Jim Goodwin’s proper football team


In their last four outings, St Mirren won 1-5 at Tannadice, 1-2 at Celtic Park and beat Kilmarnock 2-0.  Their only points dropped was a 1-2 home defeat to Hibs after going down to 10 men early in the game.  You will not need to be reminded how Celtic teams in better form have struggled at St Mirren Park against home teams in significantly poorer form.  Or that St Mirren are the only Scottish club to beat Newco this season.

Jim Goodwin has built a proper football team* that will take points off anyone who arrives ill prepared for the task.  I find the odds, which favour a Celtic win, a tad ambitious.

*St Mirren baiting will resume when appropriate.


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  1. Philbhoy



    Maybe I’m just try to make a nightmare situation into just a bad dream.


    Like it or not we have players who want to leave and others with just 1 year left on their contracts who have no intention of re-signing.


    Like it or not we’re losing a minimum 5 players come summer.


    The point I’m making, whether it’s £40m or, in your eyes less, we’ll only see a percentage (my guess 30-35%) actually re-invested in new players. If you’re right and we only receive say £20m, we can only afford one semi decent player. That would mean even more academy, free and loan players in our first team.


    I hope for all our sakes my valuations are right and yours are wrong




    Seeing that picture of NL facing up to the 5 huns makes we wonder how he will be viewed among the Celtic support in 10, 20 years.



    === look again.do you think the wibble wibble/pic addi eunuch mob scare him? i think not==



    A legend on the pitch, no doubt. But for me, he will be remembered as the guy who blew 10iar.



    ==you will change.and once you come out of your entitled echo chamber you will review.


    As one Celt to anothet would you like people to ne calling for you to leave your job.You will also account for other depts and their oart/non paey this season


    blew the 10.its that easy- your fault- eh no.this season will be dwelled on as much as when Mr Stein lost the league.====



    I feel I barely recognise him these days or believe a word he says, such is the disconnect.





    The disconnect is wholly owned by yourself.You have changed your mind on him.maybe as more knowledge is learned about this year you will review


    Celtic from St Marys Hall in 1887 go on.



    look at your relationship with Celtic,assess,review and go on.


    Celtic will be there whatever you decide but going to see Celtic is an experience,years and years of working as a community to help those in need.it is a great community and i am sure youv had 1 or 2 great Celtic days.==



    That he is forever now a legend to the zombies says it all.



    ==BFTB – You got to have a look at why you are even contemplating a fan of a shatoot fc word over anythin Celtic=



    Just my opinion….tin hat on!



    ==Always respected(ha just taken a zombies view on NL needs looked at:-) hopefully catch a beer next season.where face to face in the company o timz. the typin will dissipate




  3. 31003



    No matter your valuations, and I disagree with them all, what team’s in “Englandshire” have the money you’ve quoted, or the interest in any of our players?

  4. Philbhoy



    Read my post again. I said £10m for Christie AND McGregor


    You’ll see the names above on my post wer individual with valuations


    Christie and McGregor were together because I valued them at £10m combined


    That’s £5m each, or one at £4m and the other at £6m


    Is that better?

  5. 31003



    We are in a nightmare situation.



    Poor management, from top to bottom, poor results across every current competition. CL,EL,LC,L.



    PAUL67 said we will be in debt soon.



    Are English clubs making money?



    Personally I think Scottish football and all her parts are well and truly…………..gubbed.

  6. TURKEYBHOY on 9TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:35 PM



    You can’t be dealing in “facts” if your facts are wrong.



    Derby didn’t finish tenth the year before Lampard took over – they finished 6th and lost in the play-offs to Fulham. Not sure where you’re getting your facts from. He took a team from 6th to 6th.



    He took a Chelsea team from 3rd to 4th. Where’s the miracle?



    They were 9th when he was sacked after spending close to £300m.



    Not sure how often you watched Chelsea under Lampard but they looked defensively fragile, poorly organised and relied on moments of magic. Remind you of a certain team right now?



    Chelsea were going backwards and that’s why he was sacked.

  7. Philbhoy



    I don’t know if you are aware of this but the bottom placed team in the Premiership receives £100m+ just for finishing last.


    England is not the only country that might come calling. Other countries have football leagues and teams as well.


    One such team just paid £11m pounds for one of our young players often berated by our own fans

  8. Oh and the fact he pipped Rodgers in the league despite a far more talented squad but was sacked from Chelsea with his side 7 places below Leicester, with far fewer resources speaks volumes.



    Lampard isn’t close to Rodgers.

  9. 31003



    Sorry, I thought covid was a pandemic and was impacting on life and football the whole world over.



    Anyway, we will see who comes courting our multi million pound players any time soon.

  10. To me Calmac is the most valuable player. Whether price comes into that….he’s worth more than most and would be in my not for sale list.



