John Mason MSP to infirm Celtic fan on parking ban: support another team


A retired Celtic season ticket holder, Gordon, who travels to games from Newcastle, emailed the club last week to explain that he is unable to walk for more than 10 minutes, and as a consequence of the proposed parking ban around Celtic Park on match days, he would be unable to attend games in future.

Gordon explained how Dalmarnock Station was not a viable option and that public bus provision in the area is totally inadequate.

He forwarded his email to John Mason, MSP for Glasgow Shettleston in the hope that the SNP politician would do what he could to help infirm visitors to the area, but he got the most incredible response from Mason: “Could you think of supporting a smaller more local club that would appreciate your adding to their crowd?”

On every level, this is appalling.  Mason could not care less when presented with evidence that this policy would prejudice the disabled.  Instead, he suggested someone who visits the city on a regular basis, stays local to Newcastle and supports another team.

He cannot suggest public transport is appropriate, because trains and buses do not have the capacity or frequency, all he can do is ignore the fact that the man is infirm, ignore that he is brining money into the local economy, concentrate on the fact that he is an unwelcome Celtic supporter and tell him to stay in England.

If you travel to Celtic Park along London Road from the south or the east, this is the NEAREST spot cars will be able to park on match days.  Cars will start parking here, opposite the cemetery entrance, and anyone disabled who is unable to walk the distance will be prevented from attending.

This is one of the most stupid proposals conceived by politicians who care nothing about the people they are paid to serve.

They don’t care that they have not provided adequate public transport.

They don’t care that they have prejudiced the disabled.

They don’t care that they will displace parking from one area to another.

They don’t want you supporting Celtic and have backed themselves into a corner. God forbid they admit they have made a mistake and actually help those too infirm to walk great distances, or too poor to afford corporate parking facilities.


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  1. You lot are much more subtle than me.



    I just called him a racist bigot.



    Sent wee Nicola an email, too, asking what she intended doing about him.

  2. So yesterday`s Fake News might have been as a result of inside information after all? Five years? Hmmm….


    Cheerio for now,



  3. ROGIC!!!!!!!!!!



    “There’s no place like home……”



    45 hours…..

  4. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Great news before the Cup Final, Tom Rogic on board for


    10iar and beyond.

  5. mickbhoy1888 on

    Just wondering how 80,000 travelled to Celtic Park when the old automobile was a plaything for the upper classes and the auld jeely jaurs were unable to accomodate disabled supporters.


    And I have to laugh at Celtics official statement regarding the matter,now if the club were really concerned about access issues for blue badge holders to the stadium,maybe they could give up the large parking area at the west end of Janefield for the exclusive use of those said supporters. But there again the revenue stream that it produces from those who pay for permits for same would dry up.

  6. fieldofdrams on

    Best Tom Rogic moment? The Cup Final goal is up there, but the Rangers TV commentary just about tops it.



    ‘Here’s Tom Rogic…oh my goodness’.

  7. Rogic retains private parking space at Celtic Park after failing to find new club.





  8. ROBINBHOY on 17TH MAY 2018 5:36 PM


    People sell space on their drives for parking around the Emirates and Celtic Park, used to be around £8-10 on a match day. I assume inflation next season if this goes ahead.





    Jeez! That’s a new one on me pal! A tenner to park in somebody’s driveway for a coupla hours and they don’t even wash it for you? Things have moved on since I last took a car to Paradise and it was “Watch yer motor, mister” with the implicit threat that refusal could lead to anguish. Do the wee neds still operate? Probably geared up for Visa/Mastercard/Paypal if so. And price will be higher than half-a-crown (ask yer da).



    All for progress but we’re losing colour. We all need to get involved in the consultation. Without provided even basic public transport options, these parking proposals are insane.

  9. ?


    Thanks for that. I’m usually down early on matchdays, traffic permitting.


    I have considered the Grampian Emerald supporters bus, and probably will use this at times next season, but I like the freedom of being able to arrive and depart when I want though, and to be honest, i enjoy the drive down and back.



    Great news about the Antipodean Iniesta. A real statement by Tom and the Club, and much credit is due to both for this. Many, many smiley emojis would be appropriate at this point ?

  10. Mickbhoy1888



    Call me psychic but I sense that you are not a very happy person where Celtic are concerned :-)




  11. Jimmynotpaul on

    As Ard Macha has just tweeted, so that fake account was actually on the money yesterday. Weird.


    Someone went to the trouble to set up a fake Celtic FC to tweet today’s news, yesterday.


    So was it someone with inside info letting us know, or was it a prankster whose trick ended up being the truth.


    Weird indeed.


    Any way I’m delighted for Celtic and Tom.


    Hail Hail

  12. Neustadt-Braw on

    In this new post truth world it is a comfort to be able to rely on that braw green light …..well done Celtic and thank you Tom Rogic for choosing Glasgow as your destination of choice….absolutely awfy braw



    smiley doon under the wizard thing




  13. whitedoghunch on

    buses are not the answer for the less able.


    Would need accompanied by at least 1 person who knew their needs, capabilities very well


    and even then perilous

  14. What’s the Aussie Tom doing? Yeeeeees.



    Get Armstrong signed up and get a right back in and another experienced centre back.


    If Moussa goes a Centre Forward.



    D. :)





    I think he’s happy enough about Celtic. It’s Celtic supporters who p him off.

  16. mike in toronto on

    ? on 17TH MAY 2018 5:37 PM


    GENE on 17TH MAY 2018 5:20 PM



    Celtic Park has been there longer than any resident in the area affected – therefore when they moved there they new what happens on match days.





    And while I am at it and just before I go into full rant mode, those who (in full view of women and children) stand pissing in bushes or against a wall; and those who lob empty beer/buckie bottles over a wall or into the bushes are just as much of a problem.






    That’ll be Peter Lawwell and the rest of the Board , I presume … I told you they were a bad bunch …. what are we going to do with them?




  17. Delight as Tom Rogic signs new five-year deal – official site. Fantastic news!!

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I think you need a pre applied for permit to park a car at a friend/relation’s house, inside the zone on a matchday.

  19. Funny as fek on Snyde



    Bitter Billy from Larkhall calls in to see TR is overrated!!!



    ‘That’s plenty…..’







  20. I’ll tell you what else is noticeable – we’re almost at the end of page 5 and, the Tom Rogic news apart, almost every other post was actually about Paul67’s lead article! Aaaaaah, just like the good old days…..


    Mon The Jags ;-)

  21. mike in toronto on




    Is that BSR in the picture? Not at all the way I pictured him….

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