Johansen becomes second Celtic addition


I’ve seen nothing of Stefan Johansen but I’m delighted we have signed a central midfield player.  Deficiencies up front are glaring, especially in the Premiership, but in Europe, the critical area is central mid, where we need to control more than we did this season.

Central midfield protects your defence and provides the foundations strikers stand on, it has been an important area for Celtic to strengthen since losing our top man last summer.

Conversely, Scott Brown is playing his best football since joining Celtic in 2007 but, as his European adventures were nullified by disciplinary action, the gap was unbridgeable.  Honourable mentions should go to Charlie Mulgrew, Beram Kayal and Joe Ledley, but in the case of Charlie and Joe, they were asked to play secondary, or tertiary roles, while Beram was promoted from well down the pecking order to a Champions League starter.

Please observe the usual caveats when a new player arrives.  New club, new city, new tactics, team mates, match officials and game atmosphere, Stefan has a lot to assimilate in the coming weeks.  It took six months for Victor to settle and at least as long before Mikael, Scott and Joe looked their best.

For Stefan and Holmbert Fridjonsson the primary objective of the next six months is to prepare for Champions League qualifiers, closely followed by a Scottish Cup tie against Aberdeen in three weeks.

Welcome to Celtic, Stefan.  You have a fantastic opportunity ahead.
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  1. Welcome to our new Bhoy, Stefan Johansen.



    Some footage of Stefan’s creative talents:





    The assist just after 3m30s is sublime, in spite of having his feet taken from under him as he strikes the ball, albeit the striker’s finish is somewhat fortunate… but as Henke will tell you, a goal is a goal, however you get the ball into the back of the net!



    However, if we are to realise Johansen’s full potential, NL will have to ensure that the other players help him by moving forwards into (attack-minded) space to open up options for our new Bhoy to demonstrate his visionary and incisive passing skills. He can also hit a pretty decent freekick from 20-25 yards. which could come in very useful against packed defences.



    Let’s hope he soon shows us why he is known as “the Norwegian Luca Modric”.



    Stefan, velkommen til Celtic familien. Dette er mer enn en klubb.

  2. Monaghan1900


    11:57 on


    15 January, 2014


    Jonny the Tim


    11:47 on


    15 January, 2014



    I don’t think you’re allowed to leave anything lying around at an airport these days.



    PS Anyone find a backpack I left in Edinburgh the other week?

  3. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    “Please observe the usual caveats when a new player arrives. New club, new city, new tactics, team mates, match officials and game atmosphere, Stefan has a lot to assimilate in the coming weeks”.



    Yer joking :)))


    Sack the board


    Again welcome to celtic Stefan

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    happy birthday Florida ghirl



    come to think haven’t seen her post since CL game v Milan


    How did the Stenny strip go?

  5. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    I’m getting worried wheres BMCUW :))



    Till later all

  6. M6bhoy



    That’s a true story, and that wee guys name was John Donnelly ( no relation of mine) a really smashing guy, and what a character, I remember when the committee where up for re election old John stood at the mike and said there is a lot of allegations going around about people who are running for the committee, and that this has to stop, and we know who the alligators are, I never laughed so much in all my life, that man was a legend.

  7. Bigchips, I never watch Youtube clips before a player signs so only just taken than in. Didn’t realise he’s a leftie. Good news, lefties are more valuable than righties. #economics #scarcity



    leftclick, I know!



    Philbhoy, let’s wait.

  8. Paul67



    Is this your way if telling us not to expect the new bhoy to play at the weekend?


    We must be the only club to sign a player and not play them for a week or two.


    Anyway welcome to paradise Stefan.

  9. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    Well said Paul67, you can just feel the doom & gloom merchants are sharpening their pencils if our new Bhoys don’t hit the ground running. I’ve lost count of the number of posts that told us we had brought in 4 duds last window. Well maybe the penny is beginning to drop that Lenny and our scouting team know a little bit more than some were giving them credit for. My only worry is that some of our own home- grown starlets may get squeezed out of game time opportunities..

  10. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    stefan welcome


    we will see how ye get on before we judge ye



    noo, dae ye huv any pals who know how to score goals and who is willing to play for less wages than the EPL will offer?

  11. Tony Donnelly…if your in town and fancy a pint gimme a shout…Brampton or Bramladesh as some know it isn’t too bad a city and not too far from Georgetown.

  12. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    Malarkey, He didn’t go to Turkey. He had a slight injury and stayed in Lennoxtown for treatment.

  13. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on




    Deepest sympathy on your loss.



    Rest in Peace, Rose.

  14. Since Stefan cannot get the No.8 jersey from our captain, he will have to try for 18 (Rogic), 28 (last worn by James Keatings), 48 (last worn by Darren O’Dea; 38 belongs to reserve goalie Fasan), 68 or 78 (never before used; 58 belongs to Paddy Twardzik) or the 88 jersey of Gary Hooper.



    Only first team jerseys unfilled currently are the iconic Number 7 or Kelvin Wilson’s number 6.

  15. Bigchipsuk…



    Thanks for that…he’s a leftie then!!!



    Agree 100% with your comments.




  16. hendrix67, no, just asking to give him time to settle!! We are notoriously bad at this and it is counterproductive.



    corkcelt, I hear you.

  17. Just in to say….




    From last night…






    22:26 on 14 January, 2014






    Just spoke to my Orc Bro in Law.



    There WERE Huns in the Jungle in the 70s and at the 4-2 game.



    He knows …..he was one of them.




    I recall a midweek game in the Glasgow Cup Final at CP 1975(I think ?) and, we lost 1-3 to the huns and there were huns in the Jungle – up to the ‘white No 9’ exit area. I was only a wee bhoy at the time and was in the upper main stand but – it was scary stuff watching the running battles – fueled by the usual mibbery on the pitch. There were no huns in the Jungle at the 4-2 gemme.



    Welcome Stefan – I hope yer more Murdo than Joe – CSC



    Anyway – Hail Hail – Off oot.

  18. Thanks to everyone who sent me their memories if the 4-2 game.



    A few on here mentioned this game in comparison to some of the other great Celtic matches.



    I would like to compile a list of the 10 Greatest Celtic games since Lisbon – in Domestic football only.



    I can think of 4-2 game (1979), the 6-2 game, 5-1 v St Mirren in 1986, 2-0 v St Johnstone to stop them doing TIAR…

  19. Afternoon all, not posting so much these days in fact even a wee bit tardy with the aul’ lurking duties….



    But still enjoying the CQN banter.



    Welcome Stefan Johansen hope you are a great addition to the hoops, but not going to comment until…



    a) I see him play






    b) I know his height to ten decimal places:-)



    Hail Hail

  20. Philbhoy - Free the Dam 5! on

    I’m about to start a new job in Germany for huge money.



    I’ve told the CEO that I don’t actually want to do the work that I’m paid for until I settle in to my new surroundings, the language, the people, the food etc.



    What’s “yer sacked” in German?



    Play the bhoy as soon as possible. He’ll soon settle in!

  21. TonyD, yir a hellova character. Love yir posts. Wan a these days am gonnae pop in the Brazen Heid and introduce maself and buy ye a pint.

  22. Winning captains, agree with them, albeit didn’t attend my first game until about 2 months after 4v2, was at the other 3 tho. Was also a big fan of the late goals to win the centenary double against Utd at Hampden!

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