Jenz parallels with Jota


At 23, German central defender Moritz Jenz emerged from the Fulham youth setup two years ago.  A season in Switzerland with Lausanne, then one in France with Lorient, 45 games in total, is apparently enough to convince Celtic to move for the player.

Interestingly, before leaving London, he was in the same Fulham youth team as Matt O’Riley.  It seems likely that much of our scouting of the player took place before he left England.

Last season was a start-stop period for Moritz.  He kept his place in the team until injury kept him out for six weeks until December.  Thereafter he was as often on the bench as the starting line-up, as Lorient struggled to avoid relegation.

The parallels with Jota are also interesting.  Moritz is one month younger than the Portuguese, who also drifted between starting line-up and bench before arriving at Celtic, as his previous club struggled near the bottom of the league.

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  1. Responding to 79 caps from last thread:



    79Caps – I recall Hatate, Ideguchi, Turnbull and Calmac all been injured at various times last season. Some lengthy ones too. With Rogic and Biton gone, we need some extra guile and experience in there. Better to have 1-2 unhappy players (assuming that the likes of MCarthy and Ideguchi are desperate to play) than the alternative of not having back up 3-4 months from now.

  2. Reports suggest the move wasn’t a good fit for him



    Celtic play in a very particular way, we face different challenges every week to most teams. Battling relegation and trying to break down teams while having 75% possession are two very different propositions



    Ange seems to know the sort of player who’ll work regardless of how they’ve done elsewhere. He’s also an excellent coach who gets more out of players in his system than other coaches



    He’s 6’ 4” so will appeal to the height nazis



    Our first choice center half signing from last summer is now backup to the best central defensive partnership we’ve had in a long time



    It turned out nice again

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  4. Deniabhoy



    Yes, but seven (?) midfielders seems a lot to me. And what chance will youngsters like Laval and Vata get? Still, Ange knows best. Moving on McCarthy will be difficult, as the clown who signed him for 4 seasons gave him top wages.

  5. Tell you what, if the potential new bhoy plays as well as he speaks he might be a wee bit special….




    Jenz said: “I don’t see myself as a classic central defender who tries to ruin the game. I see myself more as the first line of attack and a player who builds up play.


    “I love having the game in front of me, dictating what pace we go at. I also try to learn a lot from my role models Jerome Boateng and Leonardo Bonucci.


    “Of course, I would love a career as good as either of them, but football isn’t about aspirations, it’s about creating and fulfilling a dream.


    “In football, it’s like in real life. If you’re convinced of something, then try to be the best at it and do your thing, even if others want to stop you from doing it.”


    And Jenz admits he isn’t your typical young player – he has campaigned tirelessly for marine conservation.


    He explained: “It might sound a bit odd, but I’m not interested in material things.


    “When I got my first salary, I didn’t buy an expensive watch or anything like that. The money stays in my account for the difficult times ahead.


    “I also love visiting museums. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a historical museum or an art museum, somehow it calms me down and inspires me at the same time.


    “I’m passionate about ocean conservation. Everyone has the same responsibility for a clean world. On holiday once, I saw what happens when animals come into contact with plastic.


    “It is therefore my duty to draw attention to the dangers of micro-plastics, for example via Instagram. I know I can’t make the world a better place on my own, but when five people are more aware of themselves and the environment, then I’ve already achieved a lot.”


    Jenz has already had experience of British-style football after a five-year stint at Fulham as a youngster and he admitted it toughened him up.


    He recalled: “I thought Berlin was tough, but it was nothing like London. The training was hard, not in terms of intensity, but in terms of physicality.


    “My teammates showed me that they didn’t like it that a German took their place away from them. If there’s one thing I learned in England, it was not to put up with anything and to show toughness in the game.


    “Overall, my time at Fulham was brilliant. I made enormous progress both personally and athletically. For me, Fulham is a great club and I hope to be able to play for this club again in the Premier League at some point.”


    And Jenz has unusual ways of keeping himself sharp and on top of his game.


    He insisted: “Being a professional footballer means not only being able to use the ball well, but also being mentally ready for it.


    “I always thought things like meditation or mental training were very silly, but now I realise how good they are for me.


    “I’m convinced that as a footballer you can only perform at your best if you also allow your body to rest.”

  6. I don’t believe for a second that Ange was involved in the McCarthy signing, no one in their right mind could have watched McCarthy in recent times and thought he could do a job for us, particularly with the playing style Ange has implemented. Our major shareholder acting like the owner again, he should pay the wages.



    The only time we should have signed McCarthy was before he left Scotland.

  7. Tom McLaughlin on




    What chance will youngsters like Laval {sic} and Vata get?



    So you want Celtic to deliberately lower the standard of the squad just to make it easier for younger players to break through? Great footballing philosophy right there.



    If a young player is good enough he’ll make the grade. It’s not a managers job to make it easier for him by not signing better first team ready players.

  8. Maccargo thanks for posting that. He seems to fit the Ange mould in every way.



    I’ve quit all social media recently so getting my celtic news almost exclusively here and from celtic’s Web page. One positive unforseen benefit of this is the ability to receive actual nes from actual people without me saying ‘aye I saw that’. Actual conversations start when I get told about armour or a signing. Like old times! Would recommend 😁

  9. The deal may have been a year too long for Mccarthy at 30 but with Brownie going he seemed like a very good signing at the time.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Celtic in the process od bringing in two more new signings and the discussion is about theJames McCarthy signing. He was signed a year ago. Why are people still mumping their gums about it? Whatever you say about it has been done to death many times over.



