Jozo, Dedryck and maturing as a footballer


Ronny Deila will see his international players begin a staggered return to Lennoxtown today as he prepares for two away games: in Motherwell and Molde. If Leigh Griffiths’ modest calf strain is the only injury the manager will have to worry about, he’ll be delighted.

The injury which occupies most fans is the sprained ankle which has kept Jozo Simunovic from playing since making his debut a month ago. Celtic’s greatest need right now is consistency of selection in defence. We need to allow a first choice central defensive pairing to become established, and that’s almost certainly going to involve Jozo, our most expensive signing 8 years.

Jozo’s partner is likely to be Dedryck Boyata. Dedryck has played 18 games this season. His career total prior to arriving at Celtic was 32 games, a low tally for a player who turns 25 next month.

The early season form Dedryck demonstrated was patchy, but with only 32 games stretching over five years, there’s lots about the game the player is still picking up, not least of all playing meaningful games in front of thousands of fans. He was caught-out by a fast bounce at Hamilton but since representing Belgium in a European Championship qualifier against Bosnia last month I think there’s been a perceptible improvement.

For some years now we’ve talked about how many games a player needs to have played for your scouts to decide he’s a genuine talent, but before the wealthy English step in. Dedryck, and Jozo, are still a dozen games short of the mark Wanyama, Hooper and van Dijk were when they became Celtic players. Which means the next few months should tell us lots.

Don’t bet against them establishing a very strong partnership.

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  1. Leftclick…


    This was my first ever game at CP…went with my Dad and Uncle Eddie…May they Rest in Peace…I was 12.


    Oh happy days…Thanks for the memory.





    MONDAY 12 OCTOBER 1959





    A large crowd comes to Parkhead to see the hanselling of the floodlights in a game against Wolverhampton Wanderers,


    Unfortunately Celtic lose 2-0 to a talented side of Stan Cullis, but everyone is duly impressed by the brilliance of the new Parkhead floodlights whose pylons ,reputed to be among the highest in the world,will now become one of the landmarks of the East End of Glasgow


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/jozo-dedryck-and-maturing-as-a-footballer/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+co%2FIRuC+%28Celtic+Quick+News%29#sthash.srjZ4ck5.dpuf

  2. Afternoon Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.


    I said some time ago that RD was getting the point of seeing what he has player wise re all the changes to their lifestyles, I reckon he knows fine well who will make it with him as the coach.


    I do believe that he will be at the club for quite some time, given he wins the league each year, Me thinks the suits are gambling that in a few years, say 3-5, tho I have no actual idea, just a guess, the kids that we have bought and are hopefully bringing through will be able to step up and do the biz, and they will continue this approach for the foreseeable, it’s a definite shift from the past years.


    The reason I say this is boards don’t usually change their policy mid stream unless something drastic happens, and I doubt even then, the policy of buying kids that you have actually seen, watched how they perform in the hammer throwing spl, can only be a good thing,, better than dishing out for prospects you haven’t seen, and are total failures.


    So I commend Pedro for this, given we have little cash to fritter away, I believe it will pay off in the future, in the present I reckon a minimum of the league and euro league footy will suffice the suits, while they wait for the uefa, fifa and the TV cos getting their acts together and restructure the system.


    And if Sepp and his cronies can sort it afore they are toast, what’s another corruption charge Eh.


    Add in a CL now and again and Bob’s yer Auntie, tis the future me thinks.

  3. Meant to say also….


    In later years ….The big pylon at the Celtic end became the meeting place… before we went over to The Jungle.

  4. Hi Paul67,



    “The injury which occupies most fans is the sprained ankle which has kept Jozo Simunovic from playing since making his debut a month ago. Celtic’s greatest need right now is consistency of selection in defence. We need to allow a first choice central defensive pairing to become established, and that’s almost certainly going to involve Jozo, our most expensive signing 8 years.



    Well, mid-October and still without a settled defence. No one criticised it, I certainly didn’t but keeping VVD to so late in the transfer window now looks like a mistake. We have lost several crucial goals due to defensive errors.



