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I wrote in May that Jota (23) was more important to retain than Cameron Carter-Vickers on a permanent contract. At that point, the profile of both players was high after a successful term in Glasgow, we would not have been the only potential destination. It is a huge credit to chief exec Michael Nicolson and the club that they have delivered both.

Cameron was our best defender, a potential Celtic captain, but still, I wanted Jota more. Opponents fear him. He can take a ball when marked tightly and the defender will not lunge in to attempt a steal, knowing Jota has the ability to move ball and body before they have formulated a thought.

If an opposition team leave him one-on-one, they better not lose possession. He is Celtic’s most effective out-ball; left with only one defender to beat, he can turn defence into an opportunity to score faster than Usain Bolt could track back.

When Aiden McGeady signed for Hibs this week, my thoughts went back to so many great memories. Prominent among them, was watching him as an 18-year-old, bring his instant control to a 2004 Celtic-Milan Champions League game. No one else in the Celtic team had that ball control.

Jota has the same effortless control.

So what about the Magic Window, where Celtic have seen enough of the player to make their move, before wealthier clubs get involved?

Incredibly, Jota had only played an entire 90 minutes of a game only twice before joining Celtic, both cup games for Benfica against lower league opposition. The season before arriving in Glasgow was mostly spent on the bench, watching his Real Valladolid side fail to ward off relegation. He made 8 starts there and was hooked each time, adding 10 appearances from the bench.

Across his career, before joining Celtic on loan last year, he made 9 starts and 29 sub appearances in senior football. Magic window? More a magic letterbox. He had hardly put studs on grass.

Valladolid was clearly a wrong move. As we have discussed previously about Patrick Roberts, he is a creative talent and needs to be with a team that spends lots of time attacking, sides fighting relegation would be unable to get the ball to him enough to see the benefit of giving him a shirt. It was the classic square peg/round hole problem – one we should be on the lookout for again.

To know the value of the player, Celtic would have to uncover knowledge only visible at Portuguese and Spanish reserve level games. The resources required to cover this much ground is unfathomable through traditional means. You are looking at the result of very effective analytics.

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  1. I see a lot of posters getting beyond themselves regards how we are going to fair for the new season , last season was great super football being played and a magnificent improvement from the previous debacle, but so far we have a new goalkeeper being brought in , a new left back as well , although great business done signing our loan players on long contracts it’s still only two new recruits . Our league football was terrific to watch but in Europe we didn’t half get some doings with the same players we have presently . A fellow poster earlier highlighted our misgivings in midfield , no way am I rubbishing the displays of Callum , hatate or the super rogic but on occasions the game called out for a more aggressive game plan , and unfortunately we don’t possess such type players , maybe if we get Sousa in ( which I sincerely hope we do the lad is a player ok ) it will give the midfield and our totty tanner baw players the help and support it surely needs . With regards our central defence we all know a big no nonsense centre half would not go amiss either . But ange is the man , he will be aware where we can be improved upon , but with our net spend to date I would think a bit of caution will now be applied to the purse strings . HH

  2. JimTim,



    We’re in a good place fella. That’s not to say I won’t be behind the sofa at some of the big European matches but that’s progress in itself.



    We’ve gone early where we can and we may even have big Souza this week. If not, then I think it’s safe to say we will get one of that ilk (I liked the look of Bernabei’s mate at Lanus, Belmonte).



    The loan to transfer market may well be where we are with a CH and even a forward but given previous seasons of July matches with Nir Bitton at CH we are miles ahead of where we were under the ole Lawell/Lennon axis.



    No arrogance from me. Can’t wait to see what season 2 of Ange brings though….



    Bring it on csc



    HWG 2IAR :)




  3. burnley78



    Yeh cricket is shaping up nicely in the first test. But hey shouldn’t the 150th Open not be getting played at Prestwick where it all began? Lets face it Elvis never set foot in St Andrews. Pity in a way that a lot of the top golfers are banned from competing in the Scottish Open, but as said, they will all be there at the Old Course, with no firm favourite this far out. Glad you enjoyed Wimbledon, Roger Federer is going to be there as part of the celebrations this afternoon. Ange only missing a couple of pieces of the jigsaw, a dominant centre back, young Murray not there yet, and a defensive midfielder, though Welsh might be able to play there if he can focus on the position. Who knows?


    In Ange we Trust

  4. Big wavy . Thanks for the reply pal .



    Por cierto room for more than one no nonsense CH . pal

  5. Por Cierto on 3rd July 2022 11:57 am



    I think Cameron Carter-Vickers IS a no-nonsense centre back, por cierto




    He is a Midget height terms. He is Our Bhoy now..




  6. Apologies Por Cierto,



    I should have differentitated.



    I’m buzzing for the Pre-Season games.



    Ange is a Nutter that has fitba in his heid 24/7

  7. VB debut — GK meltdown is one way of looking at it.


    The other way of looking at it is that the Fridge Magnet in on manoeuvres.


    Would QP getting promoted to the SPL next season be that far fetched?



    QP = interesting story / one to watch.

  8. MM when Danny (MWD) helped me and Aidan & Dad Witness CelticTogether, it was a Truly Amazing time for me Aidan and Arthur.



    The Main Stand isnae good enough IMO.

