JJ and GG contracts


The bonanza we received when Jeremie Frimpong left for Bayer Leverkusen two years ago seems unlikely to be repeated if either Giorgos Giakoumakis or Josip Juranovic leave this month. Jeremie and Josip are both right backs, Josip has just returned from a successful World Cup campaign, whereas Jeremie, even today, has yet to receive a full cap. Giorgos Giakoumakis is apparently available for €4m, less than we earned for the significantly less successful striker, Patryk Klimala, two years ago.

I’m prepared to believe the market has softened since Klimala and Frimpong left but not sufficiently to explain the differences in valuations. Celtic indicated they were open to offers for both (highly unusual in itself) by saying the club was unable to conclude new contracts, despite existing contracts having years left to run.

Either we are prepared to sell players well short of perceived values, or release clauses are working against us. Only one explanation makes sense. Whatever the reason, either unsettled players sign new deals or we are better replacing them.

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  1. Our transfers need to reflect improvements that will take us forward in European competitions…. so for me a defensive midfielder was lacking so Ange has plugged that gap with Iwata , wingers we won’t get any better than what we have got , our play in CL merited more goals , so Kyogo and Georgias carry the can for umpteen missed chances …



    I suspect Ange will throw the dice and get a new CF , Georgias can leave with good wishes , with Kyogo still the main man …. We must improve and get better and convert chances in CL environment, I’d be amazed if young Nisbet fits in with this approach.



    The gamble for Ange is to go for another CF with no previous in European football but he may have no alternative given the mental transfer fees in European football…



    Our current problem with Kyogo up top is that if our wingers are being well marshalled then there is little or no threat through the middle and the better opposition CHs stroll about … always good to have the opposition CHs a bit jumpy it spreads to the rest of the defence / team ….



  2. and yet, id MSM is to be believed, the best they can attract are Monza and the J league, Apparently zero intrest from England, germany or Spain.



    Maybe they are not as good as we perceive.

  3. 🇭🇷 | Josip Juranovic



    Premier League side Southampton are interested in bringing Celtic right-back Josip Juranovic to the club.



    Tino Livramento has suffered a set back in an already long term injury & Nathan Jones may now dip in to the market for a replacement.




  4. paulsthroughball88 on

    Haven’t seen Kent’s slap/punch, but I seem to remember Thommo being ejected for pinching an opponent’s nose or ear, nothing lower down than that, minimal contact having been on the end of a hard tackle, and the Shortbread/ SMSM chorus was “any hands to face, red card”.



    Changed their tune, apparently.

  5. MCPHAIL BHOY on 17TH JANUARY 2023 3:06 PM


    Big Jimmy, fair enough if you didn’t take out a subscription but for me £50 is a good price for the year when you get full match replays and also interviews etc. It could be better in production values but for me the value is the match itself not on the commentary, which can be poor, but then Sky and BBC pay their commentators a fortune and they’re rubbish too. At least all of ours are Tims!





    YOU are CORRECT Mate, £50 for a season of CELTIC TV is very good value, but it was NOT the £50 that put me off paying for the season, it WAS because many on here in recent years have Posted about ” HOW POOR” CELTIC TV can be, with breakdowns etc…so I thought it better ( for now ?) to ” RISK” £12.99 for my first PPV CELTIC TV match, and to see if the ” SERVICE” was good or poor…rather than ” RISKING” £50 , at that time ?


    PPV on CELTIC TV….So far…so good….Good quality pictures etc.


    HH Mate.

  6. BIG WAVY on 17TH JANUARY 2023 3:29 PM


    🇭🇷 | Josip Juranovic







    Premier League side Southampton are interested in bringing Celtic right-back Josip Juranovic to the club.




    IF Southampton ARE desperate enough for a Right Back…..Celtic SHOULD tell them that JJ will cost at least £15 MILLION ?





  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Southampton rumours might be true then again they may be a load of old cobblers.



    They’ve had good value from Virgil, Fraser and Stuart previously so at least have some idea of the environment / operating level their possible target is exposed to.

  8. I remember Fatboy booting Brown in the haw maws and escaped sanction



    On the flip side, I was bit embarrassed when we got that penalty last season vs Livi when Kyogo went down after a hair toussle.

  9. paulsthroughball88 on




    That was him just getting warmed up. He then swung an arm at Christie, and then stamped on Tony R’s back as he lay on the turf.



    Can’t remember if he even got a yellow, but the aforementioned Dermot Gallagher thought only the stamp was worthy of any sanction when asked post -match.

