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Great to see so many names from years ago back on the blog yesterday.  As well as the jetsam and flotsam of life at Celtic, there have been times when the blog has had real value to the few, and occasionally, to the many.  Once or twice, we’ve made a real difference to our club.

Our ability to add value correlates directly with the great contributions which appear here; sometimes when people offer remarkable insight, sometimes when many aggregate their thoughts to analyse an issue.

My guess is that there will be moments in the next decade when that insight and aggregation will be needed, so thanks to everyone who keeps the place sane through the flotsam days, before the biggies emerge.  Thanks also for yesterday’s enormous support.  The untold stories of acts of kindness and generosity from the community over the decade are so numerous they are no longer exceptional.  It’s a great place to be a part of.

There are changes ahead.  A new blog design is on the way and the Quick News section will retire this summer.  Canajunbhoy has exclusively posted the section in the wee small hours for the best part of the decade, so he more than deserves peace to hang up his keyboard.  My sincere thanks for all his help.

CQteN was an enormous success and built three school kitchens in Malawi for Mary’s Meals (photos from the last two are on the way).  It was also enormous fun.  We’re going to do it again, although I’m not sure yet if it has the legs to be an annual event/bi-annual or other.  Open to ideas.

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  1. Som mes que un club on




    No idea if you are lurking, but on Friday I cancelled my Sky Sports subscription.



    Now I know we had a “discussion” a week or so ago about the merits of The Murdoch Empire, but I hope you will be suitably impressed I have decided to cancel.



    It wasn’t for the reasons you suggested, more so that I am not normally at home to watch the flaming games they pride themselves on marketing. 1605 on a Sunday is of no good whatsoever to me, and let’s face it, neither is Huddersfield against Brentford on a Saturday lunchtime.



    So, one less subscriber to Sky Sports.

  2. captain beefheart



    18:25 on 21 July, 2014




    I used to have that same opinion but now for me, there are a few clubs out there who I want to see do well….. Legia for one, but it’s always Celtic 1st.



  3. Wow. If anybody wants to see an example of our failed striker policy / penny pinching / end of spend what you earn policy. Just look at squad for tomorrow night and tell me if any Celtic fan can remember a squad for a European game where none of our strikers have reached double figures with our club??


    Shame And our club are looking at loans for new year

  4. Captain Beefheart on

    Greetings South of Tunis.



    Some Eccentric Soul compilations are providing a delightful soundtrack to this summer. What treasures they are. Blades of Grass also.



    What on earth are Rubentus playing at with their new appointment incidentally?

  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Calling all former St Augustine’s in Milton Pupils.



    Some time ago I put a post up on here about how my mum had taught in the Milton when St Augustine’s first opened.



    Many posters recalled her and various other teachers, of whom by far the most popular was the “gorgeous” Miss Ord who was a few years younger than my mum.



    Moira Ord was thought of as a bit of a “dish” by those who remembered her.



    Well, this morning the said “dish” was one of those who carried the Commonwealth Games Baton along Great Western Road and unlike some of those who carried the Baton while walking, or ran at a leisurely pace, Miss Ord — who is now 72 — took off like the clappers and sprinted her 200 yards like a young thing.



    If I could upload a picture on here I would, but I will manage to put it up on the CQN Facebook page and my Twitter page for those who are interested.







  6. embramike



    17:48 on 21 July, 2014


    Celtic News Now ‏@CelticNewsNow 9m



    Anthony Stokes out of Champions League tie http://bit.ly/1rjDZdm #Celtic #Scotsman



    Thigh muscle injury semmingly



    joe filippis haircut






    Shows the perils of engaging in a ‘low five’ with the manager! Always go with the high 5 option, choice if physics the world over!!!






    HH jamesgang

  7. The Spirit of Arthur Lee


    12:42 on


    21 July, 2014


    Greetings from spain




    S O A L F U N F S P A I N


    best vp

  8. My Granda fae Tullow on

    Got a few spare tickets for tomorrow nights game – give me a shout if needed..

  9. Son of Gabriel @ 12:57



    I know, don’t rub it in. I’ve only now got over it :(

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    15:24 on 21 July, 2014Hey Guys, I asked on the article from Yesterday if there were any spare tickets on here for tomorrow night as I am just back from being out of the country and thought I would miss the game but now won’t. I noticed that one was but has now gone. Does anyone else need to sell one if they cant make it. I am in Edinburgh so can meet at game or tomorrow during the day if needed.Mon the Hoops

  11. MGfT



    I’m just back from 3 weeks holiday. Would like a ticket for me + 9 year-old son if poss. Live close to Murrayfield so can meet tomorrow anytime that suits…cheers

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    My granda fae tullow



    last post was for your atention.

  13. SPFL elects Drysdale and Ferguson to board at AGM



    The Scottish Professional Football League has elected new members to its board at the organisation’s annual general meeting.



    Raith Rovers director Eric Drysdale and Brechin City chairman Ken Ferguson replace Stenhousemuir’s Bill Darroch and Les Gray of Hamilton.



    SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster welcomed Drysdale and Ferguson on to the eight-man board. And he was “confident” both newcomers would make “valuable contributions”.



    As well as Doncaster and chairman Ralph Topping, Celtic’s Eric Riley, Duncan Fraser of Aberdeen, Dundee United’s Stephen Thompson and Mike Mulraney of Alloa remain on the board

  14. MGfT



    Happy to pay for 2 adult tickets btw as long as they are together.



    Oh, and nbcelt is in front of me in the Q…:-)

  15. !!Bada Bing!!


