Jozo and what we can learn from Shaun Maloney


Shaun Maloney was 24-years-old when he left Celtic for the first time.  By then he was already known for both his talent and his susceptibility to injury.  We accepted a £1m bid from Aston Villa for a player few of us thought would remain fit enough to make an impact in his career.

He retired 10 years later, having won an FA Cup and established his credentials in English football, although his play was regularly punctuated by various ailments.

Jozo Simunovic is currently a year older than Shaun was when he first left Celtic with a comparable injury record.  He faces a small operation on his knee, which will hopefully see him return to action soon, but the harsh reality is that the remainder of his career is likely to be interrupted by spells on the treatment table.

I had difficulty believing rumours of interest in Jozo this summer for around £7m.  When fit, he is worth that and more, but even Oldco’s knee specialist would fail Jozo at a fitness test.

I like the player.  He is attentive, seeing movement before it becomes a danger and he is comfortable on the ball, seldom making mistakes.  Despite regularly lacking games or training, he is never out of shape and manages to return to the team sharp and ready for action.

He has 21 months left on his contract, and there can be little doubt that a bid in the region of £7m would be accepted, but that’s not going to happen.  I would persevere with him and offer a new contract.

There is every possibility that his career will extend for another nine years, as Shaun’s did.  Jozo is not going to attract a contract that his ability would command on another frame, but there will hopefully be many years of value from him.


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    Anybody on here still subscribing to Sky?








    All very balanced and even-handed !!!



    Dumped Sky more than a year ago, partly after many people on here reporting how well their withdrawal had went – have not missed it for one second (also saving about £90 quid a month).






  2. I believe Callum McGregor needs a rest, however If Neil Lennon dropped him and we got beaten the fans would be unforgiving . Playing him out of position was one thing, but dropping him ?????



    To all the guys lucky enough to make McChuills on Saturday, enjoy; I am sooooooooo jealous. To be on the safe sideI would contact them to check if music was ok as they have started live music Saturday daytime. ( PS They are on FB )






    You are absolutely correct, Notre Dame in the west end of Glasgow has a very high proportion of Muslim pupils.


    Incidentally it is the only single sex state funded school in Scotland and the pupils and parents have just indicated after consultation that they want the school to remain an all girls school. ( And if my girls were still there , I would have voted the same )



    HH to all.

  3. Belfastbhoy0 on 17th September 2019 8:24 pm



    Timaly, genuine qn where did u get those games played stats? Wiki (I know) has him at 69 appears for celts in 4 years, which if true does again qn his reliability or rather availability, OK its more like 3 years but still that’s 20 a season not 30+…




    Wiki, for some strange reason, only lists league appearances on the top page.



    If you scroll down you get all appearances – 117 for Jozo

  4. Everyone knows that seperating boys and girls at school leads to sexism, or is it seperating of division of labour along gender lines at home?



    Racism remains a significant difficulty but there are no schools that seperate based on race.



    Schools dont make Racists or bigots parents do and intolerance in The wider community is The breading ground.




  5. prestonpans bhoys on



    £15 per month for entertainment plus all sport, that will do me😵😁 for three years, contracted for 18 months

  6. Hello again all you young rebels.



    It’s always a relief to hear one of your favourites is happy at Celtic and i hope


    he stays forever but…but won’t get my hopes up too much when one of our


    own didn’t think Celtic was big enough.


    Hope all you ghuy’s/ghals have a ball at the hootenanny, a visit to one of them


    is on my bucket list, but us Antipodean hoopies will be back at Mr Paul’s bistro


    this coming sunday, and our big rebel Richie will be playing our tunes.


    Usual deal applies, cheap booze when you show your CSC membership card.


    Parties all over the globe eh? thats the Celtic family for you.


    H.H Mick

  7. A FORMER top cop has claimed Catholic schools should be abolished to help tackle sectarianism on the streets of Glasgow.




    Tom Wood a former Deputy Chief Constable, has questioned whether religious segregation…


    …“Most advanced Western societies have, as a matter of policy, adopted strictly secular education systems – are they all wrong?



    I don’t know of any advanced Western society that has adopted strictly secular education systems…does anyone on the blog?



    “As Scotland moves forward with equality as our watchword, our century-old practice of segregated education is contradictory to say the least.”



    I believe the former top cop is wrong in both statements he makes


    here. Scotland is not moving forward with equality and education is


    not segregated. Is it not the case that parents have a choice of


    which school to send their children?




  8. Can I also make the point that has been made on this blog many times before and again tonight. Why is Scotland the only ‘Advanced Western Society’ that equates sectarianism with Catholic education. And why did the former top cop not also call for the banning of segregated fraternal orders; organizations that discriminate based on religion…unlike catholic schools?






