Jozo and stupid mistakes


Success in football often comes down to who doesn’t make mistakes at the back.  For all France’s pace on the break, it was their sheer solidity at the back which saw them through the World Cup.  England reached the semi-final, with little more than a mid-table select, but they made remarkably few mistakes, and just as importantly, understood the importance of set-pieces – don’t give them away and exploit them when you get them.

Viewed through the prism of an educational World Cup, Jozo Simunovic’s chest-high Alashkert was worthy of a red card on the basis of sheer stupidity.  It was an intolerable mistake, a relic of a former era.

That Uefa doubled his suspension to two game is no surprise.  Perhaps they have a stupidity threshold.

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  1. Neustadt-Braw on

    Mon the Hoops …






    although bribing his Dermatologist would be a far better move…



    smiley watch the Kant shrivel and leak thing




  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Agreed, always room for better players than we currently have.



  3. Mahe the Madman on

    Howdy Bhoys and ghirls,


    Gerryfaethebrig moving to Australia ? Its a better life mate you will enjoy it. ;)



    On Jozo,,I was delighted when we signed him and he seems to tick all the boxes yet in the 4 years or whatever its been hes never grabbed that position and become an essential cog in the machine. He just never seemed to be there for any length of time at all and has now been pushed down the pecking order it seems by Ajer who I must admit I do like the look of.


    So its probably best for all to punt him and start again. It isnt good though if Boyata is also going,, one might say poor planning but on the other hand one might say thats the modern game and cant win em all. Fair enough.



    Sftb,,when I read the managers quotes you posted the following jumped out


    Will we come out of the window stronger,,Im not sure. Why say that at all ? And he did for a reason right as we know hes smart.


    Thats not good at all partner, seriously. We know we have funds, gaps that need filling mostly medium term or possibly immediately if we are to asset manage a couple of our defenders or even one ( and I would agree with punting most players that arent going to resign ) though a back up for KT this window should be considered necessary I believe even though Wits would probably have Johnny Hayes there.


    Central defence is a hard position to upgrade without serious dosh ,,maybe yes, so lets go the loan route if needed.


    I really would have expected Brendan to say Yes I would expect us to come out stronger for a few different reasons,,


    To keep fans feeling optimistic and looking forward to seeing new faces


    Put a wee bit of pressure in a nice kinda way on the people doing the transfers


    The squad could well be happy to hear that


    Potential signings that are on the fence might say well they are gonna move for someone not wait so lets decide


    Because we actually should come out of the window stronger


    Theres more Im sure.



    So in saying what he did one thing they can do now is produce and say taa daa,,,after saying dont know we got some signings haha. Ask yourself is that actually smart,,or what possible benefit that might bring.


    If thats a message to potential clubs or players that are stalling or raising their price then why not say we have plenty irons in the fire and we shall see .Or say “people are working hard and we will do our best to make something come off ? “


    And you notice its after the season books are sold also ,, if thats true why not state it before the season books go on sale or during the sale. It really doesnt smell good. I feel that answer is ,,, weighty or loaded if you will.



    You know Im not prone to hyperbole but if there are not two faces ( whether on loan or bought ) brought in before the window closes I will blow it.


    Never been stronger in every single aspect of the football department , are doing well financially , the manager wants fresh blood . I honestly will not accept any excuses this time nor should any one of us. Brendan included.



    And then that statement right,,look at that last sentence,,,


    “ We will at all times be guided by the interests of our own supporters and the ­reputation of Scottish football.”


    Which one is it because they dont align . What rep does Scottish football have and why even bring that up. This is a domestic issue so why bring up the rep as if viewing from afar ?


    The interests of our own supporters should heavily outweigh the said reputation also not be equal partners as could be taken from the poorly worded effort.


    And whats up with what they do we do ala you say 800 so 800 each it is. If they arent playing ball with us dont play, banish them and sell more season tickets as step away from the dreaded OF. Although someone mentioned the other day never been a better time to arrest them for singing as they could maybe cope with 800 arrests but we know that aint gonna happen.


    Will be in and out today,,check in later pal.




    Word of the day ( just covering for VFr ),,,reciprocate


    To respond in kind and grant those who hate you access to our midden in precise numbers decided by the undesired ( to most ) .

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Mahe 4.11pm



    This bhoy will be homesick after 7 days in Tenerife never mind Australia :-)



    Each to their own but I love where I live and the country I live in, it’s got its negatives but I prefer to concentrate on the positives and far me it’s magic

  5. DD



    To beat the Hun fitba , shift the defensive line up 15 yards or so , 2 and 1/2 cuts of the new grass – big stupid forwards can’t do much damage 40 odd yards


    from goal – got a good feeling about this season




  6. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Anybody on here gutted about the prospect of 6.700 Celtic fans not watching the bhoys in Govan ? Many Celtic fans who go home & away will be denied a ticket …



    Or should the board be commended as 7,500 x £49 x 2 might be denying the Sevs funds, well not as much as 800 x £49 x 2 (these figures dependant on the huns being in the top 6 teams in the country :-)

  7. That Boyata…couldny even get a game in the 3rd place World cup play off. Get rid of him.Give us awe a vicarious few mill.

  8. Bitton. Sell him.


    Hayes. Sell him.


    Kouassi. Sell him.


    Griffiths. Sell him.


    Tierney. Sell him.




    Think of all the money you and me wont have and an OF level team we will have.



