Joe Baker, Hargreaves, Fraser, playing to the galleries


Neil Lennon’s suggestion that fostering Fraser Forster from a lower-league loaner to an England international is “one of the best things [he’s] been involved with as a manager” is difficult to dispute, despite his various trophies and Champions League exploits.

Owen Hargreaves earned an England cap before he made an appearance in either of England’s top two divisions, although he was playing with European champions, Bayern Munich at the time.  Hargreaves and Lanarkshire’s Joe Baker are the only two to have been capped for England without playing in any of the country’s four leagues.  I’ve no idea if there are any others to have earned a cap without having played in the top two division but there must be precious few.

In short, Fraser’s appearance between the sticks on Friday was exceptional.  We can now help fulfil the international ambitions of English players, just as long as we continue to compete in the Champions League.

Playing to the galleries

There’s a great line in the movie, Wall St, when Martin Sheen says, “If you live long enough you get to see everything”.  Today we got to see the incredible sight of Craig Whyte’s former PR, who represented him before and during his Outstanding Contribution to Scotland, who in fact, represented him well before this, when Whyte was stalking STV as they teetered on the brink of oblivion, use Twitter to turn on another member of the Whyte coterie, for being a part of the Whyte coterie.

It reads like playing to the gallery, which the Daily Record, is a particularly useful punch bag for.  No one cares what you say about the Daily Record, so exploit a common enemy and pile on.  Tub thumping like this is embarrassing.

Puppet master

It will be interesting to see if the Record investigate who first suggested Whyte turned his attention to Rangers, after his STV ambitions ended….
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  1. Good news that Fraser has been capped.



    But very disappointing that, whenever players withdraw from the Dutch squad, Van Gaal keeps calling up central defenders who are clearly inferior to Virgil.

  2. Garngad to Croy



    12:35 on 18 November, 2013



    ‘How do I complain ?’






    Ask them to explain how Bedoya, who still had two years left to run on his contract, was able to walk away from the Club without any repercussions.



    Ask whether it could have been because his employers, the Club, had ceased to exist and his contract was therefore no longer enforceable against him.

  3. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    Any info on the court cases against naismith , whittaker , mcgregor etc .

  4. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox



    12:48 on 18 November, 2013






    Any info on the court cases against naismith , whittaker , mcgregor etc .”







    Charles did promise action would follow.



    We’re still waiting.



    They’re the acid test of whether or not it’s a new club, because the issue can be argued in open court between parties who have competing interests.



    The Setanta pay out might afford a similar opportunity.





    Not sure he actually made much of a contribution to the debate. He and the woman on the panel were very quiet.



    The others were just a buncha snide and supercilious tossers who thought they had an ordinary Joe on their hands.



    BIG NAN pasted them. The quitter members of that panel were the wise ones.

  6. Winning captains



    Thanks for the replies, saw ur reply about the living wage alot of pages back when i was reading back. Cheers for that.



    8hr time difference means i sometimes miss replies .





    Once I figure out how to work this phone it will be outa date!

  8. Paul



    For the less IT-literate amongst us, would you mind putting a name to ‘Whyte’s former PR rep’ … ?




  9. Big Nan.



    Your Welcome, it’s extremely important to me that this Bill gets acted upon.



    Hail Hail.

  10. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    My breath has been bated for about 18 months. … surely it was not another example of Charles green bs to get the zombie hordes onto the back of the legendary white charger ;)





    I have to take exception to your comment that “No one cares what you say about the Daily Record”



    You would,for one.



    If we were allowed to say on here what we really think about The Daily Record,rather than simply im





    I have to take exception to your comment that “No one cares what you say about the Daily Record”



    You would,for one.



    If we were allowed to say on here what we really think about The Daily Record,rather than simply imply it,you would have to ban us all!

  13. I think they where quiet because anything they did say, would have been on the record.


    But I wonder what they had for tea, or how long they had together in private to discuss the weather and so forth.



    Hail Hail.

  14. Fraser Wishart ,Players Union Rep.continues to get an easy time on snyde,he talked his members into a 75% reduction in their contracts so oldco would survive the season,then TUPE`d the big earners,yet he peddles the myth of same club etc.


    Can someone clarify the BDO role,technically they seem to be able to still claim oldco existance until BDO formally liquidate them?.

  15. The Battered Bunnet on




    Just saw that tweet from JI. I’m not sure if he is saying:



    “I can’t believe you actually fell for that line Keith”






    “Hay McKerron stitched you up ya trumpet. Shoulda listened to your old Uncle Jack”






    “2 legs good. 4 legs bad”



    Of course, might just be an unpleasant piece of pre-emptive messenger shooting given the stooshie around Somer other RIFC director.

  16. Chancer67



    ‘… the truth will out’, eh?



    That begs a dark question.



    But welcome, anyway …




  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Here was me hoping that today’s Daily Record was going to contain Keith Jackson’s SFA statement that “Rangers” are the same club. You know, like he said on Saturday…..



    Oh, and maybe tell us the name of the “company” that owned the club……

  18. Paul ———–



    ” No one cares what you say about the Daily Record ”



    OK ——The Daily Record fabricates ” news ” . When Celtic played Rubentus , The Daily Record ran items featuring Rube players dissing Celtic . They were fabricated, fictional and fraudulent.



    Before Celtic played AC Milan , the Daily Record ran an item which featured El Shaarawy dissing Celtic . That story was made up . It was fabricated fiction..



    Celtic play AC Milan next week. The Daily Record will run at least one AC Milan diss Celtic story . It will have been made up . , it will be fabricated fiction.

  19. its not often I completely disagree with our manager but todays statement to the media (Scotsman) …



    “You also miss the competitiveness and, of course, you miss the games, because it’s one of the greatest derbies in the world. There is always drama and energy in those games, and they will happen again in another couple of seasons and the excitement will start building again.”



    No, no thanks Neil, I don’t miss them, don’t want to ever see them again anywhere near Celtic Park, and I don’t believe that I’m in the minority.

  20. chancer67 is a plant, he’s not fooling anyone with that clever name.




    Hee hee hee.




  21. St Patricks day 1956 on

    My first ever post after lurking on here since this great website began, and I am proud to be one of the internet bam pots . Thank you Paul 67 for all the great work you have done. I received my CQN annual this morning, and after a quick look I would say it is brilliant, just like the first one. Regarding the booing of Fergus, I thought it was a disgrace at the time, as Fergus slayed the blues, in more ways than one. So God bless him, and all the best to all the Bhoys on here . Hail Hail St Patricks day 1956

  22. antipodean



    Indeed he was, could easily have graced the Hoops squad, or at least made the bench and came on when Jinky was running out of steam.



    Unfortunately he was overlooked probably due to his hairstyle of the time, which although similar to Bobby Charlton’s, was always off putting.

  23. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Paul67 …. I don’t go near the dr….looks like I’ll have to, to understand your article….

  24. The Moon Bhoys, to be fair to Neil, he’s only giving a politicians answer. He’s already the zombies’ Satan figure, he can’t risk more bullets & bombs in the post.

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