JJ and GG contracts


The bonanza we received when Jeremie Frimpong left for Bayer Leverkusen two years ago seems unlikely to be repeated if either Giorgos Giakoumakis or Josip Juranovic leave this month. Jeremie and Josip are both right backs, Josip has just returned from a successful World Cup campaign, whereas Jeremie, even today, has yet to receive a full cap. Giorgos Giakoumakis is apparently available for €4m, less than we earned for the significantly less successful striker, Patryk Klimala, two years ago.

I’m prepared to believe the market has softened since Klimala and Frimpong left but not sufficiently to explain the differences in valuations. Celtic indicated they were open to offers for both (highly unusual in itself) by saying the club was unable to conclude new contracts, despite existing contracts having years left to run.

Either we are prepared to sell players well short of perceived values, or release clauses are working against us. Only one explanation makes sense. Whatever the reason, either unsettled players sign new deals or we are better replacing them.

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  1. If (a big word, that) the issue is, like Henrik, a known buy out clause, I remain surprised by how low it seems to be.



    Jura had at least 5 caps for a top team before joinng us so a minimal clause of over £10m would not be a stupid hike for a £2.5m buy who promised a lot and achieved even more than we thought he would.



    Giakoumakis was bought for a similar fee but was a top scorer in Eeredivisie, so again, a buy out above £10m would seem negotiable at the time. We seem to have surrendered too much to agents at that time- there were not bigger clubs bidding against us.



    I know we had to recruit quickly for Ange’s rebuild but this is clearly a mistake, if true.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Thanks for the heads up about tomorrow’s game being on PPV, I wasn’t aware.



    I subscribe to Celtic TV and have never received an email from them telling me I can watch on PPV let alone providing a discount code.

  3. The assertion that were at the mercy of the market and players are only worth what clubs are willing to pay is fair enough. But it’s hard to swallow that when the players in question have years left on their contract.



    If there are no release clauses then I’d be telling GG and Jura they’ll be sold when we receive an acceptale offer, until then get on with the day job lads.

  4. Big Wavy



    Oh how theyd love to confuse and double back,mix and watch timmys fight a la john mcginn.


    Diff way of doing biz now,3 in,1 cooking is my shout,


    If anyone wants to leave so be it,




  5. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Can’t say, mid-week games are in the hands of the Edinburgh bypass gods. They were against me today, two hours from the Trossachs to the Pans, jings 😈

  6. I don’t tink there are release clauses, especially in the case of JJ.



    There have been several briefings since the summer about his future. If there was a release clause it would undoubtedly been leaked by now.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    An Dun – indeed. What’s the value to Celtic of a 5 year contract with a paltry release clause?



    If the player turns out to be a “misfit” they can earn a good wage whilst waiting to be moved on or have their contract paid out. If they shine and attract interest they can leave for buttons.



    Seems a very one sided arrangement.

  8. The SFA (f*ck em) have been bumping up the ticket price for Hampdump for years now.



    Despite being on the Cup scheme, We have never had 2 tickets for Celtic against the Newco.



    First Time in the North Stand.



    Lights out.



    As long as the facade @ the front looks good.



    The Green Party person who has come out and said what she said is Dangerous. Absolutely ridiculous. 8 year old kids.



    She is getting a hefty wage to come out with that.

  9. AN DÚN on 17TH JANUARY 2023 6:45 PM


    The assertion that were at the mercy of the market and players are only worth what clubs are willing to pay is fair enough. But it’s hard to swallow that when the players in question have years left on their contract.



    How long the player has left on his contact still plays a part in any players market value. It will be factored in to the price.



    But its far less of a factor when the player isn’t in demand, and wants to leave.



    The market for GG and JJ is small and they both want away. We wont get any more money for them in a years time, we’ll get less and we’ll have two unhappy players in the squad who’s place could be taken by younger players who can be developed. With our scouting department we could, and perhaps should, get better for the money in transfer fees and wages.

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    AN DÚN



    Yes , agree.



    But the apparent change in strategy at Celtic is that Ange has already gone public and said he won’t keep ‘unhappy’ players. Fergus McCann and Tommy Burns suffered the same fate ages ago, when we tried to keep Di Canio Viduka Cadete and Pierre.



