John Mason MSP to infirm Celtic fan on parking ban: support another team


A retired Celtic season ticket holder, Gordon, who travels to games from Newcastle, emailed the club last week to explain that he is unable to walk for more than 10 minutes, and as a consequence of the proposed parking ban around Celtic Park on match days, he would be unable to attend games in future.

Gordon explained how Dalmarnock Station was not a viable option and that public bus provision in the area is totally inadequate.

He forwarded his email to John Mason, MSP for Glasgow Shettleston in the hope that the SNP politician would do what he could to help infirm visitors to the area, but he got the most incredible response from Mason: “Could you think of supporting a smaller more local club that would appreciate your adding to their crowd?”

On every level, this is appalling.  Mason could not care less when presented with evidence that this policy would prejudice the disabled.  Instead, he suggested someone who visits the city on a regular basis, stays local to Newcastle and supports another team.

He cannot suggest public transport is appropriate, because trains and buses do not have the capacity or frequency, all he can do is ignore the fact that the man is infirm, ignore that he is brining money into the local economy, concentrate on the fact that he is an unwelcome Celtic supporter and tell him to stay in England.

If you travel to Celtic Park along London Road from the south or the east, this is the NEAREST spot cars will be able to park on match days.  Cars will start parking here, opposite the cemetery entrance, and anyone disabled who is unable to walk the distance will be prevented from attending.

This is one of the most stupid proposals conceived by politicians who care nothing about the people they are paid to serve.

They don’t care that they have not provided adequate public transport.

They don’t care that they have prejudiced the disabled.

They don’t care that they will displace parking from one area to another.

They don’t want you supporting Celtic and have backed themselves into a corner. God forbid they admit they have made a mistake and actually help those too infirm to walk great distances, or too poor to afford corporate parking facilities.


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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    Tom Rogic has the fastest feet in World Football. For size 14 boots, that is some feat, or is it feet. Hun jealousy will kill them, a terrible affliction the auld green eyed monster. Wee shame.



  2. MiT



    BSR is apparently an even better looking version of George Clooney at his peak. With the gravelly voice of a Richard Burton and the rippling pecs of a toned Arnie!!






    As of last Friday I’m car-less for the first time in years. Still care about the parking issue, but!



    HH jamesgang

  3. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Maybe buses could be part of the answer – but perhaps needs a rethink as to how busing to/from the stadium should work.


    I went to the Rugby Sevens at the Crumbledome during the Commonwealth games and was mightily impressed at how efficient it was leaving the stadium and getting bussed into the centre of Glasgow – it was like perpetual motion.


    Could a similar process work in reverse with staging posts for free buses to/from the stadium – some of the staging posts being specifically suitable for the less abled to park and ride? I would have thought the club could afford it – or perhaps it means a small hike in season ticket prices.



    I think that different times need different solutions – perhaps a few heads should be banged together.



    P.S. in no way can anything excuse the ridiculous email from Mr. Mason.


    P.P.S great news about Tom Rogic


    P.P.P.S watched the YouTube link posted by TET – I was greeting as well. We all need something a wee bit bigger and better in our life than oursleves – that’s why so many love the Celtic.

  4. Neustadt-Braw on

    James why would you bother driving when you have a very special chauffeur/lady…



    smiley remember and say nothing aboot the driving style thing




  5. DD



    His feet defy all logic.


    And therefore prove the existence of a greater being. A Ghod, as it were.



    HH jamesgang

  6. Jamesgang, you can safely remove the ‘apparently’ from your last post ;-)

  7. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Rogic – Great news!


    Delighted the big man is staying, and that’s another lo-o-o-ng contract.


    I really get the sense that we are building something special here.


    Well done Tom and we’ll done Celtic.

  8. Stolen from Twitter –


    Rab Marley @rab_marley 10m10 minutes ago


    Anyone know where I can hire a kangaroo costume in time for Saturday ?

  9. Re: parking for the Commonwealth Games. It wisnae the coonsil that set up the parking zones it was the Polis and the Scottish Government.





  10. ? on 17TH MAY 2018 6:53 PM


    Re: parking for the Commonwealth Games. It wisnae the coonsil that set up the parking zones it was the Polis and the Scottish Government.






    That’s even worserer.

  11. Leftie



    My mother in law told me first.



    I think she might be a keeper!!!!



  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Great news about Tom. Could turn into a really top player. Good to know that we have got him for the best years of his career.


    Never quite got the Musonda signing. Seemed to be adding an extra body into an area where we are already well stocked. Never looked as if he had the end product to match the tricks and flicks, although he played a great ball to Callum for the goal against Zenit. Hope the lad makes it somewhere else.

  13. Hope you can get to see the Hoops Gordon. Your sage wisdom in all things football puts John to shame.

  14. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Regarding the parking furore:


    Over here in Norway they looked at the logistics many years ago, assumed a worst-case basis of, for example, 20,000 ground capacity = 15,000 cars, acknowledged that this was both undesirable and unsupportable, and put in the public transport infrastructure that makes it easy to get to grounds while leaving the majority of stadium parking for those less able to use the train, tram, or bus.


    The old Parkhead railway station is still there on London Road, a spit away from the ground, and I’ve read many times that it could be reopened and reconnected with the existing rail infrastructure.


    Opening the station again would give a huge shot in the arm not just to us but to the whole regeneration of the east end.

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    Johnny Marr on guitar is immense. He has a new solo album coming out. Stephen Patrick’s Oscar Wylde style lyrics and Johnny’s guitar riffs were 80s Gold. The Smiths live were wonderful. One of my favourite live bands.


    There is a light, and it never goes out.



  16. Its funny how


    just as the season ticket money hits the boards pockets


    then the story about the parking lands.


    Ah mean, you would think that the PLC and the SNP had kept the lid on this till it was convenient for them both. Ah know the story has been coming down the track but, they kept the issue fairly “kettled” till now.


    Ah mean, the next thing we’ll be hearing is that, Celtic PLC’s fingerprints were all over the OBAF thingy, despite a haunfy a nameless, smoke screen posts attacking the bill on the official Celtic website.


    Celtic supporters only weapon is, empty seats, that’s not a broken record, its a FACt!


    Fae beggin bouls, tea big flashy motors!


    “The Game, The Game Is Over,…..The Rebels Have Gone!”



  17. KEVJUNGLE, kev while your on and before you get slaughtered, thanks for your kind comments about joan and frankie and benny, very much appreciated, as weebawbabbity also gave us best wishes.hh.

  18. GREENPINATA on 17TH MAY 2018 12:05 PM



    Sorry to be pedantic but Castle Grayskull was the home of the GOOD guys!


    It should read:


    Snake Mountain: Dilly! Dilly!



    Hail1 Hail!



  19. Delaneys Dunky on

    Hope the Partick Thistle beat Meadowbank Thistle. The West is the Best..


    Jim Morrison CSC

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