Johnston curve: time to be honest


Newco director and former Rangers chairman Alastair Johnston is getting a hard time for saying “We are probably doing a little better than we would have imagined back in the dark days of running out at Brechin in the fourth tier” and “we are probably ahead of the curve in reality if we finish second or third”.

Newco are not ahead of the curve if they finish second, given their budget and the experience of their playing squad, they are where they should be.  Another third place finish would be behind the curve, but these are semantics.

The big question is, are this club ‘going for 55’ or was that phrase no more than a device to sell season tickets?

Second for Newco is right on the curve.  If they don’t reach there this season, they will soon, and they will finish second more often than any of their direct competitors.  Johnston’s job is to convince 40,000 people to buy tickets for a competition they know Celtic will win.

I understand why Newco do not run with the phrase “going for second place next time” on season ticket renewal campaigns, but they were only delaying the inevitable.  Many other clubs can be frank with supporters on what their ambitions for the season are, but can you really imagine this level of honesty at Ibrox?

Me neither.  They will spin some old tat to an ever dwindling demographic.  Still, at least the club is in the hands of Dave King and not Mike Ashley, one of Europe’s richest men.  That whole effort worked out well.

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  1. TET I’m with you Brendan won’t leave for few years yet, probably 3 to be precise.



    D. :)

  2. In the cold light of the day DD was probably right with what he said, in mitigation I had just finished a call to daughter who was getting grief from her boss, wrongly as it turned out and I was beelin.

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Ach, there’s plenty ol’ money floating around Donegal Town for the locals to aspire to a new spire!



    Big day in Annagry today.



    A squad of County Council workers are filling pothole down the Main(and only) Street in the village.



    I’ll watch the game at home tomorrow, as usual.



    I go to Sharkey’s when I need the support of the group, i.e., cup finals and games against Them.


    No matter what the form is, these games always carry that extra dose of stress.

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Good on you. I thought that you weren’t your usual Dermot supporting self!

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    This post was for Mahe, the Slightly Disturbed Man.

  6. Official Rangers announce 3 year deal with Hummel



    Who were selected from 10 tenders.



    Lawwell get you finger out



    or maybe it a typo and it ten lenders ?

  7. weebawbabitty on

    DD , hope all went well your gran in laws funeral, and hope all goes well in your new job , you seem to have turned the corner m8, chuffed for you

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    JC2 on 20TH APRIL 2018 3:23 PM


    Official Rangers announce 3 year deal with Hummel







    Who were selected from 10 tenders.







    Lawwell get you finger out







    or maybe it a typo and it ten lenders ?





    Are there ten kit manufactures?



    Maybe a question for Mahe’s Quiz. …….Name ten kit manufactures.

  9. Mahe the Madman on









    new balance


    o niells




    le coc sportif



  10. Mahe the Madman on



    One to go,,thats not bad. Plenty of money eh. Its no cheap there thats for sure so no surprise.


    Well if youre not heading out give the quiz a blast maybe. And as for fixing potholes Im sorry but unless youve evidence I refuse to believe it ;)


    Havent seen the Corkman around,,,hope hes alright.


    Hail Hail

  11. MAHE THE MADMAN on 20TH APRIL 2018 3:47 PM










    new balance


    o niells – would have not have been, ahem considered!

  12. Mahe the Madman on

    Mc Phail Bhoy,


    I stand corrected sir and bow to your knowledge. I assume its because it only makes GAA , Rugby attire and international football and not club kits ? Hope you grace us later for the quiz.


    Hail Hail

  13. Paul67



    Not sure i disagree with Alistair Johnston.



    To start a football in 2012 with no money and ‘overtake’ everyone, except your nemisis that killed your old club is pretty good going in five seasons. Not only are they ahead of the curve they’ve shot their bolt, and peaked in the Petrofac.



    The only way is back down.



    Happy to disagree with anything on Zombie Zombie.

  14. Firstly Brendan Rodgers, will stay with Celtic,if he gets assurances,that he will.be able to bring Quality Signings,if not he will be for the off, probably next season,as who will replace him,me personally I don’t think bringing Lennon back to the club, would be a good thing,There are plenty of good ,German, Spanish , Italian , coaches out there,and possibly Clarke ,at Kilmarnock.

  15. I do not “do” worry, honest, but I feel a little tense about the Hibs game. I want Hibs to finish higher than”The Disease”, and this would be helped if we lose to Hibs! A price worth paying, some may say, so long as we win another game. On the other side of the coin, if we beat Hibs, we’ve won the league then play Them next week. will the REAL hunger be there to win, or will a bit of complacency come into play, talk about a double edged sword!!!


