John Mason MSP to infirm Celtic fan on parking ban: support another team


A retired Celtic season ticket holder, Gordon, who travels to games from Newcastle, emailed the club last week to explain that he is unable to walk for more than 10 minutes, and as a consequence of the proposed parking ban around Celtic Park on match days, he would be unable to attend games in future.

Gordon explained how Dalmarnock Station was not a viable option and that public bus provision in the area is totally inadequate.

He forwarded his email to John Mason, MSP for Glasgow Shettleston in the hope that the SNP politician would do what he could to help infirm visitors to the area, but he got the most incredible response from Mason: “Could you think of supporting a smaller more local club that would appreciate your adding to their crowd?”

On every level, this is appalling.  Mason could not care less when presented with evidence that this policy would prejudice the disabled.  Instead, he suggested someone who visits the city on a regular basis, stays local to Newcastle and supports another team.

He cannot suggest public transport is appropriate, because trains and buses do not have the capacity or frequency, all he can do is ignore the fact that the man is infirm, ignore that he is brining money into the local economy, concentrate on the fact that he is an unwelcome Celtic supporter and tell him to stay in England.

If you travel to Celtic Park along London Road from the south or the east, this is the NEAREST spot cars will be able to park on match days.  Cars will start parking here, opposite the cemetery entrance, and anyone disabled who is unable to walk the distance will be prevented from attending.

This is one of the most stupid proposals conceived by politicians who care nothing about the people they are paid to serve.

They don’t care that they have not provided adequate public transport.

They don’t care that they have prejudiced the disabled.

They don’t care that they will displace parking from one area to another.

They don’t want you supporting Celtic and have backed themselves into a corner. God forbid they admit they have made a mistake and actually help those too infirm to walk great distances, or too poor to afford corporate parking facilities.


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  1. Bhoys and Ghirls.



    Off oot now before I tell yon Mason what I really think of his tirade .




  2. Celtic Park has been there longer than any resident in the area affected – therefore when they moved there they new what happens on match days.


    How many roads are closed for the crimplene walkers.

  3. VFR,



    i too like the ongoing rapid development of very nice looking and very environment friendly house developments all around celtic park.



    I was just looking at those being built where the vale flats had been.



    I wonder if they will name the streets like other authorities have, to honour the greats.



    Bobby Lennox Drive.


    Patsy Gallagher Place


    Alex McNair Gardens




    ………….. aye thought not.

  4. I think too much is being made of the nature of Mr Mason`s comment rather than making a response to the issue ( ad hominem) but I did like this point from BMCUW:



    ” Celtic fans on matchday are no more of a problem than office workers any other day of the week”




  5. wait till we build the hotel, and tell customers they need to get dropped off at bridgeton and carry their own cases up the road

  6. Now if they’d only had these restrictions in place at the Commonwealth Games.



    The guest of honour could have dropped off at Dalbeth Cemetry gates and walked the rest.



    Oh wait she’s an oap so she’d get dropped off at Springfield Road.



    To turn this into a disability & emergency access issue is unhelpful. Disability and emergency exists within those attending the stadium too. Further, what emergencies or diability access issues have been highlighted. Knowing our media, the slightest whiff of some human interest tragedy that could be laid at the door of Celtic fans would bring them to the East End in their own personal cars.



    GCC has reduced the number of on street parking areas by knocking down the Barrowfield houses, by re-aligning roads and making them double yellows and by building houses in previously derelict streets.


    If their planning is so blinkered that all of these things were done without any thought to the consequences – then a large part of the fault is theirs.



    The stadium has been there long enough, but the mode of transport hasn’t just changed overnight. For years I used to get the regular bus to games from East Kilbride, and only occasionally getting on the supporters bus. But that was 50 years ago…



    Public transport to the stadium is poor, regardless of what Mr Mason & his fellow committee members think. In addition, this is no longer a one bus journey for many fans – it’s a journey involving 2, 3 or 4 buses/trains all requiring reliability & and adequate capacity. Others would be reluctant to risk travelling on public transport for reasons that we know well.



    When GCC’s own departments do not work in an integrated manner when considering problems it doesn’t sit at all well that they hand down their ruling and walk away.



    The nonsense about supporting a wee team is a measure of his comprehension of the issues at stake. It also indicates that he is not well disposed to working towards a viable solution. His responsibilities as MSP are broader than placating a few who know what buttons to press to energise him & the police.



    Mr Mason – be part of the solution and not another layer of stubborn bureaucracy.

  7. So, when I drive down, i normally park in Methven Street, up past the car wash and the Supporters Club on London Road. Will i have to park further out next season ?


    There are usually spaces in some of the streets north of Coia’s on Duke Street, where I have parked on more than one occasion – realtively easy access to A8 / M80 from there – presumanly this will be ok, since it’s not strictly in the evirons of anything Celtic related.


    Would be interested to know what this geezer considers an ‘expensive car’.

  8. GENE on 17TH MAY 2018 5:20 PM


    Celtic Park has been there longer than any resident in the area affected – therefore when they moved there they new what happens on match days.






    That’s a pretty crass comment; generations of families have lived in the East End and should be able to continue to do so. They should be allowed to co-exist with the football supporters. However, it cannot be denied that parking is a problem in some of the areas immediately surrounding the park – and this does include blocked driveways and blocked streets. Some people park with absolutely no consideration for other road or pavement users. Try telling the local residents who cannot walk on the pavement or push a pram on the pavement that it’s not an issue. As usual the few ruin t for the many.



