John Mason MSP to infirm Celtic fan on parking ban: support another team


A retired Celtic season ticket holder, Gordon, who travels to games from Newcastle, emailed the club last week to explain that he is unable to walk for more than 10 minutes, and as a consequence of the proposed parking ban around Celtic Park on match days, he would be unable to attend games in future.

Gordon explained how Dalmarnock Station was not a viable option and that public bus provision in the area is totally inadequate.

He forwarded his email to John Mason, MSP for Glasgow Shettleston in the hope that the SNP politician would do what he could to help infirm visitors to the area, but he got the most incredible response from Mason: “Could you think of supporting a smaller more local club that would appreciate your adding to their crowd?”

On every level, this is appalling.  Mason could not care less when presented with evidence that this policy would prejudice the disabled.  Instead, he suggested someone who visits the city on a regular basis, stays local to Newcastle and supports another team.

He cannot suggest public transport is appropriate, because trains and buses do not have the capacity or frequency, all he can do is ignore the fact that the man is infirm, ignore that he is brining money into the local economy, concentrate on the fact that he is an unwelcome Celtic supporter and tell him to stay in England.

If you travel to Celtic Park along London Road from the south or the east, this is the NEAREST spot cars will be able to park on match days.  Cars will start parking here, opposite the cemetery entrance, and anyone disabled who is unable to walk the distance will be prevented from attending.

This is one of the most stupid proposals conceived by politicians who care nothing about the people they are paid to serve.

They don’t care that they have not provided adequate public transport.

They don’t care that they have prejudiced the disabled.

They don’t care that they will displace parking from one area to another.

They don’t want you supporting Celtic and have backed themselves into a corner. God forbid they admit they have made a mistake and actually help those too infirm to walk great distances, or too poor to afford corporate parking facilities.


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  1. Further to my earlier post, there are a number of grounds in England with Train stations. I know Manchester United have a train station on matchdays which is integrated into the stadium. Amsterdam Arena also has a station

  2. We’ve decided (four of us) to at least try a Supporters bus fom Ayr next season. My brother will try one from nearby Glasgow.



    If the trains were better it might not be such an issue but Dalmarnock is tiny, no shops, toilets, ticket office or disabled facilities. Also it’s capacity is tiny and trains infrequent. It’s hopeless as an alternative to driving.

  3. Have sent email off to Mason Incidentally, was he not one of those who were defending to the death the OB at Football Matches Act?

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Good article Paul, the current parking around the stadium isn’t great, but it works.Posted before saying if the council had any business sense, they could have parking bays and charge £3-4 on a matchday.The new set up is nonsensical, and totally unnecessary, given the amount of revenue, employment , business rates, Celtic bring to the area, we really should be contesting this nonsense at the highest level possible.

  5. GREENPINATA on 17TH MAY 2018 12:05 PM


    Grayskull: Pit of misery. Dilly Dilly.





    Dilly Dilly ??

  6. And the usual question is what are celtic doing about this?



    Or are they just leaving it up to the supporters (as usual)?

  7. Has anyone from GCC considered the impact on the local economy and the loss of jobs in the “al wach yir cor mr” sector?



    Where are the Union’s when they are really needed?

  8. celtic1member1vote on

    Re. Parking Ban


    Get as many cars as possible heading to Celtic Park for a game , to divert and go early and cause a giant Car Park in and around George Square for 30 mins .. Then they’ll change there minds .. If they don’t, it wouldn’t take many Supporters Buses to also add to the grid lock. If need be giant huddles could also be arranged at certain places to help slow things down as well ..


    Fans might also decide to have a giant mass walk to Celtic Park every week, if there’s no parking at the stadium.


    Within 4 weeks of complete grid lock on a Saturday afternoon, the City Fathers


    would probably then come to there senses and reverse there decision.

  9. NEGANON2 on 17TH MAY 2018 12:30 PM


    And the usual question is what are celtic doing about this?


    Or are they just leaving it up to the supporters (as usual)?




    All the correspondence will be published in 5 years or so.


    Patience ?

  10. Was it not the same Mason who when Celtic were proposing to build the Superstore raised concerns that this would be in competition with other food superstores in the area, this guy seems to be a clown, he should also be disciplined by his party but they will probably have a giggle about it.

  11. John Mason’s answer to this gentleman is atrocious.



    The parking situation is not a GCC problem this is a Celtic PLC problem.



    GCC and the Housing Associations of this area have to put their tenants first, the reason for that is self explanatory.



    Celtic PLC’s responsibility is to its customers, therefore it is up to the PLC to consider what to do about all the challenges that the Event Day Parking restrictions bring about por cierto.

  12. We have been systematically let down by our elected representatives who control the city.



    I wonder what the Tory cooncillers in the Calton and Shettelston think of the transport infrastructure to the major sporting wealth creator,which just happens to be in their area. ( not to mention the Emirates )



    We should be told.




