Job done by those who wanted illicit chanting confrontation


Make what you wish of Strathclyde Police reporting Celtic fans for “illicit chanting” to a Uefa match observer in October, the bottom line is that Uefa have fined Celtic €15,000 (around £12,700), established a benchmark for future action and more importantly sullied the club’s reputation.

Job done by those who wanted this confrontation to happen.

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  1. Ten Men Won The League on

    Time for the ‘add on’ in one particular song to stop, otherwise we are heading for a game behind closed doors in Europe

  2. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    A dangerous precedent set here. Can anybody now report a club’s supporters to UEFA?

  3. Given that the ‘illicit’ chanting may well have breached the Prevention of Terrorism Act, why was it not dealt with by the police on the spot?


    Hopefully those in high places at Celtic Park will be looking for an answer.

  4. Maybe now us as a celtic support will realise they are out to get us and even this up at all costs and if that’s the way they wan’t to play then let the games begin.



    In my eyes Eddie Smith will never be one of us he is an establishment puppet and will do anything to get his profile raised.



    It just goes to show what people will do for a promotion.



    I wonder where our Eddie was at the rangers game at he weekend after all he has been really quiet of late and as Paul said job done



    I hope someone has sen’t that recent SPL game to UEFA.

  5. Ten Men Won The League at 15:53



    We need to know what exactly UEFA found wrong with our songs. There has been a lot of speculating but unless you know for sure which song or which “add-on” they were referring to, its difficult for us to know what not to do.



    Was it for Paddy McCourt’s Fenian Army?


    Was it for Ooh aah up the Ra during “The Celtic Symphony”?


    Was it “The Boys of the Old Brigade”?



    I don’t know, but would like to find out so that I know what is acceptable and what is “illicit”.




  6. So I look forward to all regional police forces to apply the same unbiased application of this charge of “illicit chanting” to all grounds does it apply to the govanites at Easter Road on sat?

  7. Not really much that can be said other than the precedent has been set. Every club should now expect to get a bill for €12,000 for offensive chanting, as I don’t know one club who doesnt sing something ofeensive! Also where does this leave the SFA who decided we had no case to answer? I assume there is the right to appeal.

  8. What does the “illicit chanting” cover, has song(s) been mentioned ? or will UEFA follow the lead of others under the, you should know, banner ?



    £15k for a first offence also comes across a bit harsh in comparison to the numerous bites of the cherry received in other places in Glasgow….

  9. The Token Tim – HAIL! HAIL! To Kano 1000 says:


    12 December, 2011 at 15:24





    for some reason i like scott brown, still do, but despite that, I agree there have been times when I have questioned his actions/judgement, especially given his role as Celtic Captain.



    However when it comes to dealing with wee sleekit conniving cowardly rats like hammill and others of his ilk (and there are plenty like him in the SPL) then I am all for Scott Brown taking on and facing them down every time!











    I have no problem with that DURING the game.



    BTW has anybody came out an said what the illicit chanting was

  10. Can we ask UEFA what the illicit chanting consisted of? Strathclyde Police say they will decide and won’t say. Surely, being found guilty, we have the right to ask what we have been found guilty of?

  11. hen1rik says:


    12 December, 2011 at 15:36



    Blogger is on the money with this I think but the Leslie case was more sinister than he says as there was a further twist in that the local Masonic lodge were hosting UDA men who were fund raising/recruiting with armed uniformed men at the local lodge.



    This came to light by accident when the police were investigating a completely unrelated matter and found firearms on a member of the OO who was in the know.



    As for Uefa this has been a stitch up from start to finish by the pair who lauded Rangers fans for their wonderful behaviour at the CIS Cup Final…. MacAskill and Corrigan.



    It really does anger me that we have listened to their bile for all these years and then we get it in the neck. Well the gloves are off now and we as a support must consider bhoycott to bring attention to this rotten set-up.



    Problem: Statistics show an imbalance in sectarian offences.


    Solution: Widen the definition of offences to include the victims and balance things up.

  12. mearns 2 milton on

    I think it is a fair point. If you had the volume up on saturday the bile was there for all to see. However, how can Celtic be expected to manage this if we are not told by UEFA which songs, chants we have been done for




  13. Hi Paul,



    “Make what you wish of Strathclyde Police reporting Celtic fans for “illicit chanting” to a Uefa match observer in October, the bottom line is that Uefa have fined Celtic €15,000 (around £12,700), established a benchmark for future action and more importantly sullied the club’s reputation…………Job done by those who wanted this confrontation to happen.”



    There has been the odd song debate from time to time on CQN.



    However possibly none more bitter than a few years ago when you had the audacity to propose that if the Controversial singing carries on then UEFA will be involved.



    Bet your not feeling like giving a told you so sermon OR holding your breath for apologies!



    Sad day for Celtic and the thousands of supporters over many, many years who have upheld our most noble traditions.



    Hail! Hail!

  14. Mort (Kano 1000) says:


    12 December, 2011 at 15:51



    That comparsion really puts it in perspective, but for all of UEFA’s talk, they never seem to properly clamp don on racism, which in itself really shows you the kind of organisation we are dealing with here!

  15. If you’ve got an IRA sympathiser to wind people up and sing these provocative songs. You can see, it’s just them reacting against the Scottish establishment, and annoying the other team. It’s not because they believe it, or even have any terribly great interest in the IRA.”



    Fergus Mc Cann 1998 on rebel songs.

  16. coorslad is Neil Lennon on

    If Celtic dont appeal this,then Phil mc is right,its what they want.Surly after been recently cleared by Sfa,because they done all they could to prevent this type of thing,is the grounds for appeal..we will know soon enough..


    Ps..please lock your wireless away tonight,it will only cause undue stress..

  17. I guess we will need to see the full report. What singing was deemed illicit? I would also be very interested to see / hear CFC’s robust support of its fans submitted to UEFA on this matter.

  18. Ten Men Won The League on




    I’m pretty certain the club will know which song/songs were deemed as “illicit chanting” by UEFA



    Imo, it is for the add on at the end of “The Celtic Symphony”



    I am sure a statement from the club will be forthcoming

  19. And here endeth chapter 1. It was ever going to be thus after the wheels were set in motion on the Billy Boys and the famine song.


    The huns have been slavering on for a few years now to get us to this point. Endless poppyganda, driving out the milllitant support.


    Their comming together culminating in this as a first pass. Will the huns now be happy at the perceived degree of equivalence?



    Asking what was illicit is off no use. It was done we were found guilty, lts pack it in and move on from this panto… to a bigger league were our supporters don’t feel drawn in to tit for tat crap.

  20. This and the last article are all part of the same contrived agenda by the police and SNP politicians to support the new Bill and get the best wee country in the world looking squeaky clean again.

  21. mearns 2 milton on

    I am sure Keevins and the other Snyde puppets will be driving the “celtic done with sectarian chanting” tonight



    Lets just look forward to finishing the year on a high and winning the last OF game against the original currants

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:



    12 December, 2011 at 13:57



    Previous article.



    That is bad. Really bad stuff.



    If someone normal came on here for the first time and read that then he/she would be off like a shot.

  23. Paul67



    We have been tarred with the rangers brush and their previous behaviour.



    UEFA opening some can of worms when it comes to football supporters and their politics.



    When is Barcelona getting reported and fined?




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