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Great to see so many names from years ago back on the blog yesterday.  As well as the jetsam and flotsam of life at Celtic, there have been times when the blog has had real value to the few, and occasionally, to the many.  Once or twice, we’ve made a real difference to our club.

Our ability to add value correlates directly with the great contributions which appear here; sometimes when people offer remarkable insight, sometimes when many aggregate their thoughts to analyse an issue.

My guess is that there will be moments in the next decade when that insight and aggregation will be needed, so thanks to everyone who keeps the place sane through the flotsam days, before the biggies emerge.  Thanks also for yesterday’s enormous support.  The untold stories of acts of kindness and generosity from the community over the decade are so numerous they are no longer exceptional.  It’s a great place to be a part of.

There are changes ahead.  A new blog design is on the way and the Quick News section will retire this summer.  Canajunbhoy has exclusively posted the section in the wee small hours for the best part of the decade, so he more than deserves peace to hang up his keyboard.  My sincere thanks for all his help.

CQteN was an enormous success and built three school kitchens in Malawi for Mary’s Meals (photos from the last two are on the way).  It was also enormous fun.  We’re going to do it again, although I’m not sure yet if it has the legs to be an annual event/bi-annual or other.  Open to ideas.

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  1. For all those thinking of eating after the game in Edinburgh tonight just remember;



    “you’ll have had your tea”.

  2. Summa- Paul67 is heading of on holiday today I believe. Maybe one of his admins can help or your pal might have to wait 2 weeks :-(

  3. Drambowiecelt on

    Art of War@ 10.59


    What a sensible suggestion,get that forwarded to J.P


    the liason chappie.


    Strange how all the red tape can blootered thru when it suits eh?






  4. Good Morning to the best blog on the ‘ol interweb



    Anywhere showing the match tonight?

  5. LiviBhoy – you going to the Melville?



    Lionsroar – just completed the survey – was emailed directly as I completed last year also

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    08:55 on 22 July, 2014



    Hahahahahahaha …….. I’m glad you didn’t call me paranoid …..!!!!!!

  7. On The Overseas Season Ticket here is an extract from an article I drafted when they announced it this year.



    ” I’m not sure how many of you will have seen the Celtic announcement of 3rd June with the heading






    at http://www.celticfc.net/news/5997



    that provides information about the Overseas Season Ticket arrangement and costs for this coming season, but if you are a Celtic supporter resident overseas or spend much of the winter in warmer climes then you might be interested in reading on.



    I will not repeat the information at the above link but when renewing (I was amongst the first to apply when I was lucky enough to be able to fly south for the winter in 2012) I was told that in this season just ended that 850 invitations were sent out to various organisations in Glasgow working in the social care field and I got a list from The Celtic Foundation of who they were and what they do. The following is a list of those organisations who were able to benefit from the OST:



    • Ballikinrain


    • Barnardos


    • Blue Triangle Housing


    • Cancer Support Scotland


    • Calton Parent Network Group


    • Coatbridge Citizen Advice


    • DASH


    • Drylaw YPC


    • East End Kids and Co


    • Geeza Break


    • Glasgow Social Work Department


    • Glasgow East Women’s Aid


    • Hopscotch Children’s Charity


    • Loretta Care


    • MacMillan Cancer Support


    • Pavillion Youth Cafe


    • PBC Foundation


    • PEEK (Possibilities East End Kids)


    • Playbusters


    • Reidvale Adventure Play Association


    • Rosemount Lifelong Learning


    • Scottish Association for Mental health


    • Scottish Autism


    • St Andrews Hospice


    • Talk Now


    • Teenage Cancer Trust


    • The Arch Project


    • The Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project


    • The Haven


    • The National Autistic Society


    • The Outward Bound Trust


    • Unity


    • With Kids (Big Issue Foundation)



    I also received a note of what each does and have uploaded that to






    for readers to browse through.



    On a personal level, as an ex Calton boy (or can you never take the Calton oot of a Calton boy, no matter where in the world they end up?) I was happy to see a group from the Calton got the chance to see Celtic, but I also got a kick out of seeing Geezabrek, The Greater Easterhouse Alcohol project, Rosemount Lifelong Learning, Glasgow Social Work Department named, all of whom I worked with in advising on database and other IT matters in my part time role as an IT Capacity Builder after my early retirement from full time work in 2000.



    On a family level I have also experienced what great good the St Andrews Hospice does and The Blue Triangle too in a most difficult area of work with younger adults.



    I am reminded in reading that list of the impression I gained over 4 or 5 years working with those organizations (and I’ll throw in The Mungo Foundation although they are not on the list) just how much they do care for the less fortunate in society, but also how much they not only depend but also thrive on being cared about themselves.



    If you ever want to see the spirit of Celtic in action just visit some of these organisations at work as I was lucky to be able to do.



    That takes me back to the OST and putting that Celtic spirit to work. If you live overseas and can afford the £250 please sign up for an OST.



    If you already are a Celtic TV subscriber abroad on the standard TV quality subscription level at £138.88 a year, why not top up to the extra £111.12, especially if you are planning to visit home and can use up any of the 5 match day tickets that you can order in advance and collect before the game?



    If you are a Premium subscriber at £179.91 then the top up is only £79.91 but for technical reasons the picture quality is at the standard not Premium level. From my rented place in Spain where Telefonica were delivering Broadband over the public telephone network that was more than adequate for uninterrupted viewing from the sun terrace.



    I hope this encourages those overseas supporters who get a good broadband service and can afford the cost to sign up.



