scouted areas.

  3. A lot of moral high grounding re another club,Aberdeen this time.Do expand on those murky details P67



    When talking of ‘poster boys of bad stewardship’ would this be the same stewards who looked on Jim Goodwin as a good candidate for our club?



    I wish we would look to our own transparency,and how we go about business instead of looking down on a club we dwarf, inferring this or that,while they go through a caleythistle/clyde like whirlwind of chaos.



    Let us look to ourselves.




  4. But is it a case of Moritz failing to ‘make the grade’ here at CP ?


    What if Kobayashi suddenly morphed into view (and availability) and he saw how much of a fun time Kyogo and Daizen were having in the hoops; and decided to express interest in coming to the other far East ?


    Sad for Jenz having to impress and shine in a bottom of the league Schalke side. Tough gig.,



    Meanwhile, given the Hibees depleted defensive state, surely we’re on the blower offering them Bosun and/or Welshy so these lads can get a proper run of games ??

  5. The other clubs in our league are not particularly strong. In truth that’s why a rotten sevco can consistently beat the rest and get to cup finals.



    It’s also why we have to raise our performance targets above the domestic game look to meet KPIs in European competition.



    ‘What was the strategy?’








    Whether by accident or design the outcome of that episode allowed the huns to keep their heads above water.



    Not an entirely unfortuitous outcome because, as we all know, though might be reluctant to acknowledge out loud, without a viable hun interest in Celtic would diminish.



    What it is to have the smartest guy in the room running things.

  7. Prestonpans bhoys on

    That awful moment when you read the article title


    and think, are we suggesting we sign Porteous. Then the relief when you find out that was not proposed ……. phew 🤷

  8. It’s also why we have to raise our performance targets above the domestic game look to meet KPIs in European competition.



    – I suspect that’s why Jenz got moved on. His performances this year in Euriope were poor. In years gone by we would have bought him based on domestic performances.



    Glad to see it. Ange will want to see tangible euro progress in year 2 or his own credibility will take a hammering.




  9. The biggest problem in Europe this year was missing chances, Kyogo missed 2 one on ones home and away against Shakhtar, Maeda a 6 yard opportunity at home at 0 0 versus Madrid, Juranovic a penalty in Madrid, Celtic could have made the EL from our group and this will have annoyed Ange, chances were missed, oppostion teams punished Celtic for these.

  10. The average age of the Arsenal squad this season is 24.1.


    The average age of the starting 11 is 24 2 years.



    If our strategy is to buy, improve and sell we must be agest.




  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Moritz Jenz looked a good loan player when he came in, but Ange was quick to re establish CCV and Carl Starfelt as the league winning pairing they were and continue to be. We now have four first CB’s five if we count developing Bosun Lawal.



    Six if you count Tomi Iwata who has played CB, we have two players for every position, after that it’s development contracted players.



    There are other non contributing high earners that need to follow Moritz Jenz out of Ange’s revolving door, easier said than done.

  12. I feel sorry for Jenz, who is still a young enough CB to develop further. He may have been judged a failure in Europe because he played in all 6 games for a full 90 minutes, drawing twice with Shaktar and losing both games to Real Madrid and Leipzig. His CB partners in those games were:-



    Real (h) 0:3- CCV


    Shaktar (a) 1:1- CCV


    Leipzig (a) 1:3- Welsh


    Leipzig (h) 0:2- CCV


    Shaktar (h) 1:1- CCV


    Real (a) – 1:5 – Starfelt



    As I said, if these were terrible performances, we might have seen him subbed but he wasn’t. His scores on Jobo’s POTY suggest fans didn’t think he was the weak link in these performances.



    I would note that our leakiest performance was in Game 6 where his defensive partner has been preferred to him, even though that is his only European performance with any of his clubs.



    Of course, Ange gets to see all his CBs in action and it is obvious he prefers CCV (don’t we all) with either Starfelt or Kobayashi as partner. I doubt any fan could say, from our limited watching, that Jenz was a poorer option than either the Swede or the Japanese player. I hope time puts my doubts to rest. I wish Moritz good luck- he wanted to be here and liked being here- and is sad to be sent away, even to Schalke, which would normally be seen as a good gig.

  13. Greenpinata



    Can we have a contrast of £spent with the potential bestest league champions and Celtic?




  14. I know that Anje’s signing record Ha’s been good.



    Maeda,Hatate ,Kyogo ,as successes.



    Ideguchi a failure .




    Anje saw all of these players perform several times ,in the flesh .