    It never ends well, see Edouard Christie Ajer blah blah blah.

  11. celtic40me on 17th January 2023 7:07 pm




    If players are unhappy, it’s in the interest of everyone to get something sorted. The fact that both JJ and GG are in our match day squads, tells me their behavior, attitude and work ethic is spot on.



    It was reported only in Nov that contract talks broke down so it’s unreasonable to expect us to damage our squad strength to move them out this window.



    There has to be a balance between the Club looking after its interests and the players desire to leave.



    I mean none of us would entertain the idea of moving CCV on this window were he to submit a transfer request tomorrow.

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ll say it again, IMHO Ajer gave 100% all the time.



    The other two should never darken Parkhead’s gates again.

  13. AN DÚN on 17TH JANUARY 2023 7:13 PM



    If players are unhappy, it’s in the interest of everyone to get something sorted.



    Couldnt agree more. If they want away move them on quickly and get their replacements in and settled in time for the Champions League next season. They wont be at Celtic beyond Summer by which time their value will have dropped even more.




    “I mean none of us would entertain the idea of moving CCV on this window were he to submit a transfer request tomorrow.”



    CCV and Calmac are the two players I’d want to keep above anyone else right now. But he’s 25 and this time next year his transfer value will have dropped off a cliff. If we got a really silly offer for him now I’d hope we would think about it, I certainly would.

  14. Knowing nowt about the ins-and-outs of transfer dealings / valuations of fitba players…………..I am still at a loss to figure out recent valuations for JJ and Big Jackie Mackus………………..



    Somethings no’ right!




    BSR ;)




  15. I think someone on this blog was suggesting that the English authorities can be trusted, can they?



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    BBC News



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  16. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/aa/9b/40aa9b3def8e55b4b7098421e0232870.jpg



    William Kivlichan of Celtic in 1910.



    Galashiels-born outside-right Willie Kivlichan has the exceptionally rare distinction of being a Rangers player immediately prior to joining the Hoops in May 1907, with one report claiming that on finding out their ‘error‘ that Willie Kivlichan was Catholic, they showed him the door. The Kivlichan family attribute that what can be said to be an unofficial swap was arranged with Alec Bennet moving to Ibrox and Willie Kivlichan to Celtic.



    Before arriving he had scored a winning goal for the Ibrox club against the Bhoys. Then eight months later Willie started to make amends immediately when he netted twice on his debut as Celtic won a league encounter at Morton 3-2 on August 24th. Then in February 1908 the Glasgow University student hit another double to defeat Rangers 2-1 at Ibrox in the Scottish Cup.

  17. EmeraldBee \o/ A Double Niner!! on 17th January 2023 8:30 pm



    Roy, Billy and Pat Stanton.



    Prestonpans bhoys on 17th January 2023 8:41 pm



    Roy, shuggie and pat stanton?






    Good stuff bhoys but:



    Roy, Shuggie and Steve Murray!

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BANKIEBHOY1 @ 7:13 PM



    What happened to the Blah Blah Blah money?






    BB1, we reinvested it in the squad …



    … but only to buy Blah Blah.




  19. SCULLYBHOY on 17TH JANUARY 2023 8:04 PM


    ‘I think someone on this blog was suggesting that the English authorities can be trusted, can they?’







    I think most Celtic fans would agree that referees, match officials and those who run the game in Scotland cannot be trusted.



    You may have a different view.



    I think most Celtic fans would prefer that games involving, or affecting, Celtic be refereed by English referees rather than Scottish referees.



    You may have a different view.



    I don’t recall any one suggesting on here that all English authorities are to be trusted.



    Perhaps you got a bit confused by a post of mine to the effect that every step in the demise of the huns occurred when oversight passed from Scottish to UK wide, and English based, authorities ( City of London Plod, HMRC, their bankers). The one exception would have been the Inner House of the Court of Session, though they would have known the case was going to the Supreme Court either way.



    You may have a different view on all of that.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Was that love street 1986 ?














  21. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Back to basics



    Same five as me it’s the McGugan one you suggest, I have no idea who that is 😳

  22. Alec Bennet going to rangers, I am sure meant he won consecutive championships with celtic, then rangers,



    but celtic failed to get 3 in a row scottish cup wins, because of the 1909 old firm riot final in which bennett also played.

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