JJ and GG contracts


The bonanza we received when Jeremie Frimpong left for Bayer Leverkusen two years ago seems unlikely to be repeated if either Giorgos Giakoumakis or Josip Juranovic leave this month. Jeremie and Josip are both right backs, Josip has just returned from a successful World Cup campaign, whereas Jeremie, even today, has yet to receive a full cap. Giorgos Giakoumakis is apparently available for €4m, less than we earned for the significantly less successful striker, Patryk Klimala, two years ago.

I’m prepared to believe the market has softened since Klimala and Frimpong left but not sufficiently to explain the differences in valuations. Celtic indicated they were open to offers for both (highly unusual in itself) by saying the club was unable to conclude new contracts, despite existing contracts having years left to run.

Either we are prepared to sell players well short of perceived values, or release clauses are working against us. Only one explanation makes sense. Whatever the reason, either unsettled players sign new deals or we are better replacing them.

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  1. Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 17th January 2023 8:58 pm





    Was that love street 1986 ?
























    Highly rated imposing centre-half Paul McGugan signed for Celtic from Eastercraigs Amateurs in April 1980.



    The big defender worked his way through the Parkhead ranks and after some very impressive reserve appearances he made his debut for the Bhoys in a 3-2 league over Hibernian on April 28th 1984. He had played in a Glasgow Cup final v Rangers on May 13th 1982 and scored the winner seven minutes from time, however this was regarded as a reserves match.



    He was at centre half for the first league game of the 1984/85 season at Easter Road but injuries meant that it was nine months until his next appearance in May against Rangers in a 1-1 draw in a meaningless league game at Parkhead.



    At the beginning of 1985 Celtic were having problems in the centre half position. Pierce O’Leary had injury trouble and Tom McAdam was in the last stages of a fine Celtic career. Paul McGugan was recalled for a fine 5-0 win at Easter Road against Hibs on September 7th. One week later he played his part in a fine 2-1 victory over Aberdeen at Parkhead and played on bravely after having blood pouring from a head wound. Four days later he earned rave review for his part in Celtic’s 1-1 draw against Atletico Madrid in the Vincente Calderon stadium.



    On October 5th he scored his first Celtic goal against St. Mirren in a 2-0 win at Celtic Park. He had mixed fortunes on January 1st 1986 when he scored the opening goal from an Owen Archdeacon cross against the Huns in a 2-0 win but broke a bone in his foot in the process, although he bravely played on. He lost his place to O’Leary because of this injury but was recalled before the end of the season and was in the side which leapfrogged Hearts to take the league title when Celtic thrashed St Mirren 5-0 at Love Street on 3rd May 1986 to cue joyous celebrations amongst the Celts in the 17,000 crowd and long beyond those gates too.



    Into the next season, he still played a number of games, but Scottish football was entering a new era, with Rangers high-spending model revolutionising the game. Celtic lost the league, and subsequently Davie Hay lost his job as manager.



    Although a steady performer, Paul McGugan was sold to Barnsley for £55,000 by the newly returning Celtic manager Billy McNeill in October 1987 after just a brief run of four games in the centenary season.



    He had played in 59 appearances with the Bhoys, and so had played his part in two league title runs.



    He left Barnsley for Chesterfield in 1990 and ended his career with them in 1994.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Cheers Scullybhoy



    New year’s Day 1986.



    Remember it well.



    Paul McGugan’s best moment in a Celtic jersey.



    Absolutely towering header to open the scoring.



    Out jumped Dave McPherson by as much as a foot and bulleted the ball home.

  3. Looked at the BBC Scottish football thread and read all about Beale commenting on other clubs players saying he’s happy with the progress in talks. Two things jumped out. 1) Beale is a classless twat for commenting on other clubs players. 2) they’re completely and utterly skint. Haggling over what could only be a few hundred grand over guys with 6 months left on their contract.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Doesn’t seem that long ago since Liverpool were putting 7 past one of the world’s best teams😂😂



    Now struggling to finish off Wolves in a cup replay.

