Johansen and Denayer step up


Congratulations to Scotland’s Player of the Year, Stefan Johansen, and Young Player of the Year, Jason Denayer.  It’s fair to say Stefan had an underwhelming first eight months in Scotland, but the turnaround since October has been stark.

It was during our home defeat to Hamilton Accies that month that I noticed a change in his game.  He took on more responsibility and pressed incessantly for the equaliser.  The next game, away to Ross County, was a Johansen virtuoso performance and he’s never looked back.

There was a similar ‘So what?’ reaction to Jason’s early season performances.  Performances were far more like Efe Ambrose than Virgil van Dijk, but he grew increasingly assured as the season progressed.  His international debut two months ago was merited.

Manchester City want him back for next season, where he’ll be second reserve for central defence.  On the upside, he’ll get six games, some of which will be in the cups against lower league opponents.  If City and the player want to map a route to the first team, this is a step in the process, but it’s not without its risks to the player.

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  1. Greeninbingley on

    Lennon n Mc….Mjallby



    10:55 on 4 May, 2015



    When I moved to Yorkshire in the early 90s we got over the 2 till 6 Sunday drinking abyss by getting the KWVR steam train at Keighley.



    It had a buffet car and was allowed to sell booze all afternoon.



    So you’d buy a return ticket and just go up and down the line to Haworth all afternoon while enjoying the scenery and getting pished.

  2. The Green Man on

    Hun journos openly pleading for favouritism and rule changing to suit.


    You couldn’t make it up.


    How the feck do they get away with this crap?





  3. Turkeybhoy


    11:13 on


    4 May, 2015


    Hun Media in a right tiswas today.They have an article about Lennoxtown,and all the connivance,and graft that has gone on between Celtic,and “The corrupt Taig Glasgow,Dunbartonshire,councils”.All slabbering congratulations to each other for bombarding the authorities with complaints.


    Another post about the “Investigation of the Huns”,the one that was posted yesterday,is classed as “Obsessive Tims”at it again !!!!!!!!!!.


    Their stupidity,lack of any sense of irony,gets bigger by the day.


    Truly the most horrible,detestable,group of almost human entities on this planet.

  4. Keeping The Faith on

    Pity JD is going back to City another season here would have benefitted all parties, congrats to both players though.


    And as I said last night Hughes getting the award is Mcleans reward.

  5. theglasgowcelticway on

    The Miners Welfare in Halfway was the place to go when the pubs closed on a Sunday afternoon.The guy on the door stood every week asking the queue to get in “Are you a member?” “Aye” (Aye right) 20 pence in his wee box and you were in.

  6. he Green Man


    11:15 on


    4 May, 2015


    Hun journos openly pleading for favouritism and rule changing to suit.


    You couldn’t make it up.


    How the feck do they get away with this crap?






    Martin Hannah !!!!!!!!!1.I know its difficult going by names now,but if I had a bet on him not being a Hun,I would be in the Pay Out queue waiting to hopefully collect.


    A proper fud nonetheless.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    The right choice for JD would be to stay another year with Euro football next season but its his choice.

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The Hamilton game in October was the first time I had seen Ronny’s team.


    Even though we didn’t play particularky well, we didn’t deserve to lose. We were, naturally , lopsided looking,due to the players unfamiliarity with the systen, but Johansen stood out a mile. I don’t think he could believe how immobile his team mates were. Even so, many chances were missed.




    This post was made, on an iPhone, with a two year old clambering all over me and a four year old hoppibg like a mad man.


    ‘Sno easy.



  9. The Green Man on




    Its the rhetoric and stupidity of peepul who can hardly string a sentence together, and that’s just the journos.


    The most rabid bigots in world football, don’t like to be called Huns.


    Id say calling them Huns…..is being kind.


    Knuckle draggers stuck in the 17th century.


    Their absurdity knows no bounds.





  10. Clashcitybhoy on

    Well done to both players on awards


    For what its worth, i think Denayer will be with us next season, albeit not at start.


    They will have a new manager, who won’t be “allowed” to ease in a 19/20 year old CB .


    New manager will want experience, which will be to our advantage.



    Johansen’s reward is deserved, like him in attacking midfield where he is class.


    As a holding or central midfielder there are others ahead of him,imho.



    The key for me, is we now have ( hopefully) 5 competitive games between now and our 2nd stage ( round 3?) of CL qualification.


    Lets work to that,particularly if Jason may only rejoin late on, and VVD goes.

