Jim Goodwin’s proper football team


In their last four outings, St Mirren won 1-5 at Tannadice, 1-2 at Celtic Park and beat Kilmarnock 2-0.  Their only points dropped was a 1-2 home defeat to Hibs after going down to 10 men early in the game.  You will not need to be reminded how Celtic teams in better form have struggled at St Mirren Park against home teams in significantly poorer form.  Or that St Mirren are the only Scottish club to beat Newco this season.

Jim Goodwin has built a proper football team* that will take points off anyone who arrives ill prepared for the task.  I find the odds, which favour a Celtic win, a tad ambitious.

*St Mirren baiting will resume when appropriate.


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    Other Glebe Street Pubs…



    4 Glebe Street/ 69 Castle Street, Gilliland’s Bar.



    31 Glebe Street/ 210-12 Stirling Road, The Royal Bar.




    96-98 Glebe Street, The Tavern 1965.




    99 Glebe Street/ 63 McAslin Street, Glebe Bar.




    100 Glebe Street/ 132 Parliamentary Road. William Hutcheson’s Bar.




    122-124 Glebe Street/ 109 Kennedy Street, Argyll Arms.




    123 Glebe Street Bull’s Head, 123 Bar 1956.



    All these pubs in GLEBE STREET.



    How long was it.




    I used to roller skate to that song at the Rollerena. The old Dennistoun Palais


    Dem were the days

  3. TBFTB



    “SFTB – I’m bemused by your comment ‘that your zombie pals have’. Note to myself to scroll on by next time.”





    Quite simple- you portrayed the view that the Zombiees you knew, saw Neil “as a legend”



    The zombies I know, all hate Neil Lennon as an unrepentant fenian.



    If any of the ones I knew, saw him as a “legend”, they would not be my pals for long

  4. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    Good points and last paragraph particularly gives food for thought.

  5. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Re The Manx Bar in the Toonheid. It was owned by a guy called Kelly, and one of the most memorable things about it was the framed collection of quotations from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam festooned around the walls.

  6. PP BHOY..



    Hows the priest and pans looking??.



    Out by Beanston with my German shepherd earlier.


    Came back looking like Sherpa Tenzing..☘❄☃️

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Sean 7:20



    About a foot thick in the land of the Pans. Council not collecting stuff, no wonder but the dug likes to eat the snow🐕 woof woof

  8. Steve Clarke would sort out our defence pretty quickly and have us organised, which is an upgrade to Niel .

  9. You have to take a look at Lampards achievements in managing.


    Took Derby from nowhere to play offs.Left Derby for Chelsea,Derby right back to nowhere.


    Joined a very underperforming Chelsea,could not buy because of transfer ban,then introduced and coached a raft of reserve players into a top 4,CL spot.Qualified for group stage of CL.


    Yep,a rubbish CV.




    I was away when you posted.



    Yer good lady is a Gem, just like you!



    Take care!

  11. SFTB


    A good question and I don`t know the answer but I am guessing it is a trick question. I am sure there will be places in the USA called Inverness. I can`t wait until 8 o` clock !!


    In fact, impatience got the better of me and I Googled. I can find the Supremes connection and the guy`s initials are out of this world but I cannot see the Inverness connection.

  12. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Got me thinking of more singles I bought 67/8/9…….Elouise , Paul & Barry Ryan………Paradise half as nice, Amen Corner…………Everlasting Love, Love Affair……………Witchita Lineman, Glen Campbell.


    For once in my life, Stevie Wonder…………….Blackberry Way, The Move.



    Was also a regular at the Rollerena ………loved it and can still do it well.

  13. Nice long list of the honours Neil Lennon has enjoyed as a player and manager of Celtic.


    There is also a long list of the abuse he has suffered in both positions. Some people will put that down to lowlife, small intelegent morons which of course they probably were and in some cases still are, but do not EVER forget that according to the Scottish MSM,to a man, said ” he brings it on himself”. Neil Lennons biggest problem was being an Irish Catholic playing and managing a successful Glasgow Celtic in Scotland.


    If its time for Neil to go, so be it, but treat him with respect. Headline making banners for the benefit of the SMSM,who do not have any love for Celtic FC or their supporters,is not the way to do it.


    Right, thats my rant over. Time for bed. HH

  14. HANKRAY on 9TH FEBRUARY 2021 5:30 PM



    Bournesouprecipe……………Interesting stats on Lenny’s impressive achievements as a player and manager. The litany of violence and abuse the man has suffered short of being fatal is absolutely shocking



    Alas Hankray the abuse extends to Celtic fans.



    twatter is awash with unhappy cellic ohpinyinz.showing proudly of to the hun that anything they can do in abuse terms cellicfans can dae it better.just short of the bombs n bullets


    we have those ultra Celts unable to explain their ultra betrayal.the parodying of club1872(n’a hauf) statement wise and politically shows them to be eunuchs.



    If the board want rid pay up and get rid.



    Celtic goes on




  15. Go tell the Spartim on




    I’m sure you know the supposed origin of the rumour ? Ole rubber legs himself (apparently )

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 9TH FEBRUARY 2021 7:33 PM



    Hmmm, that’s one way of spinning it.



    He actually took over a Derby side that finished 6th the season before and took them to…..6th.



    He took over a Chelsea side who finished 3rd and won the Europa League to 4th. He was sacked when they were 9th.



    Yes, he had the transfer ban but was lucky enough to have Pulisic, Mount, James, Tammy Abraham and others added to an already very good side.



    His team looked poorly organised, especially at the back and by the time he was sacked, even the attacking side had dried up.



    Still got lots to prove in my opinion.

  17. I remember a wee record shop in Sauchiehall St at the Dundas St end.



    I’d been talklng with my sisters and we decided to buy a few singles, seven, I think.



    So in I pop and read out my list.



    Oh, said the shop owner, are you a DJ?



    Why, says I?



    10% of if your in the trade.



    Well……..actually…………….I am…………………



    I even disguised my voice at confession that week.



    I know I’m bad…………………

  18. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Not forgetting the best under 3 minute song ever written, Man of the World…….Fleetwood Mac.



    ohwell csc