Jota, the hamstring and the contract


It has been five weeks since Jota pulled up clenching his left hamstring against Hearts.  The intervening period has been busy for Celtic, six wins, one of which was the League Cup Final, and a draw, three signings and a double contagion of further hamstrings and illness, put thoughts of our Portuguese winger to the back of our minds.

Ange Postecoglou intimated his was the most severe of the many similar injuries sustained in December.  Initial hopes were that he would return after the winter break, which is far from sure as things stand.  The player has rested but not tested his injury yet.  He has had the equivalent of a close season on the sidelines and will have a corresponding ‘preseason’ recovery regime to get back to full fitness.  That starts after his injury is considered fixed.

Jota has been an irrefutable success since arriving on loan from Benfica in the summer.  He delivers goals, assists and the best at the club in transitioning defence into attack (what was known as an out ball, in old money).  Celtic are right to setup the process to confirm his permanent transfer, at a reported £6.5m, he is value.  Still, that hamstring.

Hamstrings are one of the most pernicious injuries a player can get.  They can inflict untold damage across many years.  Shaun Maloney was plagued for years, before eventually finding a way to train and play that protected his damaged muscle.

Get the deal with Benfica ready to sign, pending a fitness test as late in the season as possible.  If he does not play for an extended period without remission, we should not sign him.  If you want to maximise your potential as a club, there is no room for sentiment or wishful thinking.

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  2. From late last night:



    OE CUNDY on 4TH JANUARY 2022 9:47 PM



    TURKEYBHOY on 4TH JANUARY 2022 7:55 PM



    What was the name of the wonder kid who went to Brentford for 1 million. Never been heard of since. Couple of years ago. Was being touted as a genius. Think they needed the can pronto.



    Definitely Lewis MacLeod. Last heard of last season at Plymouth Argyle, career badly blighted by injury, spent more time on the treatment table than the pitch.



    *that was the effin rat bag who ended Paul George’s promising career, the hun youth were getting gubbed in their ain midden when he savagely attacked young PG whose boots he couldnae lace.



    The tackle, from the back was so severe the sound of bones cracking and screams of our talented youngster could loudly be heard, that effin swine just walked away without even looking at him or going over tae see if he was all right, like any decent individual would have.



    His reward, he became a bigot pit hero and soon was promoted tae the first team squad and his status hyped up by the smsm.



    Similar tae today’s transfer, an undisclosed fee, and after only 52 games in 3 seasons for them he was soon on his way tae Brentford who were managed then by, wait for it, the breid man who, as soon as he could find the door, was on his way tae sevco.



    After 4 seasons and only 41 games with the Bees, he departed when his contract expired at Griffin Park



    He next signed a one year contract with Wigan Athletic on a free transfer. He was largely out of favour during that season making just 12 appearances before his contract expired.



    Next he then signed a one year contract with newly promoted Plymouth Argyle on a free transfer, during an injury affected season he made 17 appearances and was released once again when his contract expired.



    Allegedly his career is over and is now working towards his coaching badges.



    He is was and always will be a breest who made a name for himself crippling an outstanding talent who is now lost to the game. Karma has repeatedly visited him and I hope it continues and he also fails his coaching badges. No that I hold any grudges lol.

  3. P67 — your small business attitude coming to the fore.


    There is a reason why small businesses remain small — lack of the big picture.


    Your analysis of the current situation reeks of it.



    Scouring our recent past for a hamstring problem to big up — small business brain central.



    JPNF — huge find this season.


    Worth the £6mill punt on performance alone.


    His huge potential is thrown in for free.



    Only thing stopping this move should be our cash position.



    CCV — different story.


    We should be looking for another CB plus one for the B team.

  4. Sounds sensible.



    The way we play makes hamstring injuries more of an issue, signing someone who might have a chronic susceptibility to them wouldn’t be the best bit if forward planning



    It’s lot of money for someone if they’re not playing every week

  5. You would be a little concerned if after he’s been back to Benfica for rehabilitation they were very keen to make the deal permanent early. There are probably other factors at work as well, not least that a large wedge of cash in January helps with all sorts of cashflow problems (see also Sevco)

  6. There’s a risk that Celtic get a reputation as a club to go to if you want to wreck your hamstrings.

  7. ERNIE LYNCH on 5TH JANUARY 2022 12:44 PM


    There’s a risk that Celtic get a reputation as a club to go to if you want to wreck your hamstrings.