  9. PETEC on 3RD JULY 2022 12:32 PM






    Suzi D”



    I liked the first version much better :))) por cierto

  10. TB10 @ 11.00



    B/field = we own the training ground.


    Set up now for 4 full sized pitches / might have been 5 shoehorned in the past.



    London Road / Emirates plot = mover and shaker was mentioned in the 2012 article.


    The focus then was the 2014 CG — long gone so not sure who owns it now.



    The plot was previously council housing — so council owned at some point.



    2009 plans = Athletes village


    2012 plans = low rent commercial development / hotel.



    Plans do not mean ownership but all the pointers suggest changes around that time.


    If I was the club I would be making inquiries.



    B Team stadium = That plot vs Crownpoint upgrade vs New Helenvale vs behind the JS Stand


    Spoilt for choice — so we are …

  11. PETEC on 3RD JULY 2022 12:25 PM


    Por Cierto on 3rd July 2022 11:57 am


    I think Cameron Carter-Vickers IS a no-nonsense centre back, por cierto



    “He is a Midget height terms. He is Our Bhoy now..”



    You mean like Franko Baresi & John Clark, I’ll take “midgets” like that any day of the week, preferably match days though :))



    por cierto

  12. Pet @ 12.47



    Lost — any chance of some context to your comments?


    Currently googling “Celtic Together”.

  13. Tom McLaughlin on




    Shit. I didn’t realised the transfer window had closed so soon. Looks like we signed Jota just in time.

  14. MADMITCH on 3RD JULY 2022 12:52 PM


    Pet @ 12.47


    Lost — any chance of some context to your comments?


    Currently googling “Celtic Together”.



    MADMITCH on 3RD JULY 2022 12:54 PM


    Pet @ 12.47



    Still lost.






    Irony ?


    It’s in the cupboardy 😜😜

  15. Celtic plc will not, and should not ever consider buying up more plots of land across the east end.



    Utter waste of finances.



    speculating on what we could build is just fantasy nonsense.



    It would not increase revenues greatly and neither would it produce more footballers.



    What is being planned already is enough



    anything else is boondoggle nonsense.

  16. MadMitch on 3rd July 2022 12:52 pm



    Pet @ 12.47





    Lost — any chance of some context to your comments?





    Currently googling “Celtic Together”.






    You post Great knowledge but if you are hitting on the 1 time Me, Arthur and Aidan watched the Hoops Together.



    F&ck Off.



    Celtic is Magical.

  17. Stx2 @ 1.17



    Interesting structure to your comment.



    It would appear to suggest that you are either part of the current club management structure or you break bread / have a swally with those that are.



    The club have a history of buying up land across the East End and profiting from it.



    To suggest that this would not be the case moving forward is going against our history and passing over a number of future growth opportunities — not good / not clever.

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    Stolen from NTV, An article about the great Sean Fallon. Accurate and hilarious.


    My father used to recall an incident when, during a match against Rangers at Celtic Park, Sean was on a collision course with one of the Rangers hard men, Sammy Baird. They converged on each other from a distance like that famous black and white film of two steam locomotives hurtling towards one another along a single track. Grown men winced as the pair got closer and fathers shielded the eyes of their children lest they would be traumatised for life by what they were about to witness. When the dust settled, Sean was brushing himself off while Baird lay prostrate waiting for the St. Andrews ambulance men to finish their Woodbines and come to his assistance. He was certainly in no fit state to assist himself.

  19. Stx2 @ 1.17



    Well the status quo is producing enough footballers — if you are happy with that then fine but I would hope for an improvement.



    See the current issues with putting together a CL squad — the 4 + 4 rule means we will have to leave talent out so that we can fit in enough local placement — not good.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting intel and data provided by Madmitch re land and property around Celtic Park.



    Stuff I wasn’t aware of.



    Not sure where I stand on this one.



    Future proofing the growth of the institution to the perceived short term detriment of the team here and now rarely goes down well with a large constituency of our fans.



    Striking a balance and all that?



    That said, IMHO something compelling about buying land IF it can be purchased AND maintained on the cheap.



    At some point in the future?



    – enlarged South Stand


    – hotel


    – museum


    – fan zone


    – more parking


    – reopen old railway



    Dare I say it – a Celtic village?

  21. MM



    I think the lady running QP has very few pro Celtic feelings and very little positive connection with the ‘Fridge Magnate’.

  22. I also think it worth noting that the Livi episode has already burnt his fingers…..



    Maybe he will have learned from that though.

  23. We Have to get more players from our Academy to the First Team.



    It isnae easy.



    MadMitch is Madeleine Albright Dani Bher.

  24. MADMITCH Thanks for replying,some Celtic Supporters would have us still in the 50s rather than progress everything Celtic,what I would like Celtic to do is buy up the piece of derelict land along from the Emirates just another car park or the Museum and Catering facilities,Ticket Office ,personally I would forget about the hotel.

  25. Is there not something wrong underneath that land beside the Emirates? Hence why it is lying unused. Thought I read something about that a good few years ago. Seems strange that it is lying vacant, for so long for no obvious reason, doesn’t it? por cierto

  26. Sean Fallon,



    I never witnessed the Great.



    Totally Different Game now.



    Every tackle is fair and as Hard as can be.



    Sean was Obviously Top Drawer.




    Alexandro Welcome to the Celtic.