    I really do not want to lose to them for sure, so what do I wish for.



    Happy Easter Egg




  16. The Hummel contract is interesting, it’s a brand that has been in the doldrums but still loved by many hipsters. About 50% similar to The Orcs themselves. Hummel, I think, also provide kit for Saint Pauli, so perhaps the Green Beigade boys will be a bit confused.


    St Pauli with left of centre viewpoints and off beat marketing look ideal for Hummel. Not sure the jingoistic, military love ins down Govan way will sit well with the Hummel MD. we will wait and see.

  17. If and when Brendan moves on, the biggest danger would be what players he would take with him.



    However, we has stated he is here for 10 in a row giving him a solid 5 year term. This 5 year term seems to be the term which others have mentioned.



    if he stays at Celtic and we continue to keep winning the title then it would do his reputation no harm. The turnover in the Highly paid jobs is such that when he wants to go there will be suitable jobs available.

  18. There is always change in football as it the case in life, i want BR to remain with celtic for a few more years at least, but if he decided to go no man is bigger than Celtic Football club and so we move on.



    When DD says he will not stand in his way if he wants to go, anyone want a bet if that is the case he will do exactly that if they true to get him out his contract without paying accordingly, HH

  19. Yes,I can see the argument,to go for Clarke in front of Neil.Neil,who has already won 3 Titles with us,who has taken a newly promoted team,into a position where the could very well finish second,on a real shoestring budget,against guy who has come into an already established SPFL team,and could reach the dizzy heights of 5th in the league.


    Not denouncing Clarke for a second,but in my honest opinion,Neil has come on leaps and bounds since his firstspell with us.


    Luv him.

  20. Neil Lennon or Steve Clarke? Neil Lennon all day long. Hopefully, and i full expect it not be a question needing answered any time soon.

  21. Just read the Dermot Desmond article on the site.



    Celtic are making Disciples of All Nations with their Love.



    I have Confidence that Brendan will be here for, hopefully, 10 in a row. Neil will fancy grabbing a Title with Hibs after whit he has done in Edinburgh – This is the Difference!!! Neil will try as hard as possible to stop Celtic. Neil’s Hibernians may even be the ones that stop the 10.



    Those Bhoys from the North, efter whit they have been through, well they defo have Something. ;)




  22. eddieinkirkmichael on

    It’ll be interesting to see how Jack Ross does with St Mirren in the top league next season. He is without doubt the best up and coming coach in Scotland, If he keeps St Mirren up and does well I have no doubt he will go to a bigger club, Hibs/Aberdeen maybe but if he does continue to develope over the next few yrs I wouldn’t be against him replacing Brendan once he’s achieved 10 in a row.

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    OK, apart from those twenty kit manufactures…….





    How can you expect a Donegal man to take part in a quiz when the Annual Country and Western Show is on the Late Late Show tonight, starring Kincasslagh’s own, Daniel O’Donnell?



    Yee Ha!


    Celtic’s next manager is not the burning question in Scottish foorball ?



    Who will continue the Rangers unbroken history, is one of real interest and fundamental to the good of Scottish football; now theres a talking point.

  25. eddieinkirkmichael on

    PS, I heard a rumour that the Huns had approached Jack Ross to be their no2 next season. Didn’t hear who he was to be working with though.

  26. Eddieinkirkmichael,



    I have a few dudes in work that are genuine St Mirren supporters… I have been telling them they will make top 6.



    Also saying he Will stay…. they are worried he will leave for Bigger Money.



    Who knows anything?

  27. Delaneys Dunky on

    Tontine and WeeBawb



    Thanks guys. The send of went well.


    We are now in Oliver’s Drumchapel celebrating wee Flo’s long and full life.

  28. Delaneys Dunky on




    The bould bhoy Brian sends you his highest regards. All the Tracey family remember your family well. Saint Laurence and now John Olivers were packed.


    Florence Tracey 1921-2018 RIP.

  29. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    If Arsenal come calling Brendan will be off,think he would be daft


    not to be.



    As much as I love NFL I hope he doesn’t come home, the hun are


    already going feral it will get worse as 10iar gets closer, don’t want


    Neil anywhere near that.



    Steve Clarke would be a solid, safe appointment,would be happy to


    see him as our next boss if Brendan leaves.

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