    First and last 45 was A Letter From America By The Proclaimers.



    From earlier;


    3 holes coin game – Moshie,


    Nearest coin to the wall- Babs


    Hitting opponents coin with yours- Chase

  11. Philbhoy



    I do agree there’s less money around in England as well as anywhere, but, the teams down there think nothing of paying £70-£100m for a player. Those days are definitely over for the time being but I’m sure some will still think paying out £20m would be seen as a bargain

  12. I’ve heard on good authority that the reason Lenny is talking about being involved with the rebuild over the next 1,2,3, 4 years is that he’s goona be appointed our DOF.



    And before you shoot the messenger…I’m the good authority…see…I put 2+2 together and came up with my own reality ;-))



    Ps…whit’s a 45 ;-))




  13. Lurkintim



    Strange as it is a 45 is usually SMALLER than a 33 and a third


    Unless the 45 is a 12”

  14. 31003



    I will respectfully disagree with you.



    I just can’t see those amounts of money coming our way for the players mentioned.



    We’ll see.

  15. Any “positive” news from The Dilapidated Edwardian Toilet Block?







  16. TURKEYBHOY on 9TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:35 PM



    That’s not to say I think Lampard is or will be a bad manager but he’s still very much unproven and looks like he struggles to organise a side – especially a defence. If he was an eccentric Italian and not “Super Frank” the media would’ve had their knives sharpened sooner.



    Our club is at too critical a juncture for such an experiment.

  17. Geebee



    it must be mental with the russian


    read john terry had 13 or so managers.


    i thought lampard last year when the tfer ban came on done well.the big signings that came in unsettled him.i guess he needs to choose wisely as he could bounce from club to club in prem now as droppin a division may not be funded at mo.ps a no for Celtic imo




  18. 31003 on 9TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:35 PM


    As years went by I’d buy my records (ex jukebox) from stalls in the Barras



    A few paper shops sold them too a lot with extra tracks too.

  19. I stayed up with my son (he’s in our bubble) to watch the Superbowl.



    I thought Kansas would easily put Brady’s bucs in their place.



    However , there were parralels with Celtic’s pursuit of the 10.



    A beat up Kansas Offensive Line with injured and missing players, could do nothing to stop the Bucs Defensive line from getting easy access to the Quarterback Mahomes and preventing him from doing any damage. All the weapons they had in attack went unused (though Travis Kelce did his best) because there was no time or window for the QB to find them.



    Kansas were unable to do the same to Tom Brady so all chance of an equal match was blown out of the water. The Kansas City Offensive Line stunk the whole game out and made it a non-spectacle. I am not trying to take any credit away from Tampa Bay, but they had no need to be anymore than adequate to win that match.



    Now, Sevco, this year have been more than adequate. They remain unbeaten in the league despite and are still on track for an Invincible season. They have won 6 games by a 1:0 margin and a further 2 by one goal only . They have drawn on 4 occasions. That is form that entitles you to a league win.



    But Celtic’s defence has been like the KC Offensive line, not just for one game but for most of the season. We have scored 57 league goals, only 11 behind the Sevco total but we have shipped 21 league goals to their 8. And we have looked even more exposed in Europe.



    We conceded only 2 goals (both to Ferencvaros) in our 4 CL and Europa qualifying ties but when we reached Europa Group stage we shipped 19 goals in 6 games ( 8 to Prague, 7 to Milan and 4 to Lille). We managed to score only 2 goals fewer than Group winners AC Milan but our defence was again a liability.



    We have had no clear goalkeeper as Barkas has only reached the heights of “meh!” and none of his competitors have proven better. We have had CBs with long term injuries and/or unwillingness to play and our most consistently fit CB, playing for his boyhood heroes for the first time, has suffered a dramatic form slump, even from his limited journeyman status, that it suggests psychological issues are at play. None of the 4 Kieran Tierney replacements has shone (Hayes, Bolingoli, Taylor and Laxalt) though I’d excise Kohnny from the shambles of this season- he did well enough in the year before.



    Like the KC Offfensive line we have not provided enough protection to our creative team to allow their slightly better work, and yes I know it has lacked penetration at times but it has never reached the abysmal leves of our defence, to win games for us. We have neded to score 3 to ensure a win. Even then it failed to be enough at Pittodrie in October and was scarcely enough vs Livi in September. Until we can get back to a defence that does not panic with every high ball in, we will not take this confidence away from our oponents.



    Kris AJer is a good defender and will look very good when surrounded by oher good defenders. After that we have no one we can rely on and I include Jullien in that as I strongly suspect he does not want to be here anymore.



    There is major rebuild to be had but the first priority has to be the defence where we need more reiable Shane Duffy tupes to sort us out.