    16:49 on


    21 July, 2014


    quonno- with the smart money being on no money unless we get to CL,what happens if we don’t ? Are we stuck watching a squad who were not that good last season? ST holders will be short changed IMO,if this happens.HH



    Just catching up.



    It all appears to be smoke and mirrors.


    Surely last years CL money should be getting used to bolster squad and assure income from this season’s CL.



    Similarly money from Hooper and Wanyama could have been used to bolster squad.


    Simply cannot keep getting along with rough diamonds and hope that people keep rolling up.


    Perhaps DD is content to revert to the Kelly and White days of soccer impoverished gentility.



    If he is, he will finish up like them. The owner of a near empty stadium.

  16. My Granda fae Tullow on




    15:24 on 21 July, 2014Hey Guys, I asked on the article from Yesterday if there were any spare tickets on here for tomorrow night as I am just back from being out of the country and thought I would miss the game but now won’t. I noticed that one was but has now gone. Does anyone else need to sell one if they cant make it. I am in Edinburgh so can meet at game or tomorrow during the day if needed.Mon the Hoops





    nbcelt – give me a shout if you still need a free ticket.

  17. My Granda fae Tullow on

    blantyretim is praying for the knox family



    19:15 on 21 July, 2014


    My granda fae tullow



    last post was for your atention.







  18. My Granda fae Tullow on




    19:22 on 21 July, 2014





    Happy to pay for 2 adult tickets btw as long as they are together.



    Oh, and nbcelt is in front of me in the Q…:-)






    I’m just waiting to here from Nbcelt



    I’m making a list just like sannabhoy does so well…..



    1 – Nbcelt


    2 – larsson62

  19. Dear Paul,



    this is a bit late – that’s what you get for forgetting your password – but I’d like to give you my eternal gratitude for what you’ve given us for the last ten years.



    I stumbled on this blog and couldn’t believe what I was reading, it was for someone living abroad an absolute Godsend.


    Unfortunately it took a few years after that before I could actually go online, and since then CQN has been my first read when I get back home.


    All your leaders have been a stimulous to many a great debate and learning curve which has opened up an awareness to all of us that love this Celtic football club.


    Newspapers became more and more insignificant when we could glean, through your endeavours, what was going on with and to an extent within the working of our club.


    (And outside it). We were getting the news we wanted.


    I’d have never read so much input and compelling arguements about Celtic without your blog and have been thrilled, saddend, ecstatic, near depressed, educated, and at times laughed till tears were rolling at some of the outrageous stuff I’ve seen on here .. I eventually became a CQN junkie (for want of a better word).


    I’m always amazed at the amount of great comments that are posted up here and found myself wanting of contributing something erstwhile – someone always had my thoughts and feelings expressed before I could or could have delivered but more importantly, they would do it with a wonderful conviction that left me feeling my words would have been a tad useless.


    As such I’ve become an avid reader, and when I miss out on occasion, scroll back to find some gems.


    These gems are from you CQNers – you who I havn’t met but through your writing and at times your deeds make me feel a part of something that has more to do than football.



    All this Paul lands at your door.



    Thanks for your indefatigible work and I wish you more than words could say.

  20. Hi Curly, yeah where did them years go? I think we met at the first five-a-sides? CQN was a breath of fresh air at a time when blogging was new to everyone. I wonder if Paul fully realises what he started. Hail Hail and hope you and yours are well.

  21. WeefratheTim on

    HT and CRC



    Just read your comments on the last article. Thanks so much. HT enjoy your holiday. Love to the 3 beautiful lassies. :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    god bless your wee ma.



    hope it goes as well as possible tomorrow..



    Take care my friend

  23. Hello folks, is the game going to be televised tomorrow night, or if not is it on Celtic tv? Anyone know?

  24. So far I’ve watched Celtic in three games against Rapid Vienna, Reykavic and on Saturday against Dresden and have been impressed by the team and the job Ronny seems to be doing – unbeaten now in six matches i think – not a bad record.


    Creating plenty of chances but unfortunately a poor scoring return.



    Regarding Anthony Stokes, some on here think he’s for the off because he faied to embrace Ronny in a bear-hug when he left the field after being subbed in a recent game – not really Stokesy’s style I would say. We lost a thirty goal plus striker last season, I don’t think we can afford to lose another twenty plus goalador. Still only tweny-four years of age Stokesy in my opinion is a far better footballer than either Leigh Griffiths or Pukki. John Collins and Neil McCann acting as pundits for Sky rate Stokes highly. Collins now Ronny’s assistant I would be surprised if Stokes was moving on.

  25. To add to that I’m in London at the moment and would like to watch it somewhere with some fellow hoops fans! :)

  26. mullet and co 2 on

    Quonno, I wouldn’t worry about spend next season though as Rangers will be back we Will need players to guarantee that Champions league spot. Insert smiley face.



    In all seriousness though I think football may need a serious restructure in Europe v soon given events in the Ukraine. Russian federation oot the windae as the gazebo further hinter lands formerly known as the USSR and maybe a few Islamic States too. Who needs comrades when you have all the oil and gas.

  27. For any fellow bird lovers – feathered variety – I had the pleasure of watching an osprey mobbing a golden eagle today…


    And a pair of black-throated divers….




  28. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Celtic ……………… Celtic






    Embra’s Green and White …………….. Embra’s Green and White!

  29. WeefratheTim



    all the very best for tomorrow and the celebration of your mammys life. thoughts and prayers are with you and your family xoxo