John Hughes, legend who wore his heart on his sleeve


I got to know John Hughes through his good friend, CQN’s own, Alex Gordon.  He was in his 70s by then, but retained a charm and mischievousness.  He loved talking football and, in particular, Celtic, who he continued to follow as a fan.  Unlike you and I, when John talked Celtic, there was an edge that could only come from playing for the club you loved.

Had he cared less, missing out on Lisbon would not have mattered.  It did, though, you could hear the pain in his voice when talking about it.  The five European Cup games he played that season, however, brought the team to the final.  A chance not converted three years later in Milan also troubled him; John wanted to deliver for Celtic as much as anyone ever did.  He scored the equaliser in Celtic’s home semi-final at Hampden against Leeds, front of 136,000 people, which will forever remain an attendance record for a European Cup match.

I often found the Lisbon Lions faultlessly diplomatic.  John, however, told it as it was.  Some of his experiences cut too deep to bandage over.  Fans recount the past through the prism of football results, for players like John, memories of events past were about what you were like as a person.  I am glad we had his testimony to eventually add to the annuls of Celtic history.

On the park, he was a Bear of a man.  A striker with strength whose record as goal scorer is bettered by only seven others in Celtic’s illustrious 134-year history.  He took the club through its most transformational time, the 1960s, when Celtic went from being domestic also-rans to kings of Europe.

For most of us, the most enduring memory of John will not be of a prolific footballer, it will be of a smiling legend we met at Celtic Park.  The Celtic world is enormously poorer today; how lucky we were to have such heroes.  Our condolences to John’s family and close friends.

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  1. Off sick wi’ the cauld………………..





    Just caught up……….








    Belgian Pub cracks!!!!





    Hope they git the job done next week for a full-on goat gloat.




  2. garygillespieshamstring on






    Although I believe he was not referring to the cheese makers specifically but the members of the whole dairy industry.

  3. EL @ 8.11



    The interview video is not on the Almayadeen video list.


    There is 70 seconds on the Guardian website.



    Interview — full article / Link:





    JC does not know his history.


    Would he have been against Lend Lease in 1940/41?



    Not sure what he wants out of the situation In Ukraine?


    I get the impression that he wants everyone to play nice.



    You wouldn’t leave him in charge of a hamster.


    He would want the hamster and the local cat to play nice.



    2017 was full of hope.


    Now he is back to his utopian / self loathing worst.


    Interesting viewpoints at times but overall — a complete zoomer.

  4. Football last night — tghe Start Trek link.


    Football but not as we know it.



    UStG — lumpy in the extreme / slow slow slow then fast fast fast.


    Some of the players looked lost / disinterested / out of their depth then suddenly they spring into life.


    The No.13 marked the centre circle for 75 minutes then outpaces the TFOD2.1 defence over a 40M sprint with ease and shoots against the GK’s ankle.



    Now understand why they won the league and lost the play-offs.


    They have a particular style that goes against the norm — different.


    Once you have worked them out then they have nothing left.



    TFOD2.1 — wrong tactics / wrong shape / poor players / changes made too late.


    5 – 2 – 3 — not at the races — they were beaten to the counter punch by a counter punching team.



    RJ — If he plays then everyone has a chance against them.


    GK – Forgot he was actually playing.

  5. Interesting viewpoints at times but overall — a complete zoomer.



    The self awareness is incredible …😂😜

  6. Bognorbhoy



    Do you have that Golf club day info you posted other day.just the contact info mate.👍




  7. Can this confused pish and Stammer love in from the unelectable and most definitely not a socialist party go and email each other.reading shoit on a Celtic blog


    Who gives a flying f what the fake socialists are talking of.different forms of marketing.

  8. And in another world a Tiny Trot howls at the moon at the efforts of a slightly bigger Trot regarding the electability of GGG aka Gorgeous George …



    People with political opinions — of a sort — but with no discernible voting record / history.


    Strange in the extreme — but then again one of them counted beans in the City.

  9. MADMITCH on 3RD AUGUST 2022 10:26 AM




    On the big issues of our times the contemporary opinion of Corbyn has always been that he’s a bit of a loonie.



    But history generally vindicates his judgement.



    Pretty much the reverse of the Blairites.