  13. “GCC and the Housing Associations of this area have to put their tenants first, the reason for that is self explanatory”



    This may well be true. But what is the big plan of action by GCC to mitigate the parking ban?

  14. Paul67 et al



    Mentioned before that there was a public survey on this matter last year, never notified of any result or analysis of which. And now there is another survey. Glasgow residents in support of this idea had better beware. Once resident permit areas are established they can easily be applied on a daily/weekly basis. GCC can hold all the surveys they like but the bottom line is that this is about money, not traffic. Look at how the Council is allowing housebuilding on every open space north of the London Road, including old Railway Cuttings. Wouldn’t happen in some other areas I can tell you. If GCC had the courage of its’ convictions it would introduce a Mon-Sat London style congestion charge and charge every vehicle travelling into Glasgow from outside the city limits. That would include Bearsden.

  15. It would be ridiculous if not for being so upsetting. At first, when the parking ban was introduced I thought: finally, there won’t be so many cars I can easily hit when barely see anything because of snow. But I quickly realized there was no way for me to drive anywhere including the review of TheUniTutor.com office as I simply won’t be able to leave my car!

  16. The proposed parking restrictions around CP have been in place around Hampden for a few years now. Ridiculously they apply for Queens Park games as well as internationals, cup semis/finals and concerts. Precedent has been set and accepted.

  17. GREENPINATA on 17TH MAY 2018 12:05 PM


    Grayskull: Pit of misery. Dilly Dilly.






    Grayskull is the home of the good guys. Snake Mountain is the pit of misery!





  18. why construct so many road alongside these venues then stop cars using them.



    GCC have been pushing this for years, celtic have been doing nothing to improve/ increase parking facilities for years,



    GCC has not improved transport infustructure to address the issues and celtic have not increased parking capacity despite plenty of land around the stadium



    Maybe celtic and the other venues can jointly fund a multistory car park behind lions stand facilities onto London road



    But then again the fat cats have vip parking so maybe not




  19. Interesting comments. However it could als be said ” Nothing is as it seems”



    Finnieston, my favourite parking spot for attending the SSEC and Hydro is also to be hit with parking restrictions and draconian charges.



    Is this the price the Greens have demanded?



    HH to all

  20. CELTIC MAC on 17TH MAY 2018 1:02 PM



    Look at how the Council is allowing housebuilding on every open space north of the London Road, including old Railway Cuttings. Wouldn’t happen in some other areas I can tell you.






    The number of houses being built in the East End is most welcome! There are a considerable number of socially rented, affordable houses being built as well as private developments. What’s not to like about that?



    The fact that it wouldn’t happen in other areas is a cause for concern, not rebuke!




  21. weebawbabitty on

    Good morning, for what it’s worth was in Madrid last September Celtic Sevco games met athletico supporters with mixed Celtic Madrid scarves seemed decent guys Kevj good to see some support in for you my friend

  22. VFR



    That particular debate is older than the transport debate.



    I’m with the newsreader on this. It will always be Grayskull in my book. It just sounds sooooooo right and fitting.






    Ps :your commitment to TB, St Mary’s and the Calton is admirable and inspiring.

  23. A friend of mine (cough)



    was wondering if this fans zone(Sunday) and” beverages” were of the


    Alcoholic type



    Sure he wouldn’t want to drag himself away from pub too early for


    a Pepsi or a tea



    I said I would ask.



    : > )

  24. Appalling response from an elected politician.



    Having said that I’m not convinced by the article, particularly this part:



    “They don’t care that they have prejudiced the disabled.”



    The new plans do not affect blue badge holders. Anyone with an residents permit or blue badge is exempt from the parking restrictions. If anything the proposals will make it much easier for people like Gordon to get to the stadium as the on street parking will not be taken up by whoever arrives first disabled or not. People like Gordon will be able to park near the stadium no matter when they arrive.



    Everyone else has a problem but for blue badge holders it sounds like a win to me.

  25. VFR



    There is no shortage of land in the east of Glasgow that could and should be developed, not sure I would appreciate what little space some residents do share being built over. Then again a lot of east end housing was knocked down in order to build the Emirates Sports Stadium, so maybe they have to squeeze the folks in where they can.

  26. Its hard to get blue budge for some conditions. Family member of mind has autism, try to keep involve in as many social activities as possible includimg celtic games, but can be stressful and a quick entry and exit is often needed. No blue bagde cause no mobility issues, discriminated against cause he has got the wrong conditions, is he to lose out??




  27. Ps lots of people with disabilities dont quality for blue budge, there in lies the problem for lots of people




  28. whitedoghunch on

    I have a blue badge and under the new restrictions I could not walk the distance to the ground from where it allows me to park.


    And I am relatively mobile

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