    I was thinking the very same.

  8. There ar plenty of other clubs around the world that play fast attacking football and press high and hard, it’s not like Ange invented it. I would think our run of injuries is more to do with the sheer number of games played, the lack of squad depth and the almost non-existent close season a lot of our players have as they go from league and cup games to internationals to CL qualifiers every year. I have no idea how Calmac has not been sidelined for a lengthy period. Recuperation time is almost non-existent. That is why we need a really strong first team squad. Rotation is critical for us.


    A few of our players were also clearly less than highly trained athletes over the last couple of seasons, a reflection on NL’s approach to the modern era.

  9. I’m confident his talent will be seen again in the Hoops of Celtica.


    But any contract, especially now should come with (ham)strings attached!







    Jota knows It’s Good To Be aTim.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Only surprised that the Scottish government isn’t getting the blame for Jota’s hamstring!

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “If you want to maximise your potential as a club”




    Fat chance of that! Tying ourselves to the old firm will always keep us a million miles away from our full potential.

  12. Inside The SPFL








    Patterson to Everton done, £10.2m (£5m up front) potentially going up to £15.2m, Rangers will be due £1m for every 50 starts he makes within the original timeframe of his first contract, there’s also a 10% sell-on clause on any profit within the next three years, 5.5yr deal.



    Hail! Hail!



  13. Bbbbb bbbut but some hunned-up nugget said – , so it must be true “an IMMEDIATE…10 mullyin”they were gettin’????????



    Why won’t any o’ scoddland’s finest ask how much Clarence gets, how much Hector gets, how much the face-painter’s impoverished family gets or how much Big Mick gets?



    Guff then, Guff Now, Guff forever………..




  14. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Liverpool are an interesting case in point. They play high tempo football and seem to be relatively injury free despite playing hell of a lot of games while using a relatively small first team squad.



    Brentford (who I watch) on the other hand seem to be similarly cursed as Celtic with a high number of hamstring and muscle injuries.



    Is there more to it that just luck? Perhaps related to training, conditioning and recovery?

  15. Couple of things….if the contract is option to buy….we wait until the end of the season…….maloney had more than hamstring troubles!!!……..every hamstring injury is different….pulls and tears……every tear is different…..why fear the worst ……maloney is no guide …..

  16. Australian Open sponsors, have miraculously found a medical exemption for Djokovic….🤔

  17. Turnbull is out for three months last I heard so if Jota is worse, then we need to assess what’s happening and how it can be best prevented within reason. Jota’s continued absence is a significant blow to our hopes this season.

  18. Predictably enough there’s quite a bit of blow back on Novak’s medical exemption given the very severe restrictions imposed on Australian citizens.



    I suspect we haven’t heard the last of this.

  19. Paul67



    Shaun Maloney’s hamstrings?



    Hardly a good reference point for any professional, a better transfer tale would have been Jorge Cadete, now there was a Ofer story.



    As for Jota, the devil is in the detail of the loan contract that he has already signed with Celtic, and unless I’m mistaken they are not available on the internet.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Jamie Murray’s reaction was brilliant, if he asked for an exemption he would be sent home, all the rest on the table just laughed

  21. bournesouprecipe



    Novacc got the exemption from Victoria in conjunction with the Ozzy Tennis authorities in Melbourne, but here’s the thing, its the Federal govt which controls immigration and PM Scott Morrison has stated that if he does not have the medical certs to prove he cannot be vaxxed “he will on the first plane home”.


    Could be worse, might be on the way to Devils Island….

  22. Novak’s medical records would make for some interesting reading. Elite tennis and PEDs are not strangers to each other.


    Absolute BS trying to fabricate a medical condition as an excuse for not being jabbed. Stay away. Simple.

  23. Without a vax Novak should not be allowed into Australia.He marches to his own drummer.



    Great player one of the best but not well liked.Anyway lets see if the Aussies bend.

  24. TIMMY7_NOTED on 5TH JANUARY 2022 10:08 AM




    Correct pal .sergie Samper . He looked a good one , a tall hardy ball playing centre half , but don’t think we will do much more business If jota has to be secured .

  25. HRVATSKI JIM on 5TH JANUARY 2022 1:10 PM



    To be fair, this guy had never made a first-team appearance for Bodo/Glimt so not sure it weakens them much.

  26. Do we have to prioritise either of them (Jota or CCV) now ?



    They’ll both play when fit until the end of the season and surely the price has been set in the contract?




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