Jeopardy of international travel


While we are all feeling confident ahead of the title run-in, things can change quickly, especially with a monitored infectious disease spreading through society.  In little over a week we go to Ibrox, where our hosts are already fretting over the absence of a player who tested positive after flying to Zambia on international duty.

Travel through international airports, on connecting coaches and flights, brings a jeopardy until domestic travel.  With so many players away on international duty and set to return in the days before going to Ibrox, we face a lottery.  There is nothing Celtic can do about this and little the players can do.  It will be a tense few days when they arrive back at Lennoxtown.

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  2. There is nothing Celtic can do about this and little the players can do.







    Maybe stop using the word ‘Covid’. That way it will no longer exist.

  3. LEFTCLICKTIC on 24TH MARCH 2022 12:07 PM


    What a braw day



    Nice to see some fresh blog positivity LEFTY ;)

  4. Syria go 1-0 up in Lebanon, jeopardizing host’s hopes of gaining third place in Group and overtaking UAR.

  5. We have taken the 700 tickets for Ibrox, selling on our website, which means we will give them the same for Celtic Park……….should have told them to shove them

  6. Penalty to Syria.


    VAR check.




    2-0 Syria. Lebanese qualification hopes hanging by a thread.

  7. Don’t be kidded here, Sakala and Roofe having Covid Belfast style, so that they don’t have to travel for international games……Fat Charlie subbed on Sunday sitting with an icepack on his leg……they are at it….

  8. The cost of the security and all other things associated with keeping 700 of them from causing mayhem is not worth it. It doesn’t even add to the spectacle for TV, what a stupid, stupid, decision, por cierto.

  9. Players in Syria- Lebanese go down writhing as if shot when tackled, then mysteriously recover. Such a difference from the Oz – Japan contest.

  10. How do you know if you have an O** F*** mentality?



    If you support or are indifferent (cos you won’t be able to go) about our participation in the Sydney tournament, are you supporting an O** F*** model?



    But if you oppose it , whether going or not, you are sharing view with the fans of the other half of the O** F***???



    If you urge Celtic to forego their participation because the Ibrox club are also there, will you forego criticism of Celtic when they are unable to retain a player or attract player because they missed out on this easy money?



    Confused MSc



    There is no security in the bathrooms. They will be demolished, as per usual, or even por cierto!😊



    Syria now 3-0 up on Lebanon. Practically guarantees United Arab Republic will face Aussies in play-offs.

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 24TH MARCH 2022 12:38 PM


    We have taken the 700 tickets for Ibrox, selling on our website, which means we will give them the same for Celtic Park……….should have told them to shove them



    You and I can live without the tramps.


    Our plc as Dermot points out would play them every day.a moral tramp.




  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Ole Govanhill looking glorious in the spring sunshine.

  14. Having endured the 2nd February traumatic experience, my guess is the Ibrox hierarchy do not wish to return to CP for the final derby without any fans. They just want to see some blue among an ocean of green.



    I agree with those who have already said it should be back to the old days, 7,500 each, or none at all. None at all would certainly suit the cops.




    Old firm is a term of continuity imo


    It has been adopted by Sevco since shatoot day.


    First rung of the ladder that end up in child abuse



    Do you recall when huns used to correct you when talking Celtic shatoot games,they used to always insist on being first.



    I can only see wrong coming on our club associating with Shatoot fc outwith our designated fixtures.



    It is not exporting a fixture its exporting the hatred.


    I hope they do withdraw,there is no logic to playing them,if it were another team no problems.alas Judas coin comes into play,so we need the money…yup we are tramps too if thats all it takes




  16. If supporters dont buy the tickets for Ibrox there isn’t an issue, but will they, will the association affiliation and executives who qualify refuse them?


    Celtic as a club could have saved all this by saying full Broomloan or none.

  17. God forbid if anything serious happens to the 700 Celtic Supporters over at Ibrox ,I’m pretty sure there will be compensation claims going to Celtic and Sevco football clubs ,personally Celtic shouldn’t put there fans in any danger on the 3rd of April ,but I suppose money is more important than lives .

  18. thems started and now thems have decided to give us 700 when it suits them , tell thems to get stuffed and that we don’t need them .

  19. Our fans and their safety should come first.



    Preference should be give to our fans to watch Celtic at Parkhead rather than” entertaining ” 700 neanderthals.




  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dortmund got 2,200 for the midden,why 700 anyway? As a Bhoy posted, the added security and vandalism costs will be ridiculous, we should have drew a line in the sand here,home fans only, until the previous allocation is reinstated.