    I see nothing in what he has said there that is objectionable.

  10. AN TEARMANN on 3RD AUGUST 2022 10:56 AM



    Interesting that a nationalist you regard Corbyn as a fake socialist.

  11. Run along to moderators fake troll.



    Loves that anonymity.



    A true shoit bag,as a human,as a troll.a stinted human,limited.


    All sanctioned and nodded thro.


    You are in with the clicks or should that be marketing



  12. There certainly seems to be a lot of clear blue water between Corbyn and Sturgeon’s view of Ukraine.



    I’d suggest Corbyn’s displays the greater statecraft.

  13. EL @ 11.11



    JC is just a contrarian — he has delivered nothing constructive.


    Highlighting flaws — of which there will always be many — and then offering nothing but motherhood and apple pie in return.



    His Ukraine comments would suggest that he doesn’t know that the country exists — it has no part to play in his US / West / EU / UK establishment bad narrative which means that Russia must be good no matter what it is doing to its neighbours.



    To me it looks like self loathing — he can only see the failures around him not the failures of others — not good.



    Why does he have more to say about the situation in Iraq than he does about the more active situations in Libya and Syria?



    Is it because he can try and pin the blame on TB for Iraq while that is not credible regarding Libya and Syria?



    JC — for me — moved the needle in 2017 with his manifesto.



    Offered more expansive and progressive solutions to the legacy of austerity — from the ConDemNation — still hanging over us. However after that shaft of light there was nothing and he tied himself up in knots as he fell into one establishment / Likud bear trap after another.



    Sorry — JC is worth listening too but he is not and never has been a leader.

  14. Are Tiny Trots allowed on the CQN Golf Day?


    Special tiny clubs and a special tiny buggy?



    Asking for a friend.

  15. Unionist Lynch.



    Who is a nationalist Unionist me? Wrong son.



    Never voted for a nationalist party in my puff,


    Never voted for any marketing excuse that aligns itself with Conservative policy


    Never voted for any murdering war criminal


    Never voted for Gordon who some in mentally ill party/no insight party members “saved” the economy.





    The marketing wing of whatever Stammer is goin over the cliff


    You back that shoit


    Good luck in England.



    Fake socialism is what your backing,go keev.

  16. EL @ questions galore



    JC and Yemen — not the full picture.


    All he can do is blame the US and its allies and wants the UK to fix it.



    The whole train wreck is much more complex than that.


    Old enough to remember that there used to be two Yemens.



    The concept of a proxy war seems to have passed him by.

  17. Anonymous non attending troll



    You won’t go to the golf day,just like you don’t attend Celtic games.stay behind your anonymous veil of fits.youll Never turn up.a simple shoit bag.

  18. Tiny Trots — who do they actually vote for?


    Or do they forget as they spend their time howling at the moon?



    GB did “save” the world — just a case that the media wasn’t allowed to tell us.



    Compare and contrast with the BoJo vaccine narrative that is being pushed well beyond any form of credibility — how it has become the branch that Tory voters cling to..



    BoJo has pals in the media / Tories running the BBC.


    GB was not TB and Establishment wanted their government back.

  19. Yeh he reset the whole way gov figures are calculated.


    God they even invented new terminology


    After 11 fingers forgot sums need to be added,


    Little wonder when the vast majority of sums went offshore


    And now it’s Ruperts pals fault.


    That’s right,the bin dippers your enquiry into done zero bout..


    You keep voting for your marketing shoit But take your fake marketing of these pages


    Anonymous troll your played out,not a marketing party,you are a shoit bag.a human shoit bag.


    But blame the papers shoit bag

  20. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    FANADPATRIOT on 3RD AUGUST 2022 11:47 AM



    You are on the wrong blog…….

  21. tHEBHOYFROMU N.C.L.E @ 11.51


    I thought that myself,but I was putting it down to old age HH

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Old Japanese proverb.



    “Vision without action is a daydream.


    Action without vision is a nightmare”



    For me, perfectly crystallises the choice of potential Prime Minister we had at the last general election.

  23. Celtic travel to Dingwall to play Ross County on Saturday 3:00 kick off , it may well be a stuffy encounter , we sometimes find it hard to break them down . No this time though I’m going for 4 going on 10 😜

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