    A run of games is crucial for Jozo, get the ghuy up to speed. To me his signing seemed to herald a new transfer policy, making a real investment in a quality player, it is crucial that he’s successful to ensure Celtic keep investing in good young players.



    Hail Hail

  5. lennon's passion on

    Can’t give anyone Brown, Izzy or Forrest as improved players.



    Brown IMO played better under Lennon was getting forward more. Hence the Brownie. Still plenty of aggression in his game but not as advanced position. Maybe a age thing.



    Izzy also played better under Lennon injuries held him back. Maybe getting back to old self but not any better. RD was trying to buy another LB



    Forrest injuries held him back he’s still lazy,falls over constantly and play’s one good game 5 indifferent. No improvement IMO



    Griffiths has done superb.



    Player’s that haven’t improved



    Stokes,Borriegtor,Johnson,GMS,Cifti,Mulgrews, Commons and Wee McGregor

  6. For those of you who might be interested…..the Daily Rectum have published who they perceive to be the 10 best African players to have played in Scotland…..and the worst 7



    Best player …..according to them….Johnny Hubbard….RFC (Deceased)


    Victor Wanyama came in second



    Worst Player……Mo Camara….CFC


    2nd worst….Amdy Faiye….Who?….RFC (Deceased)



    Impartial journalism at its best…..

  7. lennon's passion on



    For every Turkeybhoy there`s a Lennon`s Passion 0:-)



    Kwality liked that

  8. West End of East End on

    Sweden v Moldova just kicked off on SS1. Lustig starting at fullback with Guidetti already hitting the post in the first couple of minutes….into the 8th minute, 0 – 0 …

  9. Geordie Monro



    Har har!






    My mate got a job as a tester in a helium factory .



    Speaks very highly of it!

  10. “GEORDIE MUNRO on 12TH OCTOBER 2015 3:17 PM


    One week into my new job making public address systems and the feedback I’m getting is amazing.”




    Hahahaha, liked that.



    How many people in the UK are qualified to test sound systems?


    Two. Two.


    Two. Two.

  11. Good Evening.



    A couple of new pieces today, which may (or may not) be of interest.



    Firstly, one about Sons of Struth telling a newspaper that fans “don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the [Sevco] boardroom”. No, really!






    And another one about “cheating” Alloa FC






    Have a great evening!

  12. Hello Zico-Maltese Bhoy.I was watching St Rochs at the weekend seeing as there was no Celtic game and met someone who was asking for you.Hughie Farrell.Said he was better than you but no as good as me .

  13. lennon's passion on

    The Club has received a significantly reduced allocation of tickets for this match.


    Tickets have therefore had to be balloted amongst Season Ticket holders based on attendance at 23 away matches in Season 14/15 and attendance at 5 away matches in Season 15/16 (not including Motherwell ,17th October)


    Tickets are priced £20 Adults and £10 concessions. Ticket can be purchased online, by calling 0871 226 1888* or by visiting the Celtic Ticket Office. Booking fees apply online/via booking line.


    Deadline is Tuesday, 20th October.



    Hearts away going to be very difficult for tickets.

  14. 31003 on 12th October 2015 4:59 pm




    For those of you who might be interested…..the Daily Rectum have published who they perceive to be the 10 best African players to have played in Scotland…..and the worst 7



    *whit nae don kitchenbrand who scored who in his first season scored 24 goals in 25 appearances. Oh he also forgot tae tell them that he was a ben affleck. He was soon flogged tae Sunderland where he scored another 28 goals in 53 appearances.

  15. The top news of the day is that the international break is over, thank you lord.



    Celtic’s Scottish contingent will be resting their limbs and sinews during the Euro tourney. Good news indeed.



    In today’s global shrinking, ever-increasing Corporation Earth, the worn out notion of patriotism is especially redundant. Scrap international football and let the Club franchises loose, then you would see the Celtic FC giant emerge. Want to see the likes Messi, Iniesta, or Lewandowski in the Hoops running at defenders? There’s the solution. A little Orwellian perhaps, but let’s face it, we are in many ways there already. For example, just ask those being banged up in the middle of the night in their beds over “the Act”what they think.