  10. Southampton dont buy players over 25, especially not from the smaller leagues



    Theres talk of their right back Walker-Peters getting a move to a big club so they might be looking for a replacement but it wont be Jura and definitely not for decent money

  11. All the talk of transfer fees seems to ignore one thing – who is going to pay what we think we should get for the two of them. We’re not special, we’re at the mercy of the market like every other team out there. Where is the market for them and how much is market value?



    Jura is 27, GG 28



    According to transfermarkt all the transfers from the top five leagues plus the Portugese Primeira League and the Eredvisie:



    Total Value: €5.26B


    Number of transfers: 604


    Total number of players over 25 transferred into the leagues: 149


    Total number of players over 25 from leagues other than the top 5 leagues: 25


    Total number of players over 26 from leagues other than the top 5: 18



    A list of the players over 26 who were transferred into the top 5 leagues from outside it, their ages and their transfer fee in euros



    Sebastian Haller Ajax 28 31m


    Junya Ito Genk 29 10m


    Orsic Zagreb 30 6.8m


    Cxyrial Dessers Belgium 27 6.5m


    Matt Turner USA 28 6.3m


    Carlos Vinicius Benfica 27 5m


    Nicolas Tagliafico Ajax 29 4.2m


    Mario Goetze Eindhoven 30 3m


    Tony Vilenha Krasnodar 27 2.5m


    Lovren Zenit 33 2m


    Honou Minesota 28 1.5m


    Leo Baptista Santos 29 1.5m


    Marchesin Porto 34 1.05m


    Andric Zagreb 27 1m


    Christopher Julien Celtic 29 1m


    Moller 30 0.5m


    Matt Yran Copenhagen 30 0.5m


    Josue Sa Ludogrets 30 0.2m



    26 out of 604 transfers with a total value of €84m out of €5.26b doesnt suggest theres a large market out there for us to be selling to



    I cant find an equivalent to GG in there but I reckon that Taglifacio who has much greater European experience including a CL semi and nearly fifty caps fro Argentina isn’t a bad match. He went to Ligue 1 for €4.2m

  12. WESTCRAIGS on 17TH JANUARY 2023 1:24 PM


    We get a new CEO and our transfer strategy goes as smoothly as I can remember. Players are signed before the transfer window even opens. No more long and tortured transfer negotiations. Our former CEO returns as chairman and we immediately return to the old ways. Will we be selling players and then sitting up until midnight as the transfer window closes hoping for a replacement who will take the team forward.



    If Lawwell is pulling the strings then it won’t be long before we are looking for a new CEO and a new manager.






    Well that’s nail on head . Spot on westcraigs it’s to big a coincidence , ange won’t stand for his interference .

  13. Sorry, that info is from all the transfers this season, the summer and the winter window so far

  14. BhoyJoe- BBC another clueless organisation, letting a guy go who hosts the most listened to programme in the country….

  15. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Agree with you on the clueless bit……Bruce was happy though to be leaving in March.

  16. Bhoyjoe- maybe trying to be nice about it, R2 has got rid of a lot of the older crew,maybe the writing was on the wall,although Popmaster lives on…😬

  17. dearie me,



    that is some leap.



    PL is back so transfers in or our will be interfered with.



    He is neither Nicolsons or Anges boss, so why assume he has any say what so ever.



    the bogey mhan.



    anyone here, and you know who you are, own your own business but get dictated to by the non-exec chairman.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I take it Lawwell (no first name) only took up his interfering with transfer responsibilities after 31-December?



    If so, well done Michael Nicholson for getting just the three transfers over the line and announced before


    a) the window actually opened AND


    b) the arch interferer got settled




  19. Tom McLaughlin on

    Whitecraigs & Jimtim



    Coupla comedians.



    The question is, who’s the straight man?

  20. Road works near Celtic Park.



    Works to upgrade the traffic signal junction at Fielden Street and Dunn Street on London Road are set to begin on Thursday, January 19.



    Temporary traffic signals will be in place for the duration of the improvements.



    Works on the junction, which is a short walk to Celtic Park, are due to be completed by Friday, February 24.



    Road users are told to approach the junction with care.

  21. So Hibs tonight are slapping a huge ‘not for sale at ANY price’ sign on a player that Celtic have not approached.



    Non-stories are the best stories for the MSM.



    That’s how they work.



    Don’t feed them.




  22. bournesouprecipe on




    Cinnamon ? That’s just lazy currying for you bhoy



    Many happy returns CSC

  23. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from Paddy Neesons. I hope that ye are well and looking forward to tomorrows’ game.


    Prestonpans, what time are you meeting me in the Oak Bar as we must resume our discussion on Divinity, Philosophy and the girl from Brookside.

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