Jim Goodwin’s proper football team


In their last four outings, St Mirren won 1-5 at Tannadice, 1-2 at Celtic Park and beat Kilmarnock 2-0.  Their only points dropped was a 1-2 home defeat to Hibs after going down to 10 men early in the game.  You will not need to be reminded how Celtic teams in better form have struggled at St Mirren Park against home teams in significantly poorer form.  Or that St Mirren are the only Scottish club to beat Newco this season.

Jim Goodwin has built a proper football team* that will take points off anyone who arrives ill prepared for the task.  I find the odds, which favour a Celtic win, a tad ambitious.

*St Mirren baiting will resume when appropriate.


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    Born in Easterhouse, actually in the house, but brought up in Toonheid (Glasgow version)

  2. AN TEARMANN on 9TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:37 PM



    I agree, last year Lampard did a solid job. First-year in the Premier League and the remit would’ve been top four and a cup.



    We can’t ignore that the team he took over was already a good one which had finished third and won the EL the year before. In some ways, the transfer ban helped him as he was forced to play the younger players and keep a steady side. But as I say, the job he did was solid – not the miracle some would have you believe.



    This year, you might be right – the new players unsettled the side. However, when you watch them defend, they don’t look like a team that is set up and organized particularly well. He’s relied on simply having better players and at times it worked but towards the end, when players started to question his (lack of) tactics, the wheels really started to come off and they were plummeting down the table at an alarming rate in a season where there was a real opportunity for a club like Chelsea to have a title crack.



    At Celtic, he won’t have players of that quality, won’t have the budget, and will have to rely on quality coaching and organization alone.



    I’m not saying he won’t have that in time but right now, he’d worry me.



    From what I’ve seen so far, Lampard isn’t as good as Gerrard and whether people like to admit it or not, that’ll be the benchmark next season.

  3. I was further round at Aberdalgie rd.



    Born in Provanhall and mived to aberdalgie rd when i was one, left Easterhouse at 14.



    Great days and memories, i often wonded how all the guys and ghals did when leaving school.

  4. Slippy’s no’ the Manager…….



    The ither English fulla is………


    ……..and thon lidless Dalek ( McAllister ) provides the staunchness……….and translates for the knuckledraggers.



    We got much,much worse them’s got a wee bit better.

  5. So reading back, we will be lucky to get any money for our players and Gerrard has now become a sterling manager.



    People seem to forget the decision his team get off the officials at home and abroad. Would you actually take time to read what you write. Just by the way, he still hasn’t won anything yet and hes been in a two horse race for the last three years.




  6. If Scotland hadn’t reached the Euros I think Clarke might have been a contender, but I think he’ll want to see that through

  7. marspapa on 9th February 2021 10:04 pm






    Glad you cleared that up, i was close though






    Hi B Iknow you’re a keen music man but that song we need to disagree on.



    Best release of 1975 for me was James Taylor – How sweet it is to be loved by you.






    KEEP ON ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE WORLD as someone once sang

  8. Circa 1978


    Aged 15.


    I played with Kennoway Colts in Fife .


    We were drawn and beaten by Auchengil ( spl) boys club from Easterhouse .



    We played them on an ash pitch beside a school.



    During the match a wee boy playing in an under 12 match on the next pitch ,was kicked under the chin.


    The manager in charge of the team was only 16 ,and didn’t drive .



    An ambulance was called .



    Whilst this was going on .


    Local kids broke into the school and started a Fire.



    As the ambulance men attended to the wee boy ,pitchside .


    The Fire brigade put out the fire .


    Next thing there was a police car in attendance .



    Whilst all of this was going on ,someone stole the ambulance.



    I kid you not .



    We got beat 1-0.



    Auchengill were a decent side .




  9. I have no idea how anyone could possibly say Slippy is a better manager than Lampard.EPL,vSPFL,where is even the basis to compare.Some bewildering comments on here at times.

  10. Frank Lampard? No thanks. If he comes I’ll stop going to the games, which will be easily done as I live n Louisville now.



    Ghostbusters theme tune and Band Aid on the same day after doing the trollys at Wm Low to get the cash.

  11. AIPPLE…was at Bellarmine Secondary 1st year only…but every lunchtime me n mate’s used to make some dough by helping punters load their cars and take their trolleys back at the Pollok Centre…now Silverburn…










    Some bad sorts got involved in the game and it became a territory thing. Got super weird in the end but boy that was a fun wee way to make some cash. I lived in Cumbernauld at the time for my sins.

  13. AIPPLE..lol…I think Craigbank (another school) tried to muscle in…and it did get violent…

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Just reading back and saw all the old songs being mentioned. Brings back a lot of memories.



    Being a bit of a yes fan in the 70s, I thought of one of their songs for all the lurking huns who are kidding themselves on about going for 55.



    The song? Going for the one.

  15. Clearing the decks and selling players that want out is the right thing to do. Looking at players who have left this season suggests the market will drop but it will not fall off a cliff. T.V money in the big leagues will see to that.



    11 million for frimpong


    4.5 million for ntcham (if option taken up)


    1.75 million for hendry (as above)


    800k for elhammed



    The above tells me we will get good money for eduard and ajer (age and potential is what teams are buying not the entire celtic team). McGregor would fetch a good money too. Christie would command a decent fee as a full international coming into his peck.



    How much we get and how much is used on incoming transfers is another matter. However if the market slows down and prices lower, we lose on the sales but we gain on buys I.e it evens itself out.



    Installing a good DOF and a good coach and purchasing first pick rb, lb, cb, striker, lw/m and possibly a gk.



    Create an academy pathway so the unders have a route to the first team that is not blocked by squad fillers.



    Do these things and the rest will fall into place. we will be able to turn things around quickly.




  16. Magnificentseven on

    Might be embarrassed by this, Happy xmas war is over, John Lennon yoko and the plastic ono band, 1971, I was 11

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    So have Celtic more or less given up on Elhamed?



    If so, it’s a shame.



    I think he is a decent player.



    Not sure why we didn’t loan him to an Israeli club until Jan 22 when the pandemic is over, his family can come over and he can see out the last 18 months of his contract.

  18. Magnificentseven on

    PHILCOOL on 10TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:00 AM


    My 1st 45 single American Pie, Don McLean in 72.









    I remember delivering that album from my older sister to her friend, proudly holding it so everyone could see hat is was as I walked along thee street, no idea why I got landed with the job and she couldn’t do it herself

  19. B2B…Celtic haven’t given up on El Hamed…he’s given up on being happy in Scotland…



    that’sfitbawCSC…we moved on to Kenny…early impressions are good…he does a great Frank Carson, I hear ;-))