  9. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Good to see you on during the day



    Although not sure it’s during the day wherever you are residing these days



    How do you think young Odsonne will do this season ?

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on 28th July 2018 4:43 pm



    I think he will be our star player this season if he can avoid injury else he will be Moussa’d.


    Then we can sell Sinclair too. :)

  11. What is the Stars on 28th July 2018 4:45 pm



    Next year. He’s still an EPL “project”.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on




    By all accounts Odsonne had went astray before he pitched up at Celtic Park with Brendan and by other accounts Brendan thinks he is the best youngster he has worked with



    I still think Leigh Griffiths is our best goal scorer :-)

  13. DELANEYS DUNKY on 28TH JULY 2018 1:14 PM



    David66 Thanks for the heads up pal. Off to read. Hope you enjoyed Salou. I love Portaventura. Crackin rollercoasters.



    Was reading Summa by Saint Thomas Aquinas recently. I would recommend it as a must read. He was a genius.



    *We had a young curate down in Balloch originally fae the holy village who told us that when he was at the Scots College in Rome he was introduced tae JPII, on hearing his accent he asked the younger lad did he know Scotus, Blessed John Dun Scotus who pioneered the Immaculate Conception, he replied in the affirmative to which the Holy Father said he was a great theologian, better than Aquinas.

  14. Theology…..the lingual drivel of being unable to understand that God is a mathematician.

  15. CELTARELLA on 28TH JULY 2018 4:58 PM



    Theology…..the lingual drivel of being unable to understand that God is a mathematician



    *and i thought Jesus was a carpenter and not a mason

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Canny show anything on here (thankfully :-)



    i might have even read it on here so I suppose there goes the credibility

  17. Tontine Tim on 28th July 2018 5:01 pm


    Ah you have that Holy Trinity fragmentation thing going on.

  18. Cinderella


    Odsonne had his loan with Bordeaux (?) cancelled after an incident with an air gun – he has a 4 month suspended sentence – – you could say he had gone astray

  19. gene on 28th July 2018 5:09 pm



    so what are we saying here? BR is paying his fine?

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Gene 5.09pm



    Stop bringing facts to the blog :-)



    When Odsonne scores his first hat trick for us against Motherwell (?) Gordon Dalziel on Clyde superscoreboard (eijit at times but also scored a goal or two) was raving about the runs this bhoy makes



    Who knows

  21. I came across an article this week indicating former deidco “starlet” andy little had joined Dumbarton, now I know DD has a lot of time for the super Sons and their assistant manager however the black north reject stated that joining the former bader park conveyor belt talent including durranty anty anty, rory loy, ross perry, kyle hutton, grant adam and callum gallacher could fire the Rock back intae the 2nd tier of Scottish football.



    Now I as a lad used tae go intae Boagheid every other week tae watch the Sons as unless an adult was taking me tae Parkheid I wisnae getting,



    There was a strong Celtic connection back then including loan players Dunky MacKay and wee ten thirty as well as veteran goalie and Coronation Cup star Johnny Bonnar and under the chairmanship of Yank James T Fitzgerald, the CEO of the giant Burroughs Machine Company which had a couple of plants in the nearby Strathleven Estate in Alexandria, took them fae the brink of bankruptcy in Division “C” tae within 2 years the quarters of the SC where a record crowd, including yours truly, of 18,000 showed up.



    Alas they lost tae our ould friends First Division Raith who had a young slim jim in the side 0-4 but still managed tae appear on Scotsport, that Dumbarton side included more than a smattering of Celtic friendly players.



    The crowds had flocked back tae “Fatal Boghead “ though and in January 1957 they invited us down tae open their floodlights in what is still known tae this day as the Charlie Tully show in the Tim part of town.



    That all ended when Fitzgerald, whose son attended St Als, went back tae Detroit and the ”firewatchers” reverted tae type and were once again run out of an establishment on College Street, and I don’t mean McCafferty’s pub, complimentary tickets were then sent tae the local Academy and not up Cardross Road tae St Pats.



    Now I know that there have been former Celts involved with them since then including Sean Fallon and let’s not forget that a Celtic great, and the first non-Irish born player tae play for the Republic, drove them tae promotion tae the big league for the first time in 50 years while their alleged “star” the wee dive bomber wilson flopped out on the wing.



    To reiterate, I know DD has a lot of time for the Sons right now and this is not meant tae disparage him but his nephew is now in with the proverbial den of thieves, c’mon the Buddies lol, ooops as I type this a young Duntocherite has just scored a screamer against the huns of the rock where all 6 of the auchenhowie conveyor belt were on the park including charlie adam’s sister’s wee racist brother lol.

  22. Celterella


    I merely cited an example where one may consider he went astray – I was trying to be helpful

  23. gene on 28th July 2018 5:19 pm



    Thank you. We should all vicariously avoid personalizing Celtic’s relationship with its players IMHO. They are all professional footballers i.e. mercenaries with a price tag and Celtic is just an EPL training pool in the modern era.

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Celterella 5.23pm



    Have fitballers just become mercenaries ?



    You type as if you don’t enjoy being a Celtic fan …. and in these days that’s pretty daft :-)

  25. Gerryfaethebrig on







    Never gave the suits a second thought until blinking CQN….



    Still delighted Arsenal never bought our Peter Lawell out of his contract .. Peter only does what his boss DD tells him to do :-)

  26. Gerryfaethebrig on 28th July 2018 6:00 pm



    Aye. Support the Old Firm?



    We were told at the time that was because of his close ties to WGS.

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