  5. Kris Ajer was one of the most over rated players I have seen in my 50 years of watching Celtic . I was amazed and delighted with the offer we got for him.

  6. Willie Kivlichan is a former player that I have always took an interest in I suppose that’s because he played for both sides of the divide but my interest peaked when my family doctor, from the other side of the Clyde, over here had a newly graduate doctor from hame interning with him, on my first visit I learned he was from the borders and was called Dr Kivlichan, yes the same mhan’s grandson., rather than pick his brains I started to do a bit of research, and this is pre google or wiki and what I found out was very interesting indeed, in fact the deid side had no idea he was a ben affleck due to the school he was attending when they signed him.



    Born in Galashiels Willie attended St Joseph’s Marist Brothers College in the Scottish Borders, his father had aspirations of Willie being a priest and he was dispatched to a seminary, however he didnae have a vocation so on his return and wanting to continue his education his dad taking the hump cut off all his finances which curtailed his desire to return to St Joseph’s so he attended the local Dumfries Academy, while there he decided to financially subsidise himself by playing for some of the local sides, the kinning park side on hearing of his exploits signed him while he was attending Glasgow Uni after graduating from the Academy and had no idea he was a member of the one true holy and apostolic faith



    The fact that he was a member of the “Third Order of St Francis where he wore a scapular must have raised a few eyebrows at the club although their sectarian policy was NOT truly evident at the time and after only 24 games when the opportunity of signing Alec Bennett arose, which in true hun fashion some irregularities were involved, so in an effort to steer them off Willie was dispatched to us, seemingly although he won more trophies and international recognition with his new side Alec allegedly proclaimed it was his biggest mistake in the game.



    As for Willie after he graduated From Glasgow Uni, he became the police surgeon in the city as well as the Celtic team doctor and was the first person on the park after John Thomson’s fatal injury.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just watched the Kyogo video.



    Very enjoyable.



    He’s a class human being.

  8. Key findings about racism in England



    Under Section 60, Black people are around 18 times more likely to be searched than their white counterparts.


    Ethnic minority children make up over half of the child population in prison (28% are Black). This is an increase of 15% over the past decade.


    By the end of secondary school, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils are almost three years behind their white counterparts, and Black Caribbean students are 11 months behind their White British counterparts.


    Black and ethnic minority people with learning disabilities die younger than their white counterparts; there is a 26-year difference between white and people of colour with profound and multiple learning disabilities.


    Had the white population experienced the same risk of death from Covid-19 as Black groups, there would have been an estimated 58,000 additional deaths between March-May 2020.


    In 2019, 90% of Australian nationals were released before spending 28 days in detention compared with 60% of Nigerian nationals and 40% of Jamaican nationals.

  9. Scullybhoy,



    Stastictics can be used to virtually prove any point.



    You do know that nowadays white working class children are the most disadvantaged in England’s schooling system.



    Is that racism too ?

  10. quadrophenian on 17th January 2023 10:48 pm



    Brian O’Neill?





    Spot on – a really good player, I thought.

  11. Scullybhoy



    Last min heaďed winner in the dark days at the home of hubris.iirc too


    Seem to recall he was in the Scotland U19 side that got narrowly got beat to a sprightly Saudi ArabiaU35 side in the u19 final at hampden..1989.







    We never stop.





    Must have been some burst of energy from that hall at St.Marys eh CV? Non stop since. :-)




  13. Didn’t Brian kinda struggle to find his best posi…?



    I recall him being used as a Centre Mid but later as a ball-playing Centre Half. A meringue?



    Agree. Very nice player.

  14. An Tearman,






    I was at the semi and the final. Brian O’Neill scored the only goal in the semi and missed the final penalty in the final shoot out!

  15. Good matchday morning from a cold and frosty Garngad



    Any win will do tonight. COYBIG



    Oh and get Liewell to feck, a bare face face Liar of a man.