    Hail Hail

  8. Drambowiecelt- cheers. Funny that isn’t it. Where there is political will, there is a way.



    Just think that when the stadium is signed off and handed back to us there is the opportunity to do something positive for the fans.



    How do you contact JP anyhow? :-)

  9. embramike


    11:36 on


    22 July, 2014



    Lionsroar – just completed the survey – was emailed directly as I completed last year also



    Good man

  10. connaire12



    11:26 on 22 July, 2014



    Looking forward to the first “home” game of the season. Last time I was in Murrayfield Pope St John Paul II was there on his first stop during his visit to Scotland. Hope it is another glorious night at Murrayfield.




    My wife was singing in the choir that night.



    All her prayers were answered when she met me, two years later and, were still hopelessly in love wi each other.



    Talking of Edinburgh….I met my wife later after the game were we cuffed the Jambos 5-0 at Tynecastle November 16 1984.



  11. For all those invited or willing to complete the survey that the University of Stirling are conducting, linked in lionroars post of 11.26, could I ask you to consider the following.



    The SNP, via the Justice Committee, are using the University of Stirling to evaluate the impact of the Offensive Behavior at Football Act. I fear that the format of this questionnaire contains an in-built bias which will elicit a lot of responses which will back a conclusion that the OBaF Act has successfully reduced Offensive Behaviour.



    You are offered a 1000 character length box to input your own response to the survey without being offered the framework I am giving above. I gave an edited version of this original reply, below. It would be good if other responders felt able to give a variation on this as i was not given room to comment on the poor arresting formats of FOCUS, the hassle that protestors against the Act have faced, or the various conflicting Sheriff Court decisions that have described it as “mince”.



    Anyway, my comments were:-



    “I am concerned that the framing of the questions in this questionnaire are inadequate in order to determine the remit you have been given i.e. to examine the effect of the implementation of the OBaF Act.


    Nowhere are we invited to express a view on whether it is fair and democratic to criminalise behaviour at football but not elsewhere, nowhere are terms like terrorist even defined and, as the term inevitably carries pejorative tones, it will be difficult to avoid that knee-jerk tendency to equate political support with terrorist support.


    Nowhere do you examine the effects of the concurrent and much more momentous effect of the liquidation of Rangers FC and the separation that has provided from the most conflicted fixture. As this event is largely contemporaneous with the OBaF Act, I fear the SNP and researchers will be compromised in mistaking improvements brought about by the former effect, being attributed to the latter.


    Lastly, nowhere have you allowed for comment on the effect the OBaF Act has had on the behaviour of the police, especially the FOCUS Unit, or of ground stewards and clubs, feeling under licensing pressure from less accountable police bodies.


    In short, you are in grave danger of confirming the bias of the Survey Sponsors, the SNP, in the way that these questions have been framed and the effects that are being tapped by them.”

  12. Drambowiecelt on

    Art of War


    Don’t know mate I think he’s readily available thru the Fishul site.


    I’m sure Auldheid H.T etc know him…………. I think.







  13. embramike



    I’m meeting my dad at the Station Tavern. He runs the Livi CSC and is coming on the bus. It’s easy for me because I can walk it in 2 mins and walk through the Sainsbury’s to get to Murrayfield.




  14. Ritchie #teamoscarforever



    Any updated info on Live Dangerously in the 5:00 today??



    Cheers HH

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    Yes the Roseburn is near the ground.



    I am thinking of taking the park and ride option by leaving the car at Ingleston and coming in on the tram with the three young ones and finding an eatery and a beerery somewhere close by.







  16. 15:40 on


    21 July, 2014



    NBCelt if your on see this post if you didnt get sorted



    15:24 on


    21 July, 2014


    Hey Guys, I asked on the article from Yesterday if there were any spare tickets on here for tomorrow night as I am just back from being out of the country and thought I would miss the game but now won’t. I noticed that one was but has now gone. Does anyone else need to sell one if they cant make it. I am in Edinburgh so can meet at game or tomorrow during the day if needed.butsybhoy


    10:51 on


    22 July, 2014





    got a spare FREE ticket for the game, will be around Murrayfield Hotel around 7 ish.



    will be coming off a supporters bus. Whitestar coach



    Hail Hail

  17. that clearly didnt work lol



    NBCelt if your about there is a spare ticket going see post 10:51




  18. Richie #TeamOscarForever on



    On track for the 2.00 train. Tune hotel sounds braw!





    LD has flattered to deceive at times and you never know how he will do on the day. He’s has breathing problems in the past which surgery sorted but never managed to take his form on the gallops onto the track.



    Tongue-tie removed and no cheek-pieces and with Joe Fanning on board, he’ll not get a better chance to fulfil his promise.



    Could only ever go e/w

  19. Auldheid 11:40



    thanks for that post as is so often the case a lot of good things our great club does goes unnoticed by our fans a lot of things going on behind the scenes that take a lot of time and money to organise. I hope your post convinces more to take up the os ticket option




  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma



    Hampton is good for a scran.




  21. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Cosy Corner Bhoy


    Welcome to the madhouse:)))))





    good post last night sir





    Dont be a stranger my friend Y.N.W.A





    Thoughts are with you & yours




    Everyone that is at the game tonight Have a ball :))))

  22. scotlands shame on

    Id guess some of these older gentlemen in ryries are good cqn men!!! Whose round is it?

  23. Just got the bus up the road and there are Tims in the Lloyds bar at the Omni Centre. As far from Murrayfield as you can get!


    The sun and green and white jerseys. Beautiful sight!