Jota brought to you by effective analytics


I wrote in May that Jota (23) was more important to retain than Cameron Carter-Vickers on a permanent contract. At that point, the profile of both players was high after a successful term in Glasgow, we would not have been the only potential destination. It is a huge credit to chief exec Michael Nicolson and the club that they have delivered both.

Cameron was our best defender, a potential Celtic captain, but still, I wanted Jota more. Opponents fear him. He can take a ball when marked tightly and the defender will not lunge in to attempt a steal, knowing Jota has the ability to move ball and body before they have formulated a thought.

If an opposition team leave him one-on-one, they better not lose possession. He is Celtic’s most effective out-ball; left with only one defender to beat, he can turn defence into an opportunity to score faster than Usain Bolt could track back.

When Aiden McGeady signed for Hibs this week, my thoughts went back to so many great memories. Prominent among them, was watching him as an 18-year-old, bring his instant control to a 2004 Celtic-Milan Champions League game. No one else in the Celtic team had that ball control.

Jota has the same effortless control.

So what about the Magic Window, where Celtic have seen enough of the player to make their move, before wealthier clubs get involved?

Incredibly, Jota had only played an entire 90 minutes of a game only twice before joining Celtic, both cup games for Benfica against lower league opposition. The season before arriving in Glasgow was mostly spent on the bench, watching his Real Valladolid side fail to ward off relegation. He made 8 starts there and was hooked each time, adding 10 appearances from the bench.

Across his career, before joining Celtic on loan last year, he made 9 starts and 29 sub appearances in senior football. Magic window? More a magic letterbox. He had hardly put studs on grass.

Valladolid was clearly a wrong move. As we have discussed previously about Patrick Roberts, he is a creative talent and needs to be with a team that spends lots of time attacking, sides fighting relegation would be unable to get the ball to him enough to see the benefit of giving him a shirt. It was the classic square peg/round hole problem – one we should be on the lookout for again.

To know the value of the player, Celtic would have to uncover knowledge only visible at Portuguese and Spanish reserve level games. The resources required to cover this much ground is unfathomable through traditional means. You are looking at the result of very effective analytics.

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  1. Thats very Positive news Ron.



    It was another Magical Friday. Delighted to have Jota fully signed up. What a player he is, his pinpoint crossing in the 2nd half of the Season was Unbelievable.



    I know nothing about Alexandro but I got a feeling he is gonnae be even better than Emilio wiz for Celtic in his 1st Season.



    When Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash (what a tune) kicks in on this tube I kinda think it is summing up what Ange is wanting frae his team. Alexandro certainly disnae seem to be playing as a full back in this tubeee. He looks like a real High Energie player with bags of skill.





    Exciting Season ahead I reckon. Cannae wait.

  2. The facilities are only a small part, it’s who is doing the coaching that matters or am I too old school?

  3. Ron Bacardi – thanks for sharing your update. Really nice to read something that has true meaning. Good luck with your ongoing treatment. Keep the updates coming. We all care!

  4. Celtic are gonnae be Really ready to go.



    Listening to Ange about how having so much time to work/educate his players during this pre-season has me very excited about this upcoming Season.





    Looks to me that Ange is a real Revolutionary Fitba Manager. We will lose a fair few goals in the Champions League but I reckon we will score plenty.



    A unit to play just ahead of our 2 CB’s and I think Celtic is Ready to Go.

  5. Buzzing for the olde Disco Lights attuned to that CL themed sonic.



    I’m Truly Blessed to be there when I think the North Stand is under pressure…. I’ve been told I worry too much.





    I am so very XXXXcited about Celtic this coming Season.







  6. The Word is everywhere.



    I dinnae like seeing division, I know it makes a Blog,



    Everybody, until they meet Somebody (q a song) has Every right to be suspicious of anyone.



    CELTIC is where its @ right @ the Mo (Happy Birthday to ma Big Sis) Maureens 2 kids are Sevco (I say Rangers in their company) Supporters but they are going way above and beyond for their Granda.

  7. Tom McLaughlin on

    Good morning Celts.



    Some interesting data which shows a squad in rude health.



    Years left on player contracts.



    Hart – Rest of career


    Juranovic 4


    Ralston 3


    Barnebei 5


    CCV 4


    Starfelt 3


    Taylor 3


    McGregor 4


    Turnbull 2


    O’Riley 4


    Abada 4


    Jota 5


    Kyogo 3


    Maeda 4


    Gialoumakis 4


    Hatate 4


    Ideguchi 4



    Hail Hail

  8. Good morning from a rainy North Staffs.



    Compared with this time last year it’s like chalk and cheese. Settled squad with a few additions coupled with no CL qualifiers – think we’re ready to go.


    This of course brings high expectations – bring it on.

  9. Just seen the new home top. Not impressed, very unimaginative.



    I predict sales of the away kit will go through the roof.




  10. Tom @ 7:43



    Very interesting post and data.


    We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that all football clubs are ‘trading’ clubs.


    In Tannadice and Israel, we may be thought of as a buying club. In Southampton, we’d generally be regarded as a selling club.


    The truth is betwixt and between.


    Has to be said, we’re in rude financial health and are run very prudently.


    Possibly a little conservative at times, though history and future secured. Not many Glasgow teams can say that

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Hopefully a profitable Saturday scalping those damned bookies. And a few ales of course. 🍻

  12. Tom McLaughlin on

    I logged into the official Celtic FC website to check out a couple of fixtures from last season.



    So I select FIXTURES and PAST SEASONS only to find that last season 2021/22 is missing. There is every season since 1888/89 right up to 2020/21 but not last season.



    If I’m wrong, hopefully one of you good people will put me right.

  13. Moderator1888 on




    If you login and don’t see a comment box, try refreshing the page



    May take a couple refreshes but it does get you logged back in



    Don’t know if it’s a caching issue or….

  14. greenpinata



    Tell you what is imaginative though…….the cost of buying one


    £70 for long sleeve adult top


    Guess Adidas didn’t get the memo re cost of living pressures


    Expect an editorial from Paul on this matter, though not any time soon


    Either that or a referral to the CMA under CA98

  15. Tom


    If you’re in a hurry you’ll find them here



  16. Emeraldbee


    Let’s face it if it was easy to login we’d have some right plonkers and trolls posting 🤭

  17. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 2ND JULY 2022 7:43 AM



    Thanks for that. I don`t know how other Clubs` stats compare with those figures but I find ours pretty reassuring. Thanks again.

  18. gene



    Which is precisely not the point I am making.


    Had they been made locally, (as indeed Levi/Wrangler/Lee Cooper once were), might be some justification or even merit in the mark up, but they are not, but rather in the lowest cost highest profit factories out there.


    Don’t need to be poor to find the cost of the new Celtic (Celtic FC that is) tops expensive.

  19. CELTIC MAC on 2ND JULY 2022 10:49 AM



    I have never bought a Football top but still think they are a rip-off. I don`t know who is doing the ripping-off , though.

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