    It is an issue that has to be addressed but a blanket ban isn’t the right method!



    And while I am at it and just before I go into full rant mode, those who (in full view of women and children) stand pissing in bushes or against a wall; and those who lob empty beer/buckie bottles over a wall or into the bushes are just as much of a problem.



    We as a support need to clean up our act (literally) before we get on the high horses I think!





  9. Never took a car to Celtic Park.Have no idea how I ever got there.Then again,maybe it was the bus that dropped me at Parkhead cross,and picked me up there to take me back home.Brilliant invention those buses.God forbid anyone would have to get a train to Belgrove,or Carntyne,and have to walk a bit.Drinking in Merchant City,before the game,never a problem.Hunners a buses going by GLasgow Cross to Celtic Park.For those coming in from outside Glasgow area,I am sure there are loads of supporters buses that would love your custom


    This is a massive problem nowadays with the volume of traffic now on the roads for inner City stadiums.Anyway,we always went for a pint after the game,a couple,and by the time you came out,place was empty.


    God forbid they bring out a law to stop you taking your phone’s to the game.Arrgghh,how can I go a couple of hours out of contact.


    How did we never,ever miss a game without a car or a phone ?


    Oh,and bollox to the residents,who can never think of moving their own cars when a game is on,because they will never get back within miles of their home on return.Quite a few sounding a bit Sevcoish about this.A sense of entitlement,and to he’ll with the rest.

  10. mickbhoy1888 on

    Anyway for someone so incined I’m quite sure that’s wee FOI request to Glasgow City Council will reveal the actual number of vehicle removals for inconsiderate parking on match days, will prove or disprove wether Councillor Masons costituents have a point





    The correspondent is disabled. My Dad is kicking 80,plenty of others are unable to walk the distances now demanded.



    Belgrove isn’t an option. Carntyne,etc,neither.



    A great point was made earlier-SAN LUIS,IIRC-that Ibrox has an underground station right next to it. Parking ban is less likely to be a problem.



    Celtic Park,nearest is Damarnock,about three trains an hour. You try getting on one. And then try walking up and down the stairs at the station,fighting your way onto the train,negotiating the kilometre or so stagger to the ground.



    Not everyone is a fit young fella.

  12. 50 shades of green on

    Is it just street parking or are all they wee business areas around Nuneten st affected ???



    And im with our Green biker on the peeing and dumping of your rubbish where you stand,we are better than that.

  13. i have just recieved a copy of a tweet saying the wizard of Oz is staying with us, looks like an official tweet this time??? Anyone


    It’s a photo of Dorothy from the wizard of Oz’s red shoes saying there is no place like home…


    Hope it’s true


    D. :)

  14. VFR


    Just a statement of fact – My previous post highlighted the illegal parking across driveways so I am not advocating illegal parking.


    Out of 365 days Celtic have approx 30 home games

  15. Brilliant news about Tom Rogic, what a boost going into the cup final, absolutely delighted.


    He may not be the most consistent, but what a player.


    Great business by the club






    D. :)

  16. Oh no it`s not!


    Here, from the Official site:



    “CELTIC are delighted to announce that Tom Rogic has signed a new five-year contract which will see him remain at the club until at least the summer of 2023.



    The 25-year-old Australian has been a key component in the Hoops midfield and has reportedly attracted interest from English Premier League clubs but he ended any speculation over his future when he put pen to paper on a five-year contract at Celtic Park today (May 17).



    Speaking exclusively to the Celtic website, Rogic said: “I feel great to have signed a new contract. I’m very proud and honoured to be able to commit my future to the club.



    “I enjoy playing regular football here. I’m working under a top class manager and to play my club football here is something that’s very special to me so I couldn’t be happier to have signed a new contract.



    “The support here is very special and sometimes it’s hard to describe. To feel so loved and wanted by the fans is all a player can really ask for.



    “It’s my job and the players’ job to repay that. Now that my future’s sorted I can focus completely on playing football and giving everything I have for the club, as I have done for the past five years.”



    Rogic signed for Celtic in January 2013 as a 20-year-old from Australian side Central Coast Mariners and made his debut for Neil Lennon’s side the following month on February 9 against Inverness.



    He returned to the A League in January 2014 where he gained first-team experience playing for Melbourne Victory for the second half of the season before returning to Celtic in the summer.



    It was in the 2015/16 season that he established himself as a regular in the starting XI. He made 39 appearances for Celtic that season, scoring 10 goals and weighing in with seven assists.



    Under Brendan Rodgers, the Australian playmaker continued to lift silverware for Celtic and his creativity has given Celtic fans a wealth of memories to cherish.



    He will forever be remembered for scoring the winning goal in the dying seconds of the 2016/17 Scottish Cup final which secured the treble winning invincibles season.



    “When you win a single trophy it’s something very special so to have won as many as I have here is another reason why I love it here and why I feel very privileged to represent the club.



    “The Scottish Cup final goal last season was a pretty special moment that I think will be hard to top. I’ve played in a lot of big games here at this club and to have contributed a small part to that makes me very proud.



    “I’ll keep working as hard as I can to hopefully create more in the future.”




  17. Delaneys Dunky on




    Magnificent news regarding Tom Rogic signing a five year contract. Hopefully Stuart Armstrong does similar.



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