  11. TBB



    Feck the rules, let’s get Kingy in with oodles of mulleins tae pit Timmy in his place, the thought of us dominating is really rattling the cages of the spoon fed…

  12. Paul67,



    With Denayer offski, I sincerely hope Celtic tell VVD that he will not be allowed to leave whilst the CL play offs are ongoing. I’m unsure as to when the CL play offs end, but he can leave after the play offs or the last day of the window, as long as it suits Celtic. The CL is far too important to blood 2 new centre halfs.

  13. Martin Hannah worried about Celtic continuing to win the league… Fair play I remember all the articles worried about the league being boring when the Huns were winning…?

  14. Keeping The Faith


    11:17 on


    4 May, 2015


    Pity JD is going back to City another season here would have benefitted all parties, congrats to both players though.


    And as I said last night Hughes getting the award is Mcleans reward.



    Not sure its all over with JD yet.RD says he has a great relationship with City.The boy now says he would stay another season happily.If we qualify for the CL,I think it would give the boy better experience to stay with us.


    We should wait and see.How much has he come on this season?.

  15. The Green Man on




    As you know…..being a hun is nothing to do with religion.


    I don’t care what his name is…..by definition, he is a Hun.


    And a particularly daft one a that.




  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I would only have given that particular piece as a very easy introduction into critical analysis. The author does if for the Reader:



    Martin Hannan: Give King a chance to help end Celtic’s rule.







  17. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    We can neither afford nor attract the kind of players required for ” a good run in the European Cup.”.


    Possibly, an exceptional Manager could effect such a run and we may have one in Ronny Deila.


    As regards ” a few of them no longer at the club.”. Time will tell. Currently, only Denayer is almost certain to leave. I believe all the others I mentioned above will still be here. Again, time will tell.


    Cheerio for now,




  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked



    Maybe we could get King to run the country while he’s at it, he seems to be a fit and proper person with oodles of spare cash, maybe he can put an end to food banks and unemployment too, why he just an extraordinary Superman…oooh I can’t wait:))

  19. Stringer Bell on

    I though Jim Duffy had won the POTY award when he was at Morton?



    Mibbe it was players player.

  20. The Green Man on

    What kind of journalist….would blatantly propose rule changes to favour a glib and shameless liar.


    And proposes that the way to challenge Celtic….is to basically cheat, by changing rules to suit sevco.


    Journalism……my arse.




  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Hope we can keep Jason for next season, but wonder if they might loan him out to a lower EPL team for a year, with a view to playing him in their first team the following season?

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The Green Man




    11:30 on 4 May, 2015



    What kind of journalist….would blatantly propose rule changes to favour a glib and shameless liar.




    A glib and shameless one…..?

  23. Stan and Stefan - Sitting doon for Scott Broon on

    I have no aspirations for the Champions League. Any success in that competition is a bonus.



    I’d be happy with more of the same as this season. Though would like a longer run in the Europa League if we fall during the CL qualifiers / group stage.



    I also think we will lose better players than we bring in (VVD, Denayer) and we will also bring in better players than we lose (Balde, Borrigter, et al).



    If we emulate the transfer in of Zig and Zag for the weakened positions I can’t ask for anything more.



    p.s. I think Fisher will be our right back. Lustig if fit would be one of the central defenders, Efe could be the other, though not my first choice.



    p.p.s. Apparently Callum MacGreggor has a severe ankle injury which will put him out of the game for months. Anyone else heard this?





    Miner’s Welfare?



    Remember it well. There a coupla times in the 80s wi two mates from Cambuslang,both called Mick too.



    Smashing wee place.

  25. Stan and Stefan - Sitting doon for Scott Broon on

    Just saw picture of the new New Balance top for next season. No really “hoops”. No likey.

  26. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Who does that Hannan trumpet write for ?



    What an appallingly written article

  27. The Green Man on

    GlassTwo Thirds Full.



    Unfortunately in Scoodland….we are subject to Masonic rule….


    So, I wouldnt be surprised, if said journalist…..was fond of certain handshakes and secrets.


    Just like the referees in Scoodland.





  28. It’s such a comforting feeling when you read the likes of Martin Hannan greetin like a wain.



    Most comforting of all is the sure and certain knowledge that even if they get their way and King David the GAS is permitted to ascend to his throne, they are only nailing the lid firmly on their coffin anyway.

  29. Martin Hannah is a former pupil of Blairs College & Scots College, Rome. FACT!

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