    Get over it.



    Move on.

  11. I’d say that shows that many Celtic fans don’t really watch any football outside Scotland.



    Nothing about McCarthy’s ability and form suggested he’d be anything but a massive gamble.

  12. I am JMcC …



    Plenty of seats still available on the bus.


    Not really much of a bus — more a large taxi.

  13. quadrophenian on

    MACCARGO on 19TH JULY 2022 10:39 AM


    Tell you what, if the potential new bhoy plays as well as he speaks he might be a wee bit special….





    Good share, ta.


    Watching Jenz YouTube reel, he plays a lot like a CH we used to love; that bloke called Chris Jullien; whatever happened to him, eh??

  14. DR @ StM — the 17yr old who has gotten away.


    Interesting call for him between our B team and the SPL with StM.



    Will he be a starter for StM from the off or will it be later?


    Would have hoped that he would have been a starter for the B Team.



    One to watch — how he develops this season vs what was on offer from us.

  15. THE_HUDDLE on 19TH JULY 2022 10:58 AM



    Bit patronizing! KDS is a bit of a madhouse but there’s a lot of football knowledge on there.

  16. The McCarthy and Duffy signings, more than most,ade me finally quit commenting on what a good signing is. Thought both of them were going to do the business, albeit in different ways.



    Duffy started quite well with us and has proved a decent player again having left us. Just didn’t work for reasons that may emerge years from now, or maybe he just wasn’t quite fit enough and his girm was poor.



    McCarthy, to be fair to him, hasn’t had any run of games to grow into it but equally I don’t think he’s let himself or us down when brought on to see games out. On the odd occasion that he has started he’s done OK. St Johnstone away with a very depleted squad and an injured Kyogo stands out as a really important one. I wouldn’t say he’s been a poor signing. Equally I can’t say he has been a good signing or value for money.

  17. Can’t understand the Mooy signing when we already have Mccarthy.


    What we need is young mobile defensive midfielder to allow Calum to move forward to his favoured and best position.

  18. Re the anticipated new Bhoys, Ange has had an incredible hit rate with the players he has brought in so far,


    It goes without saying that it is nigh impossible that every player bought in will be successful,


    However Ange has already built up enough street cred that if he OKs Aaron & Moritz then it’s OK with me,



    Re James McCarthy, the only error there was the 4 yr contract at his age.


    A year with an option to extend for another year would have been the ideal contract but maybe James said it was 4 yrs or no deal,


    At this stage it does look like a bad deal but not as bad as Ajeti.

  19. Quadrophenian – if that’s the same clip I watched I thought he had a similar stature but it was entirely tackling and no clips of passing or running with the ball. He also looks a bit ‘fuller’ of figure than Julien. I like my CBs to be the kind of guy strikers bounce off in contact!



    Hopefully he can play a bit. He’ll need to be able to in this team.

  20. The consensus was, contract was a bit long but if he stayed fit he’d do a great job for us



    He stayed fit, didnt do a great job



    He seemed perfectly able to hold his own at a mid table epl team but not against Livingston. He never really got much of a look in after that game



    He didn’t get a decent pre season last year so maybe we’ll see more of him from now on

  21. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Reid was not coming to Celtic,yes ‘others’ have Hannah,Allan,Brown and Taylor,but I believe family,and the 17 year old in a Celtic strip was not on.

  22. quadrophenian on

    ROBERTTRESSELL on 19TH JULY 2022 11:23 AM


    Quadrophenian – if that’s the same clip I watched I thought he had a similar stature but it was entirely tackling and no clips of passing or running with the ball. He also looks a bit ‘fuller’ of figure than Julien. I like my CBs to be the kind of guy strikers bounce off in contact!


    Hopefully he can play a bit. He’ll need to be able to in this team.






    The parallels I saw were those telescopic legs that blocked moves and took possession away from attackers. That and the ability to stand tall, not dive in [a la Kris Ajer] and move it on quickly to more creative players. Evidently CJs cards are marked; he needs a fresh start and we need the wasted wages freed.

  23. If McCarthy is on a low basic wage with add ons for appearances then I think that’s a good deal for us. He’s a good option from the bench to help see games out. We look to be reinforcing the weaker areas of the squad this summer and we’ve done it early.



    There’s a nervousness when you see the huns signing players.



    From what I saw of them last season, GVB didn’t alter a thing about their play under Gerrard.



    If he’s now going to implement his own style, it will take time to bed in and it very much is open to question how suited any new style will be for their old guard of players.

  24. Neither Mooy or Lens have signed yet.


    Get them in the door first.


    Just a prudent this second in time




  25. Rip Eddie,father of cqn’r Sipsini


    Laid to rest this morning



    Eternal rest grant unto thee oh lord


    And let perpetual light shine upon him.



    God bless




  26. celtic40me on 19th July 2022 11:27 am



    I don’t remember any such consensus, however I am not on here 24 hrs a day. Based upon my Celtic circle of friends and family no one I know was happy with the McCarthy signing. Indulgent pish by TGD. He would have been nowhere near us if he were not an Irish international. As for those saying lets move on its done now, I totally disagree, we need to learn from our mistakes not compound them. TGD continues to get involved in the footballing side of the club he should back off.

  27. bournesouprecipe on

    If James McCarthy had had a Shane Duffy type deal he like Duffers wouldn’t be at Celtic anymore. Try before you by buy when you’re in the diamond raking part of the transfer market, is way to go. Negotiating the transfer fees for Jota and CCV last year, not this proved good business sense by Celtic.

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