    To all the guys lucky enough to make McChuills on Saturday, enjoy; I am sooooooooo jealous. To be on the safe sideI would contact them to check if music was ok as they have started live music Saturday daytime. ( PS They are on FB )






    Cheers pal – I’ll try to check in advance.









    Just tried, but FB post seemed to disappear into the ether (although, I don’t understand FB, to be fair).



    Do any of you who are going know the guys in the place well – can you ask???






  11. Good morning CQN from a dry but rather chilly Garngad



    I slept in to 6.30am 😂



    Never watched any CL football last night just Queen of the South, no not the football team. The TV programme about a Mexican female cartel boss.😂



    Any who’s… Does anyone have a team prediction for mañana???



    I’ll have a go:






    El Hammed. KA. Julien. Bollingolli


    Broonie. Cal Mac



    Forrest. Ntcham. RC





    Again probably wrong






    D. :)

  12. Tobago………..re that top Kop…………….?



    Sleekit scoddland is playin’ the Long Game against us and ours.



    The boul’ Tom is just edgin’, nudgin’ , pushin’ an agenda that wee bit forward….and krucially keepin’ a question over Scottish Catholicism ooot there. It’s a klever approach to an oul’ problem that most of scoddland has with Tims and Timdom in general imo.



    Did we hear any journo’ raise a counter argument about the execrable oranj odour and thur ilk? Naw – or at least…… no’ yet?



    I’ve a hunch there’s a bigger issue re money and funding for policing Walks, Marches, ” Parades” – god help us, and all manner of Trojan horses are being wheeled ooot to approache something draconian that allows the establishment to klamp down on any marches going forward……the klimate needs to be right for that putsch to be successful. Tom’s just anither brick in the wall (sp)………..



    Some of the guff coming from the media in scotland be it sport or itherwise is gobsmacking.




  13. In most other normal reasonable societies a Catholic School education signifies something of quality, achievement and excellence.

  14. Used to live in an area where children went to three different non-denomination schools and one Catholic school. Other children of all faiths and none attended the Gaelic school and independent (private) schools.


    It’s so sad , lazy, and pathetic that Catholic schools get blamed for sectarianism.

  15. Obstinate bigots are to blame for resurgent sectarianism in Scotland rather than Catholic schools, according to a leading historian.



    Sir Tom Devine, professor emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, rejected claims by a retired senior police officer that Catholic schools fostered sectarian division and said that police infiltration of hardcore groups would help to stamp out religious trouble in Glasgow.



    The Times reported yesterday how Tom Wood, a former deputy chief constable of Lothian and Borders police, had called for denominational schools to be abolished.



    Sir Tom, who has previously argued that sectarianism in Scotland is “on its deathbed”, said several studies had dismissed theories that Catholic schools fuelled bigotry. He said: “You’ve got to distinguish between people who have done serious academic research on these issues and numpties”






    Nail on the head.



    Banning catholic schools is a technocratic (percieved) solution. Some people really think it would be that easy. That’s because they know nothing. They have no insight or real knowledge.



    Sectarianism in Scotland has deeper roots than some would like to admit.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Early `60s



    Racial mixing in schools in the deep South USA at a young age was seen to be a way of countering racial discrimination.


    So they did. Including bussing .


    White communities objected . Sometimes violently.


    Now educational racial mixing is seen to be the norm in the U.S.


    Nobody seems to notice or object.



    Merely a thought.

  17. BGFC



    Re McChuills.



    There;s a band listed as playing at 7:30pm on Saturday so you might be ok!




    Are you comparing faith schools to racial segregation?



    Maybe hold that thought

  19. Sectarianism in Scotland is both insidious and blatant.


    Perhaps non-denominational schools would educate, through personal experience of those of a different religious persuasion ,would be bigots from turning out they way they currently do.


    Then again, perhaps bigotry and sectarianism in Scotland has nothing to do with schools at all.



    Thought for the day:



    Are atheists in Scotland less likely to be sectarian than those who follow a religion ?




  20. Hot Smoked………..



    re thon aetheists…………………



    Are we talking about Catholic aetheists or proddy aetheists?







  21. Just quicly back (?) on to football for a moment.


    I feel that Celtic will either win or draw tomorrow. Draw more likelyy, I feel.


    Cheerio for now.


    Off to Carnoustie for a Golf Match.



  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Tomorrow’s game is the start of a run of six games in seventeen days for us, straddling three tournaments. It is during periods such as this that tournaments are lost (not won, not at this stage). Four points from our two EL games would move us into pole position to qualify for the last 32. How great would it be to get deeper into the EL than we have managed this last while? A win over Partick Thistle in the big Glasgow Derby would take us into the last four of the League Cup, as well as confirming our status as Glasgow’s finest Soccerball team. Nine points, in winnable, but tricky league games, with away ties against Livingston and Hibs, after this Sunday’s home match against Kilmasonic, would surely see us stretch our lead in the League.


    It could be a season defining period. I am hoping it points to a good season.



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