  21. 700 need the same arrangements as 7500 at Celtic Park footprint. Roughly 25%



    However, Celtic fans result in 6800 fans being squeezed into the remaining 75%. The NE turnstiles will be overloaded



    There are serious Safety Issues here

  22. An Tearmann



    I don’t see Celtic or the Sydney people using the O** F*** label so we stepped away from the first rung. The child abuse taunts will continue and they will not solely come from Ibrox adherents.



    Good Tims in Oz and NZ will love a chance to see Celtic and will cope fine with being confronted by, largely ex-pat dead club adherents, possibly less likely to be of the virulent type. I find it difficult to be in attendance at games against them in Scotland (and I am aware these are compulsory) but seek to deprive ex-pats of the experience. If we were due to play them in a Euro final (I know the odds are long) we would have to expose the inhabitants go Germany, Italy, Spain or Switzerland to this spectacle but it would be attended.



    If their bigot wing is against participating with us , I am all for embarrassing that bigot wing by rising above it.



    My biggest worry is that we will field a reserve team, with WC participanrts, and will get beat. My best hope is that they withdraw and a Japanese team is invited, or a Melbourne team so there is Oz rivalry.

  23. Without getting into the ticketing debate, is there not an SPFL rule about allocating at least a minimum number of tickets to the away club? I thought that was a given.

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 24TH MARCH 2022 12:38 PM


    We have taken the 700 tickets for Ibrox, selling on our website, which means we will give them the same for Celtic Park……….should have told them to shove them



    BADA, that also means the ridiculous security arrangements for 700 ‘fans’ that police assume cannot/will not behave, arrangements which have major disruptive effects for thousands and thousands of Celtic fans. The utter nonsense of having to walk all the way around the Emirates (before but mainly after the game) just to avoid going near just over 1% of the 60,000 in attendance pissed me off mightily before and would do so again!



    At the last ever ‘Old Firm’ game (3 – 0 to the good ghuys) the Ranjurs had their full allocation of fans at the game and I don’t remember major disruption. Fast forward to their first trip to Celtic Park as a new club and there was mayhem and near catastrophe under the North Stand as we tried to accommodate a much smaller number of visitors with stupid security arrangements which protected the visitors but put our fans in actual danger.



    As you said “….shove them.”

  25. prestonpans bhoys on

    The last time they were allowed in where they not told to be in two hours beforehand as their gates would be shut, offering no entry??

  26. Some of my best experiences as a Celtic fan have come when watching us winning at Ibrox.



    My old man never saw Celtic win a league game there in 40 years because we never did.



    This past 40 years we have won about 25. I have been to almost all of them. Watched them and enjoyed them from all parts of the stadium.



    Why would it be right to deny the 700 lucky supporters to enjoy the ultimate experience of a win and a giant step toward the title on 3rd April ? Why would it be right to deny the team a modicum of support at such a crucial fixture ?



    I was luck enough to see Eddie and Johny Hayes score in winning the last time we had fans there and for me it was a fantastic day. Right up with the best of them.



    I wish it was more tickets but struggle to see the point of not taking any. Surely that just gives them an advantage?

  27. Burnley78



    Good points well made. But I think that the issue for most is that they would rather there were no Huns in Celtic Park not just in the last game against them this season but ever. So many people who have been to see Celtic play the Huns, both home and away all commented about how good the last game was because there were no Huns, 700 or 7,000.


    I assume if we accept 700 then we will need to offer the Huns 700, that’s the issue.

  28. They are giving us 700 tickets now because their players absolutely crapped it in a Tim only Cektic park.



    And COVID is indeed the great lottery but why blog on it? We can’t control it, we can only deal with it if it happens. Unnecessary worry is no good for anyone.

  29. The away ticket allocation is a fiasco of Sevco’s own making and comparisons of great away wins against the original club they have no relevance it’s akin to acknowledging one title, as 55. When Celtic began scudding Sevco into oblivion when they started in the SPL, a solution had to be found to gain any advantage. They chose squeezing in another few thousand fans that were desolate because they had let Rainjurz die. These tickets have never really been sold, there are no official figures just like the transfer fee for Annan Ramsey or Nathan Patterson they can’t sell out their European adventures hence Dortmund’s 2,500.



    Here we have a new club literally running amok in Glasgow even when they win, a club worse than the one that should have been made contrite and start all over again properly and in their entirety. Riding rough shod over the SFA and blatantly breaking every rule in the book including flagrant abuse of the League sponsor Cinch.



    Down with the OZ game, I say.

  30. I’m surprised sevco can assure the security of 700 Celtic fans in their stadium, as they couldn’t guarantee the security of one in the broadcasting suite.

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