    Have a nice day yall.



    D :)



    Thanks for the heads up about tomorrow’s game being on PPV, I wasn’t aware.







    I subscribe to Celtic TV and have never received an email from them telling me I can watch on PPV let alone providing a discount code.




    Sorry to read of your poor experiences with CELTIC TVs PPV.


    Tonight and in recent weeks, I have BOOKED for the PPV and I havent had any problems….so far.


    When I have booked a game on a ” MATCH PASS” @ £12.99, I immediately receive an Email confirming the payment etc AND THE LINK, that enables me to Click onto when the Programme starts, which is usually about One Hour BEFORE Kick AFF.



    A poster on here asked me about a ” DISCOUNT CODE” which enables anyone to book a ” MATCH PASS” for just £9.99….instead of £12.99 ?


    So far, I havent seen or been offered ANY ” DISCOUNT CODE”….But Im not too bothered to be honest.


    I sincerely HOPE that you can get matters resolved and enjoy The Celts on PPV ASAP ?






    Many thanks for the birthday wishes- not sure who outed me. Was planning to stay in tonight with a curry carry out but disappointed that Cinnamon locally is shut on Tuesday.







    I’ll celebrate more at the weekend.







    Why not join myself and others THIS FRIDAY ( 20th JAN), for a real celebration ?


    We are meeting in my Local ( which you know) and then getting Taxis to East Kilbride Pub to meet up with some other Bhoys for many…many Beers.



    I hope that you can make it Mate.


    Cheers SFTB and Happy Birthday once again.


    HH Mate.

  18. SCULLYBHOY on 17TH JANUARY 2023 10:39 PM




    ‘Key findings about racism in England’








    Do you have key findings about racism in any other countries?



    Or is it only England that you are concerned about?



    There’s an irony here, but I suspect it has passed you by.

  19. Taken from Daily ” Ranger”, so its probably CRAP ?



    Oh Hyeon gyu to Celtic transfer gathers pace as Parkhead side put forward ‘improved’ Suwon striker offer





    Apparently, GMAK did NOT Train yesterday ?




  20. Ange Postecoglou spoke to the media this afternoon ahead of Celtic’s league clash against and was delighted with the news that Matthew Anderson has signed a new deal at the club.



    Anderson currently captain’s the Celtic B team side and has penned a new deal that will see him remain at the Scottish champions until 2025.



    Having signed for the Hoops at the age of 13, he will hope that his dreams will become a reality soon. He has taken up the mantle of the 63 jersey at the club which was of course held by his fellow academy predecessor Kieran Tierney.



    “Yeah really happy,” Ange Postecoglou told Celts Are Here.



    “He’s one of a number there now that I think you’ll find over the course of the next sort of 6-12 months they’ll start to begin to make an impact at first team level.



    “I really believe that, I think the work that Darren and Stephen are doing at the moment is outstanding.



    “We’ve already had sort of Bosun and Rocco with us but guys like Matty and Benny Summers and a couple of others there.



    “Like you said, I’m in constant dialogue with the guys about how they are going and seeing it with my own eyes that there is improvement there.



    “Great that Matty has committed himself to the club, he’s one we’ve got high hopes for.



    “It’s now about providing him with the opportunity and him grasping that opportunity in his growth because we’ve seen with all these talented young players that there is still a way to go to make it but he’s got a great attitude and works hard at training.



    “He wants to improve and I’ve got no doubt that before too long he’ll get the opportunty which he’s worked hard for.”

  21. Big Jimmy and all, I wonder if the discount code is only being offered to subscribers in Ireland? I have no idea but I do know that the Donegal and Irish Associations here have for many years asked that those who travel for 20 hours every other weekend get something back from the club and not be treated the same (as we are for tv issues) as those who live in Scotland. Incredibly we can never watch Celtic TV live even though the travel involved to watch a game at Celtic Park is huge, especially for midweek.


    I’ve no idea if this is true, I can’t be the only one getting a discount, can I?

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