    Can’t find any word on Leigh’s injury, hope he’s okay.

  16. Paul67



    You’re fair pulling out the stats this weather, including the ‘skewed’ Leigh Griffiths ones the other day, Dedryk surely played a fair few development games during his years at City and two loan periods as well as the 32?



    Surprisingly few games and he’s shown with so many games in such a short period for us, that he’s he’s got what it takes, and is fit and able. A legend in the making?



    I read another Leigh Griffiths stat, 8 goals whilst wearing orange boots, – not sure how accurate but not many people know that.

  17. First update for those who contributed to the St Andrew’s Hospice appeal which Paul featured last week.


    The “wrinkles” left Glasgow on Saturday and landed in a very hot Vegas Saturday evening.


    They went canoeing down the Colorado yesterday.


    Pictures are here, where you can also contribute to the Hospice.




    Thanks to all who have helped to date.





    58 senior appearances,it seems-32 in league matches for Man City,Bolton and Twente Eschede.



    It’s certainly low mileage for a player of his age.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Regarding Bhoyata’s abilities, and discussion as to whether he is a dud or a legend in the making. The very point that he has played so few first team games, means that it is pure conjecture either way, at this stage. I think he looks athletic at least, which is a start.



    ⚽️ Love Celtic

  20. BMCUW



    I thought the two loan periods were included in the grand total of 32?



    Either as P67 demonstrates its a still a tiny amount of games, especially for Celtic fans who want instant overnight ‘stars for the peanuts’ we paid £1.5m for Dedryk.



    That type of fee guarantees you nothing IMHO, other than a chance due to good cash rich Man City pedigree.



    We buy to just about enough to outmanoeuvre Aberdeen, – that’s the policy.

  21. BMCUW



    Apols for missing the day oot will explain offline.



    Met up with Estadio yesterday. Just arrived back from Space!




  22. lustig aff efter 83 mins. Safe and sound.



    I believe he played the whole 90 on Friday also.








    They were,mate. Three clubs,including loans. 32 league matches,58 total,inc various cups.



    The fella has surprisingly little experience for his age. Only time will tell whether he has it or not.



    But I have to say he has improved already on his early appearances for us. Still a way to go before he is a Virgil or Jason,mind.





    No need for an apology,mate. Whatsoever.



    I hope everything is ok at your end. As for Estadio,you sound surprised,haha!



    I hope he’s fine too. He can fair spin a yarn…

  25. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Not got a clue whether Jozo and Dedryck will make it as a central defensive pairing – but what I can tell you is that I watched Celtic at home to Dundee last November and Jason and Virgil looked garbage.



    The moral is that one way or the other, it’s going to take a few months to sort this out. One good thing is that it looks like both will be at CP for at least two seasons – so maybe a wee bit of stability if they do get a partnership going.

  26. Re Boyata


    Having watched him a few times in my view , he is a good defender, and if he sticks to defending, and avoids trying fancy passes 2 minutes into injury time , he can be a defender’s defender.



    One other left field thought.


    In the last 2/3 years, we have pretty much known by mid October who will be our next for the offski , either at the Xmas or summer transfer window ( VVD, Big Vic etc) for a big fee.



    At present, I can’t see anyone in our squad who can scale those heights in the next year.


    No doubt there will be some departures but they won’t be critical players, and there may be a couple of £3 to £5 m departures, but I don’t see anyone who may command a mega fee in next 2 transfer windows.



    The ironic upside of all of this is that we cannot look forward and ( assuming we win the league) start thinking about next year’s CL qualification, without the uncertainty of who will be around ,


    and having to cobble together a new team overnight


    Thoughts ?

  27. ElDiegoBhoy


    “Met up with Estadio yesterday. Just arrived back from Space! ”



    You him or both of ye?:))))))


    You were missed sir,


    next timeCSC

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