    Where I get concerned is when he ( or any manager ) buys a player based on video evidence and recommendations..




    I have seen no record that any of our staff have watched the South Korean in the flesh ,once ,never mind several times..




    The same with Bernabia.




    This type of recruitment is even more fraught with danger.




    Over the years we have wasted multi millions .



    Bangura,Baldie,Bayo,Bolingoli,Soro, Barkas.



    Just as a snapshot example .




    Then there is the expert who decided AJeti would be a better buy than Toney.




    Whenever I read or hear that we should put blind faith in trusting our recruitment ,because we have professional experts in charge .




    My brain poses the question .




    Marvin Comper.





  15. SFTB



    My apologies for not responding to your post that made comment to one of my posts the other day .


    ( I can’t actually recall ,what I posted )



    I do however remember reading your comment and thinking .


    Yep ,fair comment.






    Good afternoon all from Kehoe’s, a classic Dublin pub.




    I used to pronounce it Kehoe’s but my wife laughed and said it was Kehoe’s.


    Now you are saying Kehoe’s; I’m confused

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    Players always profess sadness and undying love to the supporters they leave behind.



    What else can they say? The

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    Quite a few Celtic shirts around town today, mostly youngsters. Haven’t seen any EPL which is surprising. Not much interest for the Man U game in the Lord Edward last night either.

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Coneybhoy 1.47


    I’m on the Guinness and Powers whiskey M. I’m getting confused anaw. 🤣

  20. My initial thoughts were that Anje’s philosophy on football was naive,and that he would fail at Celtic.



    On a domestic front ,I’m ecstatic that he has mostly proved my opinion to be very wrong.



    On a European front I think that he has been close ,but no cigar.



    Going forward domestically.


    We only have The Darnel as serious contenders for the league .


    We are favourites to beat everyone in the cups , with it being 50/50 when we face The Darnel.



    Beale has done better than I expected.


    He has done this by having the benefit of first choice central defenders fit ,and playing Kent further up the park ,where he is more often ,one on one with his marker ,in the final third .


    The same with Sakala.


    Both players have a confidence that they can hurt Celtic .


    Especially Kent ,now that JJ has gone.



    I will be delighted if they lose Kent in the summer .


    They don’t need Kent to beat the other SPFL teams ,but they need him to beat us .



    In a two horse race .The head to heads are pivotal.



    The LC final is a toss of a coin .



    I think the outcome will be decided on how our fullbacks cope with Sakala and Kent .



    We are very attacking ,but leave ourselves open to being attacked.



    There are 3 ,possibly 4 ,derbies left this season.



    Hearts ,especially at Tynecastle ,will prove a test also.



    Win the derbies .


    We smash the Beale revival .



    Anjeball will be tested domestically very soon .



    On a European front .


    I don’t think our player trading this window ,has made us any stronger .




  21. BRRB



    Pace yersel! I definitely have noticed more interest in Celtic with my daughters mates. Used to laugh when she said she supported Celtic a few years ago. Some of it linked to upsurge in nationalism possibly. She says everyone sings Celtic Symphony in the young bars etc

  22. Saint Stivs


    We knew when we bought him that he had a previous serious injury .


    He had missed many matches ,due to his injury record.



    He was a victim of an act of violence .


    Not his or Anje’s fault .



    But he has been fit for months and not been able to break into the team.



    His signing has failed .



    Similar to Soutar at The Darnel .



    Players with historic injury problems throughout their career ,rarely improve their injury problems with age .




  23. TT,



    Predictably gloomy outlook. Talk down Celtic, talk up the Huns. Beale has been lucky since he joined. Performances disjointed and the odd moment has seen them through.



    He has a team literally at the end of its cycle and no assets to sell. They are skint, about to surpass our wage bill and are being watched, finally, by UEFA. See low value signings in Whittaker and Raskin, both surplus to requirements, and both still not arrived.



    There is no Beale revival. It’s built on a house of sand, puffed up by the MSM, and as we keep doing our business effectively, we have the opposite of their problems – money to spend, assets to sell and the better team/squad.



    Finally, let’s also judge the new boys when they are actually in Europe.




  24. Guchi was a low risk transfer when we needed bodies. Phase one of Ange. We needed bodies.



    He arrived at the same time as more-coveted Hatate, then seen Mooy, Abildgard and recently Iwata arrive.



    He was insurance. The injury curtailed his appearances but when the cavalry arrived for phase 2, he was always likely to go, as has proved to be the case.



    